Final East Bay Girls Soccer Rankings

Here are the final girls soccer rankings for the 2012-2013 season. Congratulations to San Ramon Valley (Division I) and Bishop O’Dowd (Division II) for their North Coast Section championships.

The Wolves accomplished the unofficial girls soccer triple crown by winning the East Bay Athletic League, Tri-Valley Classic and NCS championships. Impressively athletic and balanced, O’Dowd was a repeat champion, staving off Piedmont in PKs in the final.

Even though Monte Vista and San Ramon Valley met in an all-Danville showcase for the second straight year in the Div. I final, the WACC made its presence felt with a very strong postseason showing. The WACC-Foothill trio of O’Dowd, Berkeley and Castro Valley had a combined 7-1-2 postseason record, and WACC-Shoreline champion Piedmont KO’d No. 2 seed Campolindo in a shootout in the semifinals.

Overall, it was an excellent season and showed off the steady rise in quality of girls soccer throughout the East Bay.

Rankings (Final)

1, San Ramon Valley (20-0-5)

2, Bishop O’Dowd (25-2-1)

3, Monte Vista (12-6-6)

4, Berkeley (16-3-3)

5, Castro Valley (20-4-2)

6, College Park (17-3-6)

7, California (9-9)

8 (t),Piedmont (16-6-3)

8 (t), Campolindo (15-2-2)

10, Foothill (8-7-7)

11, Freedom (12-4-4)

12, Amador Valley (11-9-2)

13, Logan (12-6-3)

14, Washington (13-3-5)

15, Heritage (12-5-3)

Also noted (alphabetical order): Albany,  Carondelet, Clayton Valley, Dublin, Heritage, Livermore, Northgate, St. Mary’s.


Matt Schwab

  • KFC

    Thanks for the coverage Matt. The Finals were fun to watch and SRV finished off their near perfect season as a true beast of a team. Excellent effort from MV with a very interesting opportunity as time ran out. Would have been more prudent to serve the free kick across the box away from the wall rather than just firing it into 5 SRV players, but unfortunately there was little time to organize such a piece. Looking forward to next season

  • Matt Schwab

    Thanks KFC. Agreed on the final kick. Then again, when I played high school soccer I had 20-20 hindsight a lot. …. She was so close to the goal maybe she thought someone in the wall would blink. But SRV stood tall. Had the Mustangs scored on that play and gone on to win, that mistake in the box by the Wolves would have haunted them undoubtedly for years.

  • 028159

    If she had driven it into the net untouched it wouldn’t have counted anyway. The referee, properly, had awarded an indirect free kick due to the keeper handling the pass back from her teammate. The center ref did have his arm up indicating an indirect kick but I think in all the chaos no one paid attention. Great game though.

  • SoccerMom

    I’m sure the player would give just about anything to execute that final play again. Given the fact there was less than a minute to play, I am sure the pressure to get the play off quickly played a factor in how it was handled. Another great game between two very talented teams.

  • soccerfrau

    @ Matt Schwab thanks for your coverage of the women’s side of East Bay soccer. Judging by the # of blog posts this year interest and participation is surging. Hopefully you are able to continue to provide your expert analysis and enthusiasm for all the players in the North Coast Section.

    As Hope Solo and Piedmont’s awesome keeper unfortunately know first hand it’s next to impossible to win back to back games on PKs. Of note St Mary’s Lecce, a senior, was a back up for three years. She kept working hard and had the best week of her soccer career when it mattered most.

    I think we can all agree high school soccer, especially at the smaller schools, is about players who work just as hard as their more talented and athletic counterparts getting the chance to compete. It doesn’t matter what club or level you play at if you can help your school. And while the quality of high school soccer on the field,(often frantic and overly aggressive), is easy to criticize, all that really matters is that the players take away relationships and memories for a lifetime.

    Thanks to all the players for your hard work and dedication to your teammates and schools. It was a fun season.

  • DVAL Future Fan

    Well Done.

    We are fortunate to have so many talented soccer players in our hometowns to watch compete. It’s amazing the amount of interest these girls are garnering from large colleges. I have heard a few stories recently of 15 year old girls verbally accepting college schlorships? and similiar stories about other sports. I have talked to local college coaches in our club that are not allowed to talk formally about recruiting players until July of junior year of HS? Am I missing something?

  • KFC

    Soccer Commitments are happening earlier and earlier. It is the bane of most D1 college soccer coaches as they are beating each other up to get early commitments. It is now more the norm than the exception for the uber talented players to receive verbal offers to get a verbal commit by the end of their sophomore year. The rules state that coaches can’t return phone calls, email or texts to underclassman, but do not keep the recruit from reaching out to them. Coaches typically go to showcases and see a player on the pitch, they can reach out to the players coach to get a pulse on the interest levels (the coaching network is extremely active and deep). From that point on it is the player reaching out to set up unofficial visits to campus where they are legally allowed to talk aas long as they like about what a program can do for a player and what a player potentially brings to a program. Typically if a kid waits tip their Senior Year to commit to a D!, most if not all of his scholarship money is spoken for. The message here is “don’t sit back and wait for a coach to come to you, if you have interest you need to go to them…marketing is KEY Cheers

  • DVAL Future fan


    Thanks for the message. I talked to one of the club coaches tonight about this. He coaches college soccer too. He agreed with your comments. I wonder if we will see a day when players are recruited in middle school!?!?

  • RC126

    DVAL Future Fan- no problem…if you are interested in keeping up with college commits, check out topdrawersoccer.com and even better… https://sites.google.com/site/soccerrecruits/ the latter which recently shows a few verbal commits from 2016 grads (freshman) crazy stuff but exciting

  • KFC

    Congrats to the girls honored with all league especially to the EBAL MVP Alexa Vandevanter. Well deserved

  • Soccerplayer

    Who ended up on the All-League teams? Where can one find that information?

  • yes…does anyone know where to “find all league” team info?