Boys Volleyball: League favorites, Rankings

Some leagues have already started league play, and some are about to. So let’s look at the teams who should be the favorite in each league.


It looks like Bentley had a good go at the UC Davis Tournament, and perhaps they are a contender in the BCL-East this year along with College Prep and Head-Royce. However, as it appears right now, all three of those teams are looking up at defending champion Valley Christian, who should be considered the team to beat in this league.


Deer Valley is a clear, clear favorite in this league. Can anybody rise up and challenge? I thought maybe Heritage, but they are off to a bit of a slow start. It will be interesting to see if anyone can challenge DV for the league title, and it would be great for the league competitiveness if it happens, but I don’t think it will.


Much like the aforementioned BVAL with Deer Valley, Campolindo should be considered a pretty heavy favorite in this league, with all the returning talent they have. However, there are some teams in this league that are good, and are in the rankings. Expect Dougherty Valley and Las Lomas to be able to battle with the Cougars, and perhaps challenge for a league crown. The fight in the top three should be a good one.


College Park is the favorite in this league, there is no doubt. However, Northgate returns a bunch of key players and has some nice incoming talent. These two should be very competitive with each other within the league, and are probably the top two in the DVAL. Berean and Clayton are not pushovers and will compete with just about anyone, also.


The deepest and most balanced league in the East Bay is even more competitive this year and than perhaps any of the last five years. There is no clearcut favorite, though I will say SRV and AV are the two teams most likely to finish at the top. However, those two along with DLS, Foothill, Cal and Monte Vista could all win this league. I also don’t want to count out Livermore. Watch out for this team to get better this year.


Another very balanced league, with four teams that could win the title, by my estimation. Based on the recent past, Mission San Jose has to be considered the favorite, but last year, the gap narrowed. Kennedy, Logan and American all won big matches last year and all four played very close with each other and this year should be the same. MSJ is the favorite, and Logan is probably the likeliest to challenge. Kennedy is my darkhorse.


St. Pat’s. That’s it. This league will be a fight for second place. It does look like De Anza is competitive again, while St. Joe’s and Pinole Valley are very much improved. It’s a more balanced, league, but it’s still St. Pat’s in charge.


With no indication of what Berkeley, Arroyo, Tennyson, San Leandro and Encinal are gonna be like, I still have to say that the two favorites are Alameda and Castro Valley. Alameda has been among the best team in the 880 corridor for a long time now, so they have to be the favorite, but even though Castro Valley is relatively new program, this team should be competitive in this league.


The people have spoken, and I have listened.
You guys said to move up College Park, and I did, putting the Falcons at No. 2 after winning the UC Davis Tournament. No. 1 will be settled on Tuesday.
You also told me DLS, was too high and I moved them down. You told me that AV, MSJ and Las Lomas should all be higher, so they all moved up or into the rankings. I also listened and moved Cal down, waiting to see how they react without their injured star player.
Logan, off to a good start, moves up a spot and Monte Vista and Kennedy also move into the rankings. I think this week they are closer to settling into where teams should be right now, but the will continue to work themselves out.

1. Campolindo (0-0)
2. College Park (5-0)
3. Deer Valley (0-0)
4. San Ramon Valley (1-0)
5. Amador Valley (1-0)
6. Northgate (0-0)
7. Mission San Jose (0-0)
8. De La Salle (0-1)
9. Logan (2-0)
10. Foothill (0-0)
11. Dougherty Valley (1-0)
12. California (0-0)
13. Monte Vista (2-1)
14. Las Lomas (0-0)
15. Kennedy (1-0)

Matt Smith

  • Lumberjack

    Congrats to College Park on its UC Davis Tournament win. They had a six hour layover between pool play and Gold bracket play. The Falcon’s just circled over the field during this time, waiting to dive for the kill and the win.

  • ebvbfan

    Deer Valley Jamboree thoughts……..looked like preseason for most teams, everyone getting playing time, lots of different rotations but………SRV, missing 3 starters, Deer Valley, missing 2 starters and St Pat’s looked like the strongest teams. DLS, Las Lomas, Northgate all looked very mediocre. Didn’t really notice the other teams.

  • master

    Las lomas was missing 4 starters at the deer valley jamboree and but its still just jamboree.

  • Matt Smith

    I’ll be getting a look at Campo/CP tomorrow and Ngate/LL on Thursday.

  • True

    Campo won in 4 last night match vs CP. Campo came out little sloppy but regained their composers and won the next 3 commandingly. Fun team to watch this season.

  • Matt Smith

    Campo really answered some questions last night, and looked good in the process. Very impressive. I thought highly of CP and see them as the top team in Division I.

    Other scores..

    Las Lomas beat San Leandro 3-0
    Kennedy beat Fremont 3-0
    Logan beat Cal 3-0
    Livermore beat Pittsburg 3-1

  • tyrone

    Mission playing Foothill tonight at Mission. 7pm.

  • redandblue2

    Would love to get Jeffrey’s comments regarding the Campo vs College Park match on Tuesday…………

  • Jeffrey

    I did not see the game so I can’t comment on what happened, but I would guess that Campo’s blocking scheme, libero play and setting wore down College Park. I would still rank CP as the top D1 team, probably behind SPSV now with Campo moving to number 1. They may see each other again at the Logan tournament, so we will see how that plays out. In other news, Deer Valley and De La Salle showed why Northgate and SRV will be moving down shortly.

  • Matt Smith

    Campo, though smaller than CP, was very technical with the block. Campo has players who can hit from everywhere, two amazing setters and other guys who can set if play breaks down. I was incredibly impressed.

  • True

    Deer valley tournament will be a true test for the top 5 teams. This will be a good tournament to watch

  • True

    @Jeffrey… Campo is not in the James Logan Tournament. I think both teams will be at Deer Valley Tournament in two weeks.

  • Jeffrey

    Thanks for the correction True, that’s what I meant.

  • Jeffrey

    Actually True I thought I had brainfart, but turns out it is the Logan Bailey tournament at Deer Valley.

  • Norc

    MSJ falls to Foothill in 5. Good showing by foothill who were supposedly missing 3 starters, but offense needs to step up to contend with top teams. MSJ is a shade off of last year’s NCS finals team, but still has the talent to contend with the top NCS teams if they can get over consistency issues. All-NCS middle Brennon Ng doing the usual damage with unstoppable attacks. It will be interesting to see whether this team rises to the occasion.

  • True

    @jeffrey…CP and campo are also at the Bell’s tournament as well.