New commenting system on East Bay Preps

In the next few days we’ll be implementing a new commenting system here at East Bay Preps. It’s a system that will eventually affect all blogs and articles published by the Bay Area News Group.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how the new system works and why we’re making the change. The biggest takeaway from that link is that users will now need to create an account in our new system or log in with a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account.

Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up the lively discussion here at East Bay Preps without the personal attacks, offensive language, etc. that seem to have increased lately. The bad news is that all of the old comments will vanish once this new system takes effect. I’m sure this new system won’t be popular with some people, but we’re hoping the quality of the comments go up, even if the quantity goes down.

Stephanie Hammon

  • TERRIFIC! (I just hope I’ll be able to log on with the computer that I have.)

    I definitely won’t miss all of the vindictive baloney that’s been cluttering up the comments of the posts on this websight.

    Good luck; I hope it works.

  • looks like Island chief messed it up for everyone.

    Way to go lady hornet… lol

  • Hey Bleacher, whats the inside scoop on Travis Brackett quitting? I read the article and it doesn’t seem like he doesn’t want to coach. What politics is he talking about?

  • cvman

    Wow, that is great news. I have been disgusted with the negativity. This is just HIGH SCHOOL sports.

  • vfirst blast

    no way

  • Bleacher Coach

    Perkin- It is my understanding he was run out of town by one parent who was complaining about playing time for their kid and a grandmother who upset about her twin grandsons he allegedly played one more than the other so he was playing favorites. It could not of course have anything today with the fact that one worked harder than the other.

    So instead of backing up the coach who has the best record in school history if he did not resign the administration was going to remove him.

    So now Novato as the everyone gets to play mentality and will go 0-9


    That’s Horrible. Great coach. Hope he gets on some where else soon.

  • Mark Souza

    I approve of this! The commenting system I mean


    Marin Catholic will steal novato players. its over npovato

  • EBAL fan

    A New Era with ibabuzz posting. Thank you admins, and now, back to the game(s).