Live blog: NCS boys, girls Division I championships, Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

Get live updates and analysis Saturday from the North Coast Section Division I boys and girls championship games, beginning at 4:30 p.m. with the San Ramon Valley High vs. Monte Vista girls title game at Dublin.

We’ll also be chatting and providing updates and analysis from the boys title game between De La Salle and San Ramon Valley at 7 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Not SRV Dad

    Good luck tonight to both DLS and SRV.

    I predict a 2-1 win in regulation for the Spartans
    DLS Goals coming from Nic Bob and Tommy Lisiak.

    San Ramon will battle until the very end, this will be one of the best NCS finals in history.

  • FirstTouch

    Video of matching wining goal…


  • FirstTouch

    Video of matching wining goal… De La Salle vs San Ramon


  • junior

    -SRV played strong to the end.

    -One For the Thumb

    -The Brotherhood is Golden

  • Huh?

    “Disgraceful that Pavlick gets to play after her behavior. Would say a lot for SRV and her parents if she was benched for the remainder of NCS not just one game.
    by Justafan 6:14 PM yesterday”

    What’s this? Can’t find the story anywhere.