Boys Volleyball: NorCal’s, Rankings, Standings

For the first time we have a Northern California CIF state volleyball championship. Can the East Bay teams make a splash and become the champion of Northern California?

Division I

No. 1 Archbishop Mitty v. No. 8 Galileo
No. 4 Granite Bay v. No. 5 Amador Valley
No. 3 Mountain View v. No. 6 Lowell
No. 2 Deer Valley v. No. 7 Nevada Union

This division is very top heavy with the first five seeds. After that, it falls off quite a bit. The opening round game between Granite Bay and Amador Valley should be a good one. I feel like AV is going to be very hungry after their loss at Deer Valley, and will play a good match on the road on Tuesday.
There is no looking ahead for the Wolverines, but if they are able to get past Nevada Union, a potential second round matchup with Mountain View would be a really good match.

Division II

No. 1 Campolindo v. No. 8 Drake
No. 4 St. Patrick-St. Vincent v. No. 5 Leigh
No. 3 Mt. Madonna v. No. 6 Vista del Lago
No. 2 Whitney v. No. 7 Washington

What an intriguing first round matchup with Campolindo hosting Drake. The two longtime Division II rivals will now face off in the first round of the NorCal Tournament, and this game will have the feel of an NCS final. Then St. Pat’s would get another crack at Campolindo. The Cougars will certainly have to earn a trip to the NorCal final.
Washington will take a trip to the Sacramento area and get a crack at a very good Whitney team. The Huskies will not go away quietly and will play with nothing to lose.


Amador Valley jumps College Park after topping them in the semifinals and will finish the season as a top three team. The only question that will remain in the rankings is does Campolindo have a chance to finish as the No. 1 team if they win the NorCal’s and DV does not? Is the DV’s head-to-head win on March 21st enough to keep them No. 1 if Campo is the only NorCal title winner?

1. Deer Valley (40-1)
2. Campolindo (39-2)
3. Amador Valley (27-8)
4. College Park (30-7)
5. Foothill (24-9)
6. San Ramon Valley (18-12)
7. Dougherty Valley (25-12)
8. Logan (20-9)
9. Bentley (22-5)
10. Moreau Catholic (24-9)
11. Berean Christian (22-9)
12. De La Salle (14-12)
13. American (14-13)
14. Monte Vista (17-15)
15. Mission San Jose (13-12)


Team W-L GB

College Prep (8-4, 7-1) –
Bentley (22-5, 6-2) 1
Valley Chr. (4-4, 4-4) 3
Head-Royce (8-10, 3-5) 4
Redwood Chr. (0-15, 0-8) 7

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (40-1, 10-0) –
Heritage (15-17, 7-3) 3
Pittsburg (7-9, 6-4) 4
Liberty (4-11, 4-6) 6
Freedom (3-20, 3-7) 7
Antioch (0-25, 0-10) 10

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (39-2, 10-0) –
Dougherty Valley (25-12, 8-2) 2
Acalanes (10-13, 5-5) 5
Las Lomas (16-16, 5-5) 5
Alhambra (2-21, 1-9) 9
Miramonte (1-13, 1-9) 9

Team W-L GB

College Park (30-7, 12-0) –
Berean Christian (22-9, 9-3) 3
Northgate (16-13, 9-3) 3
Clayton Valley (15-21, 6-6) 6
Concord (11-17, 4-8) 8
Ygnacio Valley (2-11, 2-10) 10
Mount Diablo (0-12, 0-12) 12

Team W-L GB

Amador Valley (27-8, 13-1) –
Foothill (24-9, 11-3) 2
San Ramon Valley (18-12, 9-5) 4
De La Salle (14-12, 8-6) 5
California (13-19, 7-7) 6
Monte Vista (17-15, 6-8) 7
Granada (2-17, 1-13) 12
Livermore (9-19, 1-13) 12

Team W-L GB

Logan (20-9, 8-2) –
American (14-13, 7-3) 1
Mission San Jose (13-12, 5-5) 3
Moreau Catholic (24-9, 5-5) 3
Washington (17-18, 4-6) 4
Kennedy (22-12, 1-9) 7

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (35-2, 16-0) –
St. Joseph Notre Dame (14-14, 13-3) 3
De Anza (12-12, 9-7) 7
St. Mary’s (8-9, 8-8) 8
Richmond (8-10, 7-9) 9
El Cerrito (6-10, 6-10) 10
Hercules (6-13, 6-10) 10
Pinole Valley (6-11, 6-10) 10
Salesian (1-17, 1-15) 15

Team W-L GB

Alameda (19-8, 12-0) –
Castro Valley (12-9, 9-3) 3
San Leandro (11-12, 7-5) 5
Berkeley (6-6, 6-6) 6
Encinal (8-9, 5-7) 7
Arroyo (3-11, 3-9) 9
Tennyson (0-14, 0-12) 12

Matt Smith

  • Deer Valley beat the top 2 seeds in div. 2 and the 4 seed in div. 2. Why would Campo move into the top seed in east bay if they win div. 2 NorCal Championships? Division 2 is a much easier division.

  • Matt Smith

    Seedings and rankings are different things. I think you’re confusing them.

    And if you don’t think Campo has beat tough teams this year, you need to take a look at their schedule.

  • True

    Matt is right. Campo has a tough schedule. D1 Mitty finished 4 or 5th at the Bell’s tournament where Campo finished 3rd. Mitty is the 1 seed in NorCal. If you look at the top 5 teams in each division. It is pretty even to me. With that said, it would not surprise me if Nevada beats dear valley and Leigh beats StP. Nevada should be the 5th seed. They are a good team and I would be concerned for DV.

  • Jeff

    D2 is Whitney vs. Campo, anything else will take a miracle. D1 is murkier, but not much, Mitty, Mountain View and Deer Valley could all take it.

  • True

    @ Jeff…I agree with you. The only concern I have for Deer Valley is that they didn’t face as many tough teams at the end of their season. Mitty and Mt View played harder teams at the end of their season. Don’t get me wrong. I am hoping DV will win it all. The same for Campo. They have been beating their opponents like they were a bunch of JV teams.

  • Jeff

    That is my concern for all the NCS teams, like you I would love to see them all win, but they will all be playing teams that have been facing stiffer competition. SPSV is playing Leigh fresh off Mt. Madonna, a much better team than Drake, or really anyone who SPSV has played since De La Salle, and possibly Deer Valley. Campo should roll through to the finals, but once they go up against Whitney their weak schedule as of late could hurt them. VIsta Del Lago is miles ahead of the Washington team Campo played and Whitney destroyed them. I still think Campo is the favorite, and that their blcok and ball control will win out over Whitney’s big gun, and three smaller supporting guns, but after watching both finals Whitney was much more impressive and it is almost a toss-up. Campo has beaten better teams and has no bad losses, unlike Whitney, but they will need to step up their level of play to compete with the kinds of hitter Whitney has. Campo had trouble with Washington’s big men in the middle, just wait until they see David Parker curshing out of the back and front row…

    Deer Valley has had a very weak schedule relative to Mitty, I don’t know that they will be able to handle the Monarchs. I think they will get by Mt. View (It will be very close), but I have a hard time seeing them take Mitty down. Against just about every team they’ve played this year DV has had the best pin hitter on the floor, but that will not be the case against Mitty. Their best hitter was the starting opposite for MVVC 18-1s this past club season, the number two club team in NCVA 17/18s. Their middles are very good, very athletic, more experienced that DV’s. Again DV is used to having the advantage there, but while they will still have more size than Mitty they won’t dominate the way they do against most NCS teams. Look for Mitty to have a very effective middle attack. Mitty has much better ball control and defense as well, their libero is incredible and their smaller outside is also a very good player. The one advantage I see DV having is at setter, and Ewert and Lee are still amazing players, so I’m not saying they have no chance, but it will be quite an upset if they do pull it off and send the first NorCal D1 title to NCS.

  • True

    @Jeff…Very good points on both divisions. For your comment on Campo vs Wash (middles). I did’t see Campo struggle at all. Their middles didn’t do too much vs Campo. I think most of the points Wash earned were from Campo unforced errors. They could not get their passing game going to run their middles. when they did, they got blocked and same for the outside hitter. The scores said it all. I think it would be a heavy weight match if Campo and Whitney meet. For D1 it might be CCS teams in the final (Mitt vs Mt View). We will have to sit back and watch.

  • Lumberjack

    1st at Campo vs. Drake match

    25-18 Campo.

  • Lumberjack

    2nd set, 25-18 Campo

  • Lumberjack

    Campo wins it in 3 sets, 25-12. Campo moves on to the semis.

  • True

    Mt View vs DV should be a great match. Mitty should take care of GB. Campo will be tested vs StP. Mt M vs Whit is a toss up

  • ebvbfan

    Any All League teams announced yet?

  • dprimero

    DFAL’s has.

    EBAL and DVAL’s meetings were this week

  • Vballer17

    Wow! 8 Campo players honored in someway, with 5 sophomores and 2 juniors, plus the younger Worsley coming in next year. Bad news for the rest of the DFAL……Domination the next couple of years. And may as well put Campo at the top on next year’s rankings.

    Don’t know if it is official but heard the EBAL first team was:

    Ryan Genn- OH, Amador Valley
    Cory Frederickson- OH, Foothill
    Grant Badstubner- OH, SRV
    Matt Lee- Setter, Foothill
    Grant Hawkins- Libero, SRV
    Ryan Jensen- MB, Cal

    Pretty easy choices as these guys were clearly the best at their positions. Might be one more MB that I haven’t heard about.

    MVP- Genn

  • Jeff

    You can put Campo in stone for the next two years in NCS DII. DLS won 5 straight in Class I in the 90’s, If Campo can tack one on at the end of their all but assured five peat they could set an NCS record for consecutive section titles. Their real challenge the next few years will be in going against the top D1 teams from across the state in tournaments, and possibly in NorCals. They will have a hell of a fight against Whitney this year and the next, but hard to say for 2015. Last year Campo would’ve rolled any lower division teams from NorCal besides SPSV, and it may be that way again after Whitney graduates their junior class. Wish I could make it out to the finals in Dublin…

  • Lumberjack

    The 20 minute pregame clock just kicked off here at Deer Valley. I’ll post scores after each set.

  • Lumberjack

    1st set: DV wins 25-21. Kwa served DV back into the set.

  • ebvbfan

    Whitney took the first two sets from Mt Madonna. Very close though.

  • Lumberjack

    2nd set: 25-18 DV wins. Can the Wolverines close it in three?

  • Lumberjack

    3rd set: Mtn. Views wins 30-28. On to #4.

  • ebvbfan

    Whitney on to the finals

  • Lumberjack

    DV will play for the NorCal championship on Saturday. 4th set: 25-23.

  • Jeff

    Congrats to Deer Valley, and good luck against Mitty!

  • Track time! Where’s that slow-assed chalktalk who ran a 4.8 40? Time to talk some mess.

  • Prep Fan

    Good luck to both DV & Campo repping NCS in the NorCal championship finals.

  • Lumberjack

    NorCal D2..Campo vs Whitney. 1st set: 25-17 Campo wins.

  • Lumberjack

    2nd set: Whitney wins it 25-22

  • Lumberjack

    3rd set: Campo wins it 25-13

  • Lumberjack

    4th set: Campo wins it all. 25-21. Congrats Campo!

  • Lumberjack

    NorCal D1 Match 1st set: Mitty wins 25-20.

  • Lumberjack

    2nd set: Mitty wins it, 25-21.

  • Lumberjack

    Mitty wins it in straight sets, 25-21. Congrats Mitty.