McDonald’s All-American announcement tomorrow

It’s an exciting day locally tomorrow when the participants for the McDonald’s All-American Game are announced. Three local boys basketball players are expected to be among those selected to the West team when its announced at 2 p.m. tomorrow on ESPNU. That’s Archbishop Mitty’s Aaron Gordon, Salesian’s Jabari Bird and Deer Valley’s Marcus Lee. How big of a deal is it for the Bay Area to have three players selected? Well, if it happens, those three will constitute exactly one-third of the players who have EVER been selected from the Bay.

The previous six (and I’m including Brandon Ashley in this, even though he left for Findlay Prep for his senior year) are:

Brandon Ashley, Findlay Prep (formerly Bishop O’Dowd), 2012
Leon Powe, Oakland Tech, 2003
Ray Young, St. Joseph Notre Dame, 1998
Darnell Robinson, Emery, 1993
Jason Kidd, St. Joseph Notre Dame, 1992
Calvin Byrd, St. Joseph Notre Dame, 1989

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    The Bay Area will likely have at least one girls selection tomorrow, too.

  • Gdog

    Gordon is a lock. Bird is 50/50 (east coast bias) and Lee is a long shot at best. Lee may be worthy but doesn’t have the 3-4 year resume that all the players that will make that team will have. Not a knock on him you are talking about the entire country so to have even two from the same state is a big deal.

  • Gdog

    I was wrong congrats to all.

  • Mabey we dont have the stats right on who has been selected in the past. Maurice Harper St. Marys also of St. Marys College fame made it in 1970 along with other EastBay selections. I know John Lambert from BHS made it in 1971. This game has been around for awhile. Harper’s year the game was played in Vegas. The entire west team stuffed warmups and Harper who was only 5’10 had to learn to stuff before the weekend.

  • I know the McDonalds game is listed as starting in 1977, but there was another format earlier, west vs. east, McDonalds might not have been the sponsor.