NCS girls soccer early look

Here are the links to the NCS Division I and Division II soccer brackets, which were announced today. The tournament kicks off Wednesday night with the quarterfinals on Saturday, Feb. 16.



I’ve decided not to pick every game but will share some observations.

Division II: Defending champion Bishop O’Dowd looks to have clear sailing to the championship round, with a deep and talented roster. The Dragons recently celebrated the return of the 2012 state player of the year Ryan Walker-Hartshorn. DFAL teams, which wallop each other throughout the regular season, tend to excel in NCS, when their true quality is revealed.

Interesting possible matchup: Assuming they get through the first round, I’d like to see Ygnacio Valley against No. 2 seed and DFAL champion Campolindo in the quarters.

Predicted championship final: Bishop O’Dowd 3, Campolindo 0.

Sleeper team: Ygnacio Valley.

Amazing athlete: Megan Reid, Miramonte’s two-sport winter star who also plays on the powerhouse basketball team. She dribbles with aplomb with hands and feet.

Division I: Top seed San Ramon Valley is looking for the clean sweep after winning the Tri-Valley Classic and EBAL championships. The Wolves came just short of winning all three tournaments last season, when they dropped a 1-0 decision against rival Monte Vista in the section final. The No. 2 seeded Mustangs looked sharp in a 0-0 draw against the Wolves on Thursday. The Mustangs been battling injuries all season. But what was apparent in the match with San Ramon Valley: The Mustangs’ subs play a lot like the starters.  If Monte Vista gets past its first two opponents, the Mustangs’ terrific defense could meet a high-powered Berkeley attack in the semifinals. But the Yellowjackets must show they can win in the postseason after some early exits.

Interesting first-rounder I: Amador Valley, the fifth seed, against very physical Freedom, the 12th seed. The Dons will have a tough road. Should they survive the Falcons, they stand to face Castro Valley and then San Ramon Valley in the next two rounds, should the seeds hold up.

Interesting first-rounders II and III: Washington at Foothill: Huskies try to regain their mojo after a few late missteps when they face the improving EBAL upstarts; California at Logan (on the tough turf). Colts are peaking and have perhaps their best player back after she missed time for academic reasons. Grizzlies have a great goalkeeper in Lauren Holden and a brilliant playmaker in Rachel Feldman. Cal is also playing well down the stretch — a forte of coach Lee Munson’s teams. Should be a good one.

Interesting first-rounder IV: Heritage at College Park. Patriots have skill and a proven tract record, and College Park should benefit from facing a tough nonleague schedule and its seasoning in last year’s playoffs.

Championship final prediction: San Ramon Valley 1, Monte Vista 0.

Sleeper team: Foothill

She’s a keeper: Amador Valley goalkeep Lexi Nicholas.

Pleasanton prosperity: Pleasanton soccer is on the rebound. The Foothill and Amador Valley boys and girls teams all advanced to the NCS Division I playoffs. Nice to see. Last season only Amador Valley’s boys team made the postseason among the four Pleasanton varsity squads.

Matt Schwab

  • KFC

    MV 2-0 20 min in

  • Toe Kick

    Any update on CP – Heritage?

  • BVAL Fan

    CP vs. Heritage, PK’s. Intense game…

  • BVAL Fan

    CP wins on PK’s

  • KFC

    MV now up 3-0 judt short of half. Last update from here

  • Bronco

    Northgate 3 Encinal 0 final

  • Toe Kick

    Anybody have the MV vs DV score?


    Please keep posting those scores. Thanks.

  • NoName


    Any of the EBAL teams can challenge – but MV can hang or Castro Valley in an upset.


    Heard Freedom is up 1-0 over Amador.

  • DVAL Future fan

    Northgate 3 Encinal 0 Final

  • DVAL Future fan

    I am curious what eveyone thinks about NCS charging students $9 to attend their schools game?

  • NoName

    NCS charges students $6.00 w/ID.

  • KFC

    Heard Cal was up on Logan 1-0 at half and Berkeley up 1-0 on CVCHS

  • Matt Schwab

    Tood bad College Park’s Jessica Jordan suffered an apparent concussion in the match against Heritage. Jordan looked pretty upset and woozy when having to make the long walk to the parking lot with her dad. I hope Jordan, an obviously gifted athlete, is OK. Physical game as predicted. I counted four College Park four yellow cards in the second half. Players need to learn not to argue with the official. Nice save by CP goalkeeper Kylie Aliamus to decide the outcome in PKs. Huge moment for her. All four Falcons converted in PKs; didn’t need a fifth. Falcons soph. Jacky Scharff looked increasingly dangerous on the attack as the match unfolded. Falcons enjoying a fine season overall. Heartbreaker for the Patriots.

  • MV Mom

    MV 6-0 final over Deer Valley.

  • Fan

    Ygnacio up 1-0 over Acalanes. 2nd half.

  • BVAL Fan 2

    Freedom up 2-1

  • Matt Schwab

    Hat trick for Monte Vista’s Ashlynn Goerz in the 6-0 win over Deer Valley.

  • BVAL Fan

    Nice update for Freedom. Any updates available for SRV vs. Liberty???

  • KFC

    Cal 1-0 final over Logan Goal came in last seconds of first half


    Freedom over Amador 2-1

  • KFC

    berkeley 2-0 over cvchs with 10 left

  • KFC

    apparent power outage in berkeley with 9 minutes left

  • KFC

    2-0 berkeley final

  • LDM

    Campo girls 8-0 over Hercules
    Acalanes 2-1 over YV
    They play each other saturday in round 2

  • DVAL Future fan

    Update on CP player Jordan – minor concussion

  • Fan

    Campolindo and O’Dowd should easily beat their opponents Saturday.

  • tom

    Foothill 2 Washington 1 in double overtime

  • soccerfrau

    Sorry to see one of my possible upsets come true with Acalanes #10 beating # 7 YV. Got to give Albany and St Mary’s love for taking out the # 4 and # 5 seeds. Miramonte’s Reid is a phenomenal player. Mira had some chances but let a fired up St Mary’s team hang around and tie the score late. Mira was gassed in OT. St Mary’s goalie saved two PKs for the win. Campo and BOD are the class of D 2 but tonight let’s hear it for the #10,12,13 seeds!

  • MVAL Alumni

    Piedmont wins easily 1-0 without El Cerrito challenging the piedmont keeper. So sad for no upset ;-).

  • The Sweeper

    Mr. Schwab,

    Kudos are in deed in order to you. Your growing field of followers are responding in kind with timely updates and salient comments.

    Keep up the great work.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • KFC

    For the first time in a while there will be only two EBALteams in the semifinals. Coincidence or strategic seeding? Either way it makes for a real interesting saturday. Both Cal and Foothill have played to draws against their favored opponents earlier in the season. If either of these two can find their way to OT it could open the brackets up wide going into the semifinals

  • Matt Schwab

    Thanks Sweeper. Great job everyone with your thoughtful insights and updates. … Perusing the Div. II bracket, I must echo soccerfrau’s comments about Albany and St. Mary’s. They will meet in the all-Cinderella quarterfinal. All 22 starters should play in glass slippers (and I would say the same thing about upstart boys teams). Pretty good balance of teams and leagues still represented in both Div. I and II brackets.

  • @George

    That was indeed a foulable offense. She took down the striker in front of the box when she had a clear shot. Ygnacio Valley was over hyped all year. Playing a soft schedule, and losing to quality teams. I was a coach who beat Quijano at Ygnacio this year, and Hercules last year. He’s not a solid coach, and acted like a complete child last night when his team lost. How many 1 on 1’s with the keeper did Acalanes have? Should have been 5-1 if Acalanes strikers put it away on all those. Also, Ygnacio Valley doesn’t really deserve credit. Any team can be solid with club players. For some reason, the past two years more club players have been going to YV, and they have been scheduling cream puffs to beat up on to make the playoffs. Even if YV advanced, (Acalanes as well) they will get crushed by a tough Campolindo team that went undefeated in one of the toughest leagues in Soccer. (DFAL) A word of advice: Don’t give credit where credit is NOT deserved.

  • MacG

    @George, I actually heard the same thing from a few people on each side, that the call towards the end was not fair. However, I don’t think you should be calling out high school kids by name for perceived mistakes. These are not professional athletes here. I’m sure she’s devastated if in fact she did “mess up” and being called out in a public forum doesn’t help.

    I can understand frustration, but let’s not lay blame. Again, these are kids.

  • NoName

    George –

    Sorry to hear about the robbery. But the greatest goof of center referees will take the stage for the girls D1 semi- Just saying hold tight if you watch or are a fan/parent of the two teams involved.

  • Matt Schwab

    I think it would be a great idea to refrain from calling out kids by name on this site. Varsity play is a volunteer activity. Season-ending losses are emotional events for teenagers. I see the tears.

  • ET

    As Acalanes (#10 seed), Albany (#12 seed) and St. Mary’s (#13 seed) showed, pretty much any team can win in a high school soccer game. As for BOD and SRV being the prohibitive favorites, just look at the first round D I boys match-up between four-time defending champion De La Salle (#1 seed) vs. Deer Valley (#16 seed). That game was tied after two overtimes with DLS winning 5-4 in PK’s. Good luck to all the remaining teams in NCS.

  • NoName

    ET you are correct its any ones tournament to win, however there are the front runners….I only want to quality high school soccer and I think on the girls side there is tons.

  • soccerfrau

    @george 2nd place in a very good league is hardly a cream puff schedule. They played 7 games vs D 2 playoff teams and 5 against D 1 playoff teams. Yes they played some cream puffs but unlike Acalanes they hardly needed those games to qualify for NCS.

    Agreed DFAL is a strong league how do you account for Alhambra and Miramonte losing to TCAL teams?

  • Soccer fan

    Anyone want to share quarterfinal predictions?

  • Dime

    @george. You are obviously a great coach since you beat hercules and yv girls in back to back years but I have seen yv and they try to play good soccer with limited talent. They were doormats in previous years on the girls side and now were competing. I saw them twice during league and once during tri valley tournamemt. Don’t hate. The kids doing a good job. You are not anyone to judge coaches. You’re a high school coach remember that. Real coaches take a break during high school season.

  • crazy bookkeeper

    Matt, any chance you could get back to giving us some good analysis and delete the comments from the name callers??? I would be interested in thoughts on the next round.

  • Realfutbol

    Does anyone know if the Amador goalie or the MV Mid #18 attended their respective games?I understand they have an international trip (ODP/US team) during the entire NCS.

  • saved

    @Dime are you saying HS coaches aren’t real coaches?


    Matt, will this keep going for the next round? Or will a new one be started? Need the score updates.

  • HSJ

    @ dime are you sayiing HS coaches are not real coaches?

  • @dime

    What an idiotic statement. How many club coaches coach High School? Maybe the dumbest thing I’ve read on this blog.

  • Dime

    Sorry for that. I’m sure there are some quality coaches out there in high school season. I see way too much kick ball though. I look forward to the 2nd round games. The kick ball gets phased out and the teams that are playing soccer with good athletes start to win.