NCS girls soccer updates

Welcome to a new thread for NCS girls soccer. I’ll be attending the Piedmont-Dublin Div. II quarterfinal match tonight,  where I’ll be taking lots of notes and sampling some of the Gaels’ finest snackbar cuisine.

I’m also anticipating a hard-fought match pitting the No. 3 seeded Gaels (8-8-7), last year’s Div. II runner-up, and the No. 6 Highlanders (15-5-2) as they vie for a spot in Wednesday’s semifinals. Feel free to provide updates and observations from any of the other Div. I and Div. II quarterfinals tonight. It should be an exciting night. Good luck!

I’m curious to see who prevails in the all-Cinderella D-II quarterfinal pitting No. 13 St. Mary’s and No. 12 Albany. All the Div. I matches tonight are intriguing. Cal always plays San Ramon Valley tough; Freedom and Castro Valley are two passionate teams who battle to the final whistle; Monte Vista and Foothill played two tight games in EBAL action, including a 1-1 draw and a 2-1 Mustangs’ win; and College Park, which hasn’t lost since Jan. 11 against Clayton Valley, will face a powerful Berkeley attack.

Upset alert: Just learned that top seed and defending Div. II champion O’Dowd trailed No. 8 Northgate 1-0 at halftime. Stay tuned …

Matt Schwab

  • Soccerplayer

    does anyone have any semi-final predictions for D1 and D2? can anyone knock out the top 2 teams in both divisions?

  • NoName

    SRV v CV = CV winning 2-1 due to carma bad carma on SRV.

    MV v BRKLY = 2-0 MV. (very scary center ref in this game could change the whole deal)

    BOD over St. Marys 3-1

    Campo over Piedmont 3-1.

    See you in the funny farm. PLEASE ENJOY these games.

  • HSJ

    @ NoName: where are the refs from?

  • NoName


    Ref is from hell. I don’t want to comment on the association.

  • Mudhen

    The refs are from contra costa assignors. That means you WILL be getting most likely the assignor himself- ( not much experience and it’s really, REALLY, unethical to sign yourself above more advanced refs ) in the middle for most likely the semi final, and again as an a.r. in the final. Good luck with that!

  • HSJ

    Contra costa refs seem to have been the worst that I have seen this season. But I guess you have to go with referees that don’t do the Berk or MV leagues. Which makes me wonder, where are the officials from for the other semi-final?

  • Love of the Game

    Watching 2 incredible finishes to back-to-back NCS D2 games ending in identical 1-1 games and 4-3 winners in PKs, I experienced nothing less exciting than World Cup enjoyment. Great team spirit and fight in all 3 teams. Reviewing the D1 & 2 highlights there were plenty of great games and good soccer. I hope parents can enjoy their kids’ play and performances regardless of wins and loses. Be proud of your kids!

  • NoName

    HJS –

    In our area The games are divided up by 3 associations. Then they look at how many teams come from a particular association as opposed from the others. Then they assign to an association a percent of the games based on the team count from each association. Then NCS will rotate who gets finals and semis in G / B.

    Clear as mud????

  • Matt Schwab

    Very disappointed to learn about what happened at the SRV-Cal game. The player’s actions were disappointing, but those who heckled her also showed an alarming lack of respect for the player and the game. I will be contacting the two schools’ athletic directors this week to see if any action is being taken. Try to enjoy the games. When I hear people (coaches, parents, players) yelling at the referees throughout the game, it becomes easier to understand why the teenage players act out on the field. I find this whole mess sad and deflating.

  • Matt Schwab

    With regards to officiating: Late-game theatrics are often a byproduct of an official’s letting the game get out of hand. In an intense playoff game between fierce rivals, the ref needs to set the tone early and be consistent. The biggest oroblem I have with some officials is they get caught out of position and therefore don’t have a clear view of what’s unfolding. Obvious calls on flagrant fouls can’t be missed, as that often leads to retaliation and angry parents. If a player gets a yellow card for tackling from behind in the 15th minute, he/she will be less likely to commit the same act again. Having said that, spectators need to realize the guy toting the whistle (whatever his level of expertise or lack there of) is a human being, not some bum at the company picnic. And, no matter how you feel about a player, the best way to get even is to win the game.

  • bulldog

    It is hard to get even when the ref’s are clearly on the other teams side, I just would have hoped that they call a fair game. But that is never going to happen when you play the ebal schools unless you are playing at home. When alot of the ebal player’s go to College then it even’s out a little bit. I reffed other sports and was alway’s fair on all of my call’s. Everyone have a nice day. Also the girl from San Ramon should be suspended for the remainder of the NCS Championships games.

  • NoName

    Matt –

    Right on with regards to the refs. Good calls/bad calls part of the game and the players/coaches/fans need to accept them for what they are. Now is the officiating the best it could be..do we have the best crews out there…no. but that is out of our hands as well.

    Bulldog. EBAL teams get refs from TriValley, a pretty good bunch and my opinion second to none. NCS EBAL teams gets who they get and I know they (the refs) don’t play favorites out there.

    Lets hope the semi’s are played without incident and everyone shows respect to each other.

  • Mudhen

    They do too play favorites. It’s a subtle thing , but “homerism” does exist. Th EPL did a study on it and found that the big 3 (Man u., Chelsea, Liverpool), had a small but noticeable difference in the calls that went their way when at home.It would be enlightening to see the difference in the number of calls for say, De La Salle at home vs. out of league opponents, compiled over a two or three year stretch.
    I chose DLS not to pick on them, but because they seem to be more willing than other EBAL schools to play out of league teams on a consistent basis

  • NoName


    We differ on this. I will tell you most HS refs are not good enough to have that skill to call subtle changes to the game.

    I know when my kids were playing I would have agreed with you 100%.

    No matter what – enjoy the rest of NCS.

  • The Sweeper

    After seeing over thirty East Bay soccer matches this season (both boys and girls), from Richmond to Livermore, and from Concord to Newark, I can think of only a few matches where the officiating was a bigger factor on the outcome of a match compared to the play on the field. More often than not, a questionable call gets to players and then bad things happen. In fact, bad or unlucky bounces can have a bigger impact on many matches than the officials ever will. BTW, late goals due to superior/inferior stamina is the number one factor in how close matches are determined.

    There is no conspiracy here to intentionally sway the outcomes of any matches. As one wise person recently stated, “…the best way to get even is to win the game.”

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • mudhen

    I’m not saying that it is even a CONSCIOUS thing. It was merely noted that , when other teams played those three at their home pitch, a noticeable amount of decisions went to the big three.
    And right you are about stamina. That is perhaps the reason that DLS wins so much. They always have some gas left in the tank at the end of the game.

  • Bakid

    Just a quick comment about the referees this season. I personally have been very disappointed with them, although I keep my mouth shut at the games. At the Berkeley vs College Park game on Saturday, College Park’s first goal was not a goal. The ball went over, hit the back of the frame, and bounced back up over the goal. The referees called it a goal. Very strange call when it was obviously not a goal. Here are the highlights of anyone wants to see.

  • The Sweeper

    Hey Mudhen,

    I have lost track of the stream. By “those three at their home pitch,” who are the three? ManU, SRV and Chelsea? Or Liverpool, DLS and Barca? I am confused…HAH!

  • KFC

    That’s pretty brutal on that first goal. Fortunate that Berkeley did not end up losing that game. Gotta say that the other three goals in regulation were pretty soft. Nice game winner in OT though

  • HSJ

    @ bakid great video. Nice work to you!

  • soccerfrau

    @the sweeper

    I agree with you there is no conspiracy but to echo @mudhen there is unconscious home field bias on every level of sport. The difficult games to ref are the ones where one team relies on effort and physicality against a more skilled team. Does a ref call it tight does he let them play? It’s a fine line. I hope the refs that do it well are rewarded or acknowledged in some way (hello Matt Smith’s All Star Classic.)

    What drives me bonkers is what bothers every other soccer player and fan. Awarding a penalty when the attacking player has no chance of scoring but just happens to be on the edge of the box and falls down with any contact. Penalty kicks decide matches. Case in point Northgate vs BOD last Saturday. (Thanks to google you can find papers that have studied and show that there is a PK bias to the home team.)

    I don’t blame a high school player for flopping. We haven’t evolved to a winning with honor level yet and probably never will, but darn the refs need to show as much sophistication as the players.

    In the end teams that over come the adversity that inevitably happens in every game will win. Agreed fitness is often the deciding factor. Here’s hoping for games with no injuries, no whining, and honor for all.

  • Jerry Macguire


    I agree with you on the player from SRV….but what gives her the right to turn to an opposing coach and tell him to “shut his f’ing players” up…and I’m abbreviating the “f’ing” part! That is a lack of respect to not only the opposing team but to that coach. That coach had class and walked away, he didn’t make mention to the refs about it, he didn’t make mention to it in the newswires. This kid is going on to play in D-1 level soccer, does she not think she’ll ever be boo’d or taunted in collegiate games? I’ve watched many collegiate games, especially those “rival” games and if she thinks every one is going to love her, she’s has a rude awakening coming.

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great player but she needs to be diciplined, her team can win without her! She represents not only her team but her community….she should have to sit for the remainder of the NCS and State playoffs

  • Mudhen

    Sweeper, if you really want to see a homer at work, try to find some footage of the SRV vs. Richmond game from 2012. The ref in the first 1/2 had to give up his center to the A.R. due to injury,and the new center called 3 to 1 against Richmond for the rest of the match. It was impressive.

  • Matt Schwab

    Jerry: I was not at the game, so the full scope of the incident is being conveyed by others. How did the referee not see any of this? It seems pretty blatant. I will reach out to SRV AD John Raynor and the SRV girls coach Mark Jones to see what actions have been taken, if any. Perhaps something positive will come from this. It would be great if coaches would remind players not to say a word to opponents, including other coaches, or the referees. They should be told this before the season and reminded of it periodically. If obvious heckling occurs in a game, the referee should be notified by the team’s captain, and then he should take the appropriate action. In the worst cases of bad behavior, the school in question should be reprimanded by the section in some way. Yes, it’s an imperfect solution, but we live in an imperfect world. Bottom line: Players need to respect the game and each other, or else the whole thing falls apart. Every one in the game is responsible for their actions. Players need to avoid running their mouths and taking cheap shots; and coaches need to stand firm and preach what’s right, even if it means a season-ending defeat. Dropping an F-bomb on an opposing coach seems wrong under any circumstances.

  • The Sweeper

    Mudhen #73,

    I saw the 2012 match where the A.R. had to take over for the injured ref, and the replacement called the match much different from the starting ref. It came without warning and spoiled the flow of the match due to excessive whistles. I am not sure about the 3:1 foul call ratio, but it was a very different match after the change, and as noted in my match write-up posted later that day 1/21/2012:

    “There was an officiating shift early in the 2nd half (possibly injury related), and this changed the tempo of the match in SRV’s favor: more whistles and reduced flow. The Oilers struggled with the change (tighter calls), and yellow cards were awarded to on-field and off-field participants on both sides, including one yellow after the final whistle…no emotions there…yeah, right.

    I did not see any plays that warranted a red card, and I had no particular gripes with either center ref’s style, though they too were quite contrasting.”

    So, on that day I saw it as a play calling style issue, not a homer ref issue.

    A more interesting call was the PK awarded to Richmond in their match this year with Berkeley (the first goal of the match). It could easily have been viewed as a homer call from the grassy knoll, but it just looked like a bad call to me.

    I just call ’em as I see ’em.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • Soccor Fan

    The SRV vs. Cal Hi women’s soccer game last Sat. was a hard fought close game but the officiating was terrible,although I think the bad calls went both ways without an advantage to either team.As for the actions of #9, they were inexcubable but so was the taunting and trash talking by the Cal Hi fans. Coach Munson or the referee should have quieted them as I have seen coach Mark Jones do with the SRV fans when they said things which were inappropriate. As for “Typical’s” comments about coach Jones being the money man behind the team: you don’t know what you’re talking about. His record with the team speaks for itself. PS: #9 is sitting out the next game as punishment for her actions.You CHS fans are the poorest losers I have ever seen.

  • Mudhen

    Bad call Sweep.

  • Bill


    Your video work is very good. Thank you for sharing.

    Was there a hole in the top of the net? Even in slow motion the ball appears to go through the net ?? I am often wrong on my eye site but this appears to be an incredible shot finding its way through a small hole in top net. Wow! I can see why it was awarded to CP. the AR wasn’t in position too.

    the CP#16 equalizer goal was struck well and CP almost pulled it off when Berk GK mishandled the cross in OT.

    Very exciting for Berk #22 to have such an amazing game in front of the home crowd. Nice finish on golden goal!

    Pulling for Berk and Castro Valley Weds night to end all the EBAL dominance.

  • The Sweeper


    Did I draw a yellow or red card?

  • Top Of The Box

    @ Matt….totally agree with everything you said. Maybe I didn’t present it in the politically correct vain that you did in my earlier posts..but it is what I meant to convey. Fact is…any good coach does preach to his players to keep his/her mouth shut and focus on the game. We also tell them to play the game and understand that referees are not perfect like the rest of us, and tend to make mistakes. Sometimes they make mistakes that cost teams games. Point is…sports are emotional…soccer included. In the heat of battle…provoked or un-provoked, things get said…things are done…some of which players, coaches, fans would like to take back. Bottom line though…what #9 did was thought out and planned, and she did not flippantly react….she was calculated in her actions. And like you said Matt…that seems wrong under any circumstance in any sport.

  • ET


    I also looked at the video of the Berkeley-CP game. It is hard to see but the ball goes just over the crossbar and gently hits and rolls down the back (outside) of the net and hits the bottom back bar where the net meets the ground and kicks back up and over the crossbar in front of the goal. Since the ball ended up in front of the goal, the referees must have thought the ball hit the back of the net and bounced back out. At least that’s what I saw in the video.

    Four teams left in each bracket with the seeds pretty much intact. Top 4 seeds in D I (SRV, Monte Vista, Berkeley and Castro Valley) and the top two seeds in D II (BOD and Campolindo) with Piedmont (#6 seed and easily could have been the #3 seed since they won their league) and St. Mary’s (#13 seed the only real sleeper). Good luck to all the remaining teams in NCS.

  • KFC

    @Matt…I too was wondering how this escaped the Referees Did this happen as timed expired or well after the refs exited the fields. Speaking with several of my ref buddies, it would have taken care of itself with the issuing of a straight red in the book at the 80th minute and the suspension would have been a non issue. Either way, it sounds like the SRV staff has taken action and a lesson learned from this talented player. Personally don’t think it will happen, but what a lesson would it be should SRV be upset and that was the lasting image of her high school career (similar to the end of Peter McGlynn’s collegiate career this year at UCSB when he punched the ref at the end of the game…oh by the way he is the newest member of your SJ Earthquakes…life goes on after stupid mistakes)

  • Soccer Fan

    Where’s the comment I sent this AM?

  • Matt Schwab

    Not sure what happened to your comment, Soccer Fan. I’ll look into it. On another topic, I did not contact the SRV athletic director today as I have seen the situation has been handled. I don’t feel the need to drag anyone publicly through the mud again. I have a lot of respect for Wolves coach Mark Jones and Grizzlies coach Lee Munson, and wish we all didn’t have to wallow in this controversy for so long. Let’s shift our focus to the semifinals and try to get along.

  • Full90

    @Soccer Fan: I would think the SRV team would qualify as the worst ‘losers’ rather than the CHS fans. Jeers from the opposing side are common and will only escalate on the collegiate pitch. Representing yourself, your team and your community in a tasteful way whether in uniform or not, is always a student athlete’s duty. Lessons were learned on both sides from this game – let’s move on!

  • NoName

    its almost tomorrow!! HA great games await us Confessional tonight so you go in with a clean soul tomorrow.

  • The Sweeper


    AMEN! Case closed.

    See you at the pitch!

  • soccerfrau

    Story lines!!

    # 1 SRV vs #4 Castro Valley -SRV undefeated but apparently without their leading scorer. CV is no stranger to big time NCS soccer and has a win over BOD this year. Upset potential medium if SRV is distracted by the drama.

    #2 Monte Vista vs #3 BHS-deepest run ever by BHS I believe. They possess as technical a midfield as any team in the tournament but have an inexperienced GK. Monte Vista is battle tested coming out of the EBAL with two ties vs SRV. Upset potential low unless BHS can produce some fireworks on offense.

    #2 Campo vs #6 Piedmont- Piedmont played well down the stretch vs tough D 1 comp and survived a tough road test vs Dublin last round. Is their defense and GK strong enough to hold off the most consistently excellent team in D2? Upset potential higher than most people think.

    #1 BOD vs #13 St Mary’s- BOD going for a third title in four years. College commits and college commits to be all over the field. St Mary’s the cinderella story does the clock strike 12 for them? They watched their boys team knock off a #1 seed two years in a row. Can some of that magic rub off on them? Upset potential? C’mon man!

  • NoName

    SRV is shaken up. Told you bout the KARMA that SRV brings to this game- CV 1-0.

    MV v BRKLY -Soccerfrau has it correct bkly very technical but can’t get past the tech/physical of MV. biggest threat in this game to MV is the center ref. (i hate to go negative but its so true i can’t ignore)

    Campo is to much for Piedmont. Ball possesion and timing + Piedmont lacks the conditioning to hang chasing the ball. Game will be won in the last 15 mins.

    Have not seen BOD or St. Mary’s. So I will blind pick BOD based on what I have seen in the past but really I just don’t know.

  • Mudhen

    Sweeper, I meant that the ref’s call in the Richmond game was a bad decision. You? You’re fine by me…

  • Love of the Game

    “#1 BOD vs #13 St Mary’s- Upset potential? C’mon man!”

    BOD is in its Prime. However, Northgate may have taken some of the luster off BOD with a surprise lead goal last week. We see it happen every once in a while – upsets do happen and NCS Rankings (like all ranking systems) are inaccurate to a measurable degree. Is Saint Mary’s a true underdog? Absolutely. Should BOD cruise into the finals? No question. But, this is why we play the games! 🙂 Good luck to the all the teams tonight – too much good soccer in one night.

  • DFulton

    Bishop O Dowd better hope it doesn’t go to PKs. Saint Mary’s in on fire! GO PANTHERS!

  • The Sweeper


    It took me a few seconds to realize that we agreed on the bad call. Where will you be tonight?

    Rather than driving all over the East Bay as I did on Saturday, I will probably do the NCS 2-fer and watch a doubleheader at SRV.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • soccerfrau

    @ Matt Schwab where will you be tonight? Same time for all games gotta pick one that’s tough.

  • MVAL Alumni

    Just wanted to point one thing out. 4 teams from the WACC are still in the NCS playoffs 2 in each division. For all those who doubted the quality of teams leading up to the seedings I hope this is enough proof. Good luck to all the teams playing tonight.

    Nice to see you finally see the quality Piedmont has. Don’t forget Piedmont has some dangerous and quick forwards that can change the scoreline in a second. Will be a tough match tonight.

  • soccerfrau

    Definitely pulling for Piedmont they have the best chance for an upset tonight.

    Here’s hoping all the refs decision are fair and balanced and they don’t reward gamesmanship. Coaches, players , and fans don’t make the ref’s job more difficult.

  • The Sweeper

    Girls soccer score, SRV 1, CV 0 after 15 minutes.

  • MVAL Alumni

    Piedmont 1-0 50th minute

  • Matt Schwab

    Header goal by Morgan Idso in 14th min. nets Wolves 1-0 lead at halftime over the Trojans. Allie Dutto took the corner from the left. Castro Valley holding its ground. Miranda Nild nearly equalized off a nifty dummy on a corner kick. Trojans surged late in the half after Wolves came out strongly.

  • Matt Schwab

    Monte Vista girls score, anyone?