Hamilton leans toward Cal after mistake by Arizona

Former Bishop O’Dowd High track and cross country star Eugene Hamilton III said that the University of Arizona mishandled his national letter of intent and he will not be attending the university.
Hamilton said that his national letter of intent was not filed within the 21-day period after the signing day on Feb. 6. The University of Arizona had no comment on the situation.
“They were going to honor my scholarship, but I lost confidence (in Arizona),” Hamilton said. “There was no drama between me and the coaches. I love the staff.”
Hamilton said that he wants to go to Cal, but has not signed with the university yet. He had the fastest time in the state in the 800 meters (1 minutes, 50.19 seconds) in the 2013 high school season according to PrepCalTrack.com. He also won the boys 1,600 meter title at the North Coast Section Meet of Champions with a time of 4:13.49.

Phil Jensen

  • timbuk3

    Zona lost his LOI….Sure

  • MiraMan

    I’ve read this article a couple of times and can’t help but feel this kid should filter his comments. Here you have an 18 year-old kid calling into question a reputable university that has been around like 125 years? Seriously!

    He should have just said he decided not to accept the scholarship to Arizona and that he appreciates everything the coaches have done for him…no reason to get into his “lost confidence” or “drama” that he had with university administration. I’ll be willing to bet these comments will cause pause with other universities he’s talking to regardless of how fast he runs.

  • Oh Boy

    @MiraMan…I completely disagree.

    Hamilton is not a good kid, he’s a great kid, who did everything right at BOD and I enjoyed watching him compete several times throughout his career. Always very “Aware” on the track and humble off of it. I don’t have a personal connection to ASU but screw them! He 100% is entitled to tell people how he really feels. He didn’t have grades/eligibility/conduct problems and he has nothing to be ashamed of. ASU did not file his LOI. That’s a terrible thing to do to a 18 year old who was probably excited to go there. College is probably the most dominating thought in every teen’s mind for 4+ years and then this happens? Especially athletes. Put yourself in his shoes.

  • Oh Boy

    By the way, shout out to local ladies ChaRonda Williams and Jeneba Tarmoh for advancing to the World Championships in the 200 meter per:


    Williams, from Richmond, especially has a great story. Coming from a broken home to starring at Laney and ASU, she is someone who is deserving of a pat on the back.

  • teitle

    @ Timbuk3… where did it say that Arizona lost his NLI?

  • Souz

    The article reads that it was u of a not asu

  • JRap

    “Call into question a reputable university?” Are you kidding? Arizona did not file the kid’s NLI within the 21 day filing period and failed to advise him of the error for 6 months. 6 months wherein schools from all over the country wanted to recruit him. I wouldn’t call that a “reputable” program/school.

  • Oh Boy

    Good call Souz…

    Apologies to ASU. Screw U of A. Ha!

  • High School Runner

    Oh Boy, I’m going to have to disagree with you. I’ve run against him in high school before and talked to him, and he’s been pretty rude and given off a cocky vibe. True, he has the right to know he is fast on the track, but the comment about him being humble off the track seems pretty inaccurate based on my encounters with him.