East Bay football poll — 9/3

Here’s our latest poll. Castro Valley and Amador Valley enter this week.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 1-0 75 1
2. California 1-0 70 2
3. El Cerrito 1-0 64 t3
4. San Ramon Valley 1-0 61 5
5. Pittsburg 0-1 53 t3
6. Clayton Valley 0-1 50 t7
7. Deer Valley 0-0 46 t7
8. James Logan 0-1 43 6
9. Foothill 1-0 30 11
10. Berkeley 1-0 27 12
11. Castro Valley 1-0 21 NR
12. Campolindo 1-0 18 13
13. Monte Vista 0-1 16 10
14. Amador Valley 1-0 11 NR
15. Freedom 0-1 9 9

Also receiving votes:  McClymonds (1-0, 8 votes). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • GUEST99@

    San Leandro is the sleeper of the year, getting better week by week. People talking CV or BHS but wait and see.
    CV has no passing game and BHS has no offense. San Leandro has a little of both which might be good enough to take league.

  • formerdragon2006

    Since Nickerson does not know to rebuild a high school team he is struggling. They lost by 38 to a terra nova team that hasnt won 10 games or more in the last decade. For all the grief that Coach Perenon, i dont see anyone call for Nickersons job. Once his son left he had no intentions to really stick it out there. The administration should understand. O’Dowd as a whole has changed so much. It is now about what you can donate versus the relationship between student and teacher.

  • Paydirt

    For your consideration:

    DLS was slightly bigger and faster than Serra. The Padres could not run the ball on the Spartans and got half of their yards on two plays. Stick with the veer, fix the broken play coverage on defense, avoid more serious injuries and the Spartan’s will be just fine.

    Dougherty Valley will not be a pushover this season and they could end up with 4 wins. They probably won’t make the playoffs, but they could surprise a few quality teams.

    Regarding the top team behind the Spartans, it will sort itself out in the EBAL in due time.

    BTW, if you agree with Chalktalk, that makes two of you wrong. And if you agree with Chalktalk a second time, that makes you insane. Hah!

    Cheers, and see you at the gridiron!

  • chalktalk

    temporary insanity borderline Schizophrenic.
    may do harm 2 self and other ” proceed with caution”
    may need heavy sedation to apprehend.
    BTW- “””” r u not entertained “”””

  • EastBay

    Guess99: I seen SL against Valley Chr., not sure what is going on with Johnson, but that first half he looked really shaky until that final drive of the first half. Costa came in and the offense looked more in sync with him at the helm. VC’s offense gave SL’s D fits that first game. Last weekend their D looked better but their offense was nonexistent. Hopefully they can pick it up when league rolls around.

  • GUEST99@

    nice insight on SL. I didn’t think they would be contending this year. When SL BHS and CV play each other, they could provide some interesting games of the week. Out of the three only CV seems to have an offense worth noting but will they have the defense to win league?

    Another thought , with clayton valley’s weak schedule, how are they suppose to contend in the ranking?

    And like someone else said – this is the year to get past DLS, but no one seems to be up for the task.

  • Grey Crane

    Grey Crane attaches not to a team, but an entire league, the highly underrated BVAL. As stated earlier, you outsiders wishing to break up our league to fit your own specific needs is what is fluffing my feathers.
    Clayton Valley is a D2 school wishing for D1 cred. Fine, we all understand that’s something to shoot for now that you can steal players like DLS does. Do what you need to do, just leave the mighty BVAL out of it. TY.

  • Island Chief

    Mira man,

    There is NOTHING about Miramonte that makes anyone shudder in fear. If you think for a splinter of a second that Doss is the same player you saw last year. I only hope that your coaching staff share the same views as you. You tell me after the game. LMWAO!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Look Island Thief, Can you explain why we at Encinal have had a foot up the people on the other side of the Island’s Butt for six years? Gonna be seven soon enough and how does it feel to be owned by dumpster divers for six years? That means your beloved program must be pretty low if we are all that. You’ll be singing that next year song soon enough so you can start now! Jet Pride!

  • chalktalk

    “attention ”
    meet this doctor who graduated from CAL. So we’re getting ready to cross the street and she says ” they have all these bells and whistles for the blind people. what about the deaf people they can hear. (NOW THE WOMAN WENT TO SCHOOL FOR 10 YEARS AND HAS A PIECE OF PAPER THAT SAYS SHE SMART can prescribe medicine and operate ). I say well maybe that green light or the little green man mite give them a clue…
    moral of the story stay in school doesn’t matter if ur smart just do the work and they will think ur smart.

  • Coach Kemp

    Island Chief:

    First off, I can see your enthusiasm.

    Given the facts:
    1. I have had multiple people over time, including staff members, ask me who you are.

    2. I do not know who you are.

    3. I have asked you to refrain from disrespect in the past, if you are a supporter that you claim to be.

    I am going to have to reiterate that you ought to stop representing as if you are in any way involved or associated with the Alameda football program.

    My staff and I are focused on developing student-athletes who respect the game and play football snap-to-whistle.

    We understand and respect the hard work of other programs. We are thankful for each and every game opportunity we have, regardless of opponent.

    Ultimately, the trash talk and attacks on personalities is not something I can condone. If other organizations accept things going about that way, that is their choice. But at Alameda, we are focused on football and improving as student-athletes and solid young people. So if you will be engaging in negative personal statements towards anyone, please stop acting in any way that you are associated with the Alameda program.

    I am not going to be posting on this site, as frankly there is way too much to be doing and time is very scarce. But due to the above facts, this was a post that needed to be made.


    Kemp Moyer
    Alameda High Football

  • chalktalk

    TAMPA 2
    LMAO ignorance is blissful
    dont u see dumb people have a dumb smile on their faces
    they dont know their dumb
    1 i trained a kid all summer long 2 play CB
    he’s a lock down corner DOESNT EVEN LET WR RUN THIER ROUTE the defense moves him 2 FS. When u play FS the tackling angles are very different than CB because most of the time the ball carrier has a 2way go as oppose 2 the CB when there is mostly a one way go… THE TIMING OF THE COLLISION IS DIFFERENT AND THE RB RARELY SQUARES UP ON U.
    2 FS is the last line of defense in most “D” u dont have hash 2 hash assholes U ARE TO PROTECT AN ANGLE THAT ALLOWS U TO GET OVER THE TOP OF THE DEEPEST WR PERIOD.when the ball goes in the air u play the ball.
    when the QB release the ball the defense is null and void EVERYONES SHOULD BE TRACKING THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” this is how coaches ruin a kids chance playing him out of position. MEDIOCRE DUDES DONT WANT TO WIN JUST WONT TO COACH…
    (im i hating lmao)

  • chalktalk

    your team dont want u this is by far the funniest post ever… maybe go down 2 linguinis grab some chowder and a drink walk it of big BOY U HAVE BEEN CUT CUT CUT CUT LMAO im crying over here this is the funniest shit ever!!!
    ( can u cut a fan) is that even legal – has it ever been done b4 – say it anit so – by the gods.

  • Island Chief

    Nice try dummies, I know for a fact that post 161 is not Coach Moyer. If he truly does not have the time to post on this blog, then why is he here? I know you idiots are trying to post as Moyer to try and get me off this blog.

    I bet it is all jealousy of the Alameda football team. What’s the matter, you wusses can’t take the Hornets? I know you cower in fear of Doss, Hameed and Hernandez, you wish you had players of this caliber. And I know that Moyer apologizes for nothing; he shows no mercy to any of you losers.

    You all laugh and make fun of Alameda. You all underestimate what we have here. Why is Alameda not ranked yet in these polls? C’mon Stephanie, Phil, and everyone else, you guys like to disrespect the Hornets. Whatever, we’ll be the last ones laughing when Alameda wins the D2 championship.

  • EB FB Coach

    D2 championships?!? WTF?! You can’t be serious. You’ve beaten Dublin and Redwood. What are you going to do against Clayton Valley or Rancho Cotate or Northgate or Casa Grande? They’d run your team out of the stadium.

    Are you serious? Is this satire? Mr. Twain?

    I don’t even have a response. You’ve gone from beating the #16 and #22 D2 teams in NCS to winning D2? This has to be a joke.

    Alameda is better this year, but you’ve got to crawl before you walk and walk before you strap on the pads and play with the big boys.

  • Coach Sam

    Mr Island Chief,

    I don’t think you understood what Kemp was trying to tell you, but let me make myself clear as the second coach from Alameda having to address this situation. Stop talking as if you are a part of this organization or program. Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish is of no help to our team. All the crazy talking you’re doing is one thing but just stop acting like you’re a part of our unit. Let’s not make this an issue.

    Coach Sam Mora Jr

  • chalktalk, like Connery said to Kosner in Eliot Ness, are u prepared to do what is necessary? Grey Crane is talking sheeettt from the lowly bval. I cannot risk championship rings punching his lites out(lites out B) and getting unwanted flesh on my fingers.
    U are hired at will now and need to take this bullshit seriously. In California there is a labor law and u need to lean some labor on this puke. He is not giving DeLa there rightful do, even though they have stunk up last 2 games. He needs to check his attitude at the gate until he can prove what the F he has ever done. Yur call, bro.

  • oalfan

    If i was a coach of a team, MAYBE I would look at this blog but I would never enter in it.
    Ever heard of the 1st amendment?
    That’s the one before the gun one.

    Now if all coaches used this, it would be different and a lot more interesting. Coaches have a big responsibility and the have prestige. Bloggers Blog.

  • chalktalk

    right next to the AC unit at any major hotel is where i do my finest work.HOLD him up ill lay him down. the first ones on me… LMAO no need to damage ur rings

  • chalktalk

    island boy

    thats 2 coach who respectfully deny ur fan-ship
    i know ur in shock, but snap out of it son tomorrows another day. ur the fIRST fan 2 ever get cut ur making history my good fellow. MAYBE START AN UNWANTED FAN CLUB LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Island Chief

    I am the Real Island Chief. Someone is using my name. I am not insulting anyone but the dude that got fired from San Lorenzo.

  • chalktalk

    own up to ur post coward
    no one writes like u
    is it lonely at the bottom lmao

  • Island Chief

    #164 is chalktalk posing as me.

  • Serra is coming to the island this week. gather up alameda and encinal, both coaches and fans. take on Serra as a unit, the destruction of alameda depends on it.

  • Serra is angry!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    YoMama, As always we will go hard be it Serra,De La Salle or the 49ers(Quite a strech But..)I have confidence that Our guys will go all out every play from start to end! If we do what we set out to do, Victory can be ours! And while Serra might be angry, Well they can always reschedule De La.:-)
    Jet pride!

  • chalktalk

    island chef
    IF SOME STRANGE DUDE JUST WALKS UP AND SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF U THAT WOULD BE ME. the more sober i become the angrier i get. been off the meds sense i got fired lmao.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @YoMama, Serra is next week. 9-20. This Week Rodriguez-Fairfield this week. Jet Pride!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Island Chief,”It doesn’t matter what your name is!.” “Take that, insert item here, shine it up, turn that sombitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy #$%$!” Jk. Jet Pride!

  • old meddler- OK by bad. Read jet- aptos summary. Jets got a little kicker huh? Think Serra is going to be like Aptos?
    Rodreiguez way down from previous years- should be a game.

  • ole meddler- where did u school at again- “Everybody knows Bal’s got soul!”
    Bal big first win. Ex Bal QB Thompson from Sac State in NFL.
    I think u went to Lincoln, right?

  • EB Prep Fan

    Damn Meddling! Hot and pissed! Nice post!!!

    “island chef

    —That’s awesome! Now were in the high school football(blog) season!

  • Coach Sam

    Mr. Island Chief,

    I don’t know if you are playing around or not with these so called “false identities”. Regardless, it is unacceptable to be insulting coaches and teams for no reason. At Alameda, we treat everyone with respect, no matter who they are or how hostile they get. I knew Jacob Wright from San Lorenzo; that man is not only a good coach, but a great family man. It is unfortunate what happend with him at San Lorenzo, but there is no need for insults towards him. Your constant crazy talk and disrespect towards everyone is not only hurtful to other teams and fans, but it is hurtful to Alameda High School. That is it. I will contact out principal Michael Hans and the East Bay Prep Corner to have you removed from these blogs. I can’t stand to see you destroy what we have going here.

    Coach Sam Mora Jr.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Yomama,Yeah Emily is a 3rd year Varsity kicker and tough too. Mission High Yo,Bears eat mustangs!Serra always a good program come at ya hard. Joe Scheduled them because we dodge no body. I was kidding The Chef but we’ll whoop em like we have last 6 yrs. Jet Pride!

  • u might not like island chief however yur principle isnt going to get anyone thrown off these blogs. this is a free country son, so go back and prepare for the jets when u play, if u dont like island chief then dont read him. also coaches dont need to be on the blog, someone else learned that several yrs back.

  • EB Prep Fan

    I don’t care what your name is CHALK, that was the best line I have read on these blogs in a looooong time#177.If you don’t mind……I’m gonna use that one

  • chalktalk

    EB prep FAN
    Glad u liked it

  • chalktalk

    Coach SAM
    I like coach Wright also
    u think im talking about him ur mistaken
    I’ve never even had a disagreement with the man

  • Isosaari

    Dont think he was talking to you chalk. It’s addressed to Island Chief

  • chalktalk

    some one plz throw ISLAND CHIEF
    a live safer he’s drowning.
    but dont throw a flotation device
    throw him a fruity candy so his fat ass can b happy as he goes down.

  • Rico J

    I ont get the fuss about Alameda anyway. SLZ lookin like the best in WACCS. They got some real boys on they team.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Not with that Wing T!
    Just kidding!

  • 9-14-13
    Friday nights game between Alhambra and Ygnacio Valley was a one sided affair….BUT, the Bulldogs had to struggle the whole game to do their scoring….The games first play was a 58 yard bomb from Evans to Cabrera with only about 30 seconds used on the clock…From here on the Bulldogs had to work for their scores.
    Usual problems, penalies and a running game that doesn’t work do to the new offense which broadcasts the direction the ball is going…..Side line kicks that don’t work and set the opposing team up with good field position..
    But on the plus side, Chris Young is on the field now and this kid has speed and guts…Last week Evans thru for 423 yards and last night it was close to the same total again…With a ground game, the Bulldogs would be hard to beat, but until changes are made in the offense, Alhambra will continue to struggle.
    Alhambra won 43-0 but it should have been 63-0, even with the subbing late in the third Quarter and all thru the fourth Quarter.

    Junior Varsity has made a big turn around from what looked to be one of the worst JV teams in years…

    JV….Alhambra 14 14 07 07 42
    Ygnacio Valley 00 00 00 00 00

    Varsity Alhambra 13 08 15 06 43

    Ygnacio Valley 00 00 00 00 00

    On another note…When are you guys going to stop [picking at each other and use your skills to talk about some very good football that is taking place,
    you have set the Blog back to the dark ages…

  • Hoop Sol 22

    Who is the AD at Alameda?

  • Prep Fan

    Bluedog, you’re right that there’s been way too much name calling and bullying on here, and not enough football talk.

    It’s hard to gauge a team when they’re playing YV, but you know that team well. Carrillo next week should be a good test for the Dogs. As for YV, it’s really too bad Murphy didn’t keep his commitment to return to that school, as the Warriors are in desperate need of some change. CV was already in good shape when he took over and he put his stamp on them and has taken them to another level (but that schedule aside from the DLS game is abysmal).

  • Chalktalk- didnt logan pride learn his lesson last season coming on this blog pre the 52-07 whippin laid on the colts from DeLa? he made some bold predictions on that. I do like lgan beating SRV 21-18 this week, brings SRV down to reality, they were floating high as # 2.

  • # 188 are those english black walnuts?

  • chalktalk

    NOT – GOLF
    do u know how bad people talk to each other on the football field U WOULD B AMAZED. ” its one of the only places u can beat the shit out of someone without seeing the judge LMAO.

  • chalktalk

    SOME PEOPLE r hard headed
    then when u soften them up they call 911

  • MiraMan

    Prep Fan @ 195,

    I agree that Alhambra/Carillo will be good test. Carillo will come to play, but its an entirely winnable home game for Alhambra. At 1-1-1 with a close loss to Cotate, I’m curious to see if they’re a good team that’s had a tough loss or a faker that will get exposed. The other problem Alhambra has is that DFAL is shaping up to be tougher than a lot of people thought it was going to be. I didn’t think Acalanes would be as good as they are shaping up to be and Las Lomas has not dropped-off much if any.

    Another good game next week in DFAL will be Las Lomas/Northgate. Northgate should take it, but LL could make a statement by upsetting them or even making it close.