Boys Soccer: All-East Bay

Here are the boys All-East Bay soccer teams.

MVP: Erik Montes, Richmond
Coach of the Year: Alfonso Munoz, Concord

F- Jorge Cendejas, Sr, Freedom- Cendejas didn’t even play in his team’s first few games, but after his return from the Academy, he was a scoring machine. He tallied 27 goals on the season along with 12 assists. He was selected the BVAL MVP and led the Falcons to the NCS Division I semifinals in their first ever playoff appearance.

F- Jonathan Ayala, Jr, Ygnacio Valley- A second team All-East Bay choice last year as a sophomore, the man known simply as Tata, followed it up with another outstanding season, scoring 26 goals and being named the MVP of the DVAL.

F- Christian Clark, Sr, Foothill- The senior was an outstanding playmaker for the Falcons this year, and led the team back to the NCS Division I playoffs for the first time since 2006. With 12 goals and 13 assists, he was named MVP of the EBAL.

M- Erik Montes, Sr, Richmond- Montes was selected as the East Bay’s Player of the Year for the second straight year, after he led the area in goals scored, with 37. An immensely talented and graceful player, he was chosen as the TCAL’s Offensive MVP, and also had 15 assists.

M- Nic Bob, Sr, De La Salle- It was not the senior’s job to score, but he still managed to score seven goals for the five-time defending champions, and he was selected first team All-EBAL. Bob’s main focus was to control the midfield, which he did for the Spartans.

M- Ben Panconi, Sr, Monte Vista- Panconi was another outstanding holding midfielder in the East Bay, and he did a fantastic job of controlling the midfield for the Mustangs. He was selected first team All-EBAL and had five assists on the season.

M- Izzy Murguia, Sr, Pittsburg- Along with Montes, Murguia was the most creative midfielder in the East Bay, and he did more setting up goals than scoring. He tied for the area lead with 21 assists, but also had 11 goals and was first team All-BVAL.

D- Matt Marletta, Sr, Berkeley- A very ferocious defender who is aggressive and usually takes the right angle to the ball, he was also very skilled with the ball at his feet, and was selected first team All-WACC Foothill.

D- Kyle Schumann, Sr, San Ramon Valley- The captain of the Wolves defense helped them allow only 26 goals in 28 games, which included only allowing nine goals in their last 12 on a run to the NCS finals. He was selected first team All-EBAL.

D- Graham Lindgren, Sr, Acalanes- Not just big and strong, and Lindgren was certainly both, but he was also a very skilled player. He spearheaded a Dons defense that allowed only 12 goals all year, and he was also second on the team with nine assists. He earned first team All-DFAL honors.

K- Andrew Konstantino, Sr, De La Salle- A three-time NCS champ, Konstantino made his mark at a school with a tradition of great keepers with shutouts in all three title games he played in. He was first team All-EBAL, he is bound for St. Mary’s next season as he allowed only 17 goals (12 from the run of play) had 13 shutouts.


F- Jeff Greenberg, Jr, Monte Vista
First team All-EBAL. 16 goals, 7 assists.

F- Nigus Solomon, Sr, Berkeley
First team All-WACC Foothill. 15 goals, 8 assists.

M- Catalino Gomez, Sr, Hayward
First team All-WACC Shoreline. 8 goals, 14 assists.

M- Dan Glascock, Sr, Acalanes
DFAL MVP. 10 goals, 9 assists.

M- Edgar Damian, Sr, Ygnacio Valley
DVAL Offensive POY. 6 goals, 21 assists.

M- Nate Grixti, Sr, California
First team All-EBAL. 13 goals, 8 assists.

M- Kian Maghsoodnia, Sr, Campolindo
First team All-DFAL. 8 goals, 8 assists.

D- Yojay Basulto, Sr, Concord
DVAL Co-Defensive POY.

D- Kellen Simons, Sr, De La Salle
Second team All-EBAL.

D- Cesar Mendoza, Sr, Hercules
TCAL Stone Defensive MVP.

K- Emmanuel Jimenez, Sr, Concord
First team All-DFAL. First team All-East Bay as a Junior.


F- Anoop Gala, Sr, Dougherty Valley
DFAL Offensive POY. 22 goals.

F- Jeremy Romero, Jr, Hercules
23 goals.

F- Esteban Berumen, Jr, Pittsburg
First team All-BVAL. 17 goals, 8 assists.

M- Andy Altamirano, Sr, Concord
First team All-DFAL. 4 goals, 4 assists.

M- Alex Ramirez, Sr, Newark Memorial
MVAL MVP. 3 goals, 9 assists.

M- Matt Maul, Sr, San Ramon Valley
Second team All-EBAL. 8 goals, 5 assists.

M- Josh Espinoza, Sr, St. Mary’s
First team All-TCAL Rock. 10 goals, 11 assists.

D- Gerardo Acosta, Sr, Tennyson
WACC Shoreline MVP.

D- Jay Doyle, Sr, Amador Valley
First team All-EBAL.

D- Cole Kunsman, Sr, Monte Vista
First team All-EBAL.

K- Eric Rogstad, Sr, Acalanes
DFAL Defensive POY.

Matt Smith

  • Mister Peabody

    Coach of the year? 2nd year man at De La Salle Head Coach D. Brown. I guess it is a tough nut when DLS is expected to be lurking around the top each year. Coach Brown has done a great job on improving the total program with his staff and is continuing the tradition of excellence of Spartan Athletics. Maybe next year some recognition for a humble man of soccer.

    Congratulations to all that made All-East Bay

  • The Sweeper

    Congratulations to all players and coaches recognized by the Bay Area News Group for boys’ AND girls’ East Bay soccer. It was an exciting season of futbol and good luck to all next season, wherever that may be.

    See you at the pitch!

  • Spartans

    Andrew Konstantino received Cal-Hi Sports Player of the Year last week. Weird how the two aren’t the same but congrats to both him & Montes.

  • ray beck

    Matt…tough picks.EBAL under represented.Christian Clark is the man and should have been MVP.Why was Amador Valleys two best players not on at least the 3rd team?

  • Matt Smith

    @Spartans Cal-Hi Sports doesn’t see NEARLY as much soccer as I do. My pick and their pick are two completely opposite decisions based on entirely different approach.

    @Ray Beck The question I always ask in this situation is who do you think I should have left off? AV getting three players on the East Bay team and others getting zero doesn’t seem too fair.

  • sarpar

    D- Kellen Simons, Sr, De La Salle
    Second team All-EBAL.

    D- Jay Doyle, Sr, Amador Valley
    First team All-EBAL.

    D- Cole Kunsman, Sr, Monte Vista
    First team All-EBAL.

    Were these voted on by different people?

  • Matt Smith

    All-League is completely different from what I do. All-League considers only league play, I consider the whole season.

  • RoyKeanfan

    @RayBeck “EBAL under represented”? Almost one third of all players on the All East Bay team are from the EBAL. I would be interested in what you think proper EBAL representation would be. To suggest that all of the other leagues in the East Bay cannot produce a significant portion of the area’s most talented players as compared to the EBAL seems a bit provincial.

  • ray beck

    Matt…thanks for response .Your pick of Jay Doyle was the right call.He was the best back all season for the Don’s, a steady influence and leader on a young team.I realize it is difficult to select too many players on the same team who had a so-so season from a win-loss perspective.I am looking for big things next season from Amador. Coach Berglin had a good initial season and has an excellent group of JV’s to integrate with the core group of returning Juniors.

  • Spartans

    Montes also plays in a league made up of D2 teams. I wonder how many goals came against teams in that league that didn’t even make NCS. Also, Richmonf scheduled 5 or so regular season games against EBAL teams. How many goals did he tally in those encounters against good teams?

  • ray beck

    @RoyKean….I am a bit biased, almost all the games I watched were EBAL games and defence is the focus. Goalies are amongst the best of athletes. Goals are hard to come by.Also the two teams in the NCS finals were from the EBAL.If you also look at the record of EBAL teams against other conferences they have a high winning percentage.The Amador Dons as an example were 8-1 against teams not in the EBAL…yet their overall record was .500.I may be biased but certainly not provincial.

  • Right Wing

    Hey Matt…great job once again this season. Not sure how someone from a school (AV) that came in 6th in the EBAL and lost in the first round of NCS with an overall record barely above .500 (11-10-3)can be complaining about a lack of representation on an All-East Bay team but hey….I have seen stranger things.

    Keep it up Matt…see you next season!

  • Matt Smith

    Thanks for following this season, Right Wing. See you in eight months!

  • Mister Peabody

    223 days till Nov 4th or 7 months and 9 days all you can do is KCCO

  • ray beck

    @Right Wing…no complaints.See you in eight months go Don’s!

  • Shinguard

    No question that Matt has his fingers on the pulse of High School Soccer here in the East Bay. Most other coverage pales to his in-depth evaluation of teams, players and coaches.

  • eL Pata

    As an Evertonian; how are we feeling about Moyes Mr. Smith? ;D

    /reviving old thread