San Lorenzo hires new football coach

Hiring: San Lorenzo announced that John Trotman Jr. has been hired as its new head football coach. Trotman replaces Jacob Wright, who is stepping down to spend more time with his family.
Trotman was Albany’s head football coach the past two seasons, when Albany had a 4-16 overall record. He said that he made the switch to San Lorenzo for family reasons.
“My home, my church, everything is in San Leandro,” said Trotman, who is a 1993 San Leandro graduate. “It literally takes me eight minutes to get to San Lorenzo from my house. It’s like home.
“I think there are a lot of athletes in that area and at the school,” Trotman said about San Lorenzo. “I just feel like there is no reason why something special can’t happen there.”
Trotman, an off-campus coach, was the offensive coordinator at San Leandro from 2004-2010 and the head junior varsity coach for the Pirates from 2002-2004.
Wright was San Lorenzo’s coach for eight seasons and had an overall record of 22-57-1. He said that he is still teaching physical education at San Lorenzo.

Phil Jensen

  • EB FB

    Stur’s Dad,

    Sounds like an awesome young man with a very bright future. I will keep my eye on this guy. Can he run a little bit?

  • Waldo

    Has anyone seen how EC’s line play is lookin this year?

  • hoodboy

    Cassidy from Arroyo is at Berkeley high now

  • hoodboy

    Alameda is perfect fit for the foothill league only because they have solid numbers for all 3 levels. Their JV team is playing against frosh soph teams. They are building from the ground up and will get better with all 3 levels. If they go up

  • hoodboy

    Doss from alameda did good in fremont vs tennyson. But tennyson won that battle cuz tennyson had more players to give the ball too. Alameda didn’t have a running game at all. Curious to see how one player can make a difference this season. Its a long season

  • HAAL2007

    For one Hernandez played 4 Var games and went 1-3 Island Chief how that’s a all League player?? For two Alameda is going 4-6 this year under a young OL.

  • HAAL2007

    My preseason East Bay Power Ranking Top 15

    1.De La Salle
    3.El Certtio
    4.Monte Vista
    5.Clayton Valley
    9.Deer Valley
    13.Newark Memorial
    14.Bishop O’Dowd
    15.Amador Valley

  • Waldo

    would have to throw campo in there somewhere in the top 15

  • MiraMan


    I don’t think the list is particularly credible with Berkeley at #8 and Encinal at #10. I can see an argument for O’Dowd as a private with a long history of strong teams to make the list, but that’s the only Foothill team that may be considered. Frankly, it looks like your love for the Foothill has clouded your vision!

    I’d say the top fifteen, without trying to rank them specifically, would have to include:

    5 EBAL teams (Cal, MV, SRV, AV, Foothill)
    3 BVAL teams (Pitt, Freedom, Deer Valley)
    3 DVAL teams (CV, Concord, Northgate)
    El Cerrito

    I don’t see Foothill anywhere in there.

    Next five I’d say:


  • lovethegame

    HAAL2007 … interesting predictions.. No Pitt? Well you preds will be tested early as Pitt plays Cal and MV in first 3 weeks.

    Word is Freedom is down they have J Mix but nothing else, word is also that DV is freaking loaded with skills! No O and D look. They are always loaded just not sure what does wrong there.

    Still wondering why no Pitt. Anything can happen but no way CV, Freedom, Berkely, Concord, Mack, or anyone 11-15 can beat Pitt.

  • chalktalk

    alot of coaches dont care if they win or lose they just like the fact that there coaching… just like some kids just like the fact that their on a football team they just want 2 b apart of something… LOSERS DONT MIND LOSING ITS PART OF THEIR CHARACTER ITS COMMON 2 THEM ” win how dare u ask me 2 win i’ve been losing all my life”
    (im an ok baseball player but i made var mainly because of my football popularity. SO 5 games into the season i asked my coach to give my spot 2 a player that was more worthy than me and not to start me again until i can hit a curveball!!! WHERE I COME FROM IF U CANT DO A JOB U STEP ASIDE u dont keep trying hoping that it corrects itself UR FAILURE EFFECT ALOT OF PEOPLE THE KIDS THE COMMUNITY AS WELL AS THE LOCAL ECONOMY. having a good football team effect property values and can up lift the whole community. NEXT TIME U HIRE A COACH WITH A LOSING RECORD UNDERSTAND THAT LOSER LOSE AND WINNERS WIN…..

  • Reggie Hammond


    Whats up with you and the EBAL. De La Salle left. Anybody can say the EBAL is over-rated now. I mean really Miramonte, EC, MACK, EHS and BOD are playing with and beating the 5 EBAL teams (MV, SRV, AV, Foothill at the minimum). These match ups are fair to me right now. Cal gets top credit of course. Cal is hard right now. But loosen on the grip buddy. That track has been played.

  • Reggie Hammond

    Because of that thinking is the reason why EC has to play Bellarmine, and CV has to play De La Salle. Thats week. Miramonte is good this year I heard. I cant imagine why Miramonte is trying to be sneaky? Why isnt Miramonte playing Amador Vally or Cal? Making D3 look bad bro.


    Alameda isn’t on anybody list. Hella Funny…


    1. De La Salle
    2. Cal
    3. EC
    4. CV
    5. Pitt
    6. DV
    7. Logan
    8. Foothill
    9. EHS
    10. Miraminte
    11. BERKELEY
    12. MACK
    13. Concord
    14. Campo
    Tied 15. BOD and Freedom

  • Truth

    This post has gone beyond football it’s that some people on here are trying to prove to the world that they were good in there day. Fact is that no one cares so let get to what this post is about and that’s high school football

  • ?

    Chalk talk I’ve been reading and you have said a lot I just want to what college did you go to and why didn’t you play at the highest level someone who say they have as much talent that you claim to have should have been in the nfl this an attack I was just curious

  • renegades10

    SRV is likely the second best team in the EBAL this year. Solid team. I’d put them in with Pitt and DV, certainly above Foothill and Logan.

  • oalfan

    Bowl Predictions
    D1 De La Salle vs Berkeley – Yes, you can bank on it.
    Of course DLS wins.
    Then rematches
    D2 Clayton Valley beats Rancho again but closer game
    D3 El Cerrito knocks off Marin Catholic this time.

  • oalfan

    Forgot my OAL !!!
    Mac beats Fremont

  • HAAL2007

    D1 Champion game

    Berkeley vs De La Salle
    De La Salle Wins 35-21

    D2 Champion game

    Clayton Valley vs Northgate
    Clavton Valley Wins 42-10

    D3 Champion game
    Marin Catholic vs El Cerrtio
    Marin Catholic Wins 35-28


    Foothill is stacked Renegades. Probably the best TE in the Eastbay. Foothills QB looks to be just as good. We will see how that OL holds up

  • CoachRay

    island chief

    theres no need to bash kids because someone else picked them over a kid from alameda. show some class. and last years me/alameda game was a good one.


    kim was a solid starter piedmont last season. hernandez did a good job last especially in his 1st start against us last year. yes i said us. im on staff at mt eden. sturholm did a great job for us as a 1st year starter on varsity. arroyo had an underclassman starter last year also. i expect all 4 of them to do well this year.

  • hoodboy

    Wow after watching the youtube video, we are talking about the offense of alameda and how the refs took the game away but we really should be talking about why alameda didn’t cover the slots. 2TDs from the uncovered slot recevier. What’s up with the defense??

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Thanks Coach Ray, Alameda! My God the line play was horrible! Both sides of the line. The attempted Tackling was very bad. They Better go find LaRue and BEG him to coach the line this year! Jet Pride!

  • East Bay

    Pitt is loaded as always and well organized

    DV is loaded but not very well organized

    Freedom is down overall from last year but they have the best football player in Northern California

    I hear Antioch is young but not bad

    I hear Heritage is on the upswing from a dissaspointing 2012

    and I hear Liberty coach is breathing some life in to them

    I think the BVAL is shaping up to be a pretty solid league top to bottom

  • BobSchieffer

    @1068/1070. Berkeley fades in playoffs. Last quality win was 08 first round vs DV. Then blowouts to MV, Cal, Heritage I think and Freedom. Solid program and talent but cannot hang with the D1 big boys. NO semi appearances in 5years?
    There’s hope. Cal’s D stank vs Logan last year and Long and Prothro proved very good athletes can change a contest . Reminded me of Rashad Evans days.

  • renegades10

    ROEPER…stacked? I know they have a good QB in Kearns, but who’s the TE? Hudson’s gone. Holland is good though. Their JV team sucked (2-8), although Kearns is part of that class as were two other players on varsity. Sweeney always coaches up a team, but I don’t see them being better than SRV this year. SRV is starting to get to the point of just reloading. They’ve had outstanding lower level teams of late and a steady supply of good to great QB’s and solid athletes.

  • Island Chief

    I’m not bashing kids you sensitive overprotective coach. They play a sport in which they are critiqued on their performance. If they can’t handle it then go join the badminton team where it’s safe from such objective scrutiny. I didn’t realize that mt.eden’s coaches were so touchy. Don’t say he’s got a weak arm you may damage his hopes and dreams and crush his self esteem.

    Hood boy, We were in cover 2 zone. We weren’t going to cover the slots because they didnt complete any passes to slot all year and AHS was concentrating on stopping the run. If w moved the linebackers out then the offtackle runs would have been difficult to contain.

    Old meddling punk, we lost 22-15 to those 5-5 jets. How was our line on that night? Go ask Tenorio if there’s room on his nuts for you to ride on since you and other longtime jet losers worship the ground he walks on.

  • Waldo

    Well we will probably know if Berkeley can or can’t actually beat good D1 teams by the end of the non-conference schedule… MV, Logan, and Pitt all are on the schedule… if they’ve improved they would definitely put up a better overall score differential in three games than what they did last year against them.. 5-105

  • Waldo

    and on another sidenote I was going over the ESPn300, and California state rankings EC has 3 players in the top 25.. no other team in the sate has more than 2… I feel like they have improved enough to say they have an edge over MC at this point.. MC beat SI preseason last year and are playing them again this year.. maybe a reason to play the bells, maybe a reason Kahn thinks he can beat them since they only lost to MC by 3 and have improved since then. Obviously SI beat the Bells as well last year. I know that doesn’t mean an extremely large amount for EC vs Bellarmine and how they might match up this year, but it definitely doesn’t hurt

  • g

    Does anyone know why San Leandro is so bad that Alameda could probably beat them?

  • Hey Chalk

    Seeings how you seem to know as much about the game of
    football and the necessary athletic skills to excel at it as anyone who comments on this blog sight, there’s an article in the July 29, 2013 issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED that I think you might be interested in. It’s titled “Why Pujols Can’t (and A-Rod Wouldn’t) Touch This Pitch”.
    If you get the chance to read it, I’d like to hear your take on it.


  • oalfan

    1082 Have you looked at San Leandro’s Schedule?

  • MiraMan


    I get your point about San Leandro; they play a pretty tough non-league schedule with Logan, Bellermine, Freedom and Deer Valley. But they dropped D2 Dublin to open with D4 Valley Christian who had losses to St. Mary’s and Drake last year. That seems a little weak. But I guess the SL coach is looking to get an opening night win and not go 0-5 in their non-league schedule.

  • oalfan

    VC ain’t so bad (not good) but you would think after playing such tough opponents they would be ready to roll in the weak league they are in…

  • Isosaari

    Hey Island Chief what’s your take on cal preps shoreline predictions? 1st Dons 2nd Monarchs 3rd Lancers 4th Hornets 5th Rebels 6th Highlanders

  • chalktalk

    just read the article
    because she was pitching from 43 feet away it takes ur nervous system time 2 react EVEN THO THEY SAID IT WAS EQUAL 2 A 95MPH FAST BALL THE ball is in the air a short amount of time THE SAME AS A PERSON NOT BEING ABLE TO PULL THE TRIGGER B4 U DISARM THEM

  • chalktalk

    # 1067
    but blame my FATHER
    HAS SEVERAL PHD and made the GHANAIAN national cricket team at 17 I WAS PROGRAMMED NEVER 2 ACCEPT THE STATUS QUO

  • chalktalk

    IM sorry THE ball is in the air a short amount of time and short distance

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Island thief, we’re loser and you guys have lost the Island Bowl how many years straight now?? Can you count to six? Alameda was once a respected program and i believe it will be again one day but the program has to change and more important the kids have to believe in the program. Jet Pride!

  • Chalktalk; Re: 1088 and 1090

    But what about the top MLB hitter’s reaction time usually being no faster than average? However, they had extraordinary ablility to “guess” the pitch coming based an information stored subconsciously deep in their cerebrum about a pitcher’s moves,and that it came from at least 10,000 hours of practice tailored to the athlete’s (or anybody else’s) need.
    This certainly fits in with what you’ve said about a coach being able to coach the “right stuff” to a particular athlete(s).
    Strangely, about a week after reading the article, I heard the author of the book from which the article was excerpted on a PBS radio station which I seldom ever listen to. He went on to say, which I don’t think was in the SI article, that one’s ability to “learn” in this manner was mainly a genetic trait, but he acknowledged that the manner of training as well as “environmental aspects” play an important part too.
    Sorry, I had given the magazine to a friend and I don’t remember the author’s name.

    PS: There was some pretty bad stuff going on in Ghana
    in the ’50s and ’60s. Besides being smart and
    athletic, your father and/or grandparents must have
    been pretty darn tough to have survived all of

  • chalktalk

    I agree with everything ur saying
    the gift believe it or not is being able to play the game in a constant state of deja vu…
    I.E. log into my memory are a million moves from my favorite players so i a split second a picture flashing in my mind what did barry sanders, eric metcalf, eric dickerson, marcus allen or tony dorsett do in this situation. DID U SEE THE new SHERLOCK HOLMES when everything moves in slow MO – thats = DE JA VU

  • chalktalk

    if u let my DAD tell stories of back home
    he would tell u he out ran a cheetah, fought a jackal and hyena while hiking 10 miles thru the serengeti, being track by rebelS, with his 8 books tied with a belt slung over his back with no shoes and this is what all ASHANTI WARRIORS DO!!!!!!!

  • Island Chief

    Chalk talk,

    That’s nothing my Grand daddy was a spy for the CIA and infiltrated the KGB and assasinated over 42 cold war targets. Spoke 22 languages, swam across the English Channel. Hot air ballooned across the South Pole, rescued American POWs in a that were being held in Siberia after the Korean War and was instrumental in toppling several south american regimes. He also was a hurdler for the 1960 Olympic team but chose not to go because he was is selected to become an astronaut. He decided to pass on the space program due to it’s exclusion of minorities. He then went to Vietnam and trained the South Vietnamese army as an advisor. In between Vietnam assignments, he marched on Washington in ’63, worked Muhammad Ali’s security in ’64 Liston fight, and kicked Chalk talk’s daddy’s aas in a bar fight in Africa in ’65. Then came home had 8 kids and built several churches throughout the Amish community. Finally, moved to Alameda in ’68 and served as military trainer of naval interrogators for the next 6 years. Went back to Africa to th e same bar and guess who was talkin trash again? Chalk Talk’s daddy. Whooped his aas again and made him apologize for being a dusche.

  • Island Chief

    @ 1091,

    Old Meddling Dusche, Alameda had a streak of demolishing Encinal not too long ago. 2000-2007 we owned them. Including putting 50 points on the Jets in 2005. Just curious were you their losing coach then?


    island chief, that was hella long ago

  • chalktalk

    but ur post was funny lmao not

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Look Island Crybaby,Alameda WAS a good Football and someday they will be again but they have to lose the loser mentality and that is up to the staff and they also need to find a system that takes advantage of the talented kids on the team. Quit the hating and just understand that Encinal has been the better team and will be again this year.Jet Pride!

  • Island Queef your wrong. Read the record book.
    Make sure your coaches can teach tackle and pursuit.