Final 2013 East Bay boys basketball poll

Here’s the final poll of the 2012-13 season. The All-East Bay teams will be published next week. The process of selecting them in ongoing this week, so if you want to throw a nomination of a player out there to be considered, feel free. I can’t guarantee anything, but they’ll be given a look.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (4) 30-4 60 1
2. Bishop O’Dowd 26-4 56 2
3. Deer Valley 26-6 52 4
4. Newark Memorial 23-8 48 6
5. De La Salle 27-5 44 3
6. San Leandro 27-7 40 8
7. College Park 27-6 36 13
8. Dublin 27-7 31 7
9. McClymonds 22-8 29 9
10. Campolindo 22-9 22 14
11. Freedom 20-10 18 11
12. El Cerrito 22-12 17 5
13. St. Joseph Notre Dame 24-12 13 NR
14. Heritage 20-10 10 12
15. Monte Vista 20-7 4 10

Also receiving votes: None.  Records are final. The East Bay Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • hoops

    Probably the weakest group of teams in memory.A very down year.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t see it that way Hoops. It was a completely different playoff system this year. If you factor in that we sent 3 East Bay teams to the NorCal Open division ( i.e. we had 3 of the top 7 teams in all of NorCal from the East Bay), who each would have been favorites or strong candidates for NorCal or state finals under the old system.

    Deer Valley, San Leandro, Dublin & College Park had their best teams in many years, if not ever. DLS did not play up to their potential this year, but still won the EBAL and won a couple of D1 games at NorCal. It’s possible that there were some slightly better teams last year, but I wouldn’t call these the weakest teams in memory or this a very down year.

  • hoops

    Salesian was good but not as good as they have been.O’Dowd is ranked #2 and this was not one of the better O’Dowd teams.The teams like College Park and Dublin did well,but they benefitted from the lack of tradionally strong teams as well as the open division.Just my opinion.
    On the girls side, O’Dowd had in my opinion, the best girls team EVER,and probably the best team ever including the boys,in terms of their talent level and the ability to beat the best So Cal had to offer which was the #1 ranked team in the country.

  • OaKlAnD BbAlL fAn

    I agree with Hoops….very down year, and it showed in the state finals against so-cal, especially in the OAL.

    I really feel that the private schools are tremendously hurting the public schools, in terms of recruiting.

    I know as a parent, when choosing between a private school education that is paid for due to my child’s bball talents or a public school with all the lack of resources…it is not a hard decision.

    With that said, the OAL has been so down for the past couple of years and I believe that it is because all of the kids that are going to the private schools.

    I watched all OAL teams play this year and there was not one kid over 6’5″ on any team. Skyline started a squad of 4 kids under 6 ft and one kid maybe 6’1″. You look at a kid like Rabb that went to Montera middle (a skyline feeder) and put him on a 500% skyline team and they have a chance to go deep into norcal. Imagine him on Mack, a team that went to the quarters of norcal…add Rabb and they win state in my opinion.

    It is getting worse year by year….Odowd, Salesian, Moreau, etc…swoop in with amazing “packages” and pull kids…not sure what to do about this, and it may be in fact the best for kids, but it is discouraging for the public schools.

    Just my 2 cents.