St. Elizabeth suspends football program for season

St. Elizabeth High is suspending its football program for the 2013 season due to a lack of players, confirmed St. Elizabeth principal Marty Procaccio.
“We saw declining numbers on the participation level, and last year we started with 16 and ended with 10,” Procaccio said. “This year when we had spring ball going, we had a limited number of sign-ups. We had less than 16. … We found out the interest level just isn’t really there right now. We thought we would suspend the program for the safety of the kids.”
Procaccio said that the football program will be re-assessed by December.
St. Elizabeth, which has only 150 students, forfeited its last game in 2012 and two games in the 2011 season because of a lack of players. It finished 0-10 overall in each of the last three seasons. The Mustangs’ last win was on Dec. 4, 2009 in the North Coast Section Division V championship game over St. Vincent. St. Elizabeth also won the NCS Division IV title in 2007.

Phil Jensen

  • Rehire Simms.

  • Oh Boy

    Everyone saw this coming but it’s still a sad day in HS sports. St. Liz is no podunk school. They have a name and well earned reputation going way back to the old CAL. The times are a changin’…

    BTW I was at that 2009 championship game and they had this tough little FB/RB that scored the winning TD. Played through injury the whole 2nd half but didn’t want to let his squad down. Small team…maybe 20 kids but hard nosed and salty.

  • Tony Gonsalez

    I had the privilege to cover their playoff runs in 2008 & 2009. Pleasure to see how much coach Sims got out of his players. The ’09 team had a 15 man roster that season.


    Who were the coaches at St Liz after Simms? Who was going to be the coach there this coming season?

  • SLpirates

    oh boy ur ight lots of people saw this coming including sims im still shocked the school is still open enrollment going down every year

  • Has there been any thought of looking into having an 8 man program?

  • Phil Jensen

    TheSchoolmarm, Procaccio said 8-man football was looked into, but there weren’t very many teams

  • EBstaff

    I believe all the 8-man teams in northern California are either up North towards the Cal/Oregon border or south San Jose

  • Shoreline Football

    So what are St Liz football players plans for this season? Any transfer information?

  • A once proud program that produced Dave Stewart(A’s), fullback and others. Tied St. Mary’s for the MacManus Trophy in ’68 for EB Catholic Supremacy- 6-6 tie game under the lites at El Cerrito!

  • Re: EBstaff

    Actually, there are currently 7 8man programs within about a 40 mile radius of St. Liz.: North Valley Baptist of Santa Clara, Pinewood of Los Altos, Alma Heights Christian of Pacifica, Crystal Springs Uplands of Hillsborough, Stuart Hall of San Francisco from the CCS 8man MIssion Trail League; and EL Sobrante Christian, a CCS independent. There’s also Rincon Valley Christian of Santa Rosa in the NCS North Central III League. All the other NCL III teams are way up in Mendocino County off of not the quickest roads. The 3 other CCS programs are way down in the Monterey Bay Area. SJS does not recognize 8man football.
    I see scheduling a real problem, especially at this late date. Maybe next year.

  • since st. liz is in the oakland diocese, can players play at st. mary’s in berkeley or moreau and still be st. liz students ? ncs rules? anyone ask or petition?