East Bay football poll — 9/10

Here’s our latest poll. The top five get shuffled around a bit while McClymonds re-enters and Acalanes makes it 2013 debut.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 2-0 75 1
2. San Ramon Valley 1-0 67 4
t3. El Cerrito 1-1 63 3
t3. Pittsburg 1-1 63 5
5. California 1-1 57 2
6. Clayton Valley 0-1 49 6
7. Deer Valley 1-0 42 7
8. James Logan 1-1 41 8
9. Foothill 2-0 38 9
10. Campolindo 2-0 28 12
11. Amador Valley 2-0 21 14
12. Monte Vista 1-1 17 13
13. McClymonds 2-0 15 NR
14. Acalanes 2-0 14 NR
15. Castro Valley 1-1 4 11

Also receiving votes:  Berkeley (1-1, 2 votes), Northgate (2-0, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • david

    #35 Gramp Is #5 CP going Golf at next level? Heard/ Saw hes a player on Junior Tour?

  • MiraMan


    You sure are getting riled up! Sorry I dissed Sac State and working at Denny’s. Your point about Miramonte is true, we don’t get to play with a lot of superstars. Just kids from the neighborhoods. I’m not particularly ashamed of that…am I suppose to be? Certainly some schools get a better pick of players, but then again we don’t get to draw players from all over the country, and we don’t get hardly any athletic transfers (in football anyway). My point is 180 degrees opposite of yours: kids here understand that they have a lot better opportunities getting an education rather than living for some D1 scholarship and football glory. Seems pretty healthy to me.

    By the way, I never said I had any particular pedigree in football, so if you want to hurt my feelings I’m afraid you will need to work a little harder.

    I agree with some of your comments on Miramonte’s game, but you are definitely looking at the glass as half empty. I saw the same game and Miramonte was shaky at times, for sure, but they also came up with some impressive scores and big stops. Final score: 36-13. Like a lot of teams, DLS included, they need to smooth some things out. Tomorrow’s another day.

    EB Prep Fan,

    This whole thing started off as a comment about Harvard and my point is that the value of a degree from most schools (Sac State in my example) isn’t worth much these days. A degree from a top school, Harvard, Stanford, etc. is of great value. Many kids in the Lamorinda area would bypass an offer to play D3 or college ball at a “lesser school” if their parents have the resources to send them somewhere better in pursuit of a degree that is of a perceived greater value. Add in that kids on our sports teams also tend to have pretty high GPAs so they have pretty impressive academic opportunities. Many will choose to forgo athletics for academics. Snobbery or reality?

  • Waldo

    lol.. an offer from harvard, but not a scholarship, sorry mixed that one up i guess…

  • EB Prep Fan

    No transfers? From the neighborhood?
    That’s not what we hear about your girls hoop team…..
    Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I hear that Miramonte is getting girls from outside the “neighborhood”……

  • MiraMan


    Two girls BB players are transfers and one is a AUSD transfer (basically, locals can transfer around at will). They are good. Other good players are local. The girls BB coach seems to somehow attract them, but its not a school-wide trend. Miramonte attracts a lot of transfers, but most are kids with thick glasses and a stack of books, not athletes.

  • Oh Boy

    Ugh. Usually Lamorinda residents keep their prejudices within their own social circle. For some reason, MiraMan felt like making an ass of himself and telling us all how he feels about the California State University system.

    I’m now hoping Miramonte loses the rest of their games so Orinda can go away during the playoffs and feel intellectually superior to everyone else where we don’t have to see it.

  • MiraMan

    Oh Boy, BigJoe & EB Prep Fan,

    I thought I would share a couple of quotes from an article I just read. With regard to recent college grads the overall unemployment rate is on par with the national average, around 8.2%, but:

    “Half of recent grads are working jobs that don’t require a degree, according to research from the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, released in January.” I had seen this stat before and thus my “Denny’s” comment.

    Am I putting down degrees from the Cal State system? No, as the article goes on to state:

    “The unemployment rate of college graduates is half that of people with only a high school diploma.”

    A degree from the Cal State system is good, but nothing special. Reality.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Unfortunately, not all of us have LaMorinda money, so the State System is a “good” fit for us. Depending on the job of course, a bunch of employers just want the “paper”…..many of them don’t care where it’s from. “Nothing special” is definitely an elitist viewpoint!!!! I’m almost feeling embarrassed with my petty UC degree….

    Why don’t we just stay to football….it’s much more fun

  • Gramp

    #5 will play at next level if He concentrates on one sport. Not a bad golfer for a good football player.

  • redandblue2


    Way to mobilize the east bay football community against Lamorinda; nice job. I, too, am a product of the California State University system. Personally, I think Cal Poly SLO is a great university as many in the CSU system are. They are one of the few CSU schools that still play football, too.

    Good luck to the Mats tonight in Sebastopol. I’m taking the over on 80 points.

  • chalktalk

    miraman ()
    I always tell coaches stats DO LIE.
    the fact that college grads dont have jobs
    has many relevant factors

    2. not will to take a lower paying job
    3. useless degree
    4. lack of experience


    1. qb completion % will be high
    2. qb will have no idea how to throw the deep ball
    3. that big throw needed 2 win big games will be unfamiliar.
    whats the difference between a 25 yard pass to the flats or a 25 yard pass to the corner ” spin the field on an axis. the flats be a 90 degree pass and the corner being a 45 degree pass. ( do stats lie )

  • I think if some research was done it would reveal that Miramonte grads go to far more state schools than UC schools. Also, a lot of out of state schools dont match up or are on par with california state schools.
    The key is the kids are going to college. There are no elist mentality out in orinda anymore, or is there? that was old orinda money. if there is, then mabey the use of drugs out there needs to be under control. I keep hearing they are better than everyone else, the facts are they are no better and in this case worse. how many of those parents went to state schools, I bet plenty.
    I propose chalktalk since he’s off his medicine pay a visit and get to the bottom of it.
    He’s a straight shooter and can tell whats up in LaMorinda land.

  • I beleive Miraman owes an apology to us state school grads 🙂 if not he’s the next island chief on this blog.

  • MiraMan

    Redandblue2 & Chalktalk,

    Intelligent comments…sorry it’s taking me time to process it.

    My kid just went off to college. He was accepted into some Cal State schools and several other schools. Had he accepted, I would have been perfectly happy and the school he chose isn’t necessarily any better. But I would tell him the same thing I would tell these other knuckleheads: A four-year degree isn’t special these day. You make is special by work experience, internships, international study, advanced degree progams. Another option is to go to a really freakin high-end school like Harvard, but that wasn’t an option for my kid either.

    In terms of the elitist narrative, its a bunch of bullshit. I came to the Bay Area with nothing, took crappy jobs and worked hard, went back to school at nights, worked hard some more, got laid-off and went back for another degree, worked hard some more. I don’t belong to any fancy clubs and don’t know many “rich people”. People think they know you because of your geographic area is just a ignorant as any other form of prejudice.

  • Here’s the deal Mira.
    LaMorinda is no better than EBAL, Privates, WCAL, DLS, CHS, south bay privates, menlo area.
    Dont want to know about u. Thats yur business.
    Good luck to Miramonte for the remainder of the season.
    Next time u need to speak on football and facts, careful downing any college.

  • Paydirt

    Of all the people that I have hired and worked with over the years, Sacramento State (where this all started), Cal Poly, Cal State East Bay and San Jose State grads have consistently outperformed on the job grads from Cal, Duke, Harvard, Stanford and Santa Clara (to name a few). It is because of who they are, and not some overrated pedigree with a big ego attached.

    I will be at James Logan tonight watching the #8 Colts host #2 SRV, after a quick stop at The Florence in Niles.

    See you at the gridiron!

  • Paydirt

    Oops, I just downed a college or two…no regrets.

    See you at the gridiron!

  • EB Prep Fan

    The last sentence of your post was perfectly worded. It can go either way and I agree. Most of us were just having fun anyway. Also, I totally agree with your assessment that the Graduate degree can make a huge difference usually. A four year degree from anywhere gets you in the door. Your next degree can get you bigger places.

  • Tampa2

    Bottom line it is what you do with your degree / college education that will drive your future. Yes at times the name will carry some weight. That is why Harvard grads go to Yale Law to complete the law degree. Otherwise known as the double whammy on a resume. GO SEAWOLFS

    Back to football… It will be warm and humid in Stockton tonight the St. Marys game has all the ingredients going for a classic battle of who wants it most. Of-course the vultures are circling over the Spartan Army in-case of a game fail.

  • David and burtgo

    Ivy League schools do give scholarships to athletes but not through their athletic departments.
    I think a blue chip high school athlete who has good grades and SATS is the wiser to accept an Ivy League ride over one to a “big time” sport school, especially in football. No spring “hitting” practice, no redshirting, and no post season games (The Ivy League stays out of The FCS Playoffs). The football player’s body will most likely be less beat up than had he gone to a “big time” program. The N.F’riggen L. will find him if has what it takes. I realize, though, an Ivy League(and also Stanford) education is not for everyone.

    Most of the Ivy League schools could give a salamander’s tallywagger about having a “big time” football and/or basketball program with all the attention and accolades that go with that. They all have plenty of status and recognition without “big” time sports.
    They are extremely competitive with each other, though.

  • Waldo

    Miramonte v Analy stream: http://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/64545
    thats what im watchin tonight.. should be a good game

  • DeLa final 40-13 over undefeated St. Matys stockton team, ranked 12 in norcal. folsom ranked 2 in norcal just beat granite bay ranked 3 30-14. SJS section is very strong this yr. DeLa had 2 fumbles instead the st. marys 9 and 1 intercept fumbled inside 22. score should have been 61-13. DeLa still looking a bit sloppy but a big improvement against div 1 players.

  • mira Anderson doing his thang! 23-07 4th quarter!

  • Guest

    The Ivies only give financial aid if you qualify by their standards. They don’t even follow the guidelines of the FAFSA. They have their own way of calculating financial need. California homeowners will have a hard time if they have equity in their houses. The thing is, though, is that they recruit. They send letters, fly kids out for visits, and then you find out that you won’t get any assistance. If you have a quarter of a million dollars that you can access, go for it. Before you get your hopes up, ask the recruiters to run a financial aid check to see if there’s a chance you can afford it.

  • EBALFAN #2

    DLS is BACK after a two week hiatus. The sleeping giant is awakened!

    While comparing SAC State and Harvard is kind of like comparing Black Angus and Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse (both good food but, well, duh, of course you would pick Ruth Chris–IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT) there is something to be said for a kid that EARNS his way into school instead of mommy and daddy wiping their rear end for the rest of there lives and paying for everything.

    Ivy football is pretty good football. I suspect the ones that thumb there noses at SAC State would have a tough time of playing anywhere. Good HS players maybe, but couldn’t cut it anywhere; Ivy or otherwise.

    Ridiculous conversation because on looking at current rosters at all Ivy League schools there are no Lamorinda kids playing. Two Monte Vista, Two DLS and one SRV. Sorry Lamorinda. Ivies still require college football players.

  • chalktalk

    SLZ was a 10-0 team now they’ll be lucky to go 5-5, but i guess thats and upgrade from 2-8. UR barely beat team u should blow out and lose to teams u should beat by a large margin. THE LOCKER ROOM WILL DIVIDE MOST KIDS DONT WONT TO PLAY 4 U BUT UR THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN.DAM

    I SAW some kids from ur old SL teams at the gym they hate ur guts, NOT one dude i have ever talk 2 has said ur a decent coach. “NOT ONE” the QB will never be good under u
    DO ANY OF UR QB STAY IN TOUCH WITH U NOPE not one, do any say coach u really taught me alot nope BUT U INSIST THAT UR THE QB GURU. ( ONE STATEMENT keeps ringing in my ear “” if ur so good go get a coaching job and coach against me””. U LOST) THE SAN LEANDRO PLAYERS WOULD CHANGE ur plays in the huddle thats how much they respected ur play calling. LEADER OF MEN U couldnt be a ring master in a flea circus PUNK!!!!!

  • Isosaari

    In my Steve Irwin voice ” he’s angry he’s angry ” lol chalk go get some coffee.

  • chalktalk

    im inventing a new language call fist-a-cuffs

    POW= didnt i tell u
    pop= dont do it again
    smack = u anit learned yet
    bing bang boom = im tired of beaten ur ass
    swoosh = somebodys leaking
    click clack click clack = the punks in fast retreat

  • chalktalk

    apple cider vinegar
    and some amino

  • chalktalk


    so u put 8 players in the box and cant stop the run huh
    assholes!!! defense guru huh. assholes!!! so u scaped the pistol to pass out the wing-t huh assholes SO U CANT RUN ON THE 8MAN BOX LIKE U SAID U COULD IN THE WING HUH asshole

    ( IM CONVINCED THAT EVER GAME U HAVE EVER WON IN UR LIFE IS BECAUSE U HAD FAR SUPERIOR PLAYERS.)ur getting out coach son but u dont care cuz at least ur coaching… THIS IS NOT A VIDEO GAME THeSe ARE REAL PEOPLE they bleed they cry they feel pain.
    +++ but u did manager to do one thing the kids think its great to almost win. GOT DAM LOSER MENTALITY…

  • Prep fan

    So much for Alameda’s dream 10-0 season. I was wondering where this potent high-powered Alameda offense was.

  • # 78 chalk, can this new language be used against
    Miraman, Jack off Crates and island chief?
    it kind of sounds like Batman lingo.

  • Chalktalk, u heard the song white punks on dope.
    that applies to the three chumps.

  • Bellarmine must be a little down this year- 2 very close games vs. EC and SL.

  • chalktalk

    BIGDOG / YOmama
    who is that MOTLEY CRUE or twisted sis lol

    ADAM west- BATMAN LINGO is universal LMAO

  • LoganPride

    Chalk talk, you’re a punk. Airing dirty laundry and hurt feelings on a sports blog is low class and cowardly. This might be my last time on here… the likes of Chalk Talk and Island Chief ruining it.

  • chalktalk

    take ur punk ass on then GOOD RIDDANCE
    so this mean no more logan pride

    cowardly im not would u like to find out…

  • MiraMan

    EBAL Fan #2 @ 75,

    You missed #23 at Cornell…Marshall Deutz who played corner/receiver/returner for Miramonte last year.

  • Big Poppa

    Chalk talk come out and run your mouth at the game next week and lets see how tough you is.

  • chalktalk

    lil old man

  • chalktalk

    im not tough at all i just move extremely well.
    anytime ur son wants the shit slapped out off him CALL U BOTH HAVE THE NUMBER!!! WHAT TYPE OF 39 YEAR OLD MAN CALLS HIS DADDY

  • ltlsteviet

    Didn’t mean to mislead anyone out there with my comment about DLS detractors. We all know that they draw from a much larger base than anyone. I certainly don’t call myself a fan despite the fact that my next door neighbor was Blake Wayne who started for DLS at QB a few years ago. My son went to YVHS and my daughter is enrolled at Northgate. Hardly the DLS fans at either school. What you can’t ignore however is the stats, record and history. It’s like looking at Microsoft. Ya hate em but what can ya do.

  • Waldo

    Gauchos handled business in Santa Rosa in week 3 against CN 35-7!! read the article on CCT to see the stats.. wow. Campo up next in Moraga(according to Maxpreps, even though they played in Moraga last year as well…) Should be one of the best games of the year, if their recent matchups are any sign of whats to come, with the previous two being decided by a total of 5 points. Gauchos seem to be a step above them this year though, but still will be tight.. 21-14 EC wins

  • Waldo

    on another note the freeman rankings on maxpreps can be somewhat misleading sometimes.. but I think their ranking of Albany at #1020/1076 in the state seems about right..