“De La Salle Sports Report” TV special

A half-hour TV special focusing on De La Salle High athletics will air on KICU TV36 this weekend. The “De La Salle Sports Report” will cover a variety of varsity sports from this past fall and winter. It will profile student-athletes and feature an alumni report with Chris Wondolowski, the 2012 Major League Soccer MVP with the San Jose Earthquakes. Recently retired football coach Bob Ladouceur will also be interviewed.

The show will air Saturday, April 27 at 6 p.m. and Sunday, April 28 at 4 p.m. Mike Sklut will host.

Stephanie Hammon

  • hoops

    Maybe DLS can have it’s own tv channel like Notre Dame football

  • Monarch Man

    No thanks. I would rather watch grass grow.

  • What?

    Sounds like a good recruiting tool. Who is sponsoring this?

  • @ what says:

    The EBAL. they dont want DeLa on their schedule anymore. More exposure of DeLa would get more openings for big games.

    The Catholic Church. More money for the diocese and the Christian Bros.

    The NCS. they want DeLa to be their rep for bowl games.

    Folsom and the rest of the Sac Jac. section. they dont want any more ass-whippins.

    The CIF. they want DeLa in the championship game and they want a winner.

    The polls. they want DeLa in the top spot, statewide and nationally.

    The college recruiters. they want the top DeLa players for their schools.

    Is that enough or do you require more?

  • concrete17

    @3.What? Says:
    April 24th, 2013 at 7:11 pm
    “Sounds like a good recruiting tool. Who is sponsoring this?”

    I’ve heard thru my neighbor’s gardener’s brother-in-law the following (waiting for confirmation)

    1)The NoTell Motel: Recruits gotta sleep somewhere.
    2)Fat Lou’s Burger Palace: Recruits gotta eat 3 squares
    3)Jimmy 3 Fingers Limo’s: Recruits gotta get around
    4)Buchanan Field’s Wingenprayer Airlines: Gotta get those recruits into town

  • Mister Peabody

    They forgot about Spartan Soccer.
    5peat and the Pope loves the game.

  • Junior

    Great show. Professional production and entertaining. I look forward to episode #2.

    Peabody-soccer was mentioned and they had a piece on Wondo.

  • Mister Peabody

    I blinked my eyes and sneezed and soccer was over.They had some player interviews that were edited out.
    Maybe next season when # 6 is on the line. 🙂