East Bay football poll — 10/29

Here’s our latest East Bay football poll. College Park and Encinal crack the rankings.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 8-0 75 1
2. Pittsburg 6-2 70 2
3. California 7-1 65 3
4. Deer Valley 8-0 60 4
5. Clayton Valley 7-1 53 5
6. Campolindo 8-0 52 6
7. James Logan 6-2 45 7
8. Foothill 7-1 39 8
9. El Cerrito 6-2 36 9
10. San Ramon Valley 4-4 29 10
11. Miramonte 6-2 26 11
t12. College Park 5-2-1 13 NR
t12. Encinal 7-1 13 NR
14. Amador Valley 5-3 10 12
15. McClymonds 5-2 7 15

Also receiving votes:  Concord (6-2, 4 votes), Northgate (7-1, 2), Hercules (7-1, 1).  The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • BigJim


  • chalk talk

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  • Perkin

    Campo should be #2. Pitt lost to Analy. If the DLS loss is keeping Clayton ranked high then it should keep PItt ranked low. Deer Valley should be ahead of them and the beauty in that is they are about to play. Pitt could justify a #2 ranking if they beat an undefeated Deer Valley. EC should be in front of Foothill just on the belief that EC would beat them in a game.

  • Prep Fan 1

    By that logic, do you really think Campo would beat Pitt, Cal & DV if they were to play? I would love to them schedule some of those teams, but there’s a reason they don’t.

  • Rolltide

    Campo doesn’t schedule any of them because Pitt, Cal and DV have nothing to gain and everything to lose playing a D3 team

  • BigJim

    Same for DLS playing Clayton Valley

  • EBAL fan

    In all fairness, didn’t Livermore bail at the 11th hour and ClayV happily jumped in since the Ugly’s balance of the schedule was….well, ugly. Any out of section team worthy of DLS challenge was long scheduled.

  • Prep Fan 1

    Cal gets slammed by some for their non league schedule, which includes Pitt, DLS, Washington & Castro Valley. I’m sure they’d be happy to trade the date with D2 Washington date for one with D3 Campo. Foothill plays D3 teams. Campo would be an upgrade. I don’t think Campo is interested in facing upper tier EBAL or BVAL teams or it would have happened by now.

  • Perkin

    Campo’s SChedule is as good as it gets. Played a #2 ranked EC (at the time), good MA, Solid Washington, LL, & Acalanes and a good Miramonte. They have earned a #2. DV beats Pitt I could see them being ranked #2. Pitt loss I stand by it. Normally I would say no way Campo could beat thoseD1 teams but Analy did it. Mira beat Analy. Campo took care of Miramonte. Its degrees of separation but its still there. I stand by the EC & Clayton losses kept them ranked high why doesn’t that Analy loss keep Cal & Pitt ranked low.

  • renegades10

    Yes that is what happened. Livermore decided against opening with DLS and Clayton jumped at the chance.

  • BigJim

    Because they knew no matter the score they would look good playing a powerhouse… DLS had nothing to gain whatsoever while Clayton Valley even though they will lose, still gained “ghost ranking points” for losing a game…

  • Pez

    No one has mentioned it, but why is College Park all the way up to #12 while Concord and Northgate are relegated to “bubble” status? Concord I can at least understand: loss to Amador Valley, direct loss to College Park, on-field loss to Liberty. But if I were a Northgate fan I’d be pissed! They have big wins over San Marin and Las Lomas. Their only loss is a close rivalry loss to Concord. While College Park’s two losses are to powerhouses (blowouts!), they also have a tie to Alhambra – ouch! And they really haven’t beaten anyone of note other than Concord.

    Further, while Encinal is racking up some nice wins, I still can’t see how you would rate them ahead of a 7-1 Northgate.

    In any case, it seems like a severe overreaction to move College Park up to #12 while kicking Northgate out of the rankings.

  • Perkin

    Loss to Concord is bad no more legit wins in Las Lomas (who have they beat) compared to Encinal who plays in a D1 league and plays a D1 schedule while LL plays in a D3 league. San Marin plays in a bad league I guess the voters feel like Encinal wouldn’t lose to Concord.

  • Prep Fan 1

    So should we just pretend that Northgate didn’t just lose to Concord 11 days ago, and that CP didn’t just beat Concord 4 days ago? Like it or not, recent head to head match ups are about as good of a barometer as we have to go by.

  • Pez

    Using your logic, Pitt should be ranked #12 down below Miramonte since Mira beat Analy that beat Pitt. And that was no 3 point loss in a rivalry game. That was a game in which the mighty Pitt lost by 16 and was outscored 14-7 in the 4th quarter.

    My comment is twofold: First, you can’t always use head/head logic in every situation and I think Northgate has done way more than College Park. Second, if you are going to use that logic, at least be consistent!

  • Pez

    Northgate beat Las Lomas which has a big win over Acalanes, which ironically, beat Castro Valley, one of your WAC-Foothill D1 powerhouses!

    Seriously, your “D1 league” is comprised of 3 D1 teams that have a combined OOL record of 4-11. Encinal has had a very good season and deserves to be top 15, but Northgate has better wins and their respective losses are pretty much a wash. My only point is that I’d move Northgate up a notch above College Park and move everyone on the list down a spot including Encinal.

    By the way, I think Concord would handle Encinal, but it would be a great game and one I would like to see!

  • Prep Fan 1

    If you want to put your own poll together and rank Pitt at #12 behind Miramonte, go for it. The Concord-NG and Concord-CP games were played recently, within the past 2 weeks. If they were to play again today, a similar result is likely. If Pitt were to play Analy today, my money would be on Pitt. Not to say Analy didn’t beat them handily in week #1, but a lot of adjustments have been made since then. It’s not all about head to head, but more about the relative strength of teams and how they are playing recently. I would take Pitt over any DFAL team in a game this week. Whether they can beat DV remains to be seen, but they are deserving of their current ranking.

  • Perkin

    I don’t think that Concord would handle Encinal but I think it would be a great game to watch. Encinal would beat them this year but I think that for Concord to just be at .500 is an amazing job by Hamilton and staff. To be where they are at with what they had coming into the year is what great coaching is all about. Overachieving.

    Pitt should be low 5-6 I think they beat a 2-3 Deer Valley then they go up. Say what you want Mira you buy into the D1 logic you already said it. OOL to the birds WACC foothill plays a way better non-league team for team then the DFAL adn you know it because you buy into the D1 logic. Encinal is also playing B-high, CV, BOD when it is win or go home. Not saying any of those teams tried to lose their non-league but its last stand time. They are getting the Knuke Rockne speaches.

    Northgate would still be ranked in my poll which is unbiased. Mira if you had your own poll you would have Miramonte at #4 & Campo #3 so get lost!

  • David Sparkle

    This will all be put to rest Friday. When CP play Northgate.

  • Prep Fan 1

    Cal travels to Livermore for a chance to win their first ever outright EBAL title. Say what you want about their preseason scheduling, but coach B’s teams have gotten it done in EBAL play in one of the toughest leagues in NorCal. Sanchez turned the team around after decades of being a doormat, but Billeci has had the upper hand against the other current EBAL teams since taking the helm 5 years ago, including NCS wins over Foothill last year and SRV in 2010.

    4-1 vs Amador Valley, including the last 4.
    6-0 vs Foothill, Sweeney’s nemesis.
    4-1 vs Granada, always plays Cal tough.
    4-0 vs Livermore, 5th game this week.
    3-2 vs MV, including 3 of the last 4.
    5-1 vs SRV, Cal’s top EBAL rival lately.

    The Grizz has also played DLS as tough as anyone in the state over this period, especially considering their week 10 meetings when DLS has gotten out all the bugs

  • Tampa2

    Great game would be Clayton Valley vs Campo.
    That would be a pure smash and hit type of game.
    Would be a huge draw as a game # 2 for both teams next season.

  • Tampa2

    BigJim….The Dead Horse is alive…Clayton Valley should not be in the 5 spot..most other polls seem to agree.
    Spartans still need to play Monte Vista this week away in Danville and Cal get to play them at Owen-Owens field on the Spartans Senior night……let the fireworks begin.

  • Tampa2

    Amador Valley is a gutsy team…they were physically out-played by DLS….but they never gave up and played with heart & class till 00:00

  • FB Guru

    I’d like to see the NCS panels post what criteria THEY will use when seeding teams. Might provide incentive for some teams to look for a little tougher non-league opponent. I would prefer that they just use the Calpreps SOS ratings. That computer is a whole lot smarter than any NCS panel member or EBPC blogger, yours truly included.

  • Rolltide

    I’m interested to see the d3 playoff ranks and where the would spot campo. The could be put as #1 due to their schedule and that would them to be home against either EC again or try and avenge last year’s lost to analy

  • Perkin

    I unfortunately agree. With all the parity in the leagues now looking at overall records is not entirely fair. Especially when teams in weaker leagues just schedule weak non-leagues. Looking at any team in SJS, NCS, CCS or any where else have to check their ratings because overall records are not very accurate to how good they are. This should make Mira happy he loves CalPreps. I don’t now how exactly it should be used but it should be used. After head to head, common opponents, & coaches rankings (but who knows what they are putting their is no peer pressure) looking at CalPreps isn’t a bad idea for play-off spots.

  • Juniorjohnson

    Dont tarnish a good post by bringing up Cal’s awful non league schedule.

  • EB Prep Fan

    They should use any resource that is available, because recently it looks like they’ve just picked out of a hat!

  • EB Prep Fan

    I don’t think Concord would handle Encinal either. Concord has lost 3 times, so they are far from elite. Encinal has a way of willing themselves to win. Their DBs are good, and they would run on them. Plus I think Concord has a similarly small roster. I agree it would be a great game to watch.


    Northgate isn’t all that strong either. Looks like they are as good as Hercules in the eyes of Stephanie Harmon. I agree. Apparently, Encinal is just as good as Miramonte. Yup. Same with College Park. Campo should be a 3, EC a 4, Cal and Deer Valley should be tied at 2. Pittsburgh 5, CV somewhere after for sure. They simply should of played somebody. Damn, whats up with Murphys Fresno hook ups?


    Looks like De La Salle has to tone it down a bit as far as practice goes. 5 hours a day just isn’t what the world wants anymore.

  • BigJim

    They practice about 3 hours… Not anywhere near 5.

  • Waldo

    Campo might get the #1 at this point… gonna suck if I have to go back into moraga… they don’t even have bleachers/seats on the away side lol

  • Stephanie Hammon

    When did I say Northgate is as good as Hercules? I’m one of five people voting on this poll. For the record, I’ve never voted for Hercules and have Campo higher than CVC.

    Also, if you look at the points, you’ll see there’s a pretty big gap between Miramonte and the 12-15 teams.


    Stephanie, I didn’t look that much into it. I stand corrected. However, I have noticed the huge gap between Miramonte and 12-15. Interesting to note. Happy Halloween Stehanie.


    Stephanie, I didn’t look that much into it. I stand corrected. However, I have noticed the huge gap between Miramonte and 12-15. Interesting to note. Happy Halloween Stephanie.

  • LoveDaGame

    Everyone agrees CVCharter should not be ranked so high – they are no way near the team they were last year. They have not played anybody, even if they run the table in playoffs not sure how they could represent the North. Pitts ride is over – the injury bug has depleted them big time. Although I am fine with where they are ranked #2 (loss to Analy was with them sitting 3 starters including their #1 and #2 RB). But story from Pitt Fellas is that their best OL/DL is out for year and that their RB ROSS is out for year. Losing two guys like that in one week is hard to recover from.

  • Prep Fan 1

    It was a nod to your persistent acknowledgment of the Cal non-league schedule, which this year includes: Pitt, DLS, Washington & Castro Valley. The 2 top teams in the EB poll, and 2 also rans. Plus they have had played in the preseason Pittsburg Jamboree scrimmage each year against DLS, Pitt and Logan since Billeci took over. Whatever helps a team get ready for league play.

  • BigJim

    Campo would destroy them.

  • Prep Fan 1

    NCS D1 playoff picture:

    14 teams have already qualified for the 16 team D1 playoff bracket with 1 week left to play, with 3 teams (Freedom, Castro Valley & MSJ) having to win this week in order to qualify. If Freedom knocks off Liberty and CV knocks off Berkeley (both very possible), they’ll both qualify with 3-2 league records. MSJ could also qualify if they can somehow beat Logan, as they are 0-1 vs. D1 teams this year. It is doubtful that 2-7 Santa Rosa would apply for their berth, but 4-5 Dougherty Valley might, as both qualified simply by beating D1 Antioch.
    These are the 14 D1 teams that have already qualified, listed in order of their calpreps ratings

    1. DLS 9-1, 67.2
    2. Cal 8-1, 40.8

    3. SRV 5-4, 39.9

    4. Deer Valley 8-1, 39.7

    5. Logan 7-2, 38.5

    6. Foothill 7-2, 37.3

    7. Pitt 7-2, 37.1

    8. Granada 5-4, 26.6

    9. SL 5-4, 26.0

    10. AV 5-4, 23.2

    11. Liberty 5-4, 22.8

    12. Dougherty 1-0 vs. D1, 13.6

    13. Irvington 5-4, 5.4

    14. Santa Rosa 1-1 vs. D1, -1.0

  • BigJim

    How does NCS pick seeds? For example can Miramonte who didn’t win their league finish above a league winner if that league winner has a poor SoS and performances? For example: Clayton Valley.

    Also, what is everyone’s D2 predictions for seeding?

    Mine is:

    1. Casa Grande

    2. Miramonte

    3. Northgate/Clayton Valley (Whoever wins Friday)

    4. Northgate/Clayton Valley (Whoever loses Friday)

    5. Montgomery

    6. Las Lomas

    7. Concord

    8. Rancho Cotate

    9. Washington

    10. Maria Carillo

    11. WIndsor

    12. College Park

  • Devon Fortuna

    wow 16 teams make it – i thought it was 14.
    if berkeley beats castro valley, do they make the playoffs?

  • Sturholm’s dad

    Maria is out and Windsor has to beat mont to qualify

  • Pez

    Yea, Sturholm is right, Calpreps aren’t very good for seeding purposes. For seeding they’ll look at strength of schedule, but they won’t look at margin of victory. They also heavily weight head-to-head whereas Calpreps doesn’t weight a head-to-head win any more than any other. As a result, they can come up with some pretty different results. League champion means nothing except that league champ gets home field if playing against a higher seed that is not a league champ in the first round only. That is one concern for a team like Mira that comes in #2 to Campo, but may have to face a team in round one that is a league champ (WAC-Shoreline, TCAL-Stone, MVAL).

    My seeding goes like this:

    1. Casa 10-0
    2. CVC 9-1
    3. Monty 9-1
    4. Mira 8-2
    5. Northgate 8-2
    6. Concord 7-3
    7. College Park 6-3-1
    8. Rancho Cotate 6-4
    9. Las Lomas 6-4
    10. Windsor 5-5
    11. Washington 6-4
    12. American 7-3
    13. Alameda 6-4
    14. Tenny 7-3
    15. Newark Memorial 6-4
    16. Livermore 2-8 (wins over D2 Haward/Arroyo)

    Interesting there are 16 D2 qualifiers and likely only 14 D3 qualifiers…clearly the defection of Mira and Tenny has an effect.

  • Sturholm’s dad

    17 qualifiers SLZ is in and 3 bubble teams need wins this week to qualify. Windsor , Pinole Valley , Mt. Eden

  • Pez

    You are right on two fronts. First, San Lorenzo is qualified and would likely get a nod over Livermore. Also, if Monty goes 9-1, then Windsor goes 4-6 and doesn’t make it on any criteria. So basically, the scenario above can’t happen as reflected. If Windsor loses, which is my best guess, and Mt. Eden wins then everyone moves up and San Lorenzo is #15 and Mt. Eden would be #16.

    Wow! What an injustice if Windsor misses out and holds wins over Granada and Washington.

  • Sturholm’s dad

    Hey Pez do you think Mt. Eden gets in over a 4-6 Redwood that’s also qualified ?

  • Pez

    Yes, I do, but I admit at that level its pretty hard to tell what the seeding people would do. I think there is a natural inclination to include teams with .500 or better records if possible, and candidly, since neither hold any wins over particularly notable opponents, I would think they would look at W-L record.

  • Prep Fan 1

    Devon, it is a 16 team bracket, although normally there are only 13 or 14 that qualify, so DLS and 1 or 2 others get 1st round byes.

    Even if 16 qualify, they still have to apply and get their paperwork in. Berkeley can’t get in this, nor should they. They are 3-6 overall, 1-3 in league and 0-4 vs D1 teams. Plus their best win is over 0-9 Hayward.

    MV is the only EBAL team not to qualify this year. With their only 2 wins over Berkeley and D2 Livermore, they’ve had their worst season in decades. A rivalry week win over SRV Friday would soothe some wounds there, but not likely.

  • chalk talk

    lol ill never say charter again