Boys Soccer All-Star Game Video

Here is the link for the video of the game. Please ignore my face and voice, because it’s pretty bad.

Matt Smith

  • Grizzly

    Who were the captains for Division 1 & Division 2

  • The Sweeper

    Mega-Kudos to Matt Smith for putting on a great soccer showcase, with special thanks to Anthony Schultz for calling the play-by-play and to Metal Matt for the videography.

    Matt, you did just fine in front of the camera, and I am not even sure how you managed to pull it off during the event.

    For me, the lasting impressions were seeing the 50+ all-star players and coaches all on one field, the Oilers’ half-time celebration, the numerous instances where a flash of brilliance on the pitch had me scrambling to look up a player number on the roster and saying, “So that so-and-so, hmmm…”, and the sideline camaraderie of the players as the match wound down.

    Lastly, thanks Matt for the 15 minutes of fame. I can now check that one off my bucket list, voice or no voice.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch in 9 months!

  • Shinguard

    Hope this becomes a yearly fixture and grows with more local support and sponsors. Matt did an outstanding job on organizing and bringing the All-Star game to fruition.
    maybe other sections will pick-up on this and do the same. Unfortunately I was not able to attend but as I mentioned before the feed back from parents, players & coach was very positive. Hopefully the NCS will see the benefit in the game and make some allowance so that some Juniors also get a chance to display their talent.
    @Matt great job on this years coverage and for promoting the game of Soccer.

  • Bench Warmer

    I was able to attend the showcase, and that is exactly what it was! It lived up to its billing! Great soccer, great sportsmanship, and every player took something away from this experience (besides a historical jersey).

    Matt, very impressive as the color commentator! You were smooth and confident! oh ya, and knowledgeable! Great job putting this together!

    It would be tragic not to do this in the years to come!!…

  • Shinguard