CIF considers limit for practices and coach contact time

The California Interscholastic Federation Federated Council have forwarded a proposal to limit practice time for high school sports and have a contact time allowance for coaches, CIF Executive Director Roger Blake said in a media conference call this afternoon.
“The time and commitment for kids to be involved in high school sports can be out of control,” Blake said.
“We are looking at the total contact time (being) 18 hours a week. … I don’t think this proposal that goes forward will impact 90-percent of the coaches. Maybe I’m being naive.”
As far as contact by high school coaches, Blake said, “The academic side that coaches help kids with, that is not included.” He said that watching film and lifting weights would both count toward the proposed 18-hours-a-week limit.
Blake said that the Federated Council will be looking at a complete first draft of the proposal at their Jan. 31 meeting, and that he doesn’t see the proposal being voted on until May.
It was also mentioned that at the January 31 meeting, there will be a vote about starting a state swimming and diving championship in the spring of 2015.

Phil Jensen

  • chalk talk

    WHY limit practice time, some people are not smart, cant be smart never will be smart. For some people sport is all they go to school for. The vocational programs are slowly being de-funded. METAL SHOP AUTO SHOP WOOD SHOP HOME EC. are slowly becoming a thing of the past. AND NOW YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY THE extra LEADERSHIP, SOME YOUNG MEN CAN GET FROM HAVING A GREAT COACH. The idle time most likely will be spent being mischievous. Instead of under the supervision of a certified adult. Sometimes I think these rule changes are a direct attack on minorities. The people whom don’t have structure and need guidance the most.



  • Tj

    Itll never work anyway

  • Pez

    I don’t see a big impact. My experience is that the mark of a good coach is that they run an efficient practice. I’ll be willing to bet that most kids that suffer through a 4 hour practice are probably just standing around most of the time and the team likely ends up not being very good.

    As a parent, I can say that getting my kid home to study, eat, perhaps even help out around the house is every bit as important as sports. Coaches that run exceedingly long practices disrespect that.

    By the way, the player can do stuff on their own if 18 hours a week isn’t enough.

  • chalk talk

    If you are a well established program, with a group of kids that are not damaged, sure that’s enough time. If you are coaching a group of kids whose skill level is just above pop warner that’s not enough time. If you are coaching a group of kids that have to wonder if there is any food at home to eat that’s not enough time. If you come from an abusive home or a home full of drug addicts. You may need the extra attention. A GREAT COACH IS ALSO A GREAT PSYCOLOGIST. Doesn’t coach with a blanket theory, but has enough incite to know which kids need more attention.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Trust me i Felt the same way. 18 hours is enough. Jet Pride!

  • Zzlaaatan

    I agree with chalk talk below. In disadvantaged communities, HS sports are a fantastic tool to give a sense of direction to many students. This sense of direction sometimes greatly helps in structuring their lives, and can translate into vast improvements in the classroom and beyond. Giving such a sense of direction, in a consistent manner, to as many kids as possible, throughout the season, is extremely time-consuming.

    I also agree when chalk talk says that a lot of these rules and policies are often designed with middle-class communities in mind. They should rather really be thought-out with a more inclusive perspective.

    Take a very concrete example: the prices of NCS playoff tickets. They cost last year about $10, in most sports. While this is almost nothing in many well-to-do communities, go to West Oakland, Pittsburg or Richmond and you will find families being priced-out of contests in which their children and themselves have invested large amount of time and energy. 4 months of sacrifices, and the ticket is too expansive!

  • chalk talk

    well put …
    CRIME is obviously the fastest growing occupation.

    out sourcing jobs

    the manufacturing jobs that would go to the skilled and unskilled workers some how created a trade deficit with china. MADE IN AMERICA is also a thing of the past.

    You can turn a blind eye if you like but crime will be coming to your community shortly. JUST THINK U COULD PREVENT THIS BY TEACHING ONE SO THEY CAN TEACH MANY.