East Bay baseball poll — 5/13

The baseball poll is back here on the blog. Sorry, I’ve been off the past month so I haven’t been around to post the poll here, but with a week left in the regular season, here’s our latest. This is actually the second to last poll of the year. We won’t have one next week when NCS starts (there’s no reason to at that point, since things will get decided on the field). We’ll come back with the final poll after NCS is complete.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Granada (5) 21-1 75 1
2. Campolindo 15-6-1 70 2
3. Clayton Valley 18-4 63 3
t4. California 17-5 58 8
t4. College Park 16-5-1 58 6
6. De La Salle 15-7 51 5
7. Acalanes 16-7 45 4
8. James Logan 15-7 39 NR
9. Alhambra 14-8 32 11
10. Newark Memorial 16-6 28 10
11. Amador Valley 13-9 24 7
12. Washington 15-7 22 9
13. Bishop O’Dowd 16-8 11 14
t14. Concord 15-6-1 7 NR
t14. Freedom 16-6 7 12

Also receiving votes:  Heritage (14-8, 4 points), San Leandro (19-5, 4 points), Alameda (15-9, 1), Liberty (15-7, 1). The East Bay Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay. Records are through Saturday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Prep Fan

    Welcome back Jimmy. That looks about right up to now, until things get decided on the field in the playoffs.

  • redandblue2

    Campolindo is the only public school that has petitioned up the past 3 years from D3 to D2. While it is a fair question to ask why couldn’t they have petitioned up to D1 the last few years, the fact is, at the end of next season the run of D1 players may have cycled through and they may return to the D3 level of talent for a public school their size.

    To say the least it has been an incredible run that has generated 3 consecutive D2 championships with an opportunity to make it four straight over the next few weeks. Today is senior day at Campolindo and three of those seniors have a chance to collect their 4th ring, having been integral members of the team as freshman 3 seasons ago. Not sure that has ever been done before in NCS.

  • WacPride

    Just like in football D2 is by far the weakest of Divisions 1, 2 & 3 and has been the last couple of years.

  • hey, where’s the track and field coverage. NCS, MOC and state are fast appoaching.
    The EBAL is tearing it up in the sprints, relays and weights this year.
    Morris from DLS leading the state in the IH, 3rd in the highs running 14.03 and 37.19, he has also run a 10.7 w to cop the EBAL final. Amador Valley really tearing it up- clocked 41.71 in the ashort relay beating DLS at 41.87 and 2 cats in the 200 who clocked under 21.9. DLS quarter miler ran 48.4 to take EBAL. AMador valley again in the long relay in 3:16.92 top 5 in state so far! DLS not far behind with a season best 3:18.5. DLS 2 miler dropped to mile and ran 4:14!
    Amador Valley again in weights, 58 ft plus and 158 plus in discus. 2 others from AV in discus over 150 ft. Castro Valley leading the area with a 41.31 short relay.
    The east bay has the top 400 man in Kurtz and ODowd top 800 man in 1:50.19. These 2 cats LEAD the state.
    The relays are all in the top 12 in the state. The NCS is going to have some rep this year at state, mabey not in quantity but in quality. Where’s the love? Jimmy Durkin, you’re back-lets get some real coverage. We haven’t even talked about the girls yet!

  • Oh, forgot to tellya, NCS has lost a state berth for 4th place qualifers. They now get 3 to state, like SJS and CCS. The Southern section picked up a berth, fastest in the south. You can still qualify with an at large berth if you dont make the top 3. It’s going to be a lot of comp with 4th not making it anymore!

  • Time to start some controversy.
    Top 4 sprinters out of NCS in yards:
    Mel Gray- Montgomery SR 9.4 1967
    Dave Masters- El Cerrito 9.5(5) 1967
    James Jackson -Alameda 9.4 1954
    Mike Shavers- Albany 9.5(6).
    2 best in 100 meters-
    Kenny Robinson- BHS 10.3
    Javid Best- Salesian 10.3

    Now for the OAL:

    Warren Edmonson(Oak) 9.5
    Antonio Watkins(mack) 9.5
    Jim Hines(mack) 9.4
    Jerry Chase Bright(castlemont) 9.6

    Let’s hear yur favorites and bests.

    Ligons and Brown from Pittsburg, both 9.5

  • Prep Fan

    WacPride #3, I don’t know about D2 being weaker than D3. I would take Campo, Casa, CV & CP against Acalanes, Alhambra, Analy & Drake any day of the week.

  • With track, the coverage never ramps up until this weekend with the NCS area meets. Phil Jensen typically covers a couple major in-season meets and gets to the bigger league meets. Come this weekend, he’ll be at NCS Bay Shore and I’ll be at NCS Tri-Valley and you can count on great coverage from Phil at MOCs and state.

  • BobSchieffer

    Hear ya there Prep Fan. Campo likely will face Casa/ClayVal/CP which will be no easy task. If Cal/DLS/maybe JL end up against Granada, the winner s/b at the top in the final poll. If Campo wins D2, they may split the 5 votes, but if Granada/Cal is in, one them remains at the top this year, factoring Cal beat Granada last week, and the Cal/DLS result Friday. No knock to the Cougars and their ambitious schedule, just different than 2012 when they clearly were #1. DLS’ two losses to AV-who may barely qualify- keeps them at #2 if they win it, perhaps again splitting the vote. CP beat MV twice, but the Mustangs are way down this year. Losses to DeerV, Foothill and NG keep them off the top. ClayVal smoked Logan and split with CP but their SOS of 5.4 is 4-5 points lower than most EBAL. SOS in D1 is much stronger this year than D2, excepting Campo.

  • redandblue2

    WacPride, clearly you do not follow NCS baseball to make such a statement. D2 has been the equal to D1 and far above D3 the past few seasons.

  • Prep Fan

    Just to clarify, the top few teams in D2 have been equal to D1, but not the entire division. D1 is much deeper. Teams like Foothill, Monte Vista and SRV would thrive playing in D2 leagues instead of looking up at the .500 mark in the EBAL.

  • billyball

    Could b bad blood today in the bod alameda game. Migorolio better not dig in!!

  • BobSchieffer

    Do Hornet Ps throw hard enough to hurt a football player? Just asking. Billyball, I’ve no interest in knowing the history nor blood. If he gets a body shot, he’ll prob smile. Go up top and that makes you and anybody else who supports such cowardice a punk. That’s not baseball.

  • Junior

    Congrats Spartans for defeating the Grizz on a walk off HR. Nice end to league play.

  • First and Third

    Projected top seeds in D1 thru D3:

    D1 D2 D3
    #1 Granada Casa Grande Acalanes
    #2 De La Salle Campolindo Drake
    #3 Logan Clayton Valley Analy
    #4 California College Park Sonoma Valley

  • Big Booper Bob

    @First And Third, can’t agree on Logan as #3. Has Logan beat a team that is ranked? Cal beat Granada and Amador twice. Logan lost to both of those teams.

    D2 will be very interesting. Can Campo Continue their dominance? It will be tough with a stacked Casa Grande team and the heir apparent College Park kids.

  • BobSchieffer

    Switch Logan and Cal. 2nd place EBAL equal to MVAL 2nd? Logan was 1-2 vs EBAL and beat Foothill, who finished seventh in EBAL, by one run. Don’t blame the Colts though. The MVAL SOS- including Logan’s- is much lower than EBAL.

  • Prep Fan

    I agree. No way Logan should be ahead of either DLS or Cal. Put them in the EBAL and they’d be lucky to finish .500, as evidenced by that 1-2 record. DLS and Cal each went 10-4 in EBAL play. Logan would have to go 9-2 against EBAL teams to match that.

  • Prep Fan

    It looks like they got it right. Logan #6 behind Heritage, AV, Cal, DLS & Granada.


  • wacc:(

    no vote for st. mary’s?