Boys Volleyball: NCS semifinals, Rankings, Standings

The NCS semifinals are already here. Hard to believe.

Division I

No. 1 Deer Valley v. No. 4 Foothill; No. 2 College Park v. No. 3 Amador Valley

Only once in the last 10 years has a non-EBAL team won the Division I title, and an EBAL team has been in the final in all those seasons. The last non-EBAL team to win it was College Park in 2008.
This could be the year there is no EBAL team in the final as, at least on paper, Deer Valley and College Park are the favorites. However, those teams will tell you that a place in the finals is not assured.
Both have tough tasks as the Wolverines will look to take down a Foothill team that was won four titles in seven years, that has an outstanding hitter, setter and incredible ball control.
In the other semifinal, the two teams are very similar, and have not played each other this year. Expect this to go five games. The team who serves tougher and makes passes will win, because both teams have good setting and hitting.

Division II

No. 1 Campolindo v. No. 4 Kennedy; No. 2 Washington v. No. 3 Northgate

Great to see Washington in an NCS semifinal. A program that has always been solid is one win away from at least playing in the NorCal playoffs. Northgate, after a year of rebuilding, is back among the elite teams in Division II. The only history the two teams have this year, and why the Huskies were seeded ahead of the Broncos, is an early season win at the Deer Valley Tournament. This one has five games written all over it.
Meanwhile, the Titans have the task of attempting to slay the dragon. Kennedy looked very good at times against Alameda, and at those moments they looked as if they could compete with Campolindo. To do so, they have to maintain consistency and not have any lapses. The Cougars are looking for a third straight title, and probably have their best team in those three years, so they’ll be tough to beat.

Division III

No. 1 St. Patrick-St. Vincent v. No. 4 Bentley; No. 2 Drake v. No. 3 Moreau Catholic

The Mariners may have had a claim to the No. 2 seed, beating MSJ while Drake lost to MSJ. However way you slice it, they now have a chance to prove they are one of the two best teams in Division III, and are looking to get to their first NCS final since 2008.
Bentley’s toughest challenge of the season is ahead of them, playing a team that would easily be ranked in the top five, perhaps the top three, if they were technically in the East Bay. St. Pat’s brings talent, coaching and playoff experience and Bentley will have to limit the mistakes and get a big game from Mr. Sprague.


Just a couple of changes as Moreau Catholic jumps into the top ten, while De La Salle moves up to No. 12, to end the season.

1. Deer Valley (38-1)
2. Campolindo (37-2)
3. College Park (30-6)
4. Amador Valley (26-7)
5. Foothill (24-8)
6. San Ramon Valley (18-12)
7. Dougherty Valley (25-12)
8. Logan (20-9)
9. Bentley (22-4)
10. Moreau Catholic (24-8)
11. Berean Christian (22-9)
12. De La Salle (14-12)
13. American (14-13)
14. Monte Vista (17-15)
15. Mission San Jose (13-12)


Team W-L GB

College Prep (8-4, 7-1) –
Bentley (22-4, 6-2) 1
Valley Chr. (4-4, 4-4) 3
Head-Royce (8-10, 3-5) 4
Redwood Chr. (0-15, 0-8) 7

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (38-1, 10-0) –
Heritage (15-17, 7-3) 3
Pittsburg (7-9, 6-4) 4
Liberty (4-11, 4-6) 6
Freedom (3-20, 3-7) 7
Antioch (0-25, 0-10) 10

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (37-2, 10-0) –
Dougherty Valley (25-12, 8-2) 2
Acalanes (10-13, 5-5) 5
Las Lomas (16-16, 5-5) 5
Alhambra (2-21, 1-9) 9
Miramonte (1-13, 1-9) 9

Team W-L GB

College Park (30-6, 12-0) –
Berean Christian (22-9, 9-3) 3
Northgate (16-12, 9-3) 3
Clayton Valley (15-21, 6-6) 6
Concord (11-17, 4-8) 8
Ygnacio Valley (2-11, 2-10) 10
Mount Diablo (0-12, 0-12) 12

Team W-L GB

Amador Valley (26-7, 13-1) –
Foothill (24-8, 11-3) 2
San Ramon Valley (18-12, 9-5) 4
De La Salle (14-12, 8-6) 5
California (13-19, 7-7) 6
Monte Vista (17-15, 6-8) 7
Granada (2-17, 1-13) 12
Livermore (9-19, 1-13) 12

Team W-L GB

Logan (20-9, 8-2) –
American (14-13, 7-3) 1
Mission San Jose (13-12, 5-5) 3
Moreau Catholic (24-8, 5-5) 3
Washington (16-17, 4-6) 4
Kennedy (22-12, 1-9) 7

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (33-2, 16-0) –
St. Joseph Notre Dame (14-14, 13-3) 3
De Anza (12-12, 9-7) 7
St. Mary’s (8-9, 8-8) 8
Richmond (8-10, 7-9) 9
El Cerrito (6-10, 6-10) 10
Hercules (6-13, 6-10) 10
Pinole Valley (6-11, 6-10) 10
Salesian (1-17, 1-15) 15

Team W-L GB

Alameda (19-8, 12-0) –
Castro Valley (12-9, 9-3) 3
San Leandro (11-12, 7-5) 5
Berkeley (6-6, 6-6) 6
Encinal (8-9, 5-7) 7
Arroyo (3-11, 3-9) 9
Tennyson (0-14, 0-12) 12

Matt Smith

  • True

    any Predictions for tonight games? I have DV in 4 vs foothill, CP in 5 vs AV, Campo in 3 vs Ken, Wash in 4 vs Northgate, StP in 4 vs Ben, Drake in 4 vs Mor. Thoughts……

  • Lumberjack

    I’m going with:
    DV in 4
    CP in 5

    Campo in 3
    NG in 5

    SPSV in 3
    Drake in 5

  • Lumberjack

    Washington proved me wrong. Winners in 5.

  • Lumberjack

    Anyone have other scores from tonight?

  • True

    Check cifncs.org for updates on scores

  • True

    Finals predictions:

    D1:DV in 4 vs AV
    D2:Campo in 4 vs Wash
    D3:StP in 5 vs Drake

    Let hope for a good finals. No blowout matches. I want to see good volleyball and lead into Norcal. I think NCS teams are much better than other sections. Except for D1, ccs is still the king. D2, NCS is in the lead (Campo, StP), For SJS, I don’t know much, GB, Whitney seem to be the top teams in their sections. It would be great to have all both NCS teams (D1 & D2) win first ever NorCal. Good luck everyone.

  • Jeff

    Mountain View, Mitty and Deer Valley are the only D1 teams capable of winning NorCal, Nevada Union is by far the top SJS D1 team but they are not at the level of the aforementioned teams.

    Whitney is the probably the best team in SJS, either division, I would be very surprised if they don’t beat Bear River tonight.

    NCS should take D2, just because Campo is far above any of the other teams. Whitney has 3 very strong pins, and one of the best junior outsides in the country who can put it away out of the back and front row. They are the only team I could imagine beating Campo. Could be a competitive match if they play each other, but could also be 3-0.

    Honestly no other D2 teams from any of the NorCal sections can touch Campo. SPSV is not as good as last year, and Campo is much better, Drake is just a lower caliber of team, Mount Madonna and Leigh have some big hitters, but nothing compared to what Campo has seen in Vegas and at Bellarmine. Whitney has a great trio of pins, with one absolute star, but not much else, and I don’t see them having the all around game to take Campo. They don’t run a very sophisticated offense, and Campo’s blocking scheme will eat them alive.

  • Jeff

    Excuse me, Vista Del Lago not Bear River.

  • Jeff

    Looks like Granite Bay beat Nevada Union in four last night, very surprising result. GB has been the premier program in that section the last five years, but NU had massive size up the middle and two top recruits going to D1 MPSF schools on the outside, along with NCVC 17-1’s (5th at SCVA qualifier) starting setter. NU also won the SFAL over Granite Bay, though GB did take 2/3 matches in the regular season, one of their wins coming in tournament play.

  • True

    Deer valley vs Mt View in the final
    Campo vs Whitney in the final

    Let make NCS history.

  • Lumberjack

    Friday night prediction time.

    DV wins in 4.


  • Lumberjack

    DV wins first set 25-15.

    Great setting to the OPP in the middle of the set. Opened up some hits to the middle and leftside.

  • Lumberjack

    Amador wins the second set 26-24.

    We have a good match developing here.

  • Lumberjack

    DV wins the third set, 25-16.

    Double shoots and a great hit by Kwa was the theme to the set.

  • Lumberjack

    DV wins it all! 25-15.

  • Matt Smith

    Deer Valley looked extremely good against a very, very talented AV team tonight.

  • Jeff

    Campo with the three peat, SPSV well on their way.