East Bay football poll — 9/3

Here’s our latest poll. Castro Valley and Amador Valley enter this week.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 1-0 75 1
2. California 1-0 70 2
3. El Cerrito 1-0 64 t3
4. San Ramon Valley 1-0 61 5
5. Pittsburg 0-1 53 t3
6. Clayton Valley 0-1 50 t7
7. Deer Valley 0-0 46 t7
8. James Logan 0-1 43 6
9. Foothill 1-0 30 11
10. Berkeley 1-0 27 12
11. Castro Valley 1-0 21 NR
12. Campolindo 1-0 18 13
13. Monte Vista 0-1 16 10
14. Amador Valley 1-0 11 NR
15. Freedom 0-1 9 9

Also receiving votes:  McClymonds (1-0, 8 votes). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • h4h

    This hit was CLEAN. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOzQREbS9vk

  • Paloma

    Come on CV Gump….DLS is all about integrity and they would NEVER do anything immoral and never risk their integrity to win a football game. After all, they are a Christian Bros. school and they do things the right way and don’t treat players like tissue paper like other schools do!
    *tongue planted firmly in cheek!

  • David

    Javari Anderson’s number 14. The hit on the cv player, while unnecessary, wasn’t nearly as bad as the result. You can find it on YouTube.

  • Island Chief

    The Chief Speaks

    WACC – Shoreline
    Week Two Thoughts

    #1 Alameda – 2-0.
    Redwood was game. I will take a 20-13 ugly road win any time. Hameed is still out. We could use him against Miramonte.

    #2 Tennyson 0-1
    Tennyson lost 44-36 to American. That loss shows that they are not the same as last year.
    Alameda 35 Tennyson 20

    #3 Piedmont 0-2
    Piedmont lost 28-21 to Moreau. Athlete deficient.
    Alameda 41 Piedmont 6

    #4 San Lorenzo – 2-0.
    San Lorenzo won 32-21 over Mt.Diablo. Mt.Diablo is a youth football team.
    Alameda 51 San Lorenzo 6

    #5 Mt.Eden 1-1.
    Mt.Eden 38-14 loss to Kennedy-Fremont. Coach Perenon is overrated.
    Alameda 55 Mt.Eden 7

    #6 Arroyo 0-2
    Arroyo lost to Newark Memorial 64-12. OMG! This is not football.
    Alameda 105 Arroyo 0

  • EBfootball

    I can’t believe Serra blew it. They had that game. That play action on 3rd and 1 on DeLa’s 20 that resulted in a sack was a devastating mistake. Serra’s mistakes put DeLa in the position to win (int, missed field goals, etc). Though Serra’s defense was a force, it’s weird that DeLa had to wait until the second half to start going on first sound to not allow Serra to shift their D. DeLa’s offense is suspect (relative to what they’ve done in the past). Average passing game and it seems like they should be running power with the meat on that line.

  • Junior

    I am enjoying the anti DLS fire by y’all. That fire is generally missing in these parts.

    Let yesterday’s performance by Serra be a lesson to you Nor Cal teams: DLS can be defeated. It takes the manly effort that the Padres displayed yesterday mixed in with good coaching. Serra played their asses off. At one pont the Serra MLB just fell to the ground from exhaustion- that is the effort required to beat the Green Machine.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Generally I don’t hate at all on DLS. They are a machine everyone knows. I even take a little pride when they kill the SoCal teams in the State. But snobby ass crap like post 106 makes me sick. Wow! Basically you have an All Star team from 3 counties playing local teams. Serra might not be a local team but damn, gimme a break. Probably the only teams that can beat you are the 680 teams or Pitt and they can’t because their studs all play for you!

  • eastbay

    Island Chief: Seen Piedmont on Friday, basically lost because of one player, Jason Hinton. They have a great sophomore athlete. Not saying Alameda will lose to them but they aren’t nearly as bad as last year.Just ddon’t see Alameda scoring 40+ on anybody let alone 50 points. At least make your predictions more realistic. 105 points?????

  • david

    Real athletes will always rear their head. Buh Bye Cal ..

  • david

    dls. yawn already

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Island Chef, I too believe Alameda will beat Piedmont and i’m glad you got something to cheer about But i wouldn’t be thinking by that big a spread.Don’t get excited too fast, The season is still very young and Don’t forget You got a Date At the Stargell Field House! Jet Pride!

  • Junior

    @107. Don’t shoot the messenger. I am trying to encourage the local programs. Apparently the saying is true for some: you can take a horse to water …

  • Junior, you handled the game as a DLS fan with a lot of class. More then I can say for the other DLS bloggers. Now whats the problem in Concord? They are loaded just by the number of D-1 athletes has the change over in coaches just not totally taken effect? Is Alumbaugh trying to hard to be what Lad was instead of just doing things his way? I’ve seen DLS struggle early in the season usually hand off issues. They just flat out can’t move the ball as they have in the last with lesser athletes. I personally think they are a lil too buffed up for the traditional DLS roster. From the qb and o-line positions.

  • MiraMan


    I have no problem with DLS and I can understand your frustration with posters put down the amount of effort and dedication that go into maintaining the DLS tradition in football and other sports. But their is a dual system in high school sports between privates and publics and it causes a pretty big disparity in the NorCal area. Privates pull in a lot of the top talent and leave the publics playing with far fewer superstars than they would have otherwise. For you to infer that those of us that have kids in public school just need to “try a little harder” is pretty insulting.

    Let’s remember that for the most part the programs that compete well with DLS are other private schools. So to point out that Serra, a private school, put up a good fight, just goes to prove the disparity.

  • Junior

    Perkin- two things at play for the slow start. One is the usual DLS slow start. For many reasons they take a while to get rolling.

    The more important reason for the 2013 slow start is their two opponents. CVC and Serra both played very physical, great tackling and confident. As important, was the outstanding coaching job by Murphy and Walsh and their crew. DLS has struggled to solve the defensive schemes they have faced. Vs CVC they got it going much earlier than vs Serra which took until the fourth quarter. I’m not convinced they totally figured out Serra.

    I can’t judge Alumbaugh until he has a full year. It is too early.

  • Island Chief

    Don’t worry old meddling coach. We have had Friday, October 4th, 2013 circled since last year. We will make all of those arrogant encinal coaches and bloggers eat a d.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Exactly my point MiraMan! It’s legal and no one can say DLS is doing anything wrong. In addition, I’m sure there is no team that works harder 12 months outta the year. But ease up with the “manly effort” crap…….please. Don’t act like you guys go get 30 average Concord kids and “coach’em up” and get them to play with so much more effort. Just sit back and enjoy the view from up there….no need to laugh and throw rocks down at us normal high schools

  • Island Chief

    If Kennedy can score 64 points vs. Arroyo then we can break 100. I whole heatedly believe that if Hernandez threw 15 jump balls to Doss against Arroyo he comes down with 15 balls and 15 touchdowns.

  • Junior

    @117- ru serious? Who is throwing rocks? Maybe you should watch the Serra game before you pop off. The Padres did man up. They played with tons of heart. They hit. It was not unlike the Cal v DLS games of 2010 and 2008 or the Pitt playoff game last year.

    You have no clue if you dont believe DLS doesn’t coach up their players.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Nevermind……you’re not listening. I would never say that the DLS Kids are not coached incredibly well, or that they don’t work incredibly hard. Just don’t tell me that all it takes is effort to compete with them. They’re pulling from at least 3 counties. Kids want to go there because of the fact that its DLS, so it’s no ones fault. But it’s not apples to apples.

  • jumior

    who isnt listening? Where did I post all it takes is effort to compete with them?

  • Junior

    Who isn’t listening? Where did I say it only takes effort? Straw man.

  • guest

    @Junior… I think I understood EB Prep Fan’s point pretty clearly. Some of the success at DLS has to be attributed to the fact that they draw players from a large geographic region vs the pool of players at public shools that are drawn mostly from the surrounding neighborhood. As he said, it is legal, but it is a distinct advantage for not only DLS, but all private schools.

  • guest

    I agree that they do “coach them up”, however they are starting from a higher base (of athletic ability/skill level).

  • Prep Fan

    Junior knows exactly what you guys are saying, as he has heard it all many times before. He just likes the bantor. You don’t need to try to explain to him where you are coming from. He reads the same posts from people every year.

  • Junior, can you beat these guys? DeLa pulls out the win, outplayed for sure, and now they are calling out the DeLa bloggers and fans for being arrogant?????
    DeLa cheating to beat Serra? Illegal player??? Gee, the kid that made the illegal block against CV was NOT thrown out of the game by the ref, did not leave the field, NO SUSPENSION PERIOD.
    DLS no class??? Are u kidding? Playing 2nd and 3rd teaMS AGAINST MOST OPPONENTS IN 2ND HALF, TAKING KNEES ALL THESE YEARS WITHIN 3 -4 MINUTES, NOT POURING IT ON, well I guess that counts for nothing.
    Well I guess if Encinal plays Serra tough they can beat DLS, MiraMan must not know kids from Richmond pplaying out in Orinda, Perkins waiting for the Spartans to fall, some new idiot named David, wow u guys really got an axe to grind. Well hear this, if DeLa goes down for a game, they are going to bounce up and still win NCS like they have in the past the last 21 straight years, one loss doesnt make a season, not even out at DeLaSalle. They are a lot more humble than u could imagine, u guys still and will never get it. Praise to the WCAL, they would run roughsod over yur teams too. Its kind of like what they say out at St. Marys College, God is a Gael!

  • Tri-City Dude

    Island Chief, that was Newark that scored 64 points against Arroyo, not Kennedy-Fremont. As much as I dislike the things you say, you are right that Alameda can score points in bunches with their offense, and they probably will with Arroyo’s struggling defense.

  • Junior

    Stay on topic preppy

    Here is a topic for preppy: Cal’s run defense. Discuss.

  • I hear that Salesian is being classified as a D5 team this year. WOw, this is huge news for them being D4 they competed with D3 fro state but now it seems they will be in MAC’s state bracket I believe D4. I don’t think they are playing any longer either.

  • Oh Boy

    It’s probably a waste of breath but here goes. There was some really great, intriguing HS football played this weekend and you grown men come on here and natter like petty, little girls. Stop It.

    I admit I wrote Pitt off after their transfers and opening week and then they beat up Cal. Harris Ross has to be in early consideration for player of the year. Freedom has 2 losses to Pleasanton schools and Joe Mixon has lost a little aura. If Freedom runs through league that should end the BVAL-EBAL comparisons. EC stood toe to toe with big, bad Bellarmine without (I think) their best player. Kudos to them but no moral victories. Harvey is an impact player and cost his team and NCS a historic win and maybe an undefeated season. D1 is a crap shoot. Will DLS lose to a NorCal squad the 1st year Lad is off the books as HC? Latge public schools like Berkeley, San Leandro and Logan picked the wrong year to be down with DLS looking vulnerable. Alameda is better than expected but the schedule is laughable. Miramonte will be the test of respectability. Their rival Encinal will be crushed be Serra and that will not be a shame after they almost toppled the king with missing players. BOD is 0-2 and looks terrible on offense. What happened to the Dragons talent? I really like Mack this year and see them as a state championship team. They are big and fast, just young. League favorites and dark horses are emerging and tbh the only one I think will thrill is DFAL. The rest should be wrapped up quickly or have an inferior league champ.

  • Voice of Reason

    I have to chuckle at the recent posts of the explanations of DLS supremacy. Lord knows I have given it my best shot the past few years on these blogs.

    But the main difference is that I follow and admire what they have been able to accomplish the past 22 years while attempting to explain how they have been able to do it.

    In general, I agree it will likely be another private Northern California School to end “The Streak”. In fact, I think the game this week’s at St. Mary’s will be a great test for the Spartans; even more so than the Serra game. St. Mary’s probably feels this will be the best opportunity they will ever have to defeat DLS based on what they saw last Saturday.

    However, I do feel Coach Alumbaugh, with the best supporting cast in the business, will learn from the first two games and make a statement this Friday night. As long as the QB Williams can raise the level of his game as the season wears on they should be fine.

    Losing Daz & Mayer to injuries would devastate nearly any other high school team. The good news for the Spartans is they can fall back on their legendary depth to maintain the high level of play the DLS coaches demand.

  • Grey Crane

    No one should argue against the DLS supremacy. Any school that can con $20K+ in tuition out of parents with the promise of their kid adding third-string “depth” to the team is supreme indeed.

    All that to then teach them that cavemen and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time. PT Barnum was correct, as sucker is born every minute. Priceless.

  • Prep Fan

    Just trying to save you from hearing the same arguments over and over Junior. As I mentioned in my recap of the Pitt game, Cal’s defense missed far too many tackles, and they will need to work on that in order to compete for a league title this year. CV’s running game that put up 57 on MV last week should be a good test for them to make adjustments this week. They also need work on the kicking game. Right now, I wouldn’t pick them over Foothill or SRV, although Billeci has done very well against both of those teams since he took over from Sanchez.

    As for the latest DLS near miss, those guys just never give up and are just working hard and waiting for the next opportunity to present itself in order to capitalize. Whether it be a missed PAT or FG or an overturned onside kick. Many teams would give in or succumb to the pressure under those circumstances, but like NE in the Tuck Rule game, they manage to get the job done when given the opportunity. Say what you want about the depth of talent and how hard they work all year long, but the never say die attitude brings in it’s share of victories as well.

  • jfree

    Great post, Oh Boy. I agree there were some really interesting games this weekend. I was at the EC Bellarmine game, and was impressed with both teams. I frankly expected Bellarmine to win handily, but EC had a real chance to win without the late turnover. Harvey may have made a difference. Sad situation at BOD. Coach Nickerson does not appear equipped to coach a rebuilding team. After a good number of his assistants either quit or were fired, the team seems disorganized. Embarrassing effort on Friday night.

  • MiraMan (and anyone else who might be interested)

    I said I’d explain why I think you’re wrong about 5 team leagues. I finally have the time.
    First of all, I agree 5 team leagues are not completely ideal; if nothing else there’s always an odd team out(league game bye)once league play begins. But, any odd number of teams in a league has this problem. However, with “10 games in 11 weeks” that all the sections use for the regular HS football season, a
    late season bye is not a big problem: it’s not going to make scheduling non-league games that difficult unless the AD is way over-worked or just plain lazy (and would probably want the league to have as many teams as possible!). 5 team leagues start league play the same week as 6 team leagues and 7 team leagues the same as 8 team leagues. This usually occurs Week 6 and Week 4 respectively. For late season bye teams, it means scheduling 6 games during Weeks 0 thru 5, and 4 games Weeks 0 thru 3 respectively. Before 0 Week this was a big problem and often meant only 9 regular season games or 2 completely mismatched teams playing. The epitome of this was in ’03 when San Ramon played Sierra Ridge , a “special” school for 76 boys in San Andreas, for their league bye. If SR didn’t bench their starters after the 1st possession, they were “running up the score”. I think the score was 68-0. Anyway, Zero Week allows for odd team leagues to get all their non-league games in before league play begins.
    I feel 6 team leagues are ideal, for HS football anyway. Throughout the state and other states, most of the leagues are 6 teams. SDS, CCS, and NCS are exceptions. CCS and NCS have a lot of 7, 8, and larger leagues. SDS has 9 of their 18 leagues 5 teams each, plus 3 four team leagues. This 6 number allows for top teams to play plenty of quality competition to not only get ready for league play, but to enhance the team’s standing too. For not so good teams, it allows competitive games at their level and keep their season from being a complete disaster.
    There are, at my count, 27 5 team leagues in California. The overwhelming majority of them are in the South. Some of them are some of the strongest in California: Avocado West, Avocado East, Palomar, Metro-Mesa, and Coastal (argueably the strongest under 500 league in the state) in SDS; and the Marmonte East, Marmonte West, Serra, South Coast(all Pac 5), Sea View, and Channel in SS. The teams in these leagues have no problem scheduling 6 games.
    The 2 main factors for placing teams into a league should be 1: competitive balance 2; geographic distance. This is why I wish a new league of Livermore, Liberty, Granada, Dublin, and Daugherty Valley ought to be formed. Let’s face it, Livermore and Liberty have not been able to compete in their leagues, especially in football, for at least the last 10 years and Granada has struggled. Even when the Matadors had George III, his twin brother Josh, and a few other studs, they were 3-4 in league. Although competitive in the DFAL, Dublin and Daugherty Valley are both considerably larger than the other DFAL schools and are growing larger. Also, I don’t think The Acalanes schools and Alhambra would miss the drive down 680 to those 2 schools. The driving distance between Daugherty Valley, Dublin, and Livermore is not very far. Livermore to Brentwood via Vasco Road doesn’t take that long.
    Adding them to the EBAL where I doubt they could compete successfully (Livermore excepted), would also make the league too large (9 teams) for football.
    At the current level Clayton Valley is competing, the Eagles are too much for the DVAL. The BVAL would be much better for them. The distance to the other schools would not be that much more. (It wasn’t that long ago they were all in the “old” Bay Valley anyway.)
    If the “new league”, DFAL, DVAL, and even the EBAL, if DLS continues to stay out for FB, were all 5 team leagues, none of the schools should have any trouble scheduling 6 non-league games. Since they (and the BVAL) would all start league play the same week (which isn’t the case now), the possibility of a lot more non-league games between “east of the tunnel” teams would be a reality. This would help cut down travel costs.
    So. If this plan still “sucks”, I’d like to hear the logic against it. And if NCS really has an antiquated rule or policy against 5 team leagues, it’s time for them to wake up and smell the coffee outside the local neighborhood.

  • Grey Crane #132

    I can really sympathize with you.
    With that huge chip, your shoulder must be as painful and torn up as mine.

  • MiraMan

    Hey You,

    My “sucks” comment was meant tongue-in-cheek to say that there is no right or wrong. It’s more a matter of opinion. You point to leagues in SoCal as some “proof” that 5-team leagues is a great idea. I don’t think a 5-team league makes teams better or worse, nor do I care what they do in SoCal. By the way, in Alabama where I’m from, all leagues (section/regions, actually) have 8 teams…and I hear they play pretty good football!

    For me the “proof” is based on history and season structure. Historically, leagues have had more than 5, so less makes is seem lame; being the best out of five is much easier than being the best our of 7 or 8. Its a matter of significance of league play versus section/state bowl. For me the equilibrium is 6 of 7 teams, then at least half of your total games are league games and league means something. Less than half and league means almost nothing. What if you only had 4 teams in league, then 7 games would be non-league and 3 would be league. Who would care about “league”? Frankly, it would cease to be relevant.

    Just my opinion.

  • # 132, again another blogger who doesnt know the facts. DLS tuition is not $ 20 K. It’s $ 14 K. it’s below st.marys, odowd, SI and some others. Tuition is for students playing football or not. Other privates who are not Catholic are charging $ 25- 30 K a year.If the parents want a PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATION THATS WHAT IT COSTS.
    As far as teaching science, God, Darwinism and other subjects thats for the student to acept or not accept. DLS has a top notch science program. What does that have to do with football?You need yur lights punched out- dont make me have my ncaa championship ring on along with my USFL ring. They would hurt. Nevermine, I’ll call up Chalktalk and have him issue yur punishment.
    signed Fred Flintstone

  • junior

    Prep: The Grizz’s will get it worked out- your kids are tough SOB’s.

    Cracks me up that people are elevating Foothill. Billeci owns Sweeney and Foothill plays nobody.

  • concrete17

    @ #132 ….thanks for making me smile following a crappy day, you forgot about the required, famous Flat Earth class for incoming freshmen.

    P.S loved you in Zoolander, keep up the great work:

  • # 132 is a bozzo! DLS tuition 15 k, cheaper than sm, odowd or si. parents make that choice when sending to private school- football or not. non catholic privates running from 25-30 k. students form their own opinions on theology classes. what does that have to do with football. dls science dept is top notch. what school does grey craine attached to? has DeLa given u or yur kids whippin’s in the past?
    Like they say out at st. marys college- God is a Gael.

  • Island Chief

    The Chief Speaks

    Non-league thoughts

    Week 2 results and predictions

    Miramonte 1-1
    This will show all of the doubters on this blog that we can compete with the top teams from the Diablo-Foothill league. No one can defend Doss. I repeat. No one.
    Alameda 35 Miramonte 31

    Hillsdale 1-0
    This game is the breather on our schedule. Expect our starters to rest in the 2nd half.
    Alameda 48 Hillsdale 6

    Encinal 1-0
    I know myself and many other Alameda fans are tired of the braggadocios, trash talking, and poor sportsmanship that the Encinal football program has displayed every year. This is the end of their island bowl streak. Moyer, Doss, Hernndez and Hameed will ensure that we finally silence that beer stained, unshaven, Central avenue back alley dumpster divers that grace their sideline. When the game ends order will be restored on the island.
    Alameda 33 Encinal 14

    10-0, 2012 WACC Shoreline Division champions
    #2 seed in the D2 playoffs.


    Island Chief,

    How do you feel about Miramonte? Word is Miramonte has too much fire power. Throwing the ball at will.

    Is that fat half-breed guy that looks like dude from 2 Live Crew even doing anything as far as coaching?

  • Tampa2

    @ all Hater’s per URBAN DIC
    A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone who has succeeded in something they have worked hard for. A being who speaks badly,and/or takes negative actions in attempt to create problems for a successful person or group of individuals who are successful. A person who does not “Get It” also small feeble mind that is unable to see the big picture, or a man with small peanut issues.

    It does not matter what school you are talking about, It seems that any program that has any form of prolonged historical success gets ripped by HATERS. Those who truly understand (The Understander’s )are at peace within and are able to sit back and smile. 🙂

  • chalktalk

    u can work very hard and do nothing KINDA LIKE A HAMSTER, SPINNING HIS WHEELS.
    i said once b4 measure a man by the quality of his stride over the callus on his feet.
    ” COACHING 4 12YEARS doesnt mean u no football only means u’ve been coaching for 12 years”.
    if u take a 10-0 to 5-5 it will look great to those on the outside looking in

  • MiraMan

    The Island Idiot speaks!

    Look Chief, I know Alameda is improved this year and I believe you have a solid receiver in Doss. But I hear the QB is nothing more than average and Doss, well we saw him last year and he had like one reception for 8 yards. By the way, he’ll be covered by our all-league corner and both our corners had picks last week. Our D-line has also recorded 6 sacks so far this season including 2 against Marin Catholic, so I’m not sure your QB will have much time to find his favorite receiver. So take a cold shower and look at the facts.

    You beat a Dublin team that everyone knew would be seriously down this year and a Redwood team that went 1-9 last year and is coached by a guy named “Corky”. Oh yeah, they took you down to the wire!

    Miramonte has a pretty good receiver also. His name is Paoletti. No wait, Fuller. No wait, Pietrikowski. No wait, Anderson. No wait, Stehr. No wait, Shepard. No wait, Miller. No wait, Methany. Cause all those dudes will be catching passes on your lame-ass defense. Better yet, we have a QB with a GUN for an arm that will be firing bullets to them all night. It will be a serious fireworks display the likes of which you have never seen!

    But that’s not the secret………

  • chalktalk

    the blog has really change trash TALKING EVERY-WHERE LMAO

  • cvman

    Well I decided to get involved in this blog thinking that it would be a lot of fun and that there would be some interesting constructive information out there. Very disappointed, to say the least. This is just high school football and nothing more. Many here make it sound as if the world revolves around these young men and their teams. Then there is the immature personal attacks by what I am assuming to be adults including past and present coaches, which is also very disappointing. This kind of reminds me of Al Bundy in “Married With Children.” Living in the past and a legend in his own mind.

  • chalktalk

    trash talking is fun try it
    But if ur a sensitive guy i understand

  • chalktalk

    where is this vanilla world u seek
    where people say “hiedi ho neighbor
    and the kids have good sportsmanship

    i think when VALLEY CHRISTIAN SJ say god bless after smashing ur head in is a big form of shit talking its hilarious