San Lorenzo hires new football coach

Hiring: San Lorenzo announced that John Trotman Jr. has been hired as its new head football coach. Trotman replaces Jacob Wright, who is stepping down to spend more time with his family.
Trotman was Albany’s head football coach the past two seasons, when Albany had a 4-16 overall record. He said that he made the switch to San Lorenzo for family reasons.
“My home, my church, everything is in San Leandro,” said Trotman, who is a 1993 San Leandro graduate. “It literally takes me eight minutes to get to San Lorenzo from my house. It’s like home.
“I think there are a lot of athletes in that area and at the school,” Trotman said about San Lorenzo. “I just feel like there is no reason why something special can’t happen there.”
Trotman, an off-campus coach, was the offensive coordinator at San Leandro from 2004-2010 and the head junior varsity coach for the Pirates from 2002-2004.
Wright was San Lorenzo’s coach for eight seasons and had an overall record of 22-57-1. He said that he is still teaching physical education at San Lorenzo.

Phil Jensen

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    Nobody should sleep on San Lorenzo winning the league title this year. They have 1st team all league bound RB Raymon Moore he also is good at corner back. Keenan Johnson, Ramiah Marshall who is also a good running back. They have a lot of threats this year. I was at the scrimmage last night when they destroyed Pinole Valley 35-0. They just might be the most under rated team in high school football.