East Bay Baseball poll — 4/8

It’s finally time for us to debut our baseball polls this season. We’ll have our first baseball/softball package running in Thursday’s paper and that’s when this poll will debut in print. But here’s a sneak peak.

Team Record Points Last year
1. Granada (5) 12-0 75 10
2. Amador Valley 9-3 66 NR
3. De La Salle 7-4 63 2
4. Campolindo 5-6-1 57 1
5. Acalanes 9-4 50 6
6. College Park 8-3-1 45 4
7. Newark Memorial 9-3 40 9
8. Alhambra 9-4 35 NR
9. Washington 9-3 33 NR
10. Clayton Valley 8-3 31 12
11. Heritage 8-5 27 NR
t12. California 8-3 20 5
t12. Deer Valley 9-4 20 8
14. Dougherty Valley 8-5 14 3
15. St. Mary’s 7-3 8 t13

Also receiving votes:  Foothill (6-6, 7 points), Freedom (8-4, 4), El Cerrito (10-4-1, 3), Berkeley (9-4, 1), San Leandro (10-3, 1). The East Bay Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay. Records are through Saturday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Pinole valley upset St.Marys today with a win of 4-0 they are now in 1st place of they’re league.

  • Way to go Curtie Bo and Pinole Valley

  • CandyCrowley

    The 5-1-13 poll is in the paper and should show here soon. DLS should now drop as AV has now beat them twice. Slugfest in the EBAL is nothing new. SRV is almost, but not quite, drawing dead. Cal beat them in 12 last night.

  • Prep Fan

    EBAL Standings 5-2-13
    Granada 9-0
    AV 6-3
    DLS 6-3
    Cal 6-3
    MV 4-5
    Foothill 3-6
    SRV 1-8
    Livermore 1-8

  • Prep Fan

    Congrats to the Grizz on knocking off undefeated #1 Granada yesterday.

  • Prep Fan

    The Grizz beat AV 7-2 yesterday for their 6th straight win, while Granada got back on track with a 8-4 win at DLS to clinch at least a tie for first in the EBAL with 2 games remaining. Cal and DLS play Friday at DLS for a second place showdown. I don’t know why there hasn’t been a baseball poll or article posted here lately, but here is the current status of EBAL play:

    EBAL Standings 5-11-13
    Granada 11-1
    Cal 9-3
    DLS 8-4
    AV 6-6
    MV 6-6
    Foothill 3-9
    SRV 3-9
    Livermore 2-10

  • first and third

    Campolindo has finally asserted themselves after starting the year with ridiculously high rankings and expectations. They have won 10 in a row and have clinched the DFAL. They now look forward to the playoffs and the prospect of defending their NCS D2 title, looking for 4 consecutive titles.

  • EastBay Ray

    I am not sure Campolindo’s ranking was so ridiculous. They have more Division 1 commits than any other team in Northern California (including St. Francis). Their early season struggles were a combination of tough competition and some frankly underachieving players. It’s too bad they don’t play up in the playoffs – they will beat up the D2 division again. DLS really should be the cream of D1, but their two aces of the pitching staff are out. If they return for the playoffs, they will be hard to beat.

  • Prep Fan

    21-1 Granada has beaten DLS twice already, once with DLS thowing the same pitcher that beat Campo in March. Granada’s pitchers held DLS to just 4 runs total in the 2 games, while their offense scored 12. I don’t know how they wouldn’t be the team to beat in D1.

    It is really too bad Campo doesn’t play up to D1 in the playoffs like BOD does. I’d like to see Casa Grande, College Park and Clayton Valley all mix it up with the big boys too. Each of those teams would be threats to beat any D1 team on a given day, but should coast to the semis in D2 without much effort.