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Live East Bay prep football blog here Friday night

By Jon Becker
Thursday, September 12th, 2013 at 5:56 pm in Uncategorized.

Follow the live prep football action from around the Bay Area tonight with in-game updates and scores beginning tonight at 7.

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  • Guest Coach

    Is anyone at the Bishop O’Dowd v. Valley Christian, San Jose game? If so, can you provide any updates, please? Thanks.

  • MiraMan

    Congratulations to Miramonte for a strong win over Analy 23-13.

    Although there was much high school football shenanegens, snaps over the QBs head (one for each team), dropped passes (several for each team), several fumbles usually ending up with the team that made them, and questionable calls, it was wonderful game, especially from a Miramonte standpoint. Keys for the game were Miramonte D: Skittles being held to 59 yards on 9 carries and Miramonte corner Ray Clark shutting-down Analy’s top reciever. Oh yea, and Anderson throwing for 360 yards and two TDs with no interceptions. Also, Miramonte just plain outcoached Analy: rotating in lots of linemen, taking the short outside passes the defense was giving and the usual clock management once ahead.

    Analy has some big linemen that will play at the next level, especially Hicks. But he played both ways and he got worn down.


    Anybody know if El Cerrito vs Cardinal Newman is STreaming live tonight?

  • ManDown

    El Cerrito up 28-7 in the 4th

  • ManDown

    35-7 EC up big now! It’s over for Cardinal Newman.


    Wow, awesome job by EC. No doubt number 2 in the Bay.

  • Reggie Hammond

    Halt Perkin. EC lost to Bellermine. Serra will squash Bellermine. EC is 3rd in the Bay. If not 4th…


    Bleachercoach, did Brackett quit at Novato? I see another coach listed.

  • http://aol yomama

    where is jack cates? I;m buying my bus ticket in advance for the Oct. rally and busride from the east bay. leaving the emeryville greyhound station in the morning, arriving at ferndale city hall in the late afternoon. oakland occupied will be there. farmerjohn wont be milkin the cows then!

  • Suckafree415

    @perkin yes Brackett quit and the program is at it’s lowest point in 10 years


    Suckafree415, yeah I just read the article of him stepping down. That is brutal news. He’s a great coach. Did a great job building up that program.