Freedom’s Joe Mixon announces his top 10

Preparations for the high school football season are still in their early stages, but there was some news Friday afternoon as Freedom High running back Joe Mixon, the East Bay’s most sought-after football recruit this year, announced via twitter who his top 10 schools are.

They are, in no particular order it appears: Tennessee, Oregon, Florida, Texas A&M, Cal, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Ohio St., Oregon St. and Washington.

That’s three SEC schools, four Pac-12 schools, two Big 10 and one Big 12.

Clearly this is good news for the schools that Joe mentioned. He holds close to 50 offers, which is not surprising considering his size (6-foot-2, 210 pounds), his dazzling style of play, the heads he turned in offseason camps and the stats he put up as a junior. In 12 games, he had 201 carries for 1,443 yards and 21 touchdowns. He also caught 18 passes for 383 yards and seven touchdowns.

Some notable schools not on the list — USC, UCLA, Georgia, Michigan, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Texas, Florida State and Miami.

Is he the biggest East Bay high school running back recruit ever? Bigger than Marshawn Lynch, Jahvid Best or Maurice Jones-Drew? Judging by this list, it’s hard to argue that’s not the most sought-after running back ever in East Bay football.


Curtis Pashelka

  • wacc:(

    Ohio State is where it will be at for the next few years, just in time for his freshman season. Also has a great coach and program to keep him on track.

  • going down to 99 cent store to buy some nail polish for chalktalk to paint those pretty toes he’s going to show off longjumpin’ 11′ 3″ in the pride olympics this weekend in san lorenzo.
    he’s in the second flight.
    here’s the line on predicted 6 jumps.

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  • Oh Boy

    First off, congratulations to Mr. Mixon. Kid has definitely put in work and will continue to have success. He deserves to mention as a great HS talent recruited by everyone. However, Marshawn, Jahvid and Maurice Drew set some lofty standards.

    Marshawn’s Tech team was absolutely LOADED, everyone knew it and he was still the star attraction. Jahvid had (has) Olympic sprinter speed and ran for over 3300 yards and 48 tds in ONE season. Drew was featured on one of the most dominant teams of all time & the LB Poly game was one I will tell my grandkids about. Plus, all 3 RBs won a section title, which Mixon is lacking.

  • ManDown

    Serra star defensive end Matt Dickerson committed to Norte Dame this weekend. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/924957/matthew-dickerson

  • S1lverngreen

    Stay at Cal Joe! Great education, great facilities and a new coach that plans on opening the playbook! Enjoy the recruiting process, these have to be a very exciting few months for you young man! Congratulations!

  • Here are some “stats” I did comparing the California high school football divisions pre-season.They are based on Maxpreps power ratings as of July 20, 2013. I have noticed that Freeman has “adjusted” some team power ratings recently, so some of these stats might be SLIGHTLY off as to what it is currently.
    Also, since the Central Coast Section doesn’t determine their 8 team Open Division until the end of the regular season, I didn’t do any CCS divisions.
    For the Sac Joaquin Section Divisions 1-4, I put the 32 largest schools in SJS D1, the next largest in D2, the next in D3, and the last 32 in D4. I think it will pretty closely match this season’s SJS playoffs. However, there are usually several potential SJS playoff teams that are on the division “bubble” each year.
    Here are the categories that I did stats for:
    1. Division mean(average)power rating(PR); 2. Median(the middle team)PR; 3. Highest Team PR; 4. Lowest Team PR; 5. % of teams PR above 0; 6. Top 1/2 mean; and 7. Bottom 1/2 mean. The number of teams in the division is stated right after the division.

    CIF D1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
    Pac5 33 38 38.3 80.7 -3.8 97% 53.4 22.6
    Inland30 29.1 25.9 72.8 -2.7 97% 41.7 16.5
    SDSOpen8 39.3 40.95 61 23.5 100% 48.95 29.6
    SDSD1 17 29.9 31.6 42.5 12 100% 37.1 22.9
    LA D1 21 14.4 12.1 48.5 -9.1 81% 25.6 2.85
    CS D1 14 35.3 33.85 55.8 12.2 100% 44.7 20.4
    NCSD1 21 23.06 26.7 70.6 -15.2 86% 36.1 6.65
    SJSD1 32 9.68 9.95 61.7 -35.9 66% 25.96 -6.6
    SJSD2 32 15.98 18.9 50.5 -24.1 72% 30.5 1.46

    I was somewhat surprised SDS Open and D1 were as high as they were in category 1. and Open in category 6. (only 4 teams, though), and SJS D1 and 2 as low in both categories. The fact that CS, LA, and SDS individually assign teams to a division based primarily on past achievement; while SS places schools in leagues based on achievement, geography, tradition, and “gamemanship”; and then places the leagues into different divisions for each sport (basketball excepted) based primarily on the league’s achievement in that sport; means there will be a few lower achieving teams in the Pac 5 and Inland. In NCS,NS,SJS,and CCS the team’s division placement is entirely, or nearly so, on school enrollment. So, there will nearly always be some low achieving large schools in the higher divisions bringing the average down. But in Category 6., the upper half, which is where most (all?) playoff teams will come from, it seemed quite low for SJS D1 and 2. Perhaps it’s my bias, but I feel Freeman’s computer has underrated SJS D1 and 2 teams (pre-season anyway) for the last couple of years.

    Later, when I get the time, I’ll show my stats for the CIF D2 and D3 divisions.

  • Junior

    “Perhaps it’s my bias, but I feel Freeman’s computer has underrated SJS D1 and 2 teams (pre-season anyway) for the last couple of years.”

    Ya think?

    keep digging and you will find other head scratchers.

  • Here are my stats comparing the section divisions for CIF D2. See #6 for explanation of categories. (I’m using a different format than I did for CIF D1)

    Category 1.
    Southwest:19.7; SDSD2:18.4; Northern:15.8; Western:11.2; CSD2:9.6; Southeast:7.8; NSD1:6.4; Eastern:5.9; Central:5.1; NCSD2:4.6; SDSD3:4.5; SJSD3:4.47; CSD3: 1.65; LAD2:-8.3

    Category 2.
    Southwest:20.2 SDSD2:18.2; Northern:17.2; Western: 11.65; CSD2:11.2; Southeast:10.1; NSD1:7.5;
    Eastern:6.9; SJSD3:5.75; SDSD3:5.2; NCSD2:3.6; Central:3.15; CSD3:0; LAD2:-6.9

    Category 3.
    Western:79.8; Northern:50.6; Southwest:47.3; Eastern:40.5; Southeast:38.3; SJSD3:38.1; SDSD2:37.7; CSD2:35.9; Central:33; CSD3:32.9; NCSD2: 31.1; NS1:29.3; LAD2:22.8; SDSD3:20.4

    Category 4.
    SDSD2:4.3; Southwest:-7.9; SDSD3:
    -18.3; CSD3:-19.6 Western:-22.7; CSD2:-22.9; NSD1:
    -26.2; Northern:-26.8; NCSD2:-27.7; Central:-28.2; LAD2:-33.5; Southeast:37.6; SJSD3:-40.8; Eastern:-43.6

    Category 5.
    SDSD2:100%; Southwest:90%; CSD2:78.6%; Northern:78%; SDSD3:70.6%; Western:67%; Southeast:65%; SJSD3:63%; Eastern:62%; Central:59%; NCSD2:56.5%; NSD1:56%; CSD3:44%; LAD2:24%

    Category 6.
    Southwest:31.8; Northern:31.2; Western;27.4; SDSD2:25.4; Southeast:25; Eastern:21.4; CSD2:20.5; Central:19.7; SJSD3:19.1; NSD1:15.3; NCSD2:15; SDSD3:12.9; CSD3:12.7; LAD2:2.8

    Category 7.
    SDSD2:11.3; Southwest:8.9; Northern:.5; CSD2:-1.36; SDSD3:-3.8; Western:-4.98; NCSD2:-5.5 Southeast:-7.4; NSD1:-8.5; CSD3:-9.4; Eastern:-9.5; Central:-9.6; SJSD3:-10.3; LAD2:-19.3

    Number of Teams
    Southeast:34; SJSD3:32; Central:32; Southwest:31; Western:30; Southeast:29; Northern:27; LAD2:25; NCSD2:23; CSD3:18; SDSD3:17; SDSD2: 15; CSD2:14; NSD1:9

  • Here are my stats comparing the section divisions for CIF D3. See #6 for explanation of categories.

    Category 1.
    NCSD3:2.7; CSD4:-1.1; NSD2:-1.97; SJSD4:-2.6; Northwest:-5.1; SDSD4:-6.5; East Valley:-6.5; NCSD4:
    -8.6; Mid Valley:-9; Southern:-9.2; CSD5:-16.9; LAD3:

    Category 2.
    SJSD4:3.45; NCSD3:2.6; CSD4:-.4; NSD2:-.65;
    Northwest:-1.5; East Valley:-2.2; NCSD4:-3.35;
    SDSD4:-4.4; Southern:-9.15; Mid Valley:-6.55;
    CSD5:-14.8; LAD3:-32.35

    Category 3.
    SJSD4:41.3; NCSD3:37.7; Northwest:35.4; CSD4:31.4; Mid Valley:31.1; Southern:27.7; East Valley:24; NSD2:20.8; NCSD4:14.1; CSD5:11.6; SDSD4:5.3; LAD3:-1

    Category 4.
    SDSD4:-26.2; CSD4:-31.9; NSD2:-35; NCSD4:-40.5;
    Southern:-40.6; Northwest:-41.9; NCSD3:-42.3;
    SJSD4:-44.6; East Valley:-47; Mid Valley:-54;
    LAD3:-57.6; CSD5:-59.4

    Category 5.
    NCSD3:58%; SJSD4:53%; NSD2:50%; East Valley:44%; CSD4:42%; Northwest:32%; Mid Valley;32%; SDSD4:23.5%; NCSD4:28.6%; Southern:20%; CSD5:15%; LAD3:0%

    Category 6.
    NCSD3:18.1; SJSD4:14.7; NSD2:11.9; CSD4:8.9; Northwest:8.6; East Valley:7.8; Mid Valley;7.2; NCSD4:3.7; Southern:2.4; SDSD4:.58; CSD5:-9.5;

    Category 7.
    CSD4:-10.2; NCSD3:-12.7; SJSD4:-.15.2; SDSD4:-15.45; NSD2:-15.9; Northwest:-18.9; NCSD4:-20.6;
    East Valley:-20.8; Southern:-22.9; Mid Valley:-25.2;
    CSD5:-31.99; LAD3:-38.3

    Number of Teams
    Mid Valley:34; SJSD4:32; Northwest:31; Southern:30; East Valley:27; NCSD3:26; LAD3:24; NCSD4:21; CSD4:19;
    SDSD4:17; CSD5:13; NSD2:12

    Later, I will show the CIF D3 divisions where all or nearly all the teams are CIF D4 (school enrollment is under 500).

  • Here are my stats comparing the section divisions where most if not all the divisions are composed of CIF D4 teams (school enrollment is under 500). See #6 for explanation of categories.

    Category 1.
    NCS D5:-14.5; SJS D5:-14.5; Northeast:-21.6; NS D4:-23.5; NS D3:-26.1; CS D6:-30; SJS D6:-32.6;
    SDS D5:-36.96

    Category 2.
    NCS D5:-15.75; SJS D5:-16.2; NS D3:-19.1; NS D4:-23.4;
    Northeast:-23.5; SJS D6:-24.6; CS D6:-31.7;
    SDS D5:-35.65

    Category 3.
    Northeast:18.1; NCS D5:13.2; SJS D5:10.7; SJS D6:10.7;
    NS D3:0; NS D4:-2.4; CS D6:-4.1; SDS D5:15.9

    Category 4.
    NCS D5:-33.6; CS D6:-45.8; SJS D5:-51.2; NS D4:-57.7;
    SJS D6:-61.6; SDS D5:-61.7; NS D3:-62.4;

    Category 5.
    SJS D5:15%; NCS D5:11%; Northeast:9%; SJS D6:8%; SDS D5:0%; NS D3:0%; NS D4:0%; CS D6:0%

    Category 6.
    NS D3:-4.3; Northeast:-4.4; SJS D5:-4.7; NCS D5:-5.2;
    NS D4:-11.15; SJS D6:-14.8; CS D6:-18.8; SDS D5:-21.6

    Category 7.
    SJS D5:-16.98; NCS D5:-27.4; NS D4:-35.9; Northeast:
    -36.4; CS D6:-41.7; NS D3:-42.35 SJS D6:-46.98;
    SDS 5:-54.7

    Number of Teams
    Northeast:33; SDS D5:18; NCS D5:18; SJS D5:13;
    SJS D6:13; NS D3:11; NS D4:11; CS D6:11

    For SJS D5&6, I put the largest 13 in SJS D5 and the smallest 13 in SJS D6. Their could be some potential playoff teams that would be on the enrollment “bubble”.

    I omitted the Oakland and San Francisco sections because although “politically” they’re classified as sections, in reality they’re just “leagues” of 6 and 8 teams respectively. (Does anyone know their commissioners’ yearly salaries? Are there any league commissioners anywhere in the state, or anywhere else for that matter, that make what they’re making?)