College Park High football team optimistic this year will be better

The College Park High football team is out to prove that last year was a fluke.

The injury-plagued season ended with the Falcons posting a losing record and not qualifying for the North Coast Section playoffs, something that doesn’t happen too often for a program that’s been consistently strong under veteran coach Bill Kepler.

This year, enough talent and experience returns that the Falcons have a chance to improve on last season’s fourth-place finish in the Diablo Valley Athletic League.

“We’re a little more athletic this year and are understanding our jobs better,” Kepler said. “The kids are buying in better… We have kids back that understand the schemes better.”

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Stephanie Hammon

  • Le Roy A. Salido

    QB # 5 is back team faster should be good year.
    Go Falcons!!!!!!

  • Le Roy A, Salido

    Good game Falcons, They fell back by half time
    because of two mistakes and penaltys. 21 to 35. came bac in true fassion to 41 41 tie, but Alhambra would
    not agree to an OT. wonder why?? second half 20 to 6 Falcons. touhdowns by Salido-2, Timmiy Jackson 2_and Ray Jackson 2.Salido steered offense “Flawlessly.
    Can’t wait for next game.

  • College Park #5,22 and 32 ran rough shod over Alhambra, the Bulldog defense could not handle them..But the Bulldog center wiped out nine plays with his poor centering…..Alhambra QB had a awful time controlling the ball on each event…This Falcon team is not the same team as last year as they came to play Friday night..Now Alhambra gave College Park good field position on every one of their Kickoffs with these short side kicks that backfired each time and not punting in the final minutes opened the doors for CP to win the game with a great run with just minutes left in the game..And tying the game at 41-41, had it not been for Foster’s effort to block the PAT, CP would have won 42-41….

  • Le Roy Salido…..Alhambra refused the OT because they knew they could not stop Salido, and the two Jackson’s. These guys were hell on wheels…Salido’s ball handling deception help spring the running backs thru the Bulldog line.
    This sets up a meet with Freedom and Joe Mixon which I think CP is going to win…

  • After the 41-41 tie, Alhambra will have to do some serious work on the defense…CP showed the Bulldogs where all the problems are…First, the center has to clean up his act or be replaced, Second, forget get the offside kicks,none of them worked, third…punt when you are deep in your own territory and finally, the offense has no deception, this is where the Bulldogs could take a page or two from Salido who was a master Friday night.
    Next week Alhambra faces RC and this won’t be any cake walk either.

  • Falcon Alumni

    I played for Coach Kepler, so I know his schemes, the blocking assignments, his preparation. Coach had a little smile before meeting with Alhambra’s coaches and the refs after the 4th quarter. If you know Coach Kepler, you could tell he had a hell of a time coaching that night. Obviously, Alhambra’s got a new coaching staff, but I could tell there were some plays that they would’ve liked to have back too. Obviously, as a Falcon, I would’ve liked to come back to Pleasant Hill watching our guys win, but it was a hell of a game, and a couple sloppy plays here, and turnover there, we could’ve won, in my opinion. Also, can anyone explain the ridiculous flags that went against CP in the middle of the 2nd quarter, where all those back-to-back PI calls let Alhambra move down the field? That’s something I haven’t forgotten, especially considering the refs back in 2011 did the same thing in Martinez between the two schools. I just found it very odd.

  • Who is the hew Coach at Alhambra?

  • MiraMan

    I don’t think Alhambra has a new coach. I think it is still Hern.

  • Falcon Alumni

    Perkin and MiraMan, I only assumed it was a new coaching staff, because when I played against Alhambra, they were using the power I, and I was surprised to see them the other night coming out in the spread.

  • Le Roy A. Salido

    tough game for College park came back again to win with two fourth quarter touchdowns,
    this team has character!!!!!!!!