Girls Volleyball: Playoff teams by league, Rankings, Standings

This week we’re gonna look at the playoff situation for teams by league. Next week, we’ll assess the league races, and then after that we’ll break the playoff races down by division.

This will not be a breakdown of each team’s chance. Just a breakdown of how the eligibility of teams in each league is looking. We’ll break down chances of each team when we do the division breakdown.


College Prep and Head-Royce are in the Division V playoffs at this point. Athenian is also in good shape at two games over .500, while a surprise Holy Names team is as well.


This league is incredibly interesting, because depending on how many teams get eligible, this league could get 4-5 teams, even though those teams would be well under .500 overall.
Heritage won’t have any trouble getting in, but at this point Deer Valley, Freedom, Liberty and Pittsburg are all 1-1 in league. A handful of these teams could easily finish above .500 in league and snag open spots.


Also an interesting league, because six of the seven teams are far good enough to make it, but it’s whether they can become eligible.
Campolindo, Las Lomas and Dublin are in great shape, and Dougherty Valley is pretty safe right now. However, Acalanes and Miramonte are both teams that need to avoid prolonged slumps. Do they belong in? Yes. Now they just have to get in.


Northgate and Concord will be fine, while Clayton Valley, College Park and Berean Christian are squarely on the bubble. The latter needs to win a few more games, while the former two just need to play .500 from here on out.


Just like the DFAL, this league has teams that are way good enough, but need to do something to make sure they get in.
California, Carondelet, Monte Vista and San Ramon Valley will all be in. It’s Amador Valley and Foothill that need to make sure to win a few matches. AV is two above .500 overall, so just needs to play .500 the rest of the way. FH going 4-4 to end league, or playing exactly .500 from here on out would do it.


Moreau Catholic, Logan and Newark Memorial are all in great shape. Washington is looking pretty solid right now as well is Irvington. However, American and Mission San Jose need to play better than .500 from now on out, to get in.


Albany, St. Joseph Notre Dame and St. Patrick-St. Vincent are all in. Salesian is exactly .500 overall and in league, and just needs to win one more than it loses.


Hercules, Pinole Valley and Swett all seem to be in good shape.


Berkeley, O’Dowd, Castro Valley and Piedmont are all in great shape. San Leandro on the bubble and needs to play .500, but better than that would increase their chances.


This league uses only the games within the specific conference to determine NCS eligibility. That means Arroyo, Encinal, Mt. Eden and San Lorenzo are all still alive.


There’s a change at the top as the Mustangs are once again playing like the top team in the East Bay, winning the Dougherty Valley Tournament and winning four straight EBAL games.
Heritage climbs into the top five for the first time this season, while Albany sneaks into the top ten. Albany is quietly putting together a very good season.
The DFAL makes it hard to do the rankings once again as Las Lomas beats Cal and Carondelet to make the finals at Dougherty Valley, but a league loss earlier in the week to Acalanes keeps the Dons ahead of the Knights.

1. Monte Vista (23-3)
2. Bishop O’Dowd (11-6)
3. Campolindo (10-5)
4. San Ramon Valley (17-2)
5. Heritage (11-5)
6. California (18-5)
7. Carondelet (18-6)
8. Moreau Catholic (18-4)
9. Albany (11-2)
10. Foothill (13-12)
11. Berkeley (9-5)
12. Amador Valley (10-8)
13. Acalanes (9-8)
14. Las Lomas (17-9)
15. St. Joseph Notre Dame (20-4)


Team Record GB

College Prep (11-8, 8-1) –
Head Royce (14-7, 7-1) .5
Holy Names (6-5, 6-4) 2.5
Athenian (7-9, 5-3) 2.5
Valley Chr. (6-10, 3-5) 4.5
Redwood Chr. (7-17, 1-8) 7
Bentley (5-11, 0-7) 7

Team Record GB

Antioch (3-12, 0-2) –
Deer Valley (2-16, 1-1) –
Freedom (8-18, 1-1) –
Heritage (11-5, 2-0) –
Liberty (7-14, 1-1) –
Pittsburg (1-12, 1-1) –

Team Record GB

Campolindo (10-5, 4-0) –
Acalanes (9-8, 4-1) .5
Dublin (12-6, 2-2) 2
Las Lomas (17-9, 3-2) 1.5
Miramonte (8-9, 3-2) 1.5
Dougherty Valley (13-10, 1-4) 3.5
Alhambra (5-14, 0-6) 5

Team Record GB

Northgate (9-7, 7-0) –
Concord (17-6, 6-1) 1
Clayton Valley (9-8, 4-3) 3
Berean Chr. (6-14, 3-4) 4
College Park (13-11, 3-4) 4
Ygnacio Valley (1-10, 1-6) 6
Mt. Diablo (0-7, 0-6) 6.5

Team Record GB

San Ramon Valley (17-2, 6-0) –
Monte Vista (23-3, 5-1) 1
Foothill (13-12, 4-2) 2
California (18-5, 4-2) 2
Carondelet (18-6, 3-3) 3
Amador Valley (10-8, 2-4) 4
Granada (6-15, 0-6) 6
Livermore (4-12, 0-6) 6

Team Record GB

Moreau Catholic (18-4, 6-0) –
Newark Memorial (13-2, 5-1) 1
Logan (9-5, 4-2) 2
Washington (10-8, 4-2) 2
Irvington (10-7, 2-4) 4
Mission San Jose (7-11, 2-4) 4
American (6-7, 1-5) 5
Kennedy-Fremont (6-14, 0-6) 6

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (11-2, 6-0) –
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (19-11, 4-1) 1
St. Joseph Notre Dame (20-4, 3-2) 2
Salesian (8-8, 3-3) 3
St. Mary’s (4-12, 1-5) 5
El Cerrito (4-6, 0-6) 6

Stone Division
Team Record GB

Swett (5-1, 5-1) –
Pinole Valley (5-6, 4-1) .5
Hercules (4-8, 4-2) 1
De Anza (2-3, 2-3) 2.5
Kennedy-Richmond (2-5, 2-4) 3
Richmond (0-7, 0-6) 5

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Bishop O’Dowd (11-6, 7-0) –
Berkeley (9-5, 7-1) .5
Piedmont (13-8, 6-2) 1.5
Castro Valley (8-10, 6-2) 1.5
San Leandro (9-8, 5-3) 2.5
Alameda (4-11, 2-6) 5.5

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Mt. Eden (4-8, 3-4) –
Encinal (2-4, 2-3) –
Arroyo (3-11, 2-4) .5
San Lorenzo (6-10, 2-4) .5
Tennyson (0-7, 0-6) 3.5
Hayward (0-9, 0-7) 4

Matt Smith

  • Tj

    meh ignore this.. damn volleyball confusin me and stuff

  • ebvbfan

    SRV over Monte Vista in 4 exciting sets. Contrasts in styles…..MV is big and athletic, SRV is quick and athletic. SRV earned this one and should at least be ranked #2 in next week’s poll. These two teams have a good chance of meeting in NCS Div I finals if they keep playing like this.

  • Matt Smith

    SRV’s loss to Campo is the only reason I didn’t have them higher. But the MV win means it’s time to move them up.

  • MoellerMan

    Foothill is enigmatic. In best of 5 games, meaning outside of tournaments, they are 8-3, with the only losses coming to the number 1, 3 and 4 teams. And they have wins over the number 6 and 7 teams. But because of a poor tournament record they are ranked number 10.

  • Matt Smith

    Foothill is definitely the biggest mystery team in the East Bay. @moellerman:disqus, your breakdown was perfect.

  • Chris Markle

    @MoellerMan – You’re right about Foothill. Last night they dominated the cross-town Amador Dons, who maybe didn’t really show up. Serve-receive has been an issue but has been improving and looked better last night. When their rotation brings up Kate Berrigan (OH), Maddie Smith (MH) and Rachel Reichenbach (OPP) at the same time, that is a formidable front row! I think the Falcons will continue to improve and wil give teams a lot of trouble in the 2nd half of the EBAL campaign, and into the NCS D1 championship.

  • Matt Smith

    Speaking of enigmatic teams, you’d have to throw a bunch of DFAL teams into the mix, mostly Las Lomas.

  • Chris Markle

    Matt – Went out of my EBAL routine last night and watched Campo at Las Lomas. Enigmatic is a great description of the Knights. They lost 1-3 but sets 3 (which they won, withstanding numerous Campo charges) and the 2nd half of set 4 showed that they can play with the likes of Campo. But we saw the other LL team as well…

    As for Campo… wow! Just looked online and they have only a single senior on that team. Geez they are going to a load to deal with for the next few years as well. Junior OH #9 Kelley Wirth is the best player I’ve seen this year. She had an outstanding game, playing all the way around and hitting with authority from the front and back rows.

  • Jeff Kole

    I saw Campo vs. LL also, and I know players on both teams. Have to agree with Chris Markle that LL is can be very good … or the opposite. Set 3 was tight, but Campo coach Vuong was playing most of his bench that game and Campo were a bit sloppy themselves. LL could make a real run in post-season, or fizzle early.
    And agree on second point also. Campo #9 Wirth is best all-round player I’ve seen in East Bay also. She is playing lights out — a 6-rotation star attacking from both front and back rows and makes her teammates better too. Have seen both BOD and SRV, and their big hitters are good but more one-dimensional. Campo is very good this year, and will be scary next year with all but one player returning and Wirth as a senior.

  • LoudFan

    Matt — Hard to believe anyone can be more Jekyll & Hyde than Las Lomas.

    Within 10 days, they lose in five to Acalanes and to Dublin — while also beating two tough EBAL teams (Cal High and Carondolet).

    They then get rolled in game 1 vs Campo — only to play toe-to-toe with Campo in games 2, 3 and 4.

    LL vs Campo was fun to watch… but not nearly as much fun as SRV vs Monte Vista.

    Midway through game 2 it looked like Monte Vista was going to sweep the Wolves. But SRV managed to rally in game 2 and continued their momentum in games 3 and 4 to win the match 3-1.

    MV has more height, but SRV is quicker and just as powerful in my opinion.

  • Matt Smith

    Hey everyone,

    I’m still waiting for some results from Stockton, before I post the new rankings.