Boys Soccer: Semifinals, All-Star Game, Rankings, Standings, Stats

And just like that, the final week of the season is here. Let’s look at the semifinals.

Division I

No. 1 De La Salle v. No. 12 Freedom; No. 6 San Ramon Valley v. No. 7 California

In semifinal number one we have the four-time defending champions, against a team in the playoffs for the first time ever. It is a perfectly sensible argument to say the Spartans have the advantage based on experience and having been here before. I agree with that most times, however, after seeing this Freedom team play and talking to their coaches and players, this team isn’t just here for the ride. This team is not scared to play anybody and are actually looking forward to the chance to play De La Salle.
This game could come down to the goalkeepers. Two of the best in the East Bay. Both big, strong and agile. Beating them won’t be easy. De La Salle has the advantage defensively with how organized and disciplined they are, but Freedom has the man up top, aka Jorge Cendejas. A true striker with a nose for the ball and the goal.
This is going to be a very entertaining game as Freedom looks to prove that this playoff run is no fluke, while De La Salle tries to keep the spirit of the Brotherhood alive.

Just up 680, at the same time on Wednesday, a couple of EBAL foes will square off for the right to go to the finals as SRV hosts Cal. These two teams have played twice, and have split, with Cal winning 3-0 the first time and SRV winning 2-0 the second time.
After a stretch that saw Cal go 3-6-0 after a 15-0-2 start, including four losses in a row at one point, the Grizzlies have gotten hot at the right time once again. The key for them was getting healthy and having everybody playing together again. The timing worked out well for Cal as they are the team that started the season so well, and not the team that had a little swoon.
As for the Wolves, this team was never a No. 6 seed. One of the deepest and most well-rounded teams in the playoffs, they have shown it. Dangerous from the time the tournament started, the Wolves were a six seed last year and made the finals. Why are they so good? They have a forward and two wings that constantly put pressure on the defense, they have a midfield that is deep and athletic and two of the best defenders in the East Bay with Schumann and Zetterquist.
Both of these teams like to play fast, and one goal won’t be enough on Wednesday to win this one.

Division II

No. 4 Concord v. No. 8 St. Mary’s; No. 2 Ygnacio Valley v. No. 3 Campolindo

By about the stroke of 5:15 on Wednesday, we’ll know how the first team to reach the finals as YV and Campo square off in an afternoon affair. This one should be interesting. Both teams play fast, possess the ball very well and are constantly putting pressure on the defense. YV has seemed to wake up in the playoffs after a slow finish to the year. Campo has hit its stride the last six weeks or so and is looking very dangerous. The home field advantage is something YV will need to take advantage of to make up for the toll taken on them by the Northgate game. They will be shorthanded due to some injuries and suspensions. However, they have two things no other team has and that is Tata and Damien. The two best players on the field are going to have to play like it and lift their team to the finals.
The Cougars, on the other hand, are very, very deep and very balanced. 18 different players scored goals, and nine different players scored three or more. In their quarterfinal game against Hayward, four different players scored.
The teams are similar in size, speed and style. Will Campo’s depth be enough or will YV’s star power win out?

For a second straight year, the Concord Minutemen find themselves a game away from a title appearance. They have not allowed a goal in the playoffs, they have their outstanding keeper in Emmanuel Jimenez back, and are playing a third straight game at home. This team, however, is not just a defensive squad. They play low-scoring games most of the time, but have some very dangerous players led by Andy Altamarino and Freddy Velasquez.
It is very unfortunate, for Acalanes, that St. Mary’s was seeded No. 8. This team probably should have been a top five seed, maybe even a top three seed. That game was a round or two, too early, but the Panthers showed why they had only lost twice, both times to Division I playoff teams. The team is so well rounded. They have a couple of studs in the back, a couple of fine players in the midfield and a couple guys who can put the ball away when given the chance.
Look for this game to be low-scoring, but it will be entertaining.

All-Star Game Update

I am finalizing the rosters this weekend and have already started to invite some players.
Remember, the game is Friday, March 8 and Richmond High. 7:00. If selected, it would be great if you can make it. Either way, let me know as soon as you can when I reach out to you.


The hardest time to rank teams is during the playoffs. We have to understand that the rankings work the same way during the playoffs as they do during the regular season, for the most part. They are going to change a little more drastically because of the gravity of the wins and losses, but remember that these rankings still take the whole season into account, but also consider what has happened recently. This isn’t a list of league finishers or who has beaten who in the playoffs, because we have league title banners and NCS brackets to tell us that.
DLS, SRV and Cal all jump as teams that have yet to lose, while it’s tough to move down Acalanes, MV and Berkeley too far for losing to good teams. St. Mary’s and Concord climb into the top eight, while Campolindo and Newark are back in the top ten.
Freedom debuts in the top 15, coming in at No. 13, and has a chance to keep making school history, and to keep climbing in the rankings, as they face the champs on Wednesday night.

1. De La Salle (16-3-6)
2. San Ramon Valley (17-6-3)
3. Acalanes (21-1-3)
4. California (18-6-2)
5. Monte Vista (17-4-4)
6. Berkeley (19-3-3)
7. St. Mary’s (16-2-3)
8. Concord (14-2-5)
9. Campolindo (17-7-2)
10. Newark Memorial (15-4-7)
11. Richmond (16-5-5)
12. Ygnacio Valley (15-4-5)
13. Freedom (14-9-2)
14. Pittsburg (13-4-6)
15. Hayward (18-5-3)

Others considered: Foothill (11-7-6), Northgate (13-5-7), College Park (11-9-4), Hercules (17-6-2), Amador Valley (11-10-4), Bishop O’Dowd (11-8-2), Deer Valley (9-8-5), Kennedy-Fremont (10-8-2), San Lorenzo (10-6-2), Antioch (9-6-6)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Pittsburg (13-4-6, 6-1-3) 21
Freedom (14-9-2, 6-3-1) 19
Antioch (9-6-6, 5-3-2) 17
Deer Valley (9-8-5, 5-3-2) 17
Liberty (5-8-3, 2-6-2) 8
Heritage (2-14-3, 0-8-2) 2

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Acalanes (21-1-3, 10-0-2) 32
Campolindo (17-7-2, 7-4-1) 22
Dublin (8-9-4, 6-5-1) 19
Dougherty Valley (9-9-2, 5-6-1) 16
Miramonte (6-7-5, 4-5-3) 14
Alhambra (9-9-5, 2-7-3) 9
Las Lomas (1-12-6, 1-8-3) 5

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Ygnacio Valley (15-4-5, 9-2-1) 28
College Park (11-9-4, 8-2-2) 26
Concord (14-2-5, 7-1-4) 25
Northgate (13-5-7, 6-4-2) 20
Berean Chr. (6-10-3, 3-7-2) 11
Mt. Diablo (1-10-2, 1-9-2) 5
Clayton Valley (1-20-2, 1-10-1) 4

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

De La Salle (16-3-6, 10-1-3) 33
Monte Vista (17-4-4, 10-2-2) 32
San Ramon Valley (17-6-3, 8-4-2) 26
California (18-6-2, 7-6-1) 22
Foothill (11-7-6, 5-5-4) 19
Amador Valley (11-10-4, 3-8-3) 12
Livermore (4-14-5, 2-9-3) 9
Granada (4-13-5, 1-11-2) 5

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Newark Memorial (15-4-7, 10-0-4) 34
Kennedy (10-8-2, 7-5-2) 23
Logan (9-9-7, 6-3-5) 23
Irvington (7-7-8, 6-4-4) 22
Moreau Catholic (4-9-5, 4-6-4) 16
Washington (5-7-9, 3-5-6) 15
Mission San Jose (6-10-8, 3-6-5) 14
American (3-13-4, 1-11-2) 5

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Oakland Tech (7-3-2, 7-0-1) 22
Skyline (6-1-1, 6-1-1) 19
Fremont (3-4-1, 3-4-1) 10
Oakland (1-5-2, 1-5-2) 5
Castlemont (0-7-1, 0-7-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Richmond (16-5-5, 8-0-2) 26
St. Mary’s (16-2-3, 8-1-1) 25
Albany (8-12-4, 4-5-1) 13
El Cerrito (6-14-1, 4-5-1) 13
Salesian (4-5-4, 2-5-3) 9
St. Joseph Notre Dame (3-16-1, 0-10-0) 0

TCAL Stone
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hercules (17-6-2, 9-0-1) 28
Pinole Valley (10-6-1, 7-2-1) 22
De Anza (8-6-2, 6-2-2) 20
Kennedy (4-9-0, 4-6-0) 12
Swett (2-10-0, 2-8-0) 6
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-12-0, 0-10-0) 0

WACC Foothill
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Berkeley (19-3-3, 15-0-1) 46
Bishop O’Dowd (11-8-2, 10-5-1) 31
Alameda (8-11-5, 7-8-1) 22
Mt. Eden (7-11-6, 5-5-6) 21
Castro Valley (5-11-6, 5-8-3) 18
Arroyo (5-12-5, 4-9-3) 15

WACC Shoreline
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hayward (18-5-3, 12-2-2) 38
San Lorenzo (10-6-2, 9-5-2) 29
Piedmont (8-10-1, 7-8-1) 22
San Leandro (5-11-4, 5-7-4) 19
Tennyson (3-17-3, 3-11-2) 11
Encinal (1-15-0, 1-15-0) 3

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Montes, Richmond 37
Cendejas, Free 27
Ayala, YV 25
Romero, Hercules 23
Gala, Dougherty 22
R. Castillo, Hayward 22
Berumen, Pitt 17
Al. Marques, Hercules 16
Greenberg, MV 16
Solomon, Berkeley 15
Flink, BOD 15
Reiter, CP 14
Gray, Hayward 14
Sandoval, Newark 14
Orozco, SL 14
Grixti, Cal 13
Raynor, Cal 12
Clark, FH 12
Bolender, Ngate 12
Sandoval, Pinole 12

Name School Assists
Murgia, Pitt 21
Damian, YV 21
Alvarez, Richmond 18
Montes, Richmond 15
Gomez, Hayward 14
Clark, FH 13
Bramvila, Richmond 13
Croze, Acalanes 12
Cendejas, Free 12
Baringer, Pied 12
Mendoza, Hayward 11
Ortega, Hayward 11
Espinoza, SM 11
Torres, Moreau 10
Glascock, Acalanes 9
Lindgren, Acalanes 9
Hamdouni, Berkeley 9
Gratsch, MV 9
Sandoval, Newark 9
Bolender, Ngate 9
Xu, Pied 9
Aguilar, YV 9

Matt Smith

  • Viewsfromthebox

    Matt I think you and Sweeper should coach. You’d get the D2 of course. Seriously I don’t think you need any special coaches and certainly not anyone with an agenda. Just someone to set a lineup and rotate players. The boys will take care of things on the field. I would suggest that the less qualified the better!

  • The Sweeper

    Vftb #351,

    Hah! You have certainly nailed it, as I am truly “less qualified.” Thanks. Matt, of course, is in a whole different league.

    Seriously, my wife or daughter would do a better job than me, as they have actually coached the modern game, be it with girls.

    Besides, how would I have time to post the scores and comments? That would just be wrong.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • HalaMadrid

    Come on swweper u know theres a inner coach in you =)

  • Stir It Up

    Wow, too much love, not enough controversy so there is no way the blog will get to 500 comments…

    In an effort to stir the pot, I would like to ask a simple question: How is DLS able to be in position to win their 5th title in a row?

    I am not sure how many D1 teams there are but supposed there are 50. I am not a math major but if I was I would say that there is a 2% chance of any one of the 50 teams winning in any given year (1/50=.02). Taking this out over 5 years (.02*.02*.02*.02*.02) would tell me that if all things were equal any one team would have a 0.00000032% chance of winning 5 years in a row. My assertion is that luck is not the reason DLS is in this position so what is it??

    Conjecture 1: The laundry principle

    Scientist say that De La Salle consistently has more laundry to do than any other team as they dress more boys than any other team. This allows them to keep the team fresher than their competitors

    Conjecture 2: Recruiting/Wondolowski affect

    Studies by governmental agencies have reported that De La Salle has operatives throughout the Bay Area that prepare scouting reports of all the best 9 year old soccer players within a 75 mile radius of the school. Each year the top players are are sent replica NCS trophies and projections of the likelihood of making it to the MLS if they attend DLS.

    Conjecture #3: Superior medical support system

    Many people believe that DLS actually has a subterranean hospital underneath their school where athletes go for treatment every night. This allows their teams to remain consistently healthier than their competition.

    Conjecture #4: The Lance Armstrong Sports Medicine Academy

    Everyone knows that DLS goes down to SoCal every year at the beginning of the season but has anyone actually ever seen them play there? Supposedly the US Anti-Doing Agency is investigating DLS to see if they are actually heading to a secret facility run by team Lance in Tiajuana.

    Conjecture #5: The minor leagues

    For many years the best teams in baseball were the ones that had the best farm teams. Supposedly accountants recently examined the books of DFC and the vast majority of revenue came from accounts that also wrote checks to a local private Catholic boys school. This might lead to conjecture that a certain team actually has farm teams that allow boys to play together year round unlike their competition.

    Conjecture #6: Divine intervention

    Maybe there is a larger force at work here…

    Anyone else have any theories???

  • Dude in the sky

    God and His Son are Spartans. What more do you need to know? 🙂

  • KFC

    @stir it up
    Im gonna vote 4/5 I think that trip down south is the divine intervention. Just a soccer fan, no kid there, but these kids really bring it together as a team/brotherhood. Love to witness this every year…these kids have figured somethin out
    There’s gonna be the conspiracy theorists, the haters, and the jealous, but these kids can flat out play….There is a ton of talent out there, but noone plays as a team like these kids

  • bobby

    @stir it up it would be surprising if they didn’t do this well. The kids go to the school to play sports with the best support, programs and facilities. I doubt you can even go to De La unless you play at least one sport. All their programs are only getting better and it’s surprising when any of their teams lose. I would say 95% of their competition goes to their school for SCHOOL, and when the season comes around they represent their institution. The money mixed with the expectations and the talent that is required to go there is why a 5peat can happen.

    MONEY MONEY MONEY. If DLS didn’t exist, then the D1 NCS would look a lot more like D2, having a wider range of winners and less repeats or dynasties

  • KFC

    cmon man….money? that comment deserves what qualifiers as hater…tell me which player on dls is the stendout stellar player? they have very good players, but is there a single kid or three that make this team the best in ncs? no these kids play well together…Matt Smith would tell you that the best players in ncs dont come from dls short of Nic Bob and Tino

  • The Sweeper

    It’s shaken not stirred for the Sweeper…

  • bobby

    @KFC Look I’m not saying money buys talent because it doesn’t, but it doesn’t hurt to have MORE facilities, BETTER programs, MORE EXPERIENCED coaches and all this results from the school having money to burn.

    I would just think that the tables would turn if you were to take a school with more player by player talent like Richmond or Berkeley or most schools on the other side of the hill and give them the opportunities and resources that DLS has… never meant to say that they buy wins because they don’t

  • KFC

    @bobby…not calling you out…I don’t think DLS has anything any other school doesn’t have. Yes, thye have an excellent staff, but you can’t say others dont have the same…The faciities???? Have yoou been to DLS? The Fball team has priority till they are done.. Thye practice the same as any other team after DLS is done with winning State…it simply is a great group of kids that play well together. The best players in the league do not go to DLS

  • bobby

    @KFC I am agreeing with you… They DO NOT have the best players around but yet they can win 4 (maybe 5 and counting) NCS titles in a row… there has got to be a hiding factor. That’s why I am just proposing the idea of the benefits that they have. proposing. not saying that I am speaking facts just my idea.

  • KFC

    bobby….right there with you man!

  • Gooner

    As a DLS parent (first time posting here) I would argue that kids are attracted to DLS because of the success of the sports programs. parents are attracted for the sports, solid academics, faith, and “relative” affordability (compared with other private schools).

    DLS doesn’t have to recruit, they have a brand. And players can come from anywhere, which is clearly an advantage. But that’s no different than other area Catholic/private schools whom don’t have the same run of success (NCS, CCS, SF or other areas).

    Sure there is money, but there is money and parent funding at a lot of public schools as well (MV, NG, Campo, Acalanes, etc.).

    My son played Frosh soccer this year. The Frosh team was made up of players from a mix of clubs, with varying skill level (club levels ranged from Silver to Premier) just like public schools. But there were a lot of players…a good number of whom will move on to play JV and/or Varsity in the future. And the Frosh team was very average in League. I’d say SRV was by far the strongest Frosh team and has a very bright future with the talent they have.

    It’s noteworthy that the soccer program at DLS also represents the school well academically, one of the highest average team GPAs in the school, which is important given so few of these boys will play beyond HS.

    I look forward to Saturday’s DLS v SRV match-up, as two great programs will, yet again, be battling for #1.

  • Junior

    The Brotherhood is not fully understood.

  • The Sweeper


    Thanks for posting and welcome to the blog. Your point rings true with me and is well taken. I saw the girls side of the equation at the HS level a few years back. I follow both the girls and boys from the Frosh to the Varsity level and enjoy the quality of play at each level.

    Congrats to your son for playing on the Frosh soccer team, no small accomplishment at a tier-one program in the East Bay, a true soccer hotbed. It is amazing how Frosh players adopt a work ethic that they see at the JV and Varsity level. Excellence can be contagious.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • Truth

    FYI, for those who don’t know already, SRV was the only team in the NCS this year to beat DLS. Other 2 losses came to SC teams. Think that makes this final more fitting and interesting, what do you all think?

  • Dubs Up

    The root of all DLS success is their coaching without a doubt…they have a system and play it to perfection with discipline far superior to any other team. Thats just my opinion though from knowing past coaches and players from DLS and comparing them to other schools

  • check it out

    DLS – money? yes, students are given money based on need but then how is it that the school PAYS FOR SOCCER camps for VARSITY PLAYERS? Fact- member of last years team was sent to college camps paid for by DLS athletic department. That doesnt happen at any other school.
    Its a Great program, does great things for young men, but they have advantages over the competition.

  • Stewie

    Whatever the outcome Saturday night , no question you have the top two teams playing DI & DII. The boys and the coaches have earned the right to be in that position to play for the NCS Championship.

    I will end this post with GO SPARTANS

  • It all begins with a #3 ball. The clubs nurture and the hs tries to put it all together. Not too complicated.
    “far superior”? I doubt it…

  • Def Mid

    Long time follower but first time blogger. you got give credit to DLS for what they have done year after year. The coaches have set up a system and the players have performed. it does not hurt to have a great goalie between the pikes either.

    you got to look at campo in past 4yrs in NCS also, lost to BOD in quarterfinal, won it, lost by pK in quarterfinal last yr to concord, and back in final again. shane 4yr career as HS coach is impressive. Go cougars.

    Matt, thanks for all your hard work and great blog.

  • Gooner

    Miramonte won NCS (D2) 4 out of 6 years from 2001 to 2006. And SRV is playing in its 3rd championship in 5 years. Both of those are public schools, what advantages do they have over the other public schools that have never made it or never won?

  • Shinguard

    @Check it out:
    That is a very reckless statement, get your facts in order before you say things as a truth??
    DLS runs a summer soccer camp and many of the players volunteer to help with the camp. As most of the campers are 5-8th graders.
    At no time does DLS send players to camps or pay for them. Anyway during the summer players are with respective club and many do try to attend Elite level camps or ID camps sponsored by clubs and various colleges.

  • Voice of Reason

    What is true for DLS football, is true for every other sport at DLS. Simply put, they are able to attract top student athletes far outside what a traditional public school boundary would be.

    In my view, the only hurdle a DLS sport needs to cross (and it is a significant hurdle) to dominate any other D1 public school program is to have a great program/coaches in place and achieve some success such that student athletes from that sport will now be more inclined to go to DLS than their local public school. At some tipping point, DLS then stockpiles more talented student athletes in that sport than a public school would be able to. As in football & basketball, it is apparent DLS soccer has now reached this tipping point as evidenced by their 4 consecutive NCS D1 championships and 7 of the last 12 years.

    DLS may not have a star athlete on its roster, though I would submit Konstantino may very well be the East Bay Soccer player of the year, but they have more quality depth than any other D1 program, same as in football.

    As an example of what I am talking about let’s look at DLS baseball. They won their first NCS championship in 5 years last spring. Two years prior to that they took last place in the EBAL. In fact, they have had 4 head coaches in the last 6 seasons; hardly a recipe for DLS dominance. The current head coach, David Jeans, a very good coach I might add, may very well be able to lead them to a level the soccer and football programs currently enjoy.

    Let’s face it, the open enrollment policy private schools enjoy allow them competitive advantages no public school can match. Look at Saleaian & Bishop O’Dowd basketball recently. DLS is able to take this advantage to a level no other private school can match due being the only D1 private school in NCS D1 and the ability to reach a population base of more than 1.5 million people within a 30 minute drive of the school, with no other private D1 school to compete with.

    These are just the fact. No hating. Perhaps a discussion for another day is how DLS has been able to secure such great coaches, in their respective sport, relative to other public schools.

  • Mister Peabody

    Some past History on DI Finals.
    2012 DLS vs SRV winner DLS
    2011 DLS vs Newark winner DLS
    2010 DLS vs Cal winner DLS
    2009 DLS vs SRV winner DLS
    2008 Pitt vs SRV winner Pitt
    2007 MV vs SRV winner MV
    2006 MV vs SRV winner MV
    2005 DLS vs MV winner DLS
    2004 FH vs Berk winner Berkeley
    2003 Winner DLS
    2002 Winner SRV
    2001 Winner DLS
    2000 Winner Deer Valley
    * NCS does not show opponents after 2004

  • Mister Peabody

    The Spartan Coaching Staff Dedicated to the School, The Sport and to The Team ( some 70 players ) Many have been with the program for 5 or more years and some are also alumni.

    Frosh Team
    Head Coach: Andres Orejuela
    Asst Frosh Coaches: Scott Drain, Dean Lamont, Vincent Bellafronte

    JV Team
    Head Coach: Mike Salvemeni
    Asst JV Coaches: Michael Lawler & Omar Diaz

    Varsity Team:
    Head Coach: Derricke Brown
    Asst Varsity Coaches: Mario Selva, Christopher Rodd, Rex Moar

  • check it out


    I dont want to list players names because they have only benefited and I think the players come first, BUT the “we dont” attitude is tiresome. Players at DLS have gone to college ID camps that were payed for by the school. Arranged and sent through the program. These are players that receive full academic funding from the school based on need (a wonderful thing). If u want to deny, I will lay it out on this site….but I dont think that benefits the student athletes.

  • wolfpack

    Mr Peabody,

    A fun fact about the coaches listed. Chris Rodd, Assistant Varsity Coach, is an SRV grad AND I believe was on the SRV team the last time they won NCS!

  • Mister Peabody

    1987-2012 EBAL team has won 16 titles out of 26.
    After D 1 was established in 2001 EBAL teams have won 10 of the 12 titles, the other two were won by Pitt 2008 & Berkeley 2004.

  • Stewie

    If I remember correctly former DLS Coach Brian Voltattorni and Coach D. Brown were teammates at St. Mary’s College when the Gaels surprised and upset Univ Notre Dame

  • Shinguard

    @ Matt….what about a game of champions??
    CCS DI champs VS NCS DI Champs
    Same for the DII

    Just food for thought 🙂

  • Hey

    does anybody know when All Leagues come out?

  • Junior

    Thank goodness for progress. Looks like voice has finally backed off the 99% of success theory. There is hope.

  • The Sweeper

    Hey guys, there are 110 mentions of “DLS” in 382 postings (not including full spellings and mascot mentions, just “DLS”). You need to pick it up.

    I am humbled by the humility…

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • Matt Smith

    @Shinguard I’m going to have to turn this into a full-time gig to make that happen!

  • junior

    now, now sweeper. careful not to let your green envy show.

  • 11v11

    Looking at all the DLS conversations and discussions, we have to be jealous and realistic at the same time.
    Its not by luck , that they find themselves in a great position every year to being one of the top teams in most sports.
    It has to come together.

    They are a corner stone of what we would like all programs to be, and maybe we should take the model of what they are giving us. Take that model and make it your own. See what works and what doesn’t with what you have.

    We all have limitations of skill , ability , humility , agility , capability ect ect ect, yet we limit ourselves and don’t expand the mind and spirit to excel in what you know is best. Find the best in all of us and teach others the same.
    We must learn from the weak and perform like the strong.

    My hats off to those programs that played this year and never looked down.

    R H L

  • WaterBoy

    For whoever asked about sophomore/freshman talent…
    AV has some good sophomore talents.
    Dublin has some good sophomores, getting good time.
    SRV sophomores were playing well together as well…on Var.
    Campo has a big defender who I believe is a sophomore.
    St Mary’s right back is a huge sophomore. Great player

    Any others?

  • The Sweeper


    My apologies for the confusion. I was not showing envy of the green and silver. Au contraire, I was encouraging the other (humble) fans to step up and post on par with the green and silver guys. I am actually an agnostic when it comes to the subject of that school.

    Cheers, and see you at the green pitch!

  • TurfSquad

    Hate to say it, no disrespect meant but Alhambra is not the right place for an NCS final. It is sloped and is extremely narrow. Not to mention the parking lot isn’t very big and there is only one set of bleachers.

    Alhambra games are a tale of two matches. First half the team going downhill is all attack and then the next half they are purely defense. It should be a physical game. Once again, not trying to diss any Alhambra people out there, great field but not right for an NCS final.

  • Itsabob

    Never really have seen any disrespect from Silver & Green posters. That is something that is pretty much not tolerated over at Spartanville on or off the field for any of the sports. Respecting your opponent is the motto, as your opponent will be bringing there “A” game to the competition every time. Tradition and Pride is deep, the target is large every time the Spartans take to the field, court, grid-iron, the pool….How do you beat De La Salle? You have to try very very hard.

    I also I have not seen any real disrespect to the Spartans from other posters as most at some point have said a something positive.

    Then we have some haters who just don’t understand and refuse to understand, The mantra is De LaSalle recruits, cheats , plays the system , buys players, pays for relocation, coaches are paid large sums of $$ , it is all rather amusing as the Legend of Winton Drive grows each year. I.E. Bigfoot is real & Area 51 is home to ET…actually their may be more truth in that fact….ET please come home.

    SRV and DLS give us a game Saturday

  • junior

    Brilliant- @ post #388

  • I think a game between CCS champs vs NCS champs will be great. This way we can find out who is the Bay Area champion. There’s always s lot of talk between who had the best soccer. With girl teams like Notre Dame Belmont in the early 2000s being Nationally ranked or Serra High also being pretty strong.

    As far as some upcoming players. I will like to mention Ayo Pigott from Alameda High. I believe he’s the only sophmore selected to the all WACC Foothill first team. Also Richmonds GK Humberto Melendez IMO Will be the best NCS keeper very soon. Another very good player is freshman Alexandros Papachristopolous from Piedmont. He was a starter and played very well.

  • mudhen

    Conditioning.It frequently comes down to that. Yes, DLS has the definite benefit of open enrollment, but after that, it comes down to the boys and girls being willing to get themselves in good enough shape. I see more soccer in a year than anybody (other than lurking refs), and I can tell you that it is the girls and boys who still have gas in the tank for those last 15 minutes who win championships.
    So the question to those who would like their schools to be in DLS’s shoes is simple;How hard are you willing to work to WIN?

  • RoyKeanefan

    I never quite get all the back and forth on DLS. Let’s be honest, an open enrollment school like DLS can have an advantage if it builds a strong program (whether it be in athletics, science, band) that attracts talented students. The more success DLS has in soccer, the more likely it is to attract strong soccer players who want to take advantage of the other qualities DLS has to offer. I recall someone making the point that a very good Las Lomas player joined DLS this year after a strong freshman season at LL. so of course DLS has an advantage over other schools in the area. But that advantage is due to past success. Not sure why DLS supporters don’t own it and why the detractors argue it is some form of cheating.

  • As a parent of two public school soccer players, I need to raise a few points that makes a significant impact on the level of competitiveness of public versus private schools.
    Public schools are in a losing battle to save sports programs; every year, we lose more Frosh programs than previous years. Many of the top soccer public schools that attract over 150 student athletes at their tryouts do not have the budget to form Frosh teams. If it is not for the individual sacrifice and dedication of the coaches at theses schools, the JV and Var teams will also disappear. Most of the public school coaches are not paid coaches and the paycheck for those that get paid is a joke. For all the time and energy that these coaches put in, the amount comes down to a nickel/hour. Availibilty of equipment, facilities, parent support are not comparable.
    Stop bragging about great coaching staff, their long term commitment and faith/brotherhood and …,It comes down to rich kids in more well to do cities/neighborhoods versus super talented kids from Pittsburg/Richmond/Hayward/Berkeley/Newark/..
    There are around a dozen of paid coaches listed for DLS that get paid several times more than a coach in any of the public school (PS) coaches. Compare that to the two paid coaches (min vage) in public schools. It is not about hating, it’s just stating the facts.

  • Itsabob

    CIF shows an increase in soccer participation state wide, although more in SoCal.

  • Junior

    Dada- you highlight important factors to HS sport success. The schools on the 680 corridor have many advantages over the Richmonds, Hayward’s, etc. and it is fascinating that many 680 public school fans deny/ignore these advantages.

    You are off on how well paid Catholic school coaches are tho. I have family that are/have been teachers, administrators, and coaches at Catholic HS’s in CA (nor cal and SoCal) and they are not getting paid near what you insinuate they are. Their coaching stipends are insulting based on hours worked. They dont coach for the money. They do it for the love of sport and teachining/coaching same as the public school coaches. God bless them all.

  • Gooner

    @Dada curious where you get your facts. Do you know what DLS pays its soccer coaches? Just like other schools in the area, DLS coaches also coach at area clubs. They all come from the same pool (ie club coaches), it’s not as if DLS has former MLS or La Liga coaches on their payroll. One of the freshman coaches happens to be the father of a Varsity player, I have no idea if he is paid or volunteer, but I venture to guess, you don’t know either…you just assume.

    I completely agree with the underfunding of public schools, not just in sports but academics. And that clearly could pose a challenge for certain schools, but in EBAL (the league DLs plays) every school, with the excepion of Livermore, have Freshman teams. Shouldn’t they be just as likely timwin as DLS?

    And I love your “Rich Kids” vs “Talented Kids” comment, as if all kids that go to DLS are rich with no talent and the kids at Pitt (etc) are all talent but lack the support. If its just about money and rich neighborhoods, then Monte Vista should win D1 and Campo should win D2 every year. Yet, YV, Richmond, and Pitt are just as likely to win as Monte Vista and Campo.

    Have you even been to DLS? If so, then you have seen the ethnic, social, and economic diversity that makes up DLS. It’s not all rich kids, there are plenty of kids from less fortunate economic backgrounds that are thriving (in the classroom) through financial aid. According to the DLS web site, 29% of the students received financial aid (funded by current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, etc).

    Quit hating and start volunteering in your community to make a difference.