East Bay football poll — 10/1

Very few changes this week. Amador Valley and SRV swap spots as do Acalanes and Miramonte.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 5-0 75 1
2. Pittsburg 3-2 70 2
3. California 3-1 63 3
4. James Logan 4-1 62 4
5. Clayton Valley 3-1 54 5
6. Foothill 5-0 49 t6
7. Deer Valley 4-0 45 t6
8. Campolindo 5-0 42 8
9. El Cerrito 3-2 35 9
10. Amador Valley 4-0 27 11
11. San Ramon Valley 1-3 26 10
12. Miramonte 4-1 20 13
13. Acalanes 4-1 12 12
t14. McClymonds 3-1 9 14
t14. Northgate 5-0 9 15

Also receiving votes:  Hercules (3-1, 1 vote), Granada (3-2, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Chris

    Cal should drop a little bit. They struggles with an inconsistent Granada team. Foothill should also be ahead of Clayton Valley. Clayton Valley has had wins against terrible opponents. Hercules shouldn’t be in the running for a spot and Amador Valley should be ranked better than #10

  • chalk talk

    when u steal some ones move u dont just steal it u prefect it…
    ATTENTION DB’S when u guard something is it wise to take ur eye off the thing that u are guarding? your job as a DB’s is to never let the ball touch the WR hands period. KINDA HARD TO DO THAT WHEN UR FEELING 4 A BODY TRYING TO BOX THE wr on the sideline.

  • David Sparkle

    these polls mean nothing and dont really make sense cept for #1

  • chalk talk

    chalk talk 101
    Attention WR when running a streak if the DB is stride 4 stride HIT HIS THIGH PAD, HARD 2 THROW HIs stride off. ( the motion should be similar to reaching 4 the stick in a relay race.) the announcer will say the kid has great separation

  • chalk talk

    just watch the SLZ vs Hercules ON YOUTUBE…

    here is y u dudes should never coach

    the CB are over matched which means to normal people that u need safety help. instead of safety help u got the FS taking the RB in the flats (DUMB OR JUST STUPID not 2 many FS on the earth can guard a RB in the flat the speed u need to get to the flat will allow any decent RB to shake u 2 death. WHO WOULD LEAVE THERE DB 1ON1 WHEN THEY R ALREADY OVER MATCHED… The safety is so far down in the box he gets caught up in the wash. he cant take the proper angle cuz he is in the box DAM!!!! ** when does the Freeeeee safety get to play free huh idiots… y is the d-line standing straight up —- u have 2 options as a d-lineman penetrate or take up blockers…
    the DC is in the LB hall of fame at san leandro look at what ur LB are doing my GOD…

    (the badd part about all this is this was a 10-0 team
    with 2-8 coaching) IF U DONT BEAT PIEDMONT PLEASE RETIRE!!! 6 month of practicing and this is ur product. I cant laugh cuz im 2 busy crying…


  • chalk talk


  • RheemRocks

    1. DLS
    2. Pitt
    3. Foothill
    4. Logan
    5. SRV
    6. Cal
    7. Clayton
    8. Amador
    9. Campo
    10. EC
    11. DV
    12, Freedom
    13. Northgate
    14. Miramonte
    15. Acalanes

  • chalk talk

    KANE U FAT S.O.B. are u haal 2007 speak up coward…
    look at urself on film r u a coach or just a field ornament …
    is there any coaching going on or just a bunch of fat out of shape dudes speed walking up and down the side lines
    BRING UR LEG WARMERS and TIGHTS richard simmons

  • chalk talk

    u dudes r like lil kids playing peek a boo, with ur hands over ur eyes, u cant see me. I told TROTMAN not to hire u dudes any coach with half a brain can beat that defense Box SAFETIES…

    the kids are not strong enuff to play that defense — this is not Berkeley HIGH… the safety needs momentum, momentum is POWER. U HAVE THESE POOR KIDS PLAYING ON THE LINE

    why why why cuz ur stupid SO THE REALITY IS U HAVE 140LBS DE playing flat footed in a 46 defense (abusive)…

    the cold part is u dont have a clue on y ur losing. u dont understand basic logic.**** PUT raymond back at lock down corner- bejour at safety- romiah at SS- bejon at mike backer and run a 4-3 cover ” do u know if u had blitz the corners all those tosses and sweeps would be stop in the back field. lil people need momentum to stop BIG PEOPLE MY GOD!!!!!

  • Joey

    can someone tell me why Clayton is ranked in the top 10? What have they done again this season? Any of these teams can blow out crappy schools in Oakland….

  • Pez

    DFAL Rankings:

    1. Campo – Good but boring win over Acalanes. Does Campo have a good running game or was Acalanes foolish for playing a 3-man front?
    2. Miramonte – Nice shutout against Dublin, but they sure looked sloppy in the first half. Running back cannot lose 2 fumbles against Campo!
    3. Las Lomas – With wins over MSJ and struggling programs in O’Dowd and Alhambra, its hard to move them up, but the amount of points they put up against Alhambra is a good sign.
    4. Acalanes – Campo thumped their running game and revealed the weakness of their passing attack. Their D-line and linebackers appear less stout than first guessed. I’m moving them down a notch.
    5. Dougherty Valley – Bye week.
    6. Alhambra – They get a much needed bye week this week. The Alhambra-Dublin game is shaping up to be a doozy!
    7. Dublin – Looked BAD against Miramonte. When returning QB goes 3-14 with a pick and no TDs something is wrong!

    DFAL Predictions:

    Campo vs Miramonte – As a Miramonte fan you know I have to predict the upset! But not much of an upset if you consider that Campo’s win over Acalanes was very much like Miramonte’s win over Analy. If Campo can turn this into a spread vs spread game, they win with better receivers and an efficient QB. If Mira can play a balanced game, and force Campo to play a balanced game like I predict, Mira wins due to stronger running game and dangerous passing attack. Much depends on Zolintakis’ arm.

    Miramonte 31 – Campo 28

    Acalanes @ Las Lomas – I’m going with another upset as Acalanes is emotionally down, playing away and their weaknesses have been found out. Also, just a bad match-up with the Acalanes running game running up against a very large line of Las Lomas.

    Las Lomas 28 – Acalanes 21

    Dougherty Valley @ Dublin – From my comments you can probably tell that I don’t think much of Dublin. Add to that DV has a lot of confidence and is coming back from their week off (where they were in the stands watching Dublin vs Mira game). This one should belong to DV.

    Dougherty Valley 24 – Dublin 10

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    I’m suprised the Island Chief has not shown up this week. Oh well, Jet Pride! Swat the Hornets!

  • Pez

    No Island Chief! I wanted to ask what happened in the Ala/Mira game.

    Now Encinal gets a crack at them. I don’t think Encinal is as good a Mira, so it will be interesting if this is a close game or not. It will also be interesting to see if Hameed can make an impact now that he’s back.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Mira,I believe this Game will depend on which Jets show up Friday Night. When these guys make up their minds they plays very well. The Coaches will do everything they can to get them ready but the guys have to make up their collective minds every game to impose their will on whoever they play. I believe we’ll get the W! But i will say Alameda Looks much better than they have the last Couple of years. MiraMan Honestly, You never think Encinal is as good as The Mats! IJS. Jet Pride!

  • EB Prep Fan

    He did about 3 yrs ago at Encinal! When 0-14 turned into 49-14 before I got back from the snack bar!

  • chalk talk

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  • Pez

    I know you think that, but its a bit more complicated. 2011 I thought you guys were puffed up because of the weak BSAL league. I was wrong. Last year I thought you would be pretty dreadful, which even the Encinal HC now says he pretty much expected. Both teams faced a down year and both did well, but Mira finished 7-5 vs 6-6 and had a better calpreps rating…we were better!

    This year, I still think Encinal is in somewhat of a rebuilding mode while Mira has a solid senior class w/ returning QB, great LBs, improved running game, etc. and I clearly think we are better. One reason why I have high hopes for this year is next year may be a tougher year for Mira and looks like Encinal will be strong.

  • Pez


  • Pez

    Your knowledge of economics is laughable…stick with football!

  • chalk talk

    @disqus_7HbuiShfF2:disqus i missed the funny part
    but im always willing to listen

  • Sturholm’s dad

    He doesnt read the blogs but I’d still like to congratulate my son on being selected as an Athlete of the Week keep up the good work!

  • dfal fan

    Not sure what to make of this…..San Lorenzo, Tennyson & Miramonte have all petitioned up to Division 2 from Division 3 for the NCS football playoffs. Ordinarily, this would be seen as a admirable move; wanting to move up a division to play tougher competition. However, I think we should call this for what it is, a spineless move by these three schools to flee from the more difficult D3 bracket hoping to advance farther in a watered down D2 bracket with fewer top end teams and even less overall depth.

    I would love to hear the coach of any of these three teams justify this move to their players. “We may not be good enough in our own division, but guess what, we have the opportunity to move UP a division and avoid the likes of a Marin Catholic or an El Cerrito!”


  • EB Prep Fan

    Wow……is this true? What say you, Mira???

  • Sturholm’s dad

    SLZ is already in D2

  • EB Prep Fan

    If Encinal chose this route, Tenorio would have a few more notches in his belt. But I’m pretty sure he would never run from a challenge like this.

  • chalk talk

    I dont think to many teams in D1 want to play those teams in the playoffs either. BUT the post is really funny

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Tru dat! and… Jet Pride!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    I respect your opinion sir But you may not know That Coach Joe Resisted
    the move to the BSAL. The Last Year in the ACCAL we made it to the second rounds of the playoff and was runner up to a Carter Coached Berkeley High In the League although we finished the season with a better record 9-3. We will compete! Jet Pride!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach


  • Pez

    For God’s sake man, think what you want of us at Miramonte, but don’t persecute the poor souls at San Lorenzo for simply being a D2 school! San Lorenzo is really a D2 school. Tennyson and Miramonte apparently petitioned up.

    Seriously though, what a bunch of self rightous d-bags!

    Firstly, I don’t have any problem with petioning-up whatever the motivation. Hey, if I’m in a game and the team I’m playing has a weakness, I exploit it; a slow cornerback, force a running QB to throw, whatever it is. Basically, all advantage is based on finding a weakness. Why would this be any different. Losers love to complain!

    Secondly, I don’t see the big advantage. Miramonte is probably 5th in D3 behind MC, Campo, EC, CN. Miramonte is likely 5 in D2 behind CV, CG, Northgate and RC. In D3, the next two are Analy and Acalanes; both capable of beating Mira. In D2, there are Windsor and Montgomery, both capable of beating Mira.

    I don’t see the big advantage nor any big controversy.

    Whiney d-bags! Hilarious!!!!!!!

  • EB Prep Fan

    Whiney d-bags??? That’s not very LaMorinda-ish, is it? It’s pretty apparent they didn’t petition up to get better competition, isn’t it? Why doesn’t Campo, Encinal or El Cerrito do it? Going up in a different division to avoid certain teams is a far cry from taking advantage of a slow cornerback. But I’m sure you’ll have a witty comeback for this……or just leave it with “Whiney d-bags”?

  • dfal fan

    Not sure what to make of this…..Tennyson & Miramonte have both petitioned up to Division 2 from Division 3 for the NCS football playoffs. Ordinarily, this would be seen as a admirable move; wanting to move up a division to play tougher competition. However, I think we should call this for what it is, a spineless move by these two schools to flee from the more difficult D3 bracket hoping to advance farther in a watered down D2 bracket with fewer top end teams and even less overall depth.

    I would love to hear the coach of either of these two teams justify this move to their players. “We may not be good enough in our own division, but guess what, we have the opportunity to move UP a division and avoid the likes of a Marin Catholic or an El Cerrito!”


    Note: I removed SLZ from my post. The NCS website originally included them in the D3 list and did not remove them. My apologies.

  • chalk talk

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    so they have less regulation . SO THEY CAN LIE STEAL CHEAT AND KILL. Do you remember ENRON how about AIG OR
    WALL -STREET or weapons of mass DESTRUCTION … It is very apparent the rich people have no morals or ethics when it comes to making money.The best way to have no regulation is to have no GOVT. or lessen its power. WE JUST HIRED A PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANY TO PATROL MY NEIGHBORHOOD to do the job of the POLICE Because apparently the govt doesn’t have enough money to protect its citizens. My tax dollars use to pay for Police.NOW IT PAYS FOR BAIL OUTS.
    ******i say again whats so funny!!!!******

  • Pez

    Mira afraid to compete with the top schools in D3? We open with Marin Catholic and played and beat Analy at their house 2 weeks later. Afraid of El Cerrito? They are very good. But Campo showed them to be very flawed; limited running game and no kicker. Cardinal Newman and Encinal are both good, but not as much as past years. O’Dowd and Novato are down and a game with Mira would be over at halftime.

    Why else would a coach do this? Maybe seeding. I could see a scenario where Mira ends 8-2 and gets a #7 seed this year. We got a #7 seed last year at 6-4. In D2 I would expect it to be better since the Northbay and DVAL teams will beat each other up.

    The other reason I can think of is that we play the same teams all the time. Analy we’ve played 5 times in 4 years, MC we’ve play 3 times in the last 18 months. Campo and Acalanes are in the same league. Tennyson we’ve played in each of the last two playoffs (I’m sure Mira didn’t know of Tennyson’s decision when we made ours).

    Also “dfal fan”, I’m a little surprised at you. What’s wrong with DFAL winning D3 AND D2 in the same year. If that’s your attitude then please change your name!

    Little ole Miramonte, with 1126 students, one of the smallest D3 schools, chooses to move up to face larger D2 competition and gets criticized for it? Seriously?

  • Pez

    Enjoy it dad!

  • redandblue2

    Miraman, I expect an entertaining game tomorrow night in Moraga. Miramonte appears to be playing very well and are coming in with a lot of confidence. For Campo this will be their third consecutive tough game. A welcome development has been the play of the Campo defense. They have become stout at the line shutting down the run game of both EC & Acalanes while intercepting 8 balls over the last 3 games. Anderson will certainly be the best QB they have faced this season; this matchup will determine the winner of this game.

    Campo ran for over 250 yards against Miramonte last season and appear poised to be able to run against them again this season with 3 quality junior running backs. Campo has become a very balanced team and, contrary to your statement below, is a strength of the team and led them to victories over El Cerrito & Acalanes.

    I think it is rather apparent why Coach Schram opted for Division 2; he doesn’t want to face Marin Catholic for a fourth time in two years, having lost to them by scores of 45-14, 59-6, & 31-14. Combined with the fact Miramonte will likely be slotted as the #4 or 5 seed if they were to remain in Division 3 and thus be on a collision course with Marin Catholic yet again.

  • Pez


    Enron is an example of why we need less regulation and not more in certain areas of finance.

    AIG should never have been bailed out as it was never broke. The govt has been fully repaid as I always knew they would.

    Lack of police in Oakland (or any city) is a local matter having very little to do with the federal government (other than some federal funding). If I understand correctly, Oakland has almost always had Democrat mayors, so blaming Republicans is a bit absurd.

    Republicans lying, cheating and killing? I’d say the current president has been doing plenty of all three.

    Back to football!

  • chalk talk

    Chalktalk 101
    when u play a team with a superior athlete like a OT take ur DT off the field or whomever that OT is responsible for on each play, off the field!!! This will give ur team a true since of whats going to happen in the game. The same thing should be repeated at every position where ur team will have trouble competing. “practice reality not fiction”. Sometimes u will have 10 on 11 or 9 on 11 but ur kids will get a true since of the timing and the flow of the game.
    ISLAND CHIEF say it again i got fired

  • chalk talk

    Oakland is a port city, through out history port city have always been the richest. 100 0f millions of dollars if not billions come thru this port daily. When those tax dollars are allocated else where then trickled down to the community where the monies originated in the first place, That’s the feds showing u RONALD REAGAN’S trickle down economics at it finest!!!!
    (i dont know why u said ENRON IS an example of why things should be deregulated ) but here’s why they shouldn’t…

  • EB Prep Fan

    You seriously want us to buy that Miramonte petitioned up to face larger D2 competition or to face different teams??? You’re contradicting yourself already. What happened to attacking that soft cornerback??? You really are a spin doctor, huh? It would be much more noble if you just admitted the obvious and told everyone to screw off. Schram would likely admit it, and we would respect him for it.

  • EB Prep Fan

    If Campo can run the ball like you say, it will be a tough assignment for Miramonte I think. The Mats are small up front and Campo looked really big….hardly the “tennis players” that Macy mentioned. The difficult thing will be getting to Anderson because he gets rid of the ball so quick from his shotgun position. I think it’s tough for any high school team to defend a great passing game if it is efficiently executed. That’s why I think that the winning team will be the one that gets big stops on D and can run the ball effectively. I don’t think Miramonte will be able to run on Campo. Stomping El Cerrito is just too hard to overlook. Stomping Analy is nothing to overlook as well……I think I like Campo by 2 scores, but wouldn’t be shocked if The Mats made it close or pulled it out.

  • Pez

    redandblue2, You think your team will run against us and I say no way! You say you can stop our running game and I say do your best! I guess that’s why they show up and play it out. Frankly, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I know we have a better defense than last year, a better running game, we will have our 1st string QB playing and you will be without the services of Brett Stephens who was a big factor in last years game. Hopefully, that’s enough to win. Either way, Campo is a great team and it will be a great test to see if Miramonte is at the level we want to be at.

    The ridiculous part about this whole D2 conversation is that Coach Schram is a supremely optimistic guy. I have no doubt he feels he can beat MC, especially since he was ahead at the half in the last game. But the mark of a good coach, he is also pragmatic. He must see something in D2 that he likes. It could also just be as simple as a change of scenery. That is, its been years since we played Northgate or Clayton Valley and its been forever since we played Casa Grange, Rancho Cotate, Windsor or Montgomery. As mentioned below, we’ve played Analy and MC to death, Acalanes and Campo every season…as a fan I’m more excited now than I was at the prospect of possibly playing the same teams.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Please. Back to football……I can’t keep up with the politics! I’m not sharp enough…….easy on the wisecracks!


    I actually think its a pretty tactically brilliant move by Schram. Maybe more cagey, brilliant to much. Its not just probably the tougher teams at D3 but the style of play. Miramonte runs the Spread. So does EC, MC, CN, Tennyson, Campo has Spread elements. All of D3 is use to defending or having to defend these teams. At the very least if any teams has been to the play offs in the last 3 years have probably had game planned it. The top D2 team Clayton, Northgate, Rancho, ect. are not as use to playing against it as D3.

    No teams is scared for playing up. Sorry. I think D3 is probably better D2 is more players per team.

    Encinal is not good either. I went to 2 games this year and what they are running over there is a shell of what they use to do. Pure Pistol offense was pretty bad. That coaching staff needs to watch some film of what they did to build that program up and it had nothing to do with shotgun. I hope they get their act together that offensive output will not win them the Big Game against Alameda.

  • chalk talk

    An old Doberman starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he’s lost. Wandering about, he notices a panther heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having lunch.

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    Moral of this story…..

    Don’t mess with the old dogs…

  • chalk talk

    chalk talk 101
    Have the QB run every route in every formation against every defense so he can see the game thru the eyes of a WR
    this may take some time but walk him thru.it
    the type of throw
    the trajectory
    the velocity
    what throws can he make under pressure

  • trojan

    True, DLS excluded, Clayton hasn’t played anyone. Are they a lock for the regional playoff game if they win ncs(which i am assuming is a lock)? I don’ see any d2 in the ncs beating them this year.

  • Tampa2

    Clayton Valley has the weakest schedule, they should be no higher then the 12 spot. Campo at 6 slot would also be good.

  • Miramonte since the 1970’s has done an amazing job. Always well coached, always smart…