Final East Bay girls basketball poll

It’s been a great season. Here’s our final East Bay high school girls basketball poll:

Team Record Points Last poll
1. Bishop O’Dowd (4) 30-3 60 1
2. St. Mary’s 30-5 55 4
3. Carondelet 27-4 51 3
4. Miramonte 27-3 50 2
t5. Berkeley 22-12 41 7
t5. Salesian 29-8 41 5
7. Monte Vista 24-6 37 9
8. Heritage 26-6 33 6
9. Campolindo 25-6 27 10
10. Piedmont 22-10 23 14
11. Clayton Valley 22-8 20 11
12. McClymonds 26-4 18 13
t13. Deer Valley 17-10 9 8
t13. Dublin 21-10 9 NR
t15. Alameda 21-9 3 12
t15. Kennedy-Richmond 26-7 3 NR

Also receiving votes: None. Records are final. The East Bay Girls Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Phil Jensen

  • Prep Fan

    Miramonte was #2 and lost in the Open division by 1 point to the 2nd best team in NorCal SMS. How that drops them to #4 is beyond me. Not that they would have beaten or were clearly better than either Carondelet or SMB, but it’s not like those teams beat SMS either. They should have been seeded ahead of Mitty after having beaten them head to head and a matchup with Carondelet would have been a good one. Hopefully they’ll face each other next year as neither loses much. BOD was a team for the ages and represented NorCal and the East Bay well.

  • hoops

    When you get right down to it polls are meaningless.You see that all of the time in all sports at all levels.A team loses in the last second to the number one ranked team and is somehow demoted for the 1 point loss.It never makes any sense.
    I said this before and I will say it again….O’Dowd is the best team ever from the east bay…….girls,boys,dogs,cats..whatever.The only mistake they made was playing in 2 national tournaments back to back with 7 games in 10 days all away from home.The other mistake was their point guard missing a couple of those games.From what I have read and from talking to different people,they are the best team in the country.

  • hooper

    Valley Christian Dublin not ranked what a joke.

  • mckbooth

    From a visual test, I’d say Miramonte should be ahead of Carondelet. They would have had a tough time with St Mary’s so I won’t give them the automatic.

    Yeah I’d agree with you about O’dowd, the dance really hurt the national ranking. Ariel makes a big difference. 17 pts in the final. With Bostic they are hard to beat. Her problem will be that she may have better talent on her high school team :+).

    Dublin is 13 and I don’t think that Valley Christian is considered as an east bay team? I’ve never seen them ranked.

  • hoops

    If Valley Christian wants respect then they need to schedule teams above them and see what happens.Schools like Pinewood and Eastside always play good teams in upper divisions.If not then they will be a nice little D5 team.

  • it’s crazy how good odowd girls are these past two seasons.