2013 East Bay high school football previews

Be on the look out this week as we start releasing our team by team football previews for East Bay high schools. Before the season officially kicks off next week, we’ll also post league breakdowns, a 25 players to watch list, a games to watch list,  a main feature story and a couple sidebars.

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Stephanie Hammon

  • Junior

    These are great – nice work

  • Here’s TheSchoolmarm’s California CIF D3 and D4 2013 Preseason Top 30.
    The team’s community(if different), Section-Division,
    projected 2013 record, and highest projected 2013
    football achievement will be shown.

    1. El Cerrito NCS D3, TCAL-Rock, 15-1, CIF D3 Champs

    2. Marin Catholic(Kentfield) NCS D3, 13-1 Marin
    County, NCS D3 Finals

    3. Central Catholic(Modesto) SJS D4, Western AC, 13-2
    North D3 Regionals*

    4. Bishop Diego Garcia(Santa Barbara) Northwest-SS,
    Tri Valley, 14-2, CIF D3 Finals*

    5. St. Ignatius(San Francisco) CCS D3(Open?), West
    Catholic, 6-5, CCS Open 1stRound**

    6. Valley Christian(San Jose) CCS D3(Open?), West
    Catholic, 6-5, CCS Open 1stRound**

    7. Nordhoff(Ojai) Northwest-SS, Tri Valley, 13-1,
    Northwest-SS Finals

    8. Los Banos SJS D4, Western AC, 12-2, SJS D4 Finals

    9. Paraclete(Lancaster) Mid Valley-SS, Alpha-East,
    12-3, South D3 Regionals

    10. Monrovia Mid Valley-SS, Rio Hondo, 12-2, Mid
    Valley-SS Finals

    11. Corona del Mar(Newport Beach) Southern-SS, Pacific
    Coast, 11-3, Southern-SS Champs*

    12. Encinal(Alameda) NCS D3, WACC-Foothill, 10-3,
    NCS D3 Semis and WACC-Foothill Co-champs

    13. Jurupa Hills(Fontana) East Valley-SS, Mountain
    Valley, 13-1, East Valley-SS Champs

    14. Garden Grove Southern-SS, Garden Grove, 13-1,
    Southern-SS Finals

    15. Wasco CS D4, South Sequoia, 12-1, CS D4 Champs

    16. Cardinal Newman(Santa Rosa) NCS D3, North Bay,
    10-3, NCS D3 Semis and North Bay Tri-champs

    17. San Dimas Mid Valley-SS, Valle Vista, 10-3, Mid
    Valley Semis and Val Vista Champs

    18. Palma(Salinas) CCS D4(Open?) MBL-Gabilan, 7-4,
    CCS Open 1stRound and MBL-Gabilan Champs**

    19. Rim of the World(Lake Arrowhead) East Valley-SS,
    Mountain Valley, 11-3, East Valley-SS Finals

    20. Torrance North Northwest-SS, Pioneer, 9-4,
    Northwest-SS Semis and Pioneer Champs

    21. Sierra Canyon(Chatsworth) Mid Valley-SS, Alpha-
    West, 10-3, Mid Valley-SS Semis and Alpha West

    22. Campolindo(Moraga) NCS D3, Diablo Foothill, 9-3,
    NCS D3 2ndRound and Diablo Foothill Champs.

    23. Salesian(LA) Northeast-SS, Santa Fe, 12-4,
    Northeast-SS Champs

    24. Ripon SJS D4, Trans Valley, 11-2, SJS D4 Semis
    and Trans Valley Co-champs

    25. Sacred Heart Prep(Atherton) CCS D4, PAL-Bay, 11-2,
    CCS D4 Champs**

    26. Miramonte(Orinda) NCS D3, Diablo Foothill, 9-3,
    NCS D3 2ndRound

    27. West Valley(Cottonwood) NS D2, Northern, 9-3, NS
    D2 Champs

    28. Hilmar SJS D4, Trans Valley, 11-2, SJS D4 Semis
    and Trans Valley Co-champs

    29. McClymonds(Oakland) OS, Oakland, 14-2, CIF D4

    30. Argonaut(Jackson) SJS D4, Mother Lode, 9-3,
    SJS D4 2ndRound and Mother Lode Tri-champs

    **Since CCS could very well place St. Ignatius, Valley
    Christian, and/or Palma into their Open (they usual- ly do) for the playoffs, the following teams are
    being listed:

    (31) Mission Prep(San Luis Obispo) Northeast-SS, Free-
    lance, 12-2, Northeast-SS Finals

    (32) St. Margarets(San Juan Capistrano) East
    Valley-SS, Academy, 11-2, East Valley Semis and
    Academy Champs

    (33) Centennial(Compton) Northwest-SS, Pioneer, 7-5,
    Northwest-SS 2ndRound

    * A lot of things could happen for CIF D4. The best
    scenario would probably be for Central to win SJS D4
    and Bishop Diego win the Northwest and the
    Commissioners place both in D4. This should make
    for a good D4 title game, assuming both get through
    through the regionals. Then, most likely, the
    Mid Valley winner would take on the Southern or
    East Valley winner for the South D3 regionals,
    and the NCS D3 winner play the CCS D3 or D4, or
    the NS D2 winner for the North D4 Regionals.
    However, the Commissioners don’t want a regional
    blowout either, so they might be hesitant to put
    either of them in D4 if they would perceive con-
    siderably weaker opponents, and I don’t think
    they’d want one without the other: remember the
    embarrasing annihilation Central gave to Sante Fe
    Christian. The worst scenario would be no
    eligible teams in the South, so they’d have to go
    to a ringer (Smallest school over 500 that won
    its section-division); and McClymonds is found
    to have over 500 kids, in the North. However,
    Ferndale and Brookside Christian(It would be a
    huge upset were either not to win their divi-
    sions) should at least be respectable D4 teams.
    (What I’d really like to see is little bitty
    Ferndale,about 140 kids, take on tiny Mojave,
    about 160 kids, both public schools, in the CIF
    D4 Cal Bowl. This would be the CIF D4 Division
    in its “purest” form!)
    Anyway, anything could happen in CIF D4.

  • Alulkai

    Great list. CC vs BD in D4 bowl would be ideal. BD has the lowest enrollment on the list (285). I don’t think they should be considered D3. I would hope the Commissioners would feel the same. I could see them moving CC to D3 though given their winning tradition & blowout last year.