Boys Volleyball: EBAL Race, Bubble Teams, Rankings, Standings

There is essentially one league race left to decide. And there are still some teams fighting for the playoffs.

With Logan essentially having the MVAL locked up, there is only one league title race left in the East Bay, and that is in the EBAL. There are still two league tournaments (BCL-E and TCAL) to determine the AQ berth.
The EBAL is going to come down to the last day of the season when Amador Valley and Foothill square off. The two teams are tied at the top of the league standings, and no matter what happens on Tuesday, the winner of Thursday’s game is going to get at least part of the title.

Bubble Teams

There are still some bubble teams, waiting for their playoff fate to be determined as well.

Division I: Heritage, Pittsburg, California, De La Salle, Monte Vista, American, MSJ, Castro Valley

Heritage is eligible, and I think is getting in. Pitt needs to win both of its last two games, and needs a little help.
In the EBAL, Monte Vista needs to win just one of its last three games. DLS and Cal are in a similar situation where they have to win out. But they play each other, meaning only one can get in.
American and MSJ need just one win to get eligible, and should be fine.
Then comes Castro Valley, who is comfortably eligible and is probably getting in along with Heritage, MV, American, MSJ and perhaps DLS or Cal.

Division II: Acalanes

The Dons need to win both of their last two games to get in. They are 4-4 in league and 6-6 in Division II games and play league, and division II games, against Campo and Las Lomas to end the ear.

Both Concord and Clayton Valley got off the bubble and qualified for the Division II playoffs as Clayton is 9-5 in Division II games, and Concord is 6-3. Las Lomas is safe as well at three games over .500.

Division III: Head-Royce, Valley Christian, Encinal.

I am pretty sure Encinal is eligible, but I am not 100 percent sure on Head-Royce and Valley Christian because I don’t have all their results.
I also can’t really speak about the slough TCAL teams because the records I have might not be accurate.


A few minor shifts with Moreau making the biggest jump, going from No. 14 to No. 11. De La Salle re-enters the rankings, while Monte Vista jumps up a spot and MSJ stays in the rankings at No. 15.
In the top ten, Logan jumped a spot, Bentley dropped one spot and Berean Christian stayed put.

1. Deer Valley (35-1)
2. Campolindo (34-2)
3. College Park (27-6)
4. Amador Valley (23-7)
5. Foothill (23-6)
6. San Ramon Valley (15-10)
7. Dougherty Valley (22-11)
8. Logan (18-7)
9. Bentley (19-4)
10. Berean Christian (19-8)
11. Moreau Catholic (23-7)
12. American (12-12)
13. De La Salle (11-11)
14. Monte Vista (15-13)
15. Mission San Jose (12-10)


Team W-L GB

College Prep (7-2, 7-1) –
Bentley (19-4, 6-2) 1
Valley Chr. (4-4, 4-4) 3
Head-Royce (6-7, 3-5) 4
Redwood Chr. (0-15, 0-8) 7

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (35-1, 8-0) –
Heritage (14-16, 6-2) 2
Pittsburg (5-9, 4-4) 4
Freedom (3-18, 3-5) 5
Liberty (3-10, 3-5) 5
Antioch (0-23, 0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (34-2, 8-0) –
Dougherty Valley (22-11, 6-2) 2
Las Lomas (16-13, 5-3) 3
Acalanes (9-12, 4-4) 4
Miramonte (1-11, 1-7) 7
Alhambra (1-20, 0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

College Park (27-6, 10-0) –
Northgate (14-11, 8-2) 2
Berean Christian (19-8, 8-3) 2.5
Clayton Valley (12-20, 4-6) 6
Concord (11-13, 4-6) 6
Ygnacio Valley (2-9, 2-8) 8
Mount Diablo (0-11, 0-11) 10.5

Team W-L GB

Foothill (23-6, 11-1) –
Amador Valley (23-7, 11-1) –
San Ramon Valley (15-10, 8-4) 3
California (12-18, 6-6) 5
De La Salle (11-11, 6-6) 5
Monte Vista (15-13, 4-7) 6.5
Granada (2-14, 1-10) 9.5
Livermore (8-18, 0-12) 11

Team W-L GB

Logan (18-7, 7-1) –
American (12-12, 5-3) 2
Mission San Jose (12-10, 4-4) 3
Moreau Catholic (23-7, 4-4) 3
Washington (14-16, 3-5) 4
Kennedy (21-10, 1-7) 6

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (29-2, 16-0) –
St. Joseph Notre Dame (14-12, 13-3) 3
De Anza (11-11, 9-7) 7
St. Mary’s (8-8, 8-8) 8
Richmond (8-10, 7-9) 9
El Cerrito (6-10, 6-10) 10
Hercules (6-13, 6-10) 10
Pinole Valley (6-11, 6-10) 10
Salesian (1-17, 1-15) 15

Team W-L GB

Alameda (17-7, 10-0) –
Castro Valley (12-7, 9-2) 1.5
Encinal (10-7, 7-5) 4
Berkeley (6-6, 6-6) 5
San Leandro (7-12, 5-6) 5.5
Arroyo (2-11, 2-10) 9
Tennyson (0-14, 0-12) 11

Matt Smith

  • True

    Where is College prep in your ranking? I thought I beat Bentley in 5

  • Matt Smith

    @True They did. But didn’t see enough reason to disregard Bentley’s 19-4 overall record. College Prep has only played nine matches this year, so they are hard to rank.
    If they win the BCL-East tournament, then you’ll see them ranked.

  • m

    wheres my ranking? haha

  • True

    @Matt Yeah even though Bentley has 19 wins, but who did they played? Any one worth mention? They lost to Head Royce earlier in 5 and Head Royce is not even rank. Then they lost to C Prep, that make two unrank teams beating your 9th ranked team. Also, I think you mentioned that you look at head to head. If that is not the case, Campo should be on top of DV because based on the schedule, Campo has tougher schedule. I think you ranked Bentley too high and C Prep should get more respect even though they only has 9 matches. Bottom line is THEY BEAT YOUR RANKED TEAM (9th) and should be on the list of top 15.

  • Matt Smith

    One loss doesn’t mean a ranked team falls completely out of the rankings. That’s not how rankings work. So if the No. 9 team in college football were to lose to an unranked team, you’d move them all the way out of the rankings? Not how it happens.

    Also, Bentley has wins over C Prep, Berean, Kennedy, Head-Royce, Valley Christian… all likely playoff teams in their division.

  • Jeffrey

    @True: Bentley beat Kennedy, Berean and Valley Christian, Marin Catholic and avenged their loss to Head Royce (Which was in five) with a 3-0 beating. CP’s only good win is against Bentley, who beat them 3-1 earlier in the season. One game just doesn’t mean that much.

  • True

    @Matt…I did not say that Bentley should drop from the list but not they are not 9th when you lost to two unranked teams. Yes if you if a college team were to lose to an unranked teams, they will drop really fast. I saw head Royce last weekend at SHCP tournament and they did look too good. Maybe they were missing players, I don’t know.

    @Matt and Jeffrey…Let see, HR is 3-5, Kennedy is 1-7, and VC is 4-4. most of their wins were from teams within their league that has no wins. It is embarrassing to say that Bentley beat the listed teams. Beside ST PV and Drake, all D3 teams are a joke. I hope Norcal for D2 will allow only the NCS Champs of D3 to be in it or it will be a waste of money to watch the match.

    @Jeffrey…you mentioned one game doesn’t mean much. I disagree with you my friend. It meant a lot when you beat a team that played over 20+ games. They should be more experienced and improved if they played that many games vs a team that played much lesser.

  • Jeffrey

    I’m afraid you have the wrong Kennedy team. Most of Bentley’s wins are against the teams in their league because…That’s who they have to play. VC is down this year, and I haven’t seen Head Royce, but Kennedy will be one of the top D2 seeds and has beaten Oak Ridge from Sac-Joaquin, Moreau and MSJ, all very good teams.

    If Bentley is a joke, then what does that make Kennedy, and all the teams they beat? What about Monte Vista and Northgate, who Berean have beaten?

    As for your last point, are you saying CP gets credit for having played fewer games? I’m not sure how that follows. I’d imagine that they filled their non conference slots with practices, and although tournaments are a great way to gain experience and they seem to have missed out on that front, I hardly think that is a reason inflate their only win against a good team. Maybe if they had played more games they would be a better team, but you get credit for what you accomplish, not for what might have or could have done.

  • True

    @Jeffrey…YOur last comment, CP has accomplished by beating Bentley so where is their credit? It is not might have or could have done, it is the fact. I don’t care if you only play one match but if you beat the better team (per Matt’s ranking), then you are now a better then them period. If this was a post season game, it would have been over for Bentley and CP moves on. Bentley still has a second chance and I am sure they will make adjustments before they play again. It is not how you start, it is how you finish will be the determine who is better. When I think of quality teams, I am thinking of the top five teams on Matt’s ranking (+ST P/V). Everyone is a joke and still learning how to play quality volleyball. I guess your quality of teams are different than mine. Just think of it this way, the top five teams are First Class and the rest are Just COACH. If Matt going to put Bentley at 9th, then he should put Alameda (17-7, 7-0) next to it.

    PS Kennedy in Fremont, MVAL?
    PSS: When come down to CIF NCS seeding, they will look at head to head and if regular season ends today, CP will be seeding higher then Bentley.

  • Jeffrey

    If you’re just making a point about Matt’s rankings or NCS seeding then head to head is fine but if you are talking about the actual quality of teams it is a poor indicator.

    I would agree with you about the top five plus SPSV being the only real high level teams in NCS (WIth perhaps DV and SRV as caveats), but don’t forget that next to Punahou, Appleton North, Mira Costa, or any other top team from around the country, the very best in NCS will be jokes. Look at what Costa did to Bellarmine in a down year for them. And next to Brazil or Poland boys volleyball in the U.S. as a whole is completely irrelevant. So Bentley can’t matchup with Amador or College Park, but Monte Vista or American? Why not?

    And yes, Kennedy in Fremont.

  • Matt Smith

    NCS seeding and my rankings are two different things. To mix them up or to say teams should be ranked differently because of where they’ll be seeded means you don’t understand how a rankings system works.

  • NCSVballFan

    “When I think of quality teams, I am thinking of the top five teams on Matt’s ranking (+ST P/V). Everyone is a joke and still learning how to play quality volleyball. I guess your quality of teams are different than mine. Just think of it this way, the top five teams are First Class and the rest are Just COACH.”

    True, do you feel better about yourself after calling a bunch of high school boys teams a joke? The way you feel about College Prep’s ranking is one thing, but you sound like a pretty small person when your retaliation is to take it out on a bunch of young athletes who are part of a growing sport in NorCal. Have some respect.

  • True

    @Matt…maybe I don’t understand how Matt’s ranking system works. Maybe u could explain to me in details how you rank teams. My point is when u lost twice to unranked u don’t deserve to be as high as 9th. Maybe 15 or even considered but not 9th. No Way

  • Grizzliefan

    Cal High just played their best match of the year and beat Foothill in 5 games. Outstanding match and the Grizzlies are still alive and starting to put it all together.

  • True

    @jeffrey…I am only talking about NCS teams. Every teams in NCS are suck except for the top 5 I mentioned. My main debate is that Bentley is getting too much love when they lost to two unranked teams and one of their win due to forfeited.

  • Matt Smith

    Cal High and DLS are still alive going into their match against each other. WInner is eligible for the playoffs. The loser is not.

  • Norc

    MSJ avenges an earlier home loss to Kennedy in 3 quick sets. No doubt in the result of this one. Looks like MSJ is headed to NCS

  • NCSwatch

    @True Moreau Catholic is D3, and with a 23-7 overall record, I would not call them a joke. No need to be offending other teams just cuz you don’t understand Matt’s ranking system.

  • MVAL

    American beats Logan in their Senior Night match. The MVAL may be sending all 6 of their teams to NCS this year.

  • MVALfan


    The NCS Seeding Committee considers win-loss records, strength of schedule, significant wins/losses, head to heads, common opponents. Because all these factors get considered, an early pre-season loss may not carry weight. If a team only has 10 matches, strength of schedule becomes a factor. I think of this approach as “strictly by the numbers”. The numbers don’t say, so the committee doesn’t consider, if there was a Prom, or a key player was injured or otherwise unavailable, or if a tournament final involved one team coming off 2 consecutive matches while the opponent got to rest.

    Matt and the Fans Of The Game (FOTG) forum rank based on what I call “expected potential”, so not strictly by the numbers. Those other considerations can matter and be a factor in the championships. It wouldn’t be surprising if a team that was tired and lost to (and so seeded lower than) an opponent at a tournament, but considered the better team, comes back to defeat the other team in the championships. Or maybe key players that missed a match resulting in a loss are back in full force in the championships. I’ve seen it happen. Of course, this approach allows for a lot more debate and opinion about what this or that means. Or if something should have more weight than something else. That’s basically the back-and-forth going on here.

    IMHO, the NCS committee does a reasonable job at initial seeding by division. I think Matt and FOTG does a better job at predicting the outcome of matches leading up to the finals. Oh, and it’s not necessarily the best for a team to be seeded as high as possible. Sometimes it’s better to be seeded lower to be better positioned in the brackets.

  • Grizzliefan

    Cal High has a very young squad and struggled in some early tournaments while working to establish roles and rotations but has been getting much stronger of late. Went 3-2 at the Santa Cruz Invitational last weekend and then followed that up with the big victory over Foothill last night. Since the mid point in the season they have beaten 3 teams ranked in the top 15 (Foothill, Monte Vista, and De La Salle) but still need a second victory over De La Salle tomorrow to have a shot at the NCS tournament. This team will be one to watch next season when they return all but one starter.

  • Prep Fan

    Go Grizz!

  • True

    @MVALfan…The NCS will look at Head to Head first. They don’t care about the strength too much. For example, last year in D2 Drake beat Campo in their tournament and Drake’s schedule was not as strong as Campo. Because of Campo lost vs Drake, Drake was the 1 seed and Campo 2. I think this is the order when NCS evaluate teams: Head to Head, Opponents, schedule, overall.

    @NCSVballFan…I am not disrespecting any one with my comments. It is a fact and true of where they are right now. If anything, I am hoping my comments will give them some motivations to work harder and improve their skills. You don’t tell people that they are good when really they are not. My question to you is “Can You Handle the truth!!!” If you can’t handle the truth, don’t read my comments and go tell those teams how great they are. You are entitle to your opinion and I am entitle to mind. Have a great day.

  • Matt Smith

    @MVAL I agree! I think that every MVAL team is going to the playoffs. Incredible.

  • Raymond

    Anyone know about the game between Moreau Catholic and Washington?

  • MVALfan

    Matt, it’s quite amazing, isn’t it? If only MSJ hadn’t faltered those three MVAL matches after the Foothill tournament. Let’s hope all teams get selected by the committee, then see what happens. It’s actually great to see Deer Valley finally having a season they’ve long deserved.

  • Norc

    Props to all the MVAL teams and congrats to Logan for stealing away the MVAL title from MSJ. NCS is a whole new game though, and though they have been inconsistent all season long, losing to many “inferior” teams, they have proven themselves to be the ONLY MVAL team that is capable of beating teams better than them. Dropping Foothill, Drake, Lowell (considered top 10 in norcal), and nearly defeating Dough Valley is no small feat, and these wins are things that both Logan and American cannot claim. Let NCS begin!

  • Matt Smith

    @Raymond I know Washington won in four, and my understanding is Moreau did not play very well.

    I wonder if Washington is starting to recover from the injuries.

  • True

    Yeah it is amizing when you only looking at who they played. They are all good teams….at their own level. When NCS comes, they will be eating alive and spit it out. In D1 deer valley and College park will be playing for the title. D2 Campo and doesn’t matter who, and D3 St p/v and Drake. New D1champs Deer Valley, three peats Campo and StP.

  • Matt Smith

    Looks like Head-Royce beat College Prep in the BCL-E tournament. It would be nice if rankings were as easy as “this team beat the other team, so they should be ranked higher” but when you have a bunch of competitive teams, you have to take everything into account. There are a lot of things to consider.

  • Killjoy

    @Matt, I think Encinal is D2 this year

  • Lumberjack

    Anyone know the results of the Campo/Acalanes match last night?

    True, I’m right with you on each divisions predictions.
    D1 could very well boil down to DV and CP with DV taking the title home.
    D2 is Campo…there would be an upset of the ages if Campo didn’t win it.,
    D3 is SPSV and Drake. I saw a preview match between the two with the NG Tournament Gold Championship at stake and the Bruins took it.

  • Grizzliefan

    In D-1 don’t sleep on Amador. I expect they will handle Foothill easily tonight to claim the EBAL league title as they seem to be peaking at the right time.
    DV and CP are both outstanding teams but Amador can take them if they play their best.

  • True

    Yes, CP and Amador can beat DV on a good night. If they could hold Lee, the game is wild open. Jordan is good but can’t do without the support of Lee. Also if Cal High continues to peak, they could upset other teams.

    Heard Campo won in easy 3. Sorry, I don’t know the scores.

  • VB

    Matt, now that league games are pretty much all over, are you going to predict seedings for D1, D2, and D3? I know NCS seeds will differ as they usually do, but I would love to see what your predictions are. I always love hearing everyone’s different thoughts on the seeds before they come out sunday!

  • Men’s Volleyball

    Mission San Jose is definitely underrated in the rankings. Even though they had a few losses to “lower” teams in their league, they still have had many great wins against teams like foothill, drake (twice), moreau, lowell and nearly beating dougherty valley. Although they’ve had an inconsistent season, they are definitely not one of the lowest seeds in D1.

  • Grizzliefan

    Congratulations to De La Salle for their strong effort in their win over Cal High last night to remain eligible for the NCS. They played very well and look like a team that shoul get a shot to compete in the NCS tournament.
    The strong finish to the season by Cal serves notice that they should be a team competing for the EBAL crown next season when they return all but one starter.

  • Matt Smith

    @VB I am definitely going to do my seeding predictions.

    And I agree about AV. Gonna be a tough team in the playoffs.

  • Matt Smith

    @Killjoy You are right. I will make that adjustment.

  • ebvbfan

    How is this for DI seedings…..I think these are all DI schools.
    1. Deer Valley
    2. College Park
    3. Amador Valley
    4. Foothill
    5. Logan
    6. San Ramon Valley
    7. Mission San Jose
    8. Dougherty Valley
    9. DLS
    10 American
    11 Alameda
    12 Monte Vista

    What everyone else think?

  • True

    Alemda is in D1 now. Last few years they were D2

  • Norc


    Looks pretty good to me. I would make a few tweaks, probably move Dough Valley a little higher and Logan a little lower.

  • VBparent

    My take on D1

    1 Deer Valley
    2 Amador Valley
    3 College Park
    4 Foothill
    5. Dougherty Valley
    6 Logan
    7 San Ramon Valley
    8 De La Salle
    9 Mission San Jose
    10 Monte Vista
    11 American
    12 Alameda

  • VB

    I’ll do my predictions based on what NCS looks at during their sunday meeting:

    1. DV
    2. College Park
    3. Amador
    4. Foothill
    5. Dougherty
    6. SRVHS
    7. Logan
    8. MSJ
    9. American
    10. DLS
    11. Heritage
    12. Alameda

  • Lumberjack

    I believe according to the division breakdown per NCS, Alameda is a D2 team. Alameda’s enrollment is 1855 and the D2 enrollment range is 1020-1925.

  • Matt Smith


    This link has Alameda as a Division 2 team. I am considering them Division II, since the NCS is doing so.

  • Matt Smith

    I think Acalanes just snuck into the Division II playoffs. They had to win tonight against Las Lomas, and did. They are 7-6 in Division II games.

  • Matt Smith

    Moreau beats MSJ. All the results are in, other than the BCL-E title game.
    Time for me to get to work on my seeding predictions.

  • Matt Smith

    Bentley beats HR.

  • NCSVballFan

    @True, wait seriously? You asked me if I can “handle the truth” when your very first post on this article was “Where is College Prep in your ranking”? *facepalm*