East Bay football poll — 10/8

Here’s our final East Bay poll before league play gets underway for everyone this week.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 5-0 75 1
2. Pittsburg 3-2 70 2
3. California 4-1 65 3
4. James Logan 5-1 60 4
5. Clayton Valley 4-1 51 5
6. Foothill 6-0 50 6
7. Deer Valley 5-0 49 7
8. Campolindo 6-0 40 8
9. El Cerrito 4-2 35 9
10. San Ramon Valley 2-3 29 11
11. Northgate 5-0 24 t14
12. Amador Valley 4-1 22 10
13. Miramonte 4-2 12 12
14. Hercules 4-1 7 NR
t15. McClymonds 3-2 5 t14
t15. Las Lomas 4-2 5 NR

Also receiving votes:  Granada (3-2, 1 vote). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Harper 16035

    where is Moreau?? oh yeah I forgot they lost twice never mind

  • Joey

    Still trying to figure out what Clayton Valley is doing at #5…

  • Prep Fan 1

    Clayton has beaten Castlemont (0-4), Independence (2-2), Skyline (0-5) and Hayward (0-5) in non-league “action”. They have yet to face league foes such as MD and YV. I guess the moral victory in only losing by 20 to DLS in week 1 carries a lot of weight. They have not played a game yet where the outcome wasn’t a 100% lock. They are probably a pretty good D2 team, but this is the worst schedule for a defending section champion I can ever remember.

  • Pez

    Yea, I was thinking the same thing. When the guy posted about how Moreau was wrongfully omitted I was going to warn him not to speak to soon!

  • Pez

    It is a great embarrassment! But I do think they are good. The fact they could match-up on the line with DLS as well as they did tells you a whole lot about them. I would put them at #9 or #10. Perhaps they are good enough for #5, but there is no basis for that high a ranking based on the super low-level of competition they have beaten.

  • redandblue2

    Intriguing game between Acalanes and Miramonte tomorrow night. On the one hand Acalanes is 0-2 and needs a win badly while Miramonte will try to regain the momentum they had in their first quarter with Campolindo. Should be a great matchup between two of the better running backs in the DFAL between Clark & Mitchell. Miramonte has the better passing game but Acalanes has the better defense (at least against Camolindo). Not sure why Mitchell only carried the ball twice against Las Lomas last week; hopefully he is ready to go Friday night.

    This game looks to be close on paper and because it is a home game for Miramonte, I lean towards the Mats winning this game.

  • Harper 16035

    yeah that was me!

  • Pez

    Big game Friday night. In fact from a practical standpoint for Miramonte its probably a bigger game than Campo.

    I spoke with some Acalanes fans after the Aca/LL game Friday night. I sounded like both Pete Mitchell and Robbie Stern left the game with injuries. Neither had much in the way of stats, so that sounds right. Those would certainly be huge losses for Acalanes. Even if those two are less than 100%, its hard to see Acalanes keeping up with Miramonte. If they are healthy, its a pretty close match-up.

    I will say one thing about the point spread between Acalanes and Miramonte vs Campo, Miramonte has always been a “feast or famine” team that doesn’t see a lot of close games. As I had mentioned in previous posts Acalanes plays an incredible number of close games. Beating them by 10 points is a pretty good night. Its a little different now that they have more of a passing attack and a QB to go with it, but they are still different offensively than Miramonte in that they revert to their double wing-type offense much of the time.

  • coolcatguy

    What happened to WACC-Foothill?
    Before the season started, it seemed like Berkeley would win again but now San Leandro looks like the contender.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Don’t Rule out Encinal, I believe we’ll make a statement against O’Dowd Tomorrow night. Jet Pride!

  • trojan

    Just think, the rest of Clayton’s transfers are eligible to start playing this week (yes real good ones). So they get even more firepower to help bludgeon all the softies on their schedule and in the ncs playoff bracket. They are that much better than anyone in d2. Its a joke. They should be d1 next year.

  • Ray Perkins

    Transfers from Pittsburg and other DFAL schools. Sounds like Murphy is at it again. Worse yet, the Principle is right behind him. Even heard the Clayton AD went to Pittsburg High personally to make sure the paper work was signed for the Pitt transfers. Even though one student faces gun charges and the other is a 1.8 gpa student. Guess that’s what the Ugly in Ugly Eagles is referring to.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Clayton played a super weak preseason yes…..but you can’t blame league on them. Transfers happen everywhere. With NCS rules they are legal too…..so who cares? Winning breeds winning. Kids flock to winning programs. The real question is….what happened to CV’s quarterback from last year!?!?!

  • Waldo

    campo ranked above MC on maxpreps now for #1 north D3 team… why? i dont know.. MC already beat miramonte by more than campo, and have a win over an actual good D1 team in SI…

  • renegades10

    SI is not that good though…

  • Pez

    Miramonte jumped all over Acalanes early. On offense, Mira had their way on the ground and in the air in the first half. There were about 4 plays that defined the game: Pete Mitchell’s fumble on the 10 in Q2 that a TD would have made 21-14, but instead Mira got it back and scored in 2 plays. Dropped pass by Robbie Stern in the endzone on 4th down that would have made it 41-35 with about a minute left. And two Aca 4th downs on drives early when they went for it and Mira shut them down; Mira scored on both. In all I think Mira had 4 TODs. Basically, all the things that went wrong in the Campo game went the other way with Acalanes; penalties, turnovers, big stops, lucky breaks.

    Best running back in DFAL is Ray Clark, though Mitchell was probably hurt and still got about 150 yrs and a score or two.

    Acalanes is a good team. Probably better than Analy, despite the three losses (versus one for Analy) and calpreps rating. I look for Aca to win-out their games and end 7-3 and get a pretty good seed.

    Miramonte was the superior team but gets complacent when ahead.

  • Pez

    Campo has beat El Cerrito, Miramonte, Menlo-Atherton, Acalanes all by good margins. El Cerrito is better than anyone MC has beaten and so is Menlo-Atherton.

    MC has wins over Miramonte and SI…and pretty much no body else. MC did beat Miramonte by a couple more points and Heritage by many more. And oh yea, Menlo-Atherton has a win over SI.

    There is a very small case for MC to be ahead of Campo, but I’d have to say that Campo’s body of work has been more impressive.

  • Sturholm’s dad

    great game last week and won another close one this week. Not flashy but a tuff group of kids.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    I would agree sir! Jet pride!

  • Joey

    Who cares! Clayton is not a good team! They run a little pansy offense that uses misdirection that De La Salle easily stopped.

  • renegades10

    You must have something against CVC, maybe they ran up the score on your team or you don’t like Murphy. They play anything but pansy football, they are physical and love to hit. DLS had some big struggles against them. They put up 291 yards of offense on DLS, more than Serra, Del Oro, and Servite.

  • Joey

    First game of the season. If you think Clayton is better on offense than any of those teams, you have something wrong with you. If you don’t know, DLS struggles with the first two weeks of every year. I.e. Serra almost beating them 14-21. Murphy should have some balls and move up to D1 and not stay in D2. Also, you can make your school a charter but no go into a freelance league? Why stay in the DVAL if you’re so much better than everybody? Exactly. OVERRATED

  • EB Prep Fan

    Pansy offense??? You’re entitled to your opinion, but that pansy offense got the RB about 7000 yards last year. It’s a pretty powerful offense, and it’s hardly soft. Misdirection is pansy? Pretty funny!

  • renegades10

    I didn’t say they were better than those teams, just showing you that they didn’t get shut down easily as you claimed. I do know DLS has some struggles early, that’s where I went to school and I was also at the game between CVC and DLS. All I’ve ever seen you post about is your clear hatred for CVC. Their schedule sucks, I’d agree with that. And I think they should at least get moved back to the BVAL and I’m guessing the DVAL schools will soon be tired of the beat downs that the Eagles are going to put on them year after year. But they are a good team and they play anything but pansy football. They could be playing in the DII SBG this year, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  • chalk talk

    there is a box from guard 2 guard
    about 5yards deep that u collapse to beat any misdirection team. and dont forget to blitz the corners LMAO BUT VERY EFFECTIVE AGAINST UNDISCIPLINED TEAMS

  • Tri-City Dude

    The problem with Moreau is that while they score a bunch of points thanks to Jason HInton, their defense can’t stop other teams from scoring a high amount of points. They gave up 43 to Mt. Eden, 48 to St. Patick/St. Vincent, 36 to a mediocre Kennedy team, and 35 to Newark Memorial. They can score all they want, but their defense can’t give up 35 or so points on a consistent basis and expect to win. Moreau might have some trouble against Washington’s high flying offense this weekend in that regard.

  • Joey

    agree, put 11 in the box blitz everyone except 2 corners who cover back and bam, double wing stopped.

  • chalk talk

    Bring 8 roll the coverage to a 3 cover
    blitz the corner play side

  • Prep Fan 1

    Foothill finally met their match this week after running the table to go 6-0 against a less than impressive schedule. Prior to this week, the only team with a winning record they had faced was D2 Las Lomas. CalPreps had Foothill slated as the favorite by line of 27-21, and it looked they may have been onto something early on.

    On the first series, Foothill QB and San Ramon resident Kyle Kearns hit Jamirr Holland for an 85 yard TD reception as the Cal defender fell down to put the Falcons up 7-0. After stopping Cal on their first series, Foothill returned the punt down into the Grizz red zone and looked poised to go up 14-0, until fumbling. That was pretty much the end of the Falcons highlights as Cal put up the next 17 points, going for it on 4th down several times, to take a 17-7 lead into halftime

    The halftime show treated the homecoming crowd to the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen for a high school football game The Grizz then put together an epic 7 1/2 minute drive to open the second half, pounding the ball on the ground repeatedly, to go up 24-7 and put the game out of reach.

    Owen had a nice game for the Grizz going 8 for 10 including 1 ball that was dropped on the opening drive for 102 yards and no INTs. Kearns struggled most of the night, aside from that first throw, ending the night 7 for 16 for 167 yards.

    Billeci is now 6-0 against Sweeney, and the Grizz set their sights on MV this week as they look to avenge their only EBAL loss over the last 2 seasons against the 1-5 Mustangs.

  • chalk talk

    (EGO) TO SLZ STAFF GIVE THE KIDS A CHANCE TO WIN 4 ONCE… . why u blitz ur corners. THE CORNERS are usually the the most athletic player on the field. U r setting the edge with momentum The RB will most likely be force back towards the LB, were a massive collision will occur. CORNER Usually blow legs out RB hate that. U get 2 hit the RB b4 he has enuff steam to run u over. ( NOT THE BOX ss just wont do right LOL)

  • Tj

    Damn, you really like talkin about these dudes lol

  • chalk talk

    TJ i spent alot of time prepping SLZ kids with the mentality and the knowledge it take to WIN.
    they basically threaten the kids and told them to quit if they liked me so much…. NOW, THE SENIORS CANT QUIT ITS THERE LAST SHOT
    the kids call begging me 2 stop the head coach from running the WING-T.
    These dudes had 10’s of meeting on fluff. things that have nothing to do with FOOTBALL. like how good the sweat suit will look what color socks to wear.
    THEY LIKE PLAYING COACH its like a lil girl playing with a doll house, some of the kids have a shot at improving their lives with this game.
    I just think u shouldnt take a job if u cant preform.

  • chalk talk

    (talent recognize talent)
    you can talk 2 a coach 4 a few minutes a know if he’s a good coach or not. LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY IN THE PRESENCE OF A FOOL.

  • chalk talk
  • EB Prep Fan

    You put 11 in the box, you better contain on the edges or your toast!

  • chalk talk