Boys Soccer: Final Notebook, All-Star Rosters, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Another East Bay boys soccer season in the books, and boy was it an action packed one.

The great season, made possible by all the players, coaches, parents and fans, came to an end yesterday with two very good North Coast Section finals.
The Division I final was like watching two heavy weight fighters go back and forth. The momentum kept swinging in each direction, and either team could have won this game. San Ramon Valley might have had a few more chances when it was said and done, but it was a very even game, and Nick Dildine put away the biggest goal of his career to give the Spartans the five-peat. What a run this team is on.
The Wolves were a worthy opponent last night, and could have easily won the game, but the De La Salle defenders and keeper Andrew Konstantino showed up each time they were needed.
The Division II game was physical and competitive, but not dirty at all. The Minutemen had such a good defense all year as those defenders, led by Yojay Basulto, and the defense came up big as did keeper Emmanuel Jimenez.
Both Concord and Campolindo had opportunities in the game, but both keepers snuffed them out for the most part. On the other side, Jack Price made some great saves for the Cougars at crucial junctions when Concord could have gone up 2-0. He kept his team in the game after Evan Farmer’s early goal.
Campolindo pushed in the last 20 minutes and had plenty of possession and chances, but Concord was determined to win the game and held on for the school’s first ever NCS title.

All-Star Game Rosters

Here are the rosters for the first annual East Bay All-Star Game. It’s on Friday, March 8 at 7:00 at Richmond High. Please spread the word. There will be a gate fee, as per NCS rules for All-Star games. That is still to be determined.

Division I

Andrew Konstantino, De La Salle
Chris Contreras, Freedom
Matt Marletta, Berkeley
Jay Doyle, Amador Valley
Daniel Marquez, James Logan
Rahmon Yusuf, Newark Memorial
Kyle Schumann, San Ramon Valley
Karl Bliven, Alameda
Jaime Ceja, Arroyo
Chris Yoshida, Monte Vista
Erik Montes, Richmond
Nic Bob, De La Salle
Izzy Murguia, Pittsburg
Ben Panconi, Monte Vista
Onah Power, Oakland Tech
Jose Sanchez, Mt. Eden
Edgar Cerna, Washington
Jon Massiminio, California
Noah Yang, Mission San Jose
Nigus Solomon, Berkeley
Chris Clark, Foothill
Jorge Cendejas, Freedom
Ben Reiter, College Park
Christian Orozco, San Leandro
Brian Ramos, Richmond
Nate Grixti, California
Matt Maul, San Ramon Valley

Division II

Eric Rogstad, Acalanes
Max Sonnier, Northgate
Emmanuel Jimenez, Concord
Cesar Mendoza, Hercules
Gerardo Acosta, Tennyson
Graham Lindgren, Acalanes
Antonio Ramirez, St. Jospeh Notre Dame
Brad Alman, Berean Christian
Rodrigo Diaz-Valdes, Campolindo
Max Lovell, Pinole Valley
Yojay, Basulto, Concord
Christian Mendoza, Hayward
Catalino Gomez, Hayward
Edgar Damian, Ygnacio Valley
Kian Maghsoodnia, Campolindo
Andrew Chalker, Dublin
Dan Glascock, Acalanes
Jose Aguilar, Ygnacio Valley
Andy Altamirano, Concord
Diego Garcia, Salesian
Chris Torres, Moreau Catholic
Josh Espinoza, St. Mary’s
Allan Foster, Northgate
Brandon Bolender, Northgate
Ben Croze, Acalanes
Felix Gonzalez, Albany
Juan Ramirez, San Lorenzo


De La Salle once again ends the year as the top ranked team in the East Bay, making it four out of the five years that this blog has been around. San Ramon Valley is very deserving at No. 2 while Division II champion Concord finishes as the No. 3 ranked team in the East Bay.
The rankings work differently than playoff brackets because the entire season still needs to be taken into account, so very good teams that were upset in the playoffs didn’t drop too far as Acalanes, MV and Berkeley claim the next three spots, then Division II runner up Campolindo finishes the year ranked No. 7.
Cal and St. Mary’s reached the semifinals and finish the year ranked in the top 10, while Freedom finishes in the top 15 for the first time in school history.

1. De La Salle (18-3-6)
2. San Ramon Valley (18-7-3)
3. Concord (16-2-5)
4. Acalanes (21-1-3)
5. Monte Vista (17-4-4)
6. Berkeley (19-3-3)
7. Campolindo (18-8-2)
8. California (18-7-2)
9. St. Mary’s (16-3-3)
10. Newark Memorial (15-4-7)
11. Richmond (16-5-5)
12. Ygnacio Valley (15-5-5)
13. Freedom (14-10-2)
14. Pittsburg (13-4-6)
15. Hayward (18-5-3)

Others considered: Foothill (11-7-6), Northgate (13-5-7), College Park (11-9-4), Hercules (17-6-2), Amador Valley (11-10-4), Bishop O’Dowd (11-8-2), Deer Valley (9-8-5), Kennedy-Fremont (10-8-2), San Lorenzo (10-6-2), Antioch (9-6-6)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Pittsburg (13-4-6, 6-1-3) 21
Freedom (14-10-2, 6-3-1) 19
Antioch (9-6-6, 5-3-2) 17
Deer Valley (9-8-5, 5-3-2) 17
Liberty (5-8-3, 2-6-2) 8
Heritage (2-14-3, 0-8-2) 2

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Acalanes (21-1-3, 10-0-2) 32
Campolindo (18-8-2, 7-4-1) 22
Dublin (8-9-4, 6-5-1) 19
Dougherty Valley (9-9-2, 5-6-1) 16
Miramonte (6-7-5, 4-5-3) 14
Alhambra (9-9-5, 2-7-3) 9
Las Lomas (1-12-6, 1-8-3) 5

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Ygnacio Valley (15-5-5, 9-2-1) 28
College Park (11-9-4, 8-2-2) 26
Concord (16-2-5, 7-1-4) 25
Northgate (13-5-7, 6-4-2) 20
Berean Chr. (6-10-3, 3-7-2) 11
Mt. Diablo (1-10-2, 1-9-2) 5
Clayton Valley (1-20-2, 1-10-1) 4

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

De La Salle (18-3-6, 10-1-3) 33
Monte Vista (17-4-4, 10-2-2) 32
San Ramon Valley (18-7-3, 8-4-2) 26
California (18-7-2, 7-6-1) 22
Foothill (11-7-6, 5-5-4) 19
Amador Valley (11-10-4, 3-8-3) 12
Livermore (4-14-5, 2-9-3) 9
Granada (4-13-5, 1-11-2) 5

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Newark Memorial (15-4-7, 10-0-4) 34
Kennedy (10-8-2, 7-5-2) 23
Logan (9-9-7, 6-3-5) 23
Irvington (7-7-8, 6-4-4) 22
Moreau Catholic (4-9-5, 4-6-4) 16
Washington (5-7-9, 3-5-6) 15
Mission San Jose (6-10-8, 3-6-5) 14
American (3-13-4, 1-11-2) 5

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Oakland Tech (7-3-2, 7-0-1) 22
Skyline (6-1-1, 6-1-1) 19
Fremont (3-4-1, 3-4-1) 10
Oakland (1-5-2, 1-5-2) 5
Castlemont (0-7-1, 0-7-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Richmond (16-5-5, 8-0-2) 26
St. Mary’s (16-3-3, 8-1-1) 25
Albany (8-12-4, 4-5-1) 13
El Cerrito (6-14-1, 4-5-1) 13
Salesian (4-5-4, 2-5-3) 9
St. Joseph Notre Dame (3-16-1, 0-10-0) 0

TCAL Stone
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hercules (17-6-2, 9-0-1) 28
Pinole Valley (10-6-1, 7-2-1) 22
De Anza (8-6-2, 6-2-2) 20
Kennedy (4-9-0, 4-6-0) 12
Swett (2-10-0, 2-8-0) 6
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-12-0, 0-10-0) 0

WACC Foothill
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Berkeley (19-3-3, 15-0-1) 46
Bishop O’Dowd (11-8-2, 10-5-1) 31
Alameda (8-11-5, 7-8-1) 22
Mt. Eden (7-11-6, 5-5-6) 21
Castro Valley (5-11-6, 5-8-3) 18
Arroyo (5-12-5, 4-9-3) 15

WACC Shoreline
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hayward (18-5-3, 12-2-2) 38
San Lorenzo (10-6-2, 9-5-2) 29
Piedmont (8-10-1, 7-8-1) 22
San Leandro (5-11-4, 5-7-4) 19
Tennyson (3-17-3, 3-11-2) 11
Encinal (1-15-0, 1-15-0) 3

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Montes, Richmond 37
Cendejas, Free 27
Ayala, YV 26
Romero, Hercules 23
Gala, Dougherty 22
R. Castillo, Hayward 22
Berumen, Pitt 17
Al. Marques, Hercules 16
Greenberg, MV 16
Solomon, Berkeley 15
Flink, BOD 15
Reiter, CP 14
Gray, Hayward 14
Sandoval, Newark 14
Orozco, SL 14
Grixti, Cal 13
Raynor, Cal 12
Clark, FH 12
Bolender, Ngate 12
Sandoval, Pinole 12
Helfrich, Acalanes 11
Gonzales, Berkeley 11
Kilwein, Campo 11
Jones, DLS 11
Udave, Hayward 11
Raygoza, Logan 11
Williams, Mt. Eden 11
Foster, Ngate 11
Baringers, Pied 11
Murguia, Pitt 11
Ramirez, SLZ 11
Mendez, YV 11
Mirner, Acalanes 10
Glascock, Acalanes 10
J. Maldonado, Alhambra 10
Sako, EC 10
Mendoza, Hayward 10
Espinoza, St. Mary 10

Name School Assists
Murguia, Pitt 21
Damian, YV 21
Alvarez, Richmond 18
Montes, Richmond 15
Gomez, Hayward 14
Espinoza, SM 14
Clark, FH 13
Bramvila, Richmond 13
Croze, Acalanes 12
Cendejas, Free 12
Baringer, Pied 12
Mendoza, Hayward 11
Ortega, Hayward 11
Torres, Moreau 10
Aguilar, YV 10
Glascock, Acalanes 9
Lindgren, Acalanes 9
Hamdouni, Berkeley 9
Gratsch, MV 9
Sandoval, Newark 9
Bolender, Ngate 9
Xu, Pied 9
Solomon, Berkeley 8
Hebert, Berkeley 8
Raynor, Cal 8
Grixti, Cal 8
Maghsoodnia, Campo 8
Luigi Castillo, Hayward 8
Yang, MSJ 8
Ramirez, Newark 8
Foster, Ngate 8
Berumen, Pitt 8
Dull, St. Mary 8
Zumaya, YV 8

Matt Smith

  • Sideline

    Congrats to DLS.

    Would like to congratulate the DLS defense/keeper who got it done last night. Defenders aren’t always glorified and that needs to change!

  • ReCap

    Great DI game..FYI Konstantino the GK for Sparty unknown to team but after the impact with SRV player he had mild concussion with limited vision to right side of field. Talk about some true guts and determination to play through that.

    SRV put up a fight but you could see the energy level start fading in last 10 min of first half even as the game progressed into OT. DLS was running a targeted substitution pattern to keep some quality freshness in place. And who scores Nick Dildine a JR first year varsity rotation player who I believe scored the first DLS goal of the season for the Spartan and now scores the last. A classic in every sense of Spartan Soccer. The Brotherhood stood Strong last night in a very hard fought game with San Ramon. Video from FirstTouch says it all. Congratulations to the De La Salle Spartans

  • Scoreboard

    Thanks for all of your work this season Matt. Looking forward to watching the All-Star game!

  • DLS Alum

    Unbelievable D1 game.

    As a spectator of the past 5 NCS final games, this was by the far the craziest D1 final next to 2010’s Cal vs DLS.

    I am a spartan, but must admit, San Ramon won that game, and the score did not reflect that. Huge props to Tino for keeping the Spartans in the game in what I consider the most offensive success any team has had against De La Salle in NCS all year. It is a rare sight to see a team outwork DLS on the pitch, and that’s what I watched for 80 minutes of regulation. Hard to admit I actually had some sympathy for San Ramon after Dildine buried that ball into the back of the net.

    What a game. The most physical soccer game I have seen in awhile. I know a majority of the people were unhappy with the officiating, but I love games like this that are decided by true grit and heart. Both teams wanted the title so bad and it made me proud to be a former player in the EBAL.

    I predict a San Ramon DLS final for at least the next two years. Games will continue to be exciting as the one last night, and encourage everyone to attend the final over these next few years.

    One last congratulation to both DLS and SRV, that was a game for the ages.

  • Shinguard

    POY Gotta give a hard look at Konstantino he has been a dominate force in goal. I know the the goal tally is the glamor mark for the forwards / attacking mids. But as true leader and a player who gets it done, he has been instrumental in the Spartan success.

  • Itsabob

    Nic Bob at DLS at Back or Mid always pushes physical game to the max. His read and anticipation for the ball was excellent as also his distribution skills.
    Also had a keen sense on well placed headers at critical times when a goal was needed. A true asset to his HS & Club team.
    No relation to the kid but have watched him play the game over 7 years and have seen those skills improve with each passing year. MVP D player of the year he is the man.

  • congrats to DLS and also the DLS wrestling championship! 2 more to add to the trophy room.

  • Capt. Louis Renault

    It is the unusual suspect that must be observed. Once again that has occurred at NCS for the Spartan.
    Nick Dildine the hero…Nick who ?. It is the lurker who is most dangerous and that again has proven itself as fact at NCS. The evidence is clear.

    From FirstTouch: http://youtu.be/AMdjJLpgSp0


    Congratulation to Foothill’s Christian Clark EBAL MVP!!

  • Big guy

    POY should go to Jimenez. Had an outstanding season before he got hurt. Came back from torn ligaments, went into NCS didnt give up one single goal. If you would see the saves he had in every NCS game you’d be amazed. One of the best keepers i have seen in quite a while. Hands down POY to him.

  • Cooper

    When do the all league teams come out Matt??

  • EBALDad

    Congratulations to The Spartans!

    DLS has hard nosed, great players
    DLS has great coaching
    DLS has the Brotherhood (NIKE sponsored according to the NCS video)
    DLS also has a competitive advantage vs it’s NCS public school foes

    All are factors in their success.
    To separate them is naive.

  • Ernesto

    Matt, this is my first time posting on this blog. I’m glad you have this all-star game, but with all due respect, where are players like Joel Sandoval and Jacob Doughtery from Newark Memorial? As a parent of one of the players of NM, I feel these two are especially deserving of being there, and I think they got the shaft here.

  • Matt Smith

    @Cooper The All-League teams are starting to trickle my way. I’ll release them when I have them all.

    @Ernesto Players had to be nominated then were chosen based on need for the team.

  • Shinguard

    @Matt what’s the word on the coaches for All-Star game?

  • Matt Smith

    @Shinguard Still no word.

  • FirstTouch


    To clarify factor #3 in your post. The beat up nike banner in the video is a 4-year old photo of a banner the DLS football team used back then – American football that is. Has zero sponsorship implications. But it does say “Brotherhood” and that’s why it’s in the video

  • Soccer2014

    @Matt, how will the all-star players be divided onto teams?

  • Matt Smith

    @Soccer2014 It’s going to be Division I v. Division II.

  • Offsides

    Congrats to SRV & DLS!

    Congrats to the rest of the leagues who got to watch “The EBAL Playoffs”. Haha.
    Only EBAL team to lose to a non-EBAL team was Foothill @ Newark on their grass (distinct advantage to Newark). Had the seedings reflected a more accurate head-to-head accounting of results… maybe we wouldn’t have had 4 EBAL teams in one bracket (knocking each other off)… maybe we wouldn’t have had so many league champs in the other bracket.

    Would’ve liked to see if we could’ve had an all EBAL Semi-final bracket! I think the records justified better rankings for the EBAL than they received. SRV was not a 6 seed. Cal should have been higher too! But they gave way too much consideration to the “league champs” for the rest of the leagues. 3-5 were seeded too high. Should have been DLS, SRV, MV, & Cal in the Semi’s.

    Maybe next year?

  • Ernesto

    Nominated? Who nominates these players? If it is the coaches, then that is a little unfair because not all the coaches gets to see every single player on every single team play; that’s just physically impossible. Heck, I don’t know if you’ve seen every player on every single team, Matt. There could be some players that you might miss out on if you don’t see them play.

  • ReCap

    It is based on coaches and Matt and Mr. Stat’s. Seniors only that have history. Hot players from Frosh / Soph’s & Juniors not allowed per NCS rules. General rule seems to be 2 players from top finishers and 1 player from lower finishers. That to me is about as fair as it can get.

  • bobby

    @ReCap I think it should be the most talented players period. forget how their team did. Don’t punish players from an opportunity just because their team didn’t do well.

  • Matt Smith

    @Ernesto I can tell you are fired up about this. I only accepted nominations from the coach of that team. Only that coach could nominate his own kids. I’m not going to say which kids were nominated and which weren’t, because I’m not throwing anyone under the bus. But not every senior from every team was nominated. And based on position, not every player could play.

    Speaking of the All Star game. I am in the process of picking coaches. NCS has cleared the use of high school coaches. Some have volunteered long ago, and I am giving them first dibs.

  • ReCap

    @Ernesto..I hear you. Lots of very very talented sophomores and juniors are out there along with numerous seniors. But NCS has its rules and space is limited. Time is going to be limited as is and if the squads are over-sized players will be lucky to get a few minutes of playing time. Events like this are always tough on who to pick, you see it in the pro’s all the time…and at times you are surprised by who does not make it. Bottom line the event should be embraced and supported and I am sure overtime it will be tweaked and refined. But this event as it stands is helping promote High School Soccer and the sport as a whole.

  • P2mk2

    Morning Matt,

    Who and how are coach’s of the year selected?
    Do they have one , two , or three for each division?
    One overall?

  • The Sweeper


    Looking forward to the All-Star Classic. Between now and the match, I will post several “ideas” for your consideration.

    Idea #1 – expand the field of play to include say the first four lanes of the track, leaving room for corner kicks. Put the corner flag in place and use a little line chalk. You think that the Oilers’ pitch wide-open now, this would be like a true Brasil pitch. I know, I know, soccer boots and artificial track surfaces don’t mix, but that would be fun to see.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • bNon

    Sweeper, you missed an important part: incorporate the end zone football uprights. It makes the goalie’s job harder, but you’d see higher scores.

  • Well

    Have all leagues been chosen yet?

  • Matt Smith

    For the coaches, I threw it out to Derricke Brown from De La Salle to coach Division I and he gladly accepted and he’s going to choose his staff by selecting some other Division I coaches.

    For Division II, I got a few volunteers early in the process, and I’ve thrown it to them. They may add a person or two.

  • Viewsfromthebox

    Shout out to Berkeley’s Jonathan Steven Gonzalez WACC Foothill Player of the Year. Also big props to goalie Shane Pitcock of Bishop O’Dowd and Berkeley midfielder Yassine Hamdouni for making first team All League as juniors.

  • bindrio

    Where can I see the complete list of All League Players?

  • Matt Smith

    I’ll post the all-league teams when I get them all. The newspaper will run them as soon as they get them.

  • Tri-City Dude

    Ernesto, I know there are some senior players that you could make a case that they should be in this game. But with so many teams in the NCS and so many good players, there will definitely be some snubs or surprsies about any all-star game of any caliber. I think having so many good players already on these all-star teams speak volumes about how good soccer is in the Bay Area. I know as a Newark parent that you are probably a little upset, but don’t think that Matt wasn’t considering every option and every player available for this game; it must not have been easy.

  • The Sweeper


    Idea #2 – for your consideration

    Have both team benches on one side of the pitch. I prefer both teams in front of the main bleachers, but both on the other side may also make sense to the coaches. There is no true home team, and the crowd interaction would be great.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch.

  • mudhen

    Sweeper,they could always wear TRACK SHOES.

  • The Sweeper

    That’s a good one! This is going to be lots of fun.

    Idea #3 – for your consideration

    Invite a couple of guest announcers to help man the booth. I like the style and presence of the announcer at CAL, and the home-style wit of the announcer at Alhambra. Plus one is D-I centric and the other D-II oriented, and neither is shy.

    If I am off base or boring you, just let me know.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch.

  • Shinguard

    @Matt when do the All-League selections come out for POY, MVP, Coach of the year, 1st team and such??

  • Matt Smith

    @Shinguard The All-East Bay team? It comes out around the 18-21st, I believe.

    @Sweeper The Cal announcer has already graciously accepted!

  • Stewie

    It is 248 days, 8 hours, 44 minutes, 5 seconds

    Cant wait for next season to start

  • Stewie


    MCAL may go to Winter Soccer Format Will then be part of NCS play-off picture

  • ReCap

    That could break the EBAL hold on NCS

  • Hayward high fan

    congratulations 4 Rigo Christian Luigi Cata for making all league first team
    Congrats to coach Alex Ortega Coach of the Year . a great year. go farmers!!

  • Hayward high fan

    hey Matt why didn’t Luigi make the All Star team he’s awesome player he played out of position all year he’s definitely one of the top defenders And player around . also is coach Alex helping with all star team.

  • goalboy

    Hello Matt, do you know if all leagues select a Coach of the Year winner? I don’t think the BVAL does that. Does anyone know? They should. In fact, every league should do so. Coaches that excel and have success in their programs should be recognized for their work. Just a thought!

  • Matt Smith

    @Goalboy I don’t think the BVAL does a COY.

    @Hayward High Fan I wish I could have taken everyone. I just couldn’t.

  • bobby

    @matt are you the one doing the all-east bay teams and awards?

  • Matt Smith

    @Bobby I’m doing the All-East Bay team around the 20th or so.

  • Matt Smith

    Some commitment news… both Andy Altamirano and Yojay Basulto have committed to Merritt College.

  • Matt Smith

    Here are rosters and all the information needed on the All-Star game…