Live blog: NorCal boys, girls basketball championships, Saturday, 10 a.m.

Join the Bay Area News Group prep sports reporters all day for a live blog from Saturday’s NorCal high school basketball playoff championships, semifinals, beginning at 10 a.m.

Jon Becker

  • John Holcomb

    OK I admit it. I’m a long time College Park fan. But this story is absolutely amazing. And this game will go down as a classic in the history of Nor Cal Regional Championships. FALCONS!!!! One win left!!!

  • This year is so watered down with the “Open Division.” The top teams will be watching the State games because of this new division I don’t think College Park would have done too well vs. Mitty or Newark Memerial.

  • Prep Fan

    The Falcons have been the surprise of the NorCal tourney, an 11 seed that went on the road and won 3 in a row in hostile gyms, before knocking off the top seed Dublin in OT yesterday. Exciting stuff. They are representing the East Bay well. Good luck to them in the state finals next week.

  • Just a Fan

    Can someone tell me how Campo and College Park were even selected to NorCals? Both lost in the quarter-finals in NCS. Why were the semi-finalist not chosen for Norcal if teams were pulled up to the “open division.”

  • Prep Fan

    Just a Fan, all 4 of the semi-finalists were chosen, and the ones that were elevated to the Open were replaced by the top rated quarter-finalists. That is how both CP and Campo, as well as St. Mary’s of Berkeley in D4 punched their tickets. Had DLS been picked for the Open, Monte Vista would have qualified as well in D1. That’s also how Berkeley made it in on the girl’s side.

    You can call it watered down if you want, but it’s been quite a ride for Campo, CP & the Berkeley girls as they each went on the road to upset many higher ranked teams. Good luck to all the remaining NCS teams in the state finals this weekend.

  • Prep Fan,

    Thanks for the explanation, but the “Open Division” has watered down the talent level in at least 4 or the 5 divisions. This seems clearly an attempt by the CIF to make more money, not have the best teams represent Norcal and Socal. Salesion was moved up to the “open division” and lost. Now Cardinal Newman, a team that Salesion beat 65-34 in the NCS D-4 Championship will represent Norcal in D4 State, this is crazy. Mitty should be in D2 Sate and Bishop Odowd should be in D3. Well, maybe the CIF made a few extra $ with the extra divisions. But some of the most talented teams (and players)in each division will be watching the games on TV like the rest of us.

  • Prep Fan

    Right, the best teams are no longer sprinkled throughout the various divisions, but are in the Open division. No one is arguing that point. CP & Campo know they aren’t in the top 7 teams in NorCal as those teams are in the Open. But that doesn’t mean these teams didn’t defy the odds and make great runs against very good teams (that didn’t happen to include the top 7). Both teams were given a new life and both did extremely well playing with house money.

  • I kinda gotta agree with “just a fan”. We were already pretty lopsided with the south and now you took all the best teams out the pic. The open teams probably welcome the competition, but how excited are you with a state title in the lower divisions knowing it’s basically the consolation round?

  • Prep Fan

    Well, it sure has made the games much more competitive in all the divisions except D5 as they had no teams selected to the Open this year. OT games in both D2 & D3 finals and a close match in D4 with Cardinal Newman edging out Riordan. There have been some great games in the Open division as well, as Mitty only made it to the finals by beating Salesian in an epic OT battle. The D1 semi with DV and Bellarmine was also a great game. I’m more interested in seeing the best teams play each other for the Open division, which has been fantastic, and although watered down some, some great basketball games from very good teams in the other divisions.

    If I’m on a team that wins a state title in anything I’d be pretty excited, but of course the crown jewel is the Open division.

    It’s no different than winning any other tournament in a lower division than where the best teams are. You didn’t qualify to compete with the very best, but that doesn’t mean you don’t go all out against whoever you get pitted against.

  • Prep Fan

    When teams could opt up to higher divisions, like St. Joes to D1 when Jason Kidd was there in the early 90s, the teams in the lower divisions still competed. Whoever won D5 those years I’m sure didn’t feel it was tainted or anything less than a great accomplishment. We have had too many divisions as it is for a long time, and too often the best teams weren’t facing each other.

  • in my experience, when my kid is in a tournament and his team is in the consolation round he does go at it 100%, because that’s what athletes do, but even he feels the win has an asterisk, sorry. just like the nit and cbi, it’s good that some teams still get a chance to play post season, but everyone knows the real title is in the ncaa tournament.

  • Prep Fan

    Exactly, the real title is the Open division. Everyone knows that is where the best teams are. No question.

    Yes, the other division are watered down some, but on the other hand the Open division is way tougher. That just makes the Open title all that much more meaningful. But just like Stanford playing in the NIT this year, they will go at it with their best effort knowing they aren’t playing against the very top teams, but against good ones.

    Teams like CP or Campo knew they weren’t going to get selected to the Open division, as they barely even made the NorCal brackets, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be proud of upsetting higher ranked teams on their way to the NorCal championships. There were a lot of really good teams in the “watered down” divisions that didn’t make it as far as those 2 teams: DLS, Bellarmine, San Leandro, El Cerrito, Mt. Eden, Mack, Sacramento, and most others. It’s not as great an accomplishment as winning the Open division, but still something to be proud of.

  • mckbooth

    I think if you can say that you beat the best team from the south from whatever division, then you are truly the best team in the nation.
    I’m not sure what your perception is , but I think that we gave the south good games , but the ultimate goal of being the best team in the state helps all of the northern teams.

    Way to go Odowd, we are so proud of you.