East Bay football poll — 10/15

Here’s our latest East Bay football poll. Deer Valley and Campolindo each move up a spot.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 6-0 75 1
2. Pittsburg 4-2 69 2
3. California 5-1 66 3
4. James Logan 5-1 60 4
5. Clayton Valley 5-1 55 5
6. Deer Valley 6-0 50 7
7. Campolindo 6-0 44 8
8. Foothill 6-1 40 6
9. El Cerrito 5-2 35 9
10. San Ramon Valley 3-3 31 10
11. Northgate 6-0 25 11
12. Amador Valley 4-2 17 12
13. Miramonte 5-2 15 13
14. Las Lomas 5-1 7 t15
15. Hercules 5-1 6 14

Also receiving votes:  McClymonds (3-2, 3 votes), Granada (4-2, 2). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Jfree

    Speaking of the WACC, can anyone explain what has happened to ODowd? Granted they lost a lot in King, Miroglio, and Gomes, but there is no excuse for this team to be sitting at one win. Way too much talent at this school. Hardy and his staff should be ashamed of themselves. I saw the Castro Valley game, and it was embarrassing – a 1-5 CV team hung 40 points on Hardy’s defense, and the offense is a disorganized mess. Thoughts?

  • ManDown

    I wouldn’t put Encinal in the conversation in D3 guys. No way the keep up with Campo, Marin, EC, Newman, or Analy. Winning the wacc foothill division means nothing and I highly doubt you guys get past both Castro Valley or San Leandro in the coming weeks. you guys head into playoffs at 7-3 this season and I don’t see you getting through the second round.

  • ManDown

    ODowd is terrible. Even though Castro Valley is pretty good despite the record they have, Hardy should be ashamed of himself for what he has done to that program. I will say they’ve played some teams tough this season but there is no excuses when it comes to private schools. Everyone hated on my man Peranon and look at the dragons now. LOL! I bet Paul is somewhere laughing at him and everyone that wanted him gone.

  • Pez

    I wouldn’t put it past Encinal to beat Analy. I just wasn’t that impressed with them. They have mediocre QBs, one good (not great) receiver and a stud running back that weighs 130 pounds. He’s awesome, but not exactly going to run over anyone. The heart of the team are a couple of large, athletic linemen, but Encinal probably matches up with them pretty well. We were able to neutralize their receiver and then they were pretty one-dimensional trying to find ways to hurt us with their 130 pound running back. We have excellent, quick LBs and they were able to corral him pretty well. He broke open a couple of plays, but otherwise their offense just wasn’t that great.

    Encinal is well coached and I could see them taking Analy out of their game and keeping it close. To be clear, I don’t think Encinal is as good as Analy, but I think its a more favorable match-up for Encinal.

    El Cerrito/Encinal would be interesting. El Cerrito would likely roll, but there’s a chance Encinal could turn the game into a street fight…lots of pushing and trash talk That would be fun to watch and I think it might get El Cerrito out of their game. But generally, not much hope for Encinal.

    Campo and Marin Catholic will systematically destroy Encinal! It would be like playing against a JV team! Sorry, but those two teams are playing on such a different level. I hope you get a chance to experience it!

  • Pez

    I’ll echo ManDown’s comments, but I would add that the big thing that shocked me about the Castro Valley game is that O’Dowd was not able to score on Castro Valley. Castro Valley has a solid running game, so I figured they would score some (OK, well not 43 points, but some). But, teams have been averaging around 36 pts/game against CV and all O’Dowd could muster is 14? I thought O’Dowd might lose game but in a shoot-out. But I never thought O’Dowd would get drubbed like that!

  • Perkin

    I think BOD’s last stand was the Encinal game and now they have totally quit. Beating Encinal was O’dowd’s last realistic chance to make the play-offs I’m sure their coaching staff was preaching it.

  • coolcatguy

    At least ODowd has Berkeley coming up.

  • chalk talk

    Im sick of u dudes losing to DLS
    1. every team they play does exactly what u were scouted to do
    2 when ur out matched in a fight u shoot ur wade first
    3 there DB’s r always the weakest link
    4 ur getting out coached
    true story they brought me up from jv to be the dummy RB
    to imitate DLS RB. RUNNING the veer I hit the hole then bounced it 3 straight times for TD’s got yelled at four not hitting the proper hole sent back down the next day DLS RB did the exact same thing I did in the game I MEAN DE JA VU at that point I knew coaches didn’t know everything !!!! only a fool would run into a LB sitting in the HOLE unless u need short yards DRINK SAND MY FRIEND