NCS girls soccer early look

Here are the links to the NCS Division I and Division II soccer brackets, which were announced today. The tournament kicks off Wednesday night with the quarterfinals on Saturday, Feb. 16.



I’ve decided not to pick every game but will share some observations.

Division II: Defending champion Bishop O’Dowd looks to have clear sailing to the championship round, with a deep and talented roster. The Dragons recently celebrated the return of the 2012 state player of the year Ryan Walker-Hartshorn. DFAL teams, which wallop each other throughout the regular season, tend to excel in NCS, when their true quality is revealed.

Interesting possible matchup: Assuming they get through the first round, I’d like to see Ygnacio Valley against No. 2 seed and DFAL champion Campolindo in the quarters.

Predicted championship final: Bishop O’Dowd 3, Campolindo 0.

Sleeper team: Ygnacio Valley.

Amazing athlete: Megan Reid, Miramonte’s two-sport winter star who also plays on the powerhouse basketball team. She dribbles with aplomb with hands and feet.

Division I: Top seed San Ramon Valley is looking for the clean sweep after winning the Tri-Valley Classic and EBAL championships. The Wolves came just short of winning all three tournaments last season, when they dropped a 1-0 decision against rival Monte Vista in the section final. The No. 2 seeded Mustangs looked sharp in a 0-0 draw against the Wolves on Thursday. The Mustangs been battling injuries all season. But what was apparent in the match with San Ramon Valley: The Mustangs’ subs play a lot like the starters.  If Monte Vista gets past its first two opponents, the Mustangs’ terrific defense could meet a high-powered Berkeley attack in the semifinals. But the Yellowjackets must show they can win in the postseason after some early exits.

Interesting first-rounder I: Amador Valley, the fifth seed, against very physical Freedom, the 12th seed. The Dons will have a tough road. Should they survive the Falcons, they stand to face Castro Valley and then San Ramon Valley in the next two rounds, should the seeds hold up.

Interesting first-rounders II and III: Washington at Foothill: Huskies try to regain their mojo after a few late missteps when they face the improving EBAL upstarts; California at Logan (on the tough turf). Colts are peaking and have perhaps their best player back after she missed time for academic reasons. Grizzlies have a great goalkeeper in Lauren Holden and a brilliant playmaker in Rachel Feldman. Cal is also playing well down the stretch — a forte of coach Lee Munson’s teams. Should be a good one.

Interesting first-rounder IV: Heritage at College Park. Patriots have skill and a proven tract record, and College Park should benefit from facing a tough nonleague schedule and its seasoning in last year’s playoffs.

Championship final prediction: San Ramon Valley 1, Monte Vista 0.

Sleeper team: Foothill

She’s a keeper: Amador Valley goalkeep Lexi Nicholas.

Pleasanton prosperity: Pleasanton soccer is on the rebound. The Foothill and Amador Valley boys and girls teams all advanced to the NCS Division I playoffs. Nice to see. Last season only Amador Valley’s boys team made the postseason among the four Pleasanton varsity squads.

Matt Schwab

  • @@dime

    Club coach equals good coach? Hummmmmm. Anyways, ,,, now that theyre down to 8 teams, does anyone see an upset anywhere?

  • SoccerMom

    Predictions anyone? Here’s a stab at D1 –
    SRV 2-1 over Cal in OT
    Castro Valley 1-0 over Freedom
    MV 1-0 over Foothill
    Berkeley over CP – 2-1

  • ET

    Club coaches for HS teams still in NCS include the coaches for the top two D II teams BOD (Bay Oaks club coach) and Campolindo (Walnut Creek club coach) as well as Acalanes (Walnut Creek club coach). Additionally, Miramonte’s coach (#4 seed upset loser to St. Mary’s) is the technical director and coach for the Lamorinda soccer club. I am sure there are plenty of other club coaches with teams still alive in NCS.

    I don’t see BOD losing to Northgate. Campolindo is playing Acalanes for the 3rd time this season and Acalanes tied Campolindo (1-1) in the first league game for both teams before Campolindo won the rest of their league games.

    Possible upset in the Piedmont-Dublin game however. Dublin was 5-4-3 in DFAL, but only scored 10 goals and gave up 11 goals. Overall Dublin (8-8-7) scored 22 goals and gave up 27 goals. On the other hand Piedmont was 12-3-1 in league with 65 goals for and only 11 goals against. However, Piedmont won a 1-0 1st round game against El Cerrito so expect another low-scoring close game in this match-up.

    Albany and St. Mary’s played each other twice in league play with the first game tied 0-0 and Albany winning the second 3-2 about a month ago. Coin-toss.

  • Matt Schwab

    Looking forward to the quarterfinals. Cal always gives SRV a hard time. Usually a one-goal game. I’m leaning toward seeing a Div. II game on Saturday and getting back to Div. I in the semifinals. Could change my mind, though. Geez, I haven’t seen Foothill play since early in Obama’s first term. If there’s an upset, we would like to get something in the paper on that game as well. Need to get the information right after the game, as deadlines are 9 p.m.-ish on Saturdays. I’ll start a new thread on Saturday. Good luck!

  • Top Of The Box

    @ Dime….my two cents.

    Some…alot in fact..would consider high school coaches the “real” coaches? Why? Because they are actually faced with a challenge. How do I get 4 different age levels of players, from, in some cases, 3 or 4 different club environments, with ten different athletic abilities, styles, soccer IQ’s, skill-levels, etc etc etc to come together and play together as a team in 3 months? THAT is a challenge…and deserves notice. Easy for the so-called “professional” club coaches to say how lousy high school soccer is and how unrefined it is…because they are too busy lining their pockets with $$$ they are getting paid from ignorant parents who don’t have any idea what a true “professional” coach is. As with anything, there are good club coaches out there that I would consider “professional”, and there are high school ones as well. And,,there are bad ones in both. But, to say that the “real” coaches take a break during high school season is an absolute joke. What makes you “professional”? Because you have some lame certificate on your wall?? Try coaching high school some time..you might find it pretty “real”.

  • NoName

    Jeeze enough about the coaching deal already take it off line.

    Players are getting ready for the 2nd round and there will be good games to watch. I don’t think College Park will get on the board against Berkeley, though it will be a 1-0 or 2-0 game.
    SRV all over CAL 3-0
    Castro Valley all over Freedom 4-0.

  • Top Of The Box

    @ NoName….oh of course. Sorry. I forgot..we should just listen to what YOU have to say on a public forum…my mistake.

  • SoccerMom

    @NoName – no MV/Foothill prediction?

  • soccerfrau

    @ ET agreed!

    St Mary’s vs Albany – coin toss there will be some broken glass (slippers) on the field after the game.

    BOD vs Northgate – Northgate shouldn’t be intimated they play tough schedule but Walker-Hartshorn, Zuniga, and the BOD defense are formidable.

    Campo vs Acalanes- Every coach tells their team as soon as NCS starts it’s a new season. Acalanes has some magic after coming back vs YV maybe it continues. I’m sure Campo feels they can go all the way their game vs BOD was close.

    Dublin vs Piedmont- Probably going to be low scoring. Piedmont keeper and defense are excellent. Upset wouldn’t be a big surprise but Dublin has a strong home field advantage. High probability this game goes to PKs.

  • NoName

    SoccerMom –

    How could I forget that game, MV will take it 2-1.

    Top o the Box – anger issues? Hope you have an enjoyable 2nd round.


  • Soccer fan

    Does anyone see an upset in the d1 games?

  • Top Of The Box

    @ NoName..no anger necessary..quite the contrary.

    SRV 3 – 0 over Cal??? Wrong. Not even close. This will be a one-goal game, and don’t be surprised if Cal pulls it out. Cal was up 2-0 on SRV the first time they played this season, and then SRV proceeded to get THREE…yes THREE count ’em PK calls. Game ended 2-2.

    MV 2 Foothill 1?? Probably a good guess..although FH is on a huge roll and playing their best soccer of the season. Don’t be surprised if FH pulls off a minor upset.

    CV 4 Freedom 0 ??? Uh, no. Freedom is far too physical to ever give up 4 goals against anyone..let alone CV. This is another one-goal game…and I would give it to Freedom.

  • NoName

    Top – We’ll see on Sat Night. Enjoy the games

  • DVAL Future Fan

    I’ll be the lone ranger and take CP over Berkeley. Don’t laugh this is girls HS soccer and on any given day….

  • Soccer fan

    I guess we will just have to wait and see

  • bronco

    Northgate 1 BOD 0 at the half

  • DVAL Future fan

    Northgate1 BOD 0 Half

  • KFC

    Wow. That would be a heck of a result if it stands for NG.

  • DVAL Future fan

    NG 1 BOD 2 4 mins left

  • Matt Schwab

    I started a new thread for tonight’s updates. But you can use this one if you like.

  • MVAL Alumni

    Checking in at piedmont vs Dublin. Piedmont striker hits the post. Still 0-0. Back and forth. Piedmont has had the better chances.

  • MVAL Alumni

    Nice sequence from Dublin. Keeper from piedmont makes a hell of a save. 0-0 5 left.

  • MVAL Alumni

    Piedmont scores 1-0 3 minutes left.

  • MVAL Alumni

    Piedmont scores 1-0 3 minutes left.

  • JRR

    Anyone know the score of the Monte Vista vs. Berkeley game? I think it was 0-0 at the half.