Castlemont hires new football coach

Clyde Byrd has been hired as the new football coach at Castlemont High.
Byrd was the head coach at Kennedy-Richmond in 2010, and also at Oakland High in 2003 and 2004.
“I used to work in the area. I worked at Elmhurst (Community Prep) for years. I used to coach at Oakland High, I used to coach at Mack. I thought it was time for me to come back home and coach,” Byrd said.
Among his goals for the team is “to change the culture of the football program of the school.
“I feel this group can win right away,” he said.
Last season, Castlemont was 0-8 overall and 0-5 in the Oakland Athletic League.

Phil Jensen

  • Stick and Move

    Good luck. I hope your staff gets real live support

  • I see you

    The OAL just got better… Congrats Coach Byrd!

  • The once proud Knights going to rebound? I remember in ’69 and ’70 coming off OAL championship they came to our place and got spanked, we went to their place and dished out an ass-whippin. They had the OAL Judo and Karate champs on the team, the 300 lb. middle guard was dropped like a baby with a few up-cuts under the chin and the linebacker was running and chanting all over the place. We simply ran away from him. Final 34-06. They were big, fast and out of shape.
    Biggest challenge was getting back on the bus to get out of there with the unruly fans. We had to spend halftime near the swimming pool behind gates.

  • oalfan

    Sounds like he has the right attitude with “overall change” and no reason why they can’t win a game coming off an a no-win season.
    oal should be interesting with the shake ups at every school…

  • mvalfan2

    we have to find more coaches that care about the kids future, the oal can barely get jv teams now, its sad, so its more about coaches who can motivate kids to work hard in the classroom and in their specific sport. this is what has happened to our city.

  • oalfan

    OAL is on the right track

  • MVALfan2

    We will see!! I’m not so sure just yet Oalfan! Many things must change there!!

  • MVALfan2

    He was only at Oakland for two years, the only coach who has been a mainstay in the OAL is Delton Edwards at Tech. These other coaches come and then they leave after a season or two, or they get fired! A nasty trend. Beam was also at Skyline for a long time. And the proof shows, Tech been one of the most consistent programs in the OAL, may not have won alot of Titles but always has a solid program, never seen them without and JV program

  • oalfan

    So who wins the OAL and why?

  • Wolfman

    Mack should win it eventhough the League is weak! Also could somebody explain to me what is a Silver Bowl? We don’t have that in the North Coast Section. If we did Pittsburg would win that evertime!

  • oalfan

    it’s just a playoff to see who is best in the oal
    oal teams only
    mack is a good guess – the rest are soso

  • ManDown

    Any news on the Berkeley job? Did JB really get it?

  • oalfan

    JB da man at BHS

  • Football 1234

    Does anybody know who’s going to coach skyline?

  • chalktalk is going to coach- ex- skyline player alias the little black billy G.O.A.T.

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    marinate the goat in Thunderbird and roast with the hobos down at the tracks in Emeryville.

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  • ManDown

    I heard JB has not been hired at Berkeley but is in the lead for the job. People saying he’s the new coach is false because there has been no announcement as of yet. I’m not convinced he will get the job if he haven’t already.

  • I heard from a reasonably reliable source he got the job. But also a source that could be selling wolf tickets. I would imagine that there would be an announcement in the papers or on the blogs. There are annoucements about SLZ & Castlemont. Who broke the news wasn’t it HAAL2007? Did you hear the news from him or where did you get you news from?

  • Warrior Jacket

    @ #10 Wolfman

    I thought MACK beat Pittsburg the time they played each other ?

  • @CastlemontByrd
    Whats your summer plan with Castlemont? The word is you like getting good fast by attending as many contact camps as possible.

  • castlemontbyrd

    When you have an inexperienced team you have to get them experience. Your athletes have to be able to recognize scheme and make adjusts on the fly. The best way to gain this experience is by cognitive recognition. The right camp can help you catch up to teams that are ahead of you. Physical ability is one thing but mental toughness can elevate you to a different level.

  • HAAL Fan

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  • HAAL Fan

    when i was in high school we went to this camp but back then the nearest one was held in Dublin. San Francisco and Hayward seem like the easiest of the locations as far transportation.

  • EBfootball

    Why you leave Richmond hangin? And which camps are you going to?

  • bigdog

    the goat is ready for chalk, got it in alameda. it was grazin in the grass like the song.

  • BayAreaSection

    Hope to see the OAL schedule out of their section and get quality opponents with wins!