East Bay football poll — 9/10

Here’s our latest poll. The top five get shuffled around a bit while McClymonds re-enters and Acalanes makes it 2013 debut.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 2-0 75 1
2. San Ramon Valley 1-0 67 4
t3. El Cerrito 1-1 63 3
t3. Pittsburg 1-1 63 5
5. California 1-1 57 2
6. Clayton Valley 0-1 49 6
7. Deer Valley 1-0 42 7
8. James Logan 1-1 41 8
9. Foothill 2-0 38 9
10. Campolindo 2-0 28 12
11. Amador Valley 2-0 21 14
12. Monte Vista 1-1 17 13
13. McClymonds 2-0 15 NR
14. Acalanes 2-0 14 NR
15. Castro Valley 1-1 4 11

Also receiving votes:  Berkeley (1-1, 2 votes), Northgate (2-0, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Mac’s back for in the rankings for a week lol.

    They will get BLASTED by Central Catholic.

    Mac players will literally have a melt down playing in that central California heat .

  • oalfan

    SRV above EC – please.
    EC would of beat the bells if they could kick an extra point.
    Clayton Valley also is too high, with their weak schedule, how are they suppose to maintain that? – so they played DLS and lost – big deal – DLS is not what it use to be.

  • Prep Fan

    Kicking extra points is an important part of the game. It is why Cal lost to Pitt. Clayton is partly ranked high because of their success last season, and partly due to their staying with DLS for a half.

    Wow, that is an absolutely dreadful schedule for CV, aside from their opener. I just took a look at it. They won’t be tested again prior to the playoffs, except maybe by NG in week 10. CP and Concord are but average teams. There is only so much you can do with league foes, but to schedule their next 4 opponents is unconscionable. What would have happened if they weren’t able to make that last minute switch with Livermore to take on DLS in the opener?

    Castlemont (0-5 in 2012, -34.1 CalPreps rating)
    Independence (3-7 in 2012, -2.4 CP rating)
    Skyline (0-1 thus far, -6.4 CP rating)
    Hayward (Have lost 49-6 and 49-0 this year, -8 CP)
    CP (4-6 last year, 4.3 CP rating)
    YV (0-2, 2-8 in 2012, -20 CP rating)
    MD (0-2, 2-8 in 2012, -22 CP rating)
    Concord (0-2 thus far, 8.5 CP rating)
    NG (2-0, 9-2 in 2012, 24.5 CP rating)

  • wacc:(

    Let pick em’
    DLS 26 v St Marys 28
    Acalanes 17 v Irvington 14
    SRV 20 v Logan 21
    Foothill 35 Las Lomas 14
    MV 21 v Pitt 28
    Cal 35 v Castro Valley 28
    AV 20 v Skyline 7
    DV 30 College Park 14
    Campo 24 Washington 28
    EC 26 Cardnial Newman 17
    Mac 7 Central Cath. 21
    (Bonus – Freedom upsets Granite Bay 14-13)

  • Dvguy

    Logan will be demolished by srv

  • bval fan

    DLS by 20 over St Marys
    Campo by 21 over Washington
    SRV by 17 over Logan
    GB by 21 over Freedom

  • playofftime

    A 3rd of the rankings is EBAL. Way to represent! 42-28 St Marys over Sparta. They are going to take the lid off the defense Friday night.

  • FB Guru

    Yes, the EBAL bias has begun. Just over a week ago Castro Valley beat Monte Vista on the field, yet the all knowing ANG writers have concluded that if these two were to ever play, Monte Vista would win. LOL !

  • I hate to say that a team should move up with a loss (since that has been the case with Encinal and Serra over the years) but EC should be 2. With how tough they played the Bells without one of their top players has me sold. They banged with the 2nd best D1 in the Bay area and stood up to the test. As Miraman stated earlier I am drinking the cool aid. They should be 2. They should also earn it with a win this and next week. Good for them they are playing good teams.

    That loss to Analy should still have Pitt low. A win over Cal doesn’t erase that loss. Amador Valley should be above Pitt and Cal? Why not they are 2-0 they beat a highly touted Freedom team so did Foothill they should be higher in the rankings. In Amador’s case at least they are playing teams that will justify or drop them.

  • playofftime

    FB Guru yes CV did beat Monte Vista…barely. CV litmus test will be Freedom to see how they will stack up against better teams in ebal.

  • MiraMan

    DFAL Predictions:

    1. Campo – Clearly on top with win over Menlo-Atherton. I tried to convince myself Washington would upset Campo this week due to looking ahead to El Cerrito, but I don’t see it. Washington lost their one and only game to Cal 46-20. While they scored some it was mainly due to kick-off return yardage and passing game; running game was anemic. That just won’t work against Campo: 3rd year all-league kicker and stout pass defense. Washington will put together a couple of nice drives and Campo will score their usual 35 points.

    Campo 35 – Washington 17

    2. Acalanes – Nice win over Castro Valley. I’m not surprised they won, but I’m shocked they kept CV to 7 points. You know half of Acalanes’ games over the last 3 years have been decided by 7 points or less. Half they won and half they lost. They’ve won two close ones this year and now I’m gonna go with a close road loss to an improved Irvington team that catches Acalanes looking ahead to Tennyson – a team they had a tough time with last year.

    Irvington 17 – Acalanes 14

    3. Miramonte – Nice win last week against St. Mary’s. I would have preferred 42-7 or 35-0, but I’ll take 36-13 and chalk it up to rebound from the Marin Catholic 2nd half. Also, St. Mary’s has good looking athletes and is a well coached team. This week Analy at Analy. Frankly, I’d feel really confident if the game was in Orinda. At Sebastopol, I just don’t know. It will be a shoot-out and Analy hasn’t faced a true passing team like Miramonte. It will be a real test for them as they graduated 3 starting DBs including two of the best in NCS. I like Miramonte’s chances in this one…except for the drive and hostile crowd.

    Miramonte 38 – Analy 31

    4. Alhambra – I had to kick Alhambra back up after a spirited effort against Rancho Cotate. But I would caution that their 7 point loss this year is not much different than the 10 point loss last year and they went 3-7 last year. But definitely, they are in games against good teams, so they appear to be improved. This week they get a W against Ygnatio Valley and they’ll likely run up the score in jubilation.

    Alhambra 52 – Ygnatio Valley 6

    5. Las Lomas – I’d have to admit to being impressed by Las Lomas’ victory over Mission San Jose. The fact they were able to run up and down the field enough to score 63 points shows they are in good shape if nothing else! I had to move them up just for the cardio they got. Now comes “the business”. They go up against Foothill who has beaten two respected programs by a combined score of 83-12. You can argue that LL is better than Novato, but tough to argue they are better than Freedom.

    Foothill 45 – Las Lomas 7

    6. Dougherty Valley – OK, so I got caught in the euphoria over the win against Newark Memorial that I thought they were good enough to beat College Park. So now I’ll drop them back down where they likely belong. I still think they could win a couple more games this year (maybe Antioch, Las Lomas, Dublin), but it was hasty to see them as more than a 2-8 team. This week they go against a high scoring American team. DV will score, but not enough.

    American 35 – Dougherty Valley 20

    7. Dublin – Wow! They got the win over Woodside last week, but I don’t see a lot of winnable games left on their schedule. Ygnatio Valley and then maybe Dougherty Valley, maybe Las Lomas but I doubt it. Montgomery destroyed Pinole Valley in their only game and now after a bye week it could be ugly.

    Montgomery 38 – Dublin 14

  • GUEST99@

    I think for week two it looks good except el cerrito who should be #2.
    If MV plays CV again I think they would win easily. MV dominated Berkeley last week, their coaches made the adjustments, look for MV to rise in the ranks.
    Acalanes should enjoy the spot for now.

  • g

    Berkeley 38 San Mateo 7
    BHS wins another easy scheduled team. This will not help them prepare for Pitt.

    Encinal 28 Rodriguez 14
    Encinal should easily win, lets see how many points their offense can put up.

    California 35 Castro Valley 21
    The running game will be on display. CV is on and off, they’ll be off this week but would love to see a CV upset.

    Bellarmine 32 San Leandro 7
    Who schedules for San Leandro? They must love losing.

    Valley Christian 30 Bishop O’Dowd 10
    Nick’s last season will be one to forget.

    Liberty 40 Hayward 7
    The Farmers dreaming of life in D2.

  • Here’s TinyTim’s first 2013 in-season NorCal HS FB rankings Week 1. This includes teams from Fresno, Madera, Kings, and Tulare counties. Only teams that have played at least 1 game are shown.

    1. De La Salle(Concord) 2-0

    2. Folsom 2-0

    3. Elk Grove 2-0

    4. Serra(San Mateo) 0-1

    5. Edison(Fresno) 2-0

    6. San Ramon(Danville) 1-0

    7. Granite Bay 0-1

    8. Pleasant Grove(Elk Grove) 2-0

    9. Bellarmine(San Jose) 1-0

    10. Foothill(Pleasanton) 2-0

    11. Marin Catholic(Kentfield) 2-0

    12. St. Marys(Stockton) 2-0

    13. Luther Burbank(Sacramento) 1-1

    14. El Cerrito 1-1

    15. Vacaville 1-1

    16. Oak Ridge(El Dorado Hills) 2-0

    17. Del Oro(Loomis) 1-1

    18. Archbishop Mitty(San Jose) 1-0

    19. Clovis North(Fresno) 1-1

    20. Grant(Sacramento) 2-0

    21. Bullard(Fresno) 2-0

    22. Central Catholic(Modesto) 1-1

    23. Analy(Sebastopol) 2-0

    24. Pittsburg 1-1

    25. California(San Ramon) 1-1

    Teams of Note(TON): Amador(Pleasanton) 2-0, Buhach Colony(Atwater) 1-1, Campolindo(Moraga) 2-0, Cardinal Newman(Santa Rosa) 2-0, Christian Bros.(Sacramento) 2-0, Clayton Valley(Concord) 0-1, Dinuba 2-0, El Diamonte(Visalia) 2-0, Enterprise(Redding) 1-0, Fresno Central 1-2, Inderkum(Sacramento) 2-0, James Logan(Fremont) 1-1, Kingsburg 2-0, Los Banos 2-0, Merced 2-0, Napa 1-1, Pitman(Turlock) 2-0, Porterville 2-0, Rocklin 0-2, St. Francis(Mtn. View) 1-0, St. Ignatius(SF) 0-1, San Joaquin Memorial(Fresno) 2-0, Sheldon(Sacramento) 2-0, Turlock 2-0, Valley Christian(San Jose) 0-1, Yuba City 2-0

    To see TinyTim’s California Top 35 Week 1, California D3 and D4 Top 25 Week 1, and Greater Bay Area(NCS/CCS) Top 25 Week 1, go to CalHi Sports and look under comments for Top 25 Week 2 and Greater Bay Area Top 25 Week 2.

  • lovethegame

    People are already counting DLS out they will still go 10-0 bet on it. (and I’m not a fan – just accept it)

    Granite Bay will kill Freedom – other then Mixon Freedom lost their whole team. They will be .500 in league at best. NOt sure who touted them as team to beat but they are down this year. Mixon can’t do it all.

    Agree with most of you Clayton ranked to high, can’t imagine they will get into state playoffs with that weak schedule.

    Then there’s Pitt – spanked by Analy (ouch) but beat Cal. Did Pitt rebound or is Cal not as good a advertised. Let’s see if Pitt can stay focused and get by MV and Berk in prep for GB showdown.

  • srv2013

    Wacc really? SRV is better then you think. I am not sold on EC they still cannot hang in ebal. Joe Mixon is not the man, good player but not a game changer. DLS is always strong, probably go unbeaten again, but could be upset this year if any.

  • Paydirt

    Never forget 9/11 (remove your hat for moment of silence)… Thank you.

    Five teams in the top ten with a .500 or less record, and #9-15 (12&2) have a better combined record than #1-8 (8&5). I predict major movement over the next two weeks, but not at the top.

    See you at the gridiron!

  • harper 16035

    Hey Don’t forget the Moreau Mariners. 2-0 so far
    should take out Mt. Eden this Friday Watch for them!!!!

  • DragonPride

    @ G Say
    This is hardy Nickerson last season at O’Dowd?

  • Grey Crane

    Unbelievable this poll still has a 0-1, DII squad here as #6 because they played a decent half of football two weeks ago against DLS.
    Can we judge all other teams by those standards?

  • wacc:(

    Yes clayton valley should be about 25.
    #16 – SRV beats Logan I will be on their band wagon for sure.

  • g

    only speculating

  • ltlsteviet

    Interesting that there are so many DLS detractors. A number 1 team in the country as ranked by MaxPreps that averages 270 lbs on the o-line is not to be disparaged under any circumstance. Also, watch out for Northgate. They may shock a few this year.

  • Re:#14 TinyTim’s NorCal Top 25

    Oops! #15 Vacaville is 1-0, not 1-1 as shown.
    Sorry for the misprint.


  • Prep Fan

    Re: #15 lovethegame

    Who is counting DLS out? If by counting them out, you mean they stand a chance of possibly losing 1 game this year, then maybe some are counting them out. If by counting them out, you mean this won’t be considered their best team ever, then maybe some are counting them out. Most teams would love to be counted out under those circumstances.

    They are still very much favored to run the table to yet another NCS championship and state bowl championship and will be favored in evey game they play this year.

  • Tampa2

    CVC schedule is embarrassingly weak, lots of other schools have meat grinder schedules next few weeks…get tested, be tested all leads to playing prepared as you step into league. San Ramon has the potential to be very good and capable of disposing CAL..its early still lets see how things shake out the next 2 Fridays.
    @Prep Fan you hit the nail on the head.

    PS..Its about time to get the State Championships up to NorCaL CIF do you hear us??

  • Guest

    @ltlsteviet #23… The impetus of the DLS detractors on this blog is the many DLS “supporters” constantly boasting about the Spartans. It’s obnoxious and ironically it contradicts the Spartan way. Furthermore, the underlying debate is about the advantage that DLS has by drawing players from a very broad geographic area. Yes, I know there coaches do an unparelleled job of “coaching them up”, however there is no arguing that they have access to a much deeper talent pool than most other schools, especially the publics.

  • Waldo

    aww special teams…. more important than you think hahaha. Good showing by the gauchos against the bells otherwise though; with their top offensive threat out too. They have CN next; who beat Modesto Christian by a similar score of 41-28 to their tilt last season in week 1(48-20) and a thumping of Novato in week 2 41-9.. Novato and Modesto Christian were both bumped from the first round of their playoff sections last year.. CN is returning 5 starters on O and D from last years team,including Keaton Dunsford, a 6-4, 220 pound QB who as a junior threw for over 2,400 yards, had 25 TD’s and only 5 INT’s; he has a scholarship offer from Harvard currently. They are also drawing from a JV team that went 6-3-1, their season is supposed to be somewhat of a rebuilding year.. I would suspect with Harvey coming back that the gauchos will handle business: should win by 34-21

  • Junior


    Amen. Let’s not discount the silver helmet advantage too.

  • ricog

    Pitt is a very thin team this year. They had several starters out vs Analy beside Ross, and it hurt them. Several key players for Pitt were also injured verse cal and will most likely be out vs Mv. Remember, Pitt had 6 returning/potential sr starters (3 all leaguers) that were lost at different parts of the summer. Its going to be an up and down year. Don’t be surprised if Pitt disappoints and surprises you several times throughout the season.

  • bval fan

    Schedule for Heritage gets tougher and like Pitt the injury bug has hit. #1 Linebacker out with torn shoulder, Best D-Lineman out with concussion, starting guard out with torn knee, safety and corner possibly out with shoulder injuries!!Bright side?? Maybe?? They should all be back for league and transfer nose guard (Beast) will become eligible at the same time. Could be 1-4 or 0-5 but still battle for BVAL title.Sound familiar Pitt?
    Pitt, Heritage, and Freedom play tough pre-season schedule and should be ready for battle. Good luck DV, Antioch and Liberty after your walk through pre-season!


    Anyone here think Las Lomas has a chance against Foothill Friday night with all that offensive firepower for the Falcons. It seems to me Las Lomas may surprise some people. Thoughts?

  • lovethegame

    @ltlsteviet – yes DLS line is huge this year, my question is are the as fast off the ball as we have come to expect. Their line typically goes about 230 – 255 this year they are all big men.
    Are they getting off the ball just as fast – I have not seen them in person, but been wondering that.

    @Prep Fan – i was just talking in general, a few post on how DLs is down, how they will loose a game this year cause the close game to Serra. If you go by Serra game or Pitt scrimmage then maybe you can say they are down a little this year. But I feel like you do – when they final table is set they will be seated at the head ready to eat.

    @ricog – great points you make, i was at Pitt vs Cal game and at the end Pitt had at least 3-4 starters with ice in various places. Other then Ross and few O – Line guys I didnt’ recognize any of them names being mentioned. I think they may be thin and also young.

  • MiraMan

    DFAL Fan,

    See my comments on #11. Basically, I’m guessing the get crushed tonight against Foothill and possibly again next week against Northgate. Las Lomas graduated a lot last year that I don’t see them as a strong team this year. They have Ben Wood, but I don’t know of much else. I’d certainly appreciate hearing more about them and why you think they stand a chance against a solid D1 program that has already dispatched two strong teams by wide margins.

  • Gramp

    College Park is still there. Don’t underestimate them Dval!!! fast team good QB

  • oalfan

    DLS 30 v St Marys 21
    Acalanes 17 v Irvington 24
    SRV 40 v Logan 21
    Foothill 30 Las Lomas 7
    MV 28 v Pitt 20
    Cal 32 v Castro Valley 38
    AV 32 v Skyline 14
    DV 41 College Park 21
    Campo 32 Washington 20
    EC 17 Cardnial Newman 10

  • oalfan

    Analy 35 Miramonte 21


    someone explain how berkeley went from #10 to unranked from one loss. Keep in mind Berkeley held Mv to 20, and they were missing FIVE key starters. Including a transfer from pitt, a 3 tech, #11 the inside linebacker with many accolades, and 2 running backs. Berkeley had a rough start, but there is many more football to be played. I predict that is their only lose. Pitt will be a great game, it always is.

  • david

    #28 Ivy leagues do not offer scholarships .. so ..

  • burtgo

    “…he has a scholarship offer from Harvard currently…”

    It’s a nonscholarship program.

  • MiraMan


    Sounds a little narrow-minded of you. Harvard does not give scholarships, but an offer from Harvard pretty much guarantees admission into one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Not to mention room/board/meals paid. I’d bet they also get a shot at other partial scholarships and financial aid. Would you rather play and pay at Harvard – and get out with a job paying $100k+/year – or get a full ride at Sac State and end up working at Denny’s?

  • Hey, easy on Sac State- they played some very good football against San Jose St. 2 weeks ago. No one on Mira will play there as a starter.

  • MiraMan


    The joke’s on you! Most football players at Miramonte will go to much better schools than Sac State and have much more fulfilling careers than Sac State graduates. I can assure you they won’t be crying about missing out on playing football at Sac State! I’ve just had my laugh-out-loud moment of the day!

  • Mira, tell me who in the F is playing major college football from Mira last year???
    Sac State just put a QB Thompson in the NFL. Before Sac State he played at UCLA and then transfered.
    I have watched Mira for several years and u got to be kiddin.
    Other than Anderson who didnt go to Brown because of grades and is now on the depth chart al Cal I dont recall anyone who stood out.
    If yur refering to this years team, the QB is for real. That’s it son, no one else is major college material.
    You ever play ball? I dont think so. U might get over on Island Chief, Yur in a different league with me.
    U better get in them stands and give some Orinda hugs cuz thats all u going to get or got.

  • I just researched the Sac Stae rooster- there’s no way any Mira players except Anderson would make that team. You better look at that size and where they are coming from. Lots of Judo transfers also. NCAA1AA, Big Sky Conferance, tough schedule.
    If Mira players are gettin’ jacked playing st.marys last week, how in the hell are they going to fair aginst scholarship players and invited walk ons.
    Mira defense could not hold a basic st. marys team, 1 td called back, bogus call, 1 td dropped. that game was a lot closer than the score and Mira coaches got the best player on the team in with less than 2 minutes to play still throwing the ball, no wonder 2 receivers went out in the 4th quarter. Thats not sound coaching, thats stupid.

  • david

    Yes cvc is to high. And they are right were they need to be #26 #15. Why is there schedule weak? Leagues play is plenty. They have only won 1 DVAL title in last 5 years. I dont get the run the CVC love, like they should be playing a DLS schedule. They were NOT to good against DLS. I saw the film. And for that matter DLS did not look that good. They had a good running back last year and some seniors. Same with Concord. This year, Plenty of Parody in DVAL.

  • EB Prep Fan

    This is a FOOTBALL blog, not a Top 20 Public Colleges blog. Your last 2 posts smell like the elitist Lamorinda snobbishness that is normally associated with that geography. So a Sac St. degree is worth a Denny’s job? Shake yourself! Don’t let them rattle you into stuff like that Mira!

    This blog is getting fun to read again……BigJoe is ON today!

  • david

    #39 Not knocking it, just saying they dont offer scholarships .. its a fact. I would take Harvard over any D1 school out there.

  • EBFootball

    David I personally would take a full scholarship to Stanford University over Harvard. Top 5 program perennially now, top education, and scholarship money.

  • david

    NOW operative word. To close to home. good for kids to get away. Ivy league gives financial aid. However I see your point. Hate David Shaws smirk ..lol .. like he won the Lotto, which he did ..