Boys Volleyball: High Stock, Rankings, Standings

With the regular season about a month away from being over, who are some of the team who’s stock is high heading into the post-season and into next year?

Mission San Jose
The Warriors are playing great volleyball right now. The timing in the middle is getting better and better, they are getting the ball to the pins with better accuracy and frequency and all five hitters look confident. A team gaining confidence at the right time, is going to be dangerous.

This is now my darkhorse team to compete with Campolindo in the Division II playoffs. Three very good hitters, one of the better libero’s I’ve seen and a lot of heart and fight. This team has a swagger and actually looks like it believes it can win. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a push for the MVAL title in what looks like a four or five team race.

This is a team to watch out for going into next year. Only losing one player from a very young and talented team. This team has five freshman, a lot of height already and as soon as this team gets a little bit more experience, they’re gonna be incredible. They already look like they are starting to figure it out. Other Division I teams should be thankful that a slow start might keep them out of the playoffs, because this team is getting better and would be a force in the post-season.
As it stands now, 2014 will be a good year, and 2015-2016 could be NCS title seasons.

Have yet to see this team, but I’m buying. They are very, very big and motivated. Playing in a league with four teams (including them) that should be in the Division III playoffs, it’s all the more impressive the way they are playing. The league title should come down to the final game of the year against College Prep, which would be the first in the school’s history.

Other teams to watch out for: Valley Christian, Dougherty Valley, Las Lomas, Northgate, Berean Christian, Moreau Catholic, Amador Valley.


Mission San Jose shoots into the top five. This team is playing incredible volleyball right now, and have seemed to figure it out. They are handling the ball much better, they are spreading the ball around and look incredibly confident.
A few teams simply drop down a spot to make room for MSJ in the top five, while Washington debuts in the rankings. I am very impressed with the Huskies and expect them to climb up in the rankings even more. A win over Drake or a second win over Foothill would have likely landed them in the top ten. Both nearly happened.

1. Deer Valley (20-1)
2. Campolindo (19-1)
3. College Park (16-2)
4. Amador Valley (15-3)
5. Mission San Jose (8-4)
6. Foothill (15-4)
7. De La Salle (6-6)
8. Dougherty Valley (11-7)
9. San Ramon Valley (5-6)
10. Logan (10-5)
11. Bentley (15-3)
12. Monte Vista (7-5)
13. Moreau Catholic (16-3)
14. Washington (11-9)
15. Northgate (10-6)


Team W-L GB

College Prep (6-2, 6-1) –
Bentley (15-3, 4-1) 1
Valley Chr. (3-3, 3-3) 2.5
Head-Royce (5-5, 2-4) 3.5
Redwood Chr. (0-11, 0-6) 5.5

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (20-1, 2-0) –
Heritage (6-10, 2-0) –
Freedom (1-14, 1-1) 1
Pittsburg (2-6, 1-1) 1
Antioch (0-17, 0-2) 2
Liberty (0-6, 0-2) 2

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (19-1, 2-0) –
Acalanes (4-3, 2-0) –
Dougherty Valley (11-7, 1-1) 1
Las Lomas (7-6, 1-1) 1
Alhambra (0-10, 0-2) 2
Miramonte (0-2, 0-2) 2

Team W-L GB

College Park (16-2, 5-0) –
Northgate (10-6, 5-0) –
Berean Christian (11-5, 3-2) 2
Clayton Valley (7-11, 2-3) 3
Concord (8-6, 2-3) 3
Ygnacio Valley (1-5, 1-4) 4
Mount Diablo (0-6, 0-6) 5.5

Team W-L GB

Amador Valley (15-3, 6-0) –
Foothill (15-4, 6-0) –
De La Salle (6-6, 4-2) 2
Monte Vista (7-5, 2-3) 3.5
San Ramon Valley (5-6, 2-3) 3.5
California (6-13, 2-4) 4
Granada (0-5, 0-5) 5.5
Livermore (5-10, 0-5) 5.5

Team W-L GB

Mission San Jose (8-4, 2-0) –
American (8-10, 1-1) 1
Logan (10-5, 1-1) 1
Moreau Catholic (16-3, 1-1) 1
Washington (11-9, 1-1) –
Kennedy (15-5, 0-2) 2

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (17-2, 9-0) –
St. Joseph Notre Dame (6-7, 5-1) 2.5
De Anza (3-2, 3-2) 4
Richmond (4-4, 3-3) 4.5
Pinole Valley (4-6, 4-5) 5
St. Mary’s (3-4, 3-4) 5
Hercules (2-6, 2-4) 5.5
El Cerrito (0-5, 0-5) 7
Salesian (1-8, 1-7) 7

Team W-L GB

Alameda (11-4, 6-0) –
Castro Valley (6-5, 4-1) 1.5
Berkeley (4-2, 4-2) 2
Encinal (4-4, 2-2) 3
Arroyo (1-4, 1-3) 4
San Leandro (1-6, 1-4) 4.5
Tennyson (0-8, 0-6) 6

Matt Smith

  • Mister Peabody

    How is Everton Doing?? 🙂

  • GrizzlieFan

    Last night at Cal the Grizzlies beat De La Salle 3-1 and looked strong doing it. Good way to roll into the 2nd half of the EBAL season.

  • Prep Fan

    Way to go Grizz!

  • Matt Smith

    Wow, looks like my purchase of Cal stock is looking good already. They’re gonna be tough for quite a while.

    @Mister Peabody, they are having a nice season, but looks like they’ll finish just outside of qualifying for Europe, unfortunately 🙁

  • Matt Smith

    Some other big results from last night are Logan beating MSJ and American beating Moreau. Both in four.

  • True

    @ Matt…Yes buy Cal stock now but hold the it for two more years. Cal is a young team and will be great in two years. For now they are still nursing and will grow into great players in a few years.

    The top 3 teams are real and stock are too high (Campo as Google, Deer Valley as Facebook, and College Park as Apple. Even though Campo stocks are high, I would buy them now because they only have one SR (Bryan Lee) Libero. Libero is easier to replace then a setter or hitter.

    I would buy Amador Valley as Yahoo because it is not too expensive and will worth more at the end of the season. However, I would dump the stock if they lose to DLS or MSJ. Too much of a risk.

  • california

    Not only is Campo only losing on player, the libero, but his replacement is the brother of their current setter, one of the Worsley brothers. Having those two one the team, plus the still developing Ryan First and Stephen Buhl could be a major advantage, especially considering Deer Valley loses Lee and College Park loses Fischer next year.

  • VB

    Deer Valley wins the SRV Tournament, shutting out every single opponent in 2. Foothill placed second and SRV placed third. Every single game between these three teams (DV/SRV, SRV/Foothill, DV/Foothill) were within 4 points. DV was missing Lee as well.