Calhoun commits to USC

El Cerrito High football standout Derik Calhoun orally committed to USC on Wednesday.
Calhoun, a 6-foot, 215-pound outside linebacker, announced his decision at Nike’s The Opening, an elite camp in Beaverton, Oregon.
“Getting a degree from USC, that’s just the main part,” said Calhoun on ESPNU. “It’s family.
“They expressed to me that it will be a real good chance for me starting because I’m graduating early.”
According to ESPNU, Calhoun’s finalists were Arizona State, Cal, Miami and UCLA in addition to USC.
Calhoun is a four-star recruit and is ranked seventh in the nation at his position by Rivals.com. Calhoun was a first-team all-East Bay selection by the Bay Area News Group last year as a junior.

Phil Jensen

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  • EB FB Coach

    Any potential sleepers this year?

  • GUEST99@

    D1 – Berkeley
    D2 – Casa Grande
    D3 – Novato
    D4 – Fortuna

  • MiraMan


    D1 – Heritage

    D2 – Pinole Valley

    D3 – No real sleeper, but I think with down years for Novato and O’Dowd, lesser teams for Analy and Cardinal Newman than last year and I’m still not sold that Enincal is back, there is a strong possibility that one or maybe two DFAL teams (Campo, Miramonte, Acalanes) will make it to the semis in NCS.

    D4 – Piner

  • chalktalk

    BIGdog thx
    but im an elitist
    i don’t want to belong to any group.
    i train by myself
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    a true Psychopathy in the GRAND sense of the WORD
    i simply post to give people a different perspective.
    There needs to be some type of checks and balances
    for coaching. Everyone read the coaches conduct guide but who’s making sure the coaches abide by the rules.”power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely” There is an enormous amount of abuse going on in the coaching world. I have a few lawyer friends that will be quite interested in the lack of concern for the emotional and physical safety of student athletes. When players come to me with tears in their eyes begging me to do something. When the system is setup so its almost impossible to transfer away from an abusive coach… There has to be some sort of change.

    P.S. i will try and stop the name calling but i dont think i usually start fight im more of a finisher.

  • Dj

    Did anyone hear that Campolindo starting Qb is out with shoulder issue? Possibly out til mid season….is this rumor or truth?

  • ManDown

    D1 – Foothill; Elite 11 QB Kyle Kerns will only be a junior and one of the best QB prospects in the state will light defenses up with D1 prospects Jamirr Holland(sr) Isaiah Langley(jr)

    Deer Valley; The Walker twins will be tough for any team to handle. Two of the best athletes in the Bay.

    D2 – Dublin; I believe in Wade. This is year number 3 and we’ll get to see what he’s done over the past few seasons with his youngsters in the program.

    D3 – Novato; Returing QB is very solid and have a good core of returning players that were on last years team. Brackett needs to get that program going again.

    Miramonte; I like what they have coming back but the concern with them is in the trenches. Also they haven’t proved they can bang with the big boys in D3.

  • top 10 D3 ! 1-El cerrito-EC will go 9-1.lose to Bells 47-14 blow out! 2-Encinal-Their back!The nailhouse will go 9-1 lose to serra 40-34! 3-Marin Catholic- MC will go 9-1. lose to St.Ignatius 21-14 in OT! 4-Cardinal Newmen-CN will go 9-1 also.Lose to EC 36-21. 5-Campolindo-Campo will go 8-2. lose to Heritage 28-22 AND lose to EC 40-28! 6-Analy- Analy will go 9-1. Lose to Pitt 56-7! 7-Miramonte-Mira will go 7-3.Lose to Analy 35-28 and lose to Campolindo 28-14 AND Lose to MC 42-20. 8-Novato-Novato Will go 6-4.Lose to Foothill 56-6 and lose to CN 40-14 and lose to MC 48-6 and will lose to SHC 28-7. 9-Acalanes-Acalanes will go 7-3.Lose to Campo 42-28 and lose to Mira 26-7 and lose to Dublin 20-14. 10-Bishop O’dowd-BOD will go 5-5. Lose to Valley Christian 56-20 and lose to Logan 40-0 and lose to Berkeley 28-6 and lose to san leandro 35-14 and lose to Encinal 46-21! Elcerrio and Encinal will play in the D3 championship!

  • chalktalk

    IN ANY offense with a 3 back set you should blitz your corner and play a cover 3 shell. The corner should be blitzing to the mesh point. The timing should be the same as blocking a field goal. The initial force penetration will throw the timing of the offense off. At least the team will be forced to pass and force 2 suffer 2nd and long and 3rd and long. Making a run team uncomfortable is the first task of any coordinator!!!!!!!! ** ISLAND CHIEF I HOPE YOU GOOGLE THIS** drink sand my friend…

  • Island Chief

    Chalk, turn on the lights. this is the spread shotgun era of football and you’re offering advice on how to stop 3-back sets? How did you make it past the interview panel at San Lorenzo? New rule on here. If you’ve been fired by the worst high school team not named Mission San Jose or you’re giving advice on how to stop offenses of the 1930s,you must STFU for a week. That’s TWO VIOLATIONS! Your two week ban begins immediately!!!

  • Island Chief


    Division 1 – San Ramon Valley
    Division 2 – Alameda or Pinole Valley
    Division 3 – Miramonte
    Division 4 – St.Mary’s

    Division 1 – Mission San Jose
    Division 2 – Mt.Diablo
    Division 3 – San Lorenzo
    Division 4 – Tied the whole Stone league

  • redandblue2


    The starting Campo QB, Zolintakis, has a stress fracture in his forearm, according to a Coach Macy quote in a local newspaper. He is out a few weeks at least and it is uncertain if he will answer the bell vs Heritage. Junior QB Jack Stephens, brother of previous Campo QB’s Tommy & Brett, will lead the team until Zolintakis can play. Stephens was the JV QB last year and led his team to an 8-2 record. He will lead Campo against Alameda in a scrimmage this Friday. Island Chief, I assume you will be there?

  • chalktalk

    Im must apologize i thought EC played Bellarmine
    this year, look at post #273.
    Has Bellarmine gone to the shotgun spread, who knew.
    I refuse to run the wing-T at San lorenzo,another 3 back set, so stop saying I got fired. Your post supports my argument so i thank you, the head coach reads this blog daily.
    HERE’S THE STORY the players started chanting we want chalk talk we want chalktalk. HNIC said we are not running the pistol because I dont know it, so we are going to run the wing-t, then the threat came out ” I will scrap this whole season and play with the JV players if you dont “buy in”, i will make you play the first game in dirty socks and practice jerseys if you dont “buy in ” I will run you to death if you dont “buy in”… NOW I WANT YOU TO IMAGINE BEING A PLAYER AND SWITCHING FROM PISTOL when we out score hayward, castro valley competed with tennison and whooped piedmont. and then have TO RUN THE WING-T AND LOSING TO MISSION SAN JOSE and the senior not being able to transfer…
    **** drink sand my friend****

  • MiraMan

    Mandown @ 272,

    I like your comments on D1 except I wouldn’t say either Foothill or DV are “sleepers”. With Dublin as a D2 sleeper, I still think Wade missed his window last year with a really strong group of seniors. This year will be a down year, thought given the soft pre-league Dublin will likely go 5-5 or 6-4 and make the playoffs. The next window for Dublin will be next year when his franchise QB is a senior and the supporting cast has been rebuilt.

    With D3, you hit the nail on the head that Miramonte’s fortunes lie in rebuilding the O-line and D-line that lost a lot of seniors. On the O-line, they still have an anchor in Stehr that was as good as any player on the team last year and should be a beast this year. On defense they have 3 or 4 kids that either started or got significant snaps. My confidence lies in the fact that out of the 20+ seniors probably half or more are linemen plus some JV kids and some of the kids have size. So Schram has a fair amount to work with. Also, the D-line last year was a patched-together piece of crap. We only had one returning starter and he was off the team by week 3. I thought the coaches did well with what they were left with. That leaves me with a lot of confidence that given this year’s potential, we should easily be better than last year.

    Redandblue2 @ 277,

    Bad news for Zolintakis. I’m not sure I’m buying he’ll be back at QB. Stress fractures are slow-healing. I can see this as having a significant impact on pre-league play; I had already thought Heritage was going to be a tough game and this will make it tougher. But by league and NCS playoffs, I doubt it will have much of an impact given the Stephens lineage and a pretty strong team overall. Hopefully, Zolintakis can play DB even if he is unable to return to QB duties.

  • BobSchieffer

    @272- Kearns is not listed as an Elite 11….but he’s pretty good.

  • EB FB

    Speaking of Elite 11 Quarterbacks… Who are the ELITE 11 QUARTERBACKS IN THE BAY AREA?

  • chalktalk

    It is the rule in war, if ten times the enemy’s strength, surround them; if five times, attack them; if double, be able to divide them; if equal, engage them; if fewer, be able to evade them; if weaker, be able to avoid them.
    SUN tzu….
    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,
    you will succumb in every battle”
    SUN Tzu…

  • Rider7
    Have to agree with you on most of those teams.
    However, I disagree that the finals will be EC and the Jets. The way things seem to be shaking out, the Marin Catholic Wildcats will be as good as last year. (It’s just that the Gauchos should be noticeably better!)MC’s QB, Morgan Mahalak, appears to be on the same level as Jared Goff; the rebuilt O-line seems solid enough to provide plenty of protection for Mahalak, and the receiving corps return the best guy, Andrew Celis. The D may be more effective than in ’12. I see the Jets playing a tough, but losing, game with the Wildcats in the NCSD3 semis.
    Unless the Dragons are considerably better than anyone is talking about, 2-3 non-league and 2-3(or worse!)in league are strong possibilities, and O’Dowd wouldn’t make the playoffs.
    Have some doubt about Analy. They only return 7 guys as starters, none skill players or top defenders. The Tigers’ “stud” RB is only 5’4″ 145lbs. and 4.8 in the 40. Not too formidable unless the kid has super quick feet and/or the coach is lying (naw, no coach would do that)about the kid’s “meat on the hoof” info.
    I doubt EC will get past the Bells, but the Gauchos’ speed should keep the score respectable.

  • Chalk
    Kinda wondered when you were going to quote something from THE ART OF WAR for one reason or the other.
    I believe Al Davis was a disciple of Sun Tzu. I imagine his favorite would have been: “One well placed spy is worth more than 10,000 warriors”.
    Too bad footballs were a long time from being invented way back then.

  • running the wing tee was successful for the Bells because of coaching and disipline. In the past they didn’t run that stuff cuz they had size and linemen, in fact they still have size. YV had success with tee with Murphy. tee used for smaller teams to some degree of success, but once you’re behind by a couple of scores, yur done.
    As far as the pistol, not a big fan, but used more in college especially div 2, 3. It can keep defenses off balance though.
    I still like a pro-veer for HS. DeLa has been running it for years.
    Chalktalk, could SL win this year with pistol?

  • who and what is ranking the elite 11 in the bay for QB’s?

  • amazing MarinCatholic QB got the starting job at Cal as a freshman. what happened to Kline?

  • chalktalk

    touche lol

  • chalktalk

    SLZ was going to destroy the league in the pistol no huddle, my offense has man beater cover 2 beaters and cover 3 beaters I call the plays after the defense sets up via the wrist band. When you call a play before the defense is set up you limit your chances for success. A good DC will scout your tendencies and destroy you. The flaw in the program was the HC was also the QB coach and he cant read a defense, thats why he like the wing-t. WHO EVER HEARD OF A QB COACH THAT WANTS TO RUN A WING-T MY GOD… We had alert play were we sit in space to replace the blitzing LB. I design this thing back in 1986 after my 10th grade year its flawless, all but the pistol part. The pistol allows a shifty back to pick the most economical hole, so you never have to loose yards.

  • Chalk, how did you guys do in the summer while you were the OC? Contact Camps, Passing leagues ect…at.

  • EBfootball

    Can’t you read Perkin?
    He says he killed everybody he faced in passing league.

  • Souz

    #275 Bellarmine is one of the premier schools in the area and they run 3-back sets.. You gotta know how to stop everything (or at least have a plan of action to do so).. not just spread shotgun..

  • oalfan

    EB #281 (on EB QB’S)
    Check out the scrimmage this Saturday at BHS. Take a look at the skill set of Oakland Tech’s QB and you can also see what BHS has up it sleeve with #3.
    Neither of these kids are being talked about.

  • Island Chief

    Chalk, you were hired to be a coach without knowing that they were going to run the wing t? It took months to realize you didn’t want to coach the wing t? Were the players really chanting we want chalk talk? I’m going to work tomorrow and tell them I want them to sell iphone 5s. I want to hear we want island chief! Like my grandpa used to say the squeakiest wheel gets oil or is it the squeakiest wheel gets replaced?

  • Island Chief

    Chalk, the Alameda Pirates Jr.. Pee Wes are looking for an offensive coordinator. Contact coach Harris. You can help them get to nationals.

  • Island Chief

    I won’t make the scrimmage can somebody post the video of it up here.

  • chalktalk

    Perkins we did ok at logans contact camp
    but sucked in passing league. I fought with the HC daily
    i wish the players much success
    THE HC IS A GREAT MANAGER just doesnt know football. People should do what they are good at.

  • LoganAlum

    LOL. Thats funny SL did good at Logan camp? You guys were the worst team at the camp. Hayward Castro Valley struggled as well. Tennyson and JL were far and away the best team. I watched the former Logan coach have his way with you guys with his undersized Piedmont team. Cant take this guy serious after that comment…

  • chalktalk

    logan alum
    do u remember the wr spiking the ball on tennison thats because he score!!! Romiah broke 4 50yrds first play on hayward. we scored 3x on castro valley WE JUST THRU OUT ON PIEDMONTS COVER 3 what did u watch that day us against logan…( half the online was missing and 2 de-lineman)
    Slz has the best RB in the league by far
    if he does rush for 2000 yrd i would be amazed
    187 on 10 carries against pinole and thats in the pop warner offense