Jon Becker

  • Thewatchman

    Encinal quarterback is horrible, shoulda started number 7 the whole game.

  • Perkin

    Number 7 the ILB? I have seen him throw during the summer and even during pre-grame. Pretty weak arm, barely completes passes against air. He is a pretty good ILB though. If that number 5 that got in is the JV QB he is the guy. You heard it here first he is gonna be a stud.

  • Thewatchman

    No doubt about everything you just said i just feel number 7 can run the option way better then #11 he is slow and he sucks as a pocketpasser so whats the point of having him start qb?, he should play o-line. But both quarterbacks are horrible, just number 7 is a better ATH, he is a hitter on D and makes a big impact on the game. That JV Qb is the best QB at Encinal. I would roll the dice and take my chances with him.

  • Perkin

    I don’t get your point of both qbs are horrible but one should be in over the other. Size and strength is part of what I break down in athletes. 11 is huge while 7 is maybe the smallest kid on the team. But I am being unfair to #7 I have never seen him in other then the couple of passing league games I attended this summer. I just didn’t and don’t see any of the common qb attributes in him that says he should be the starter. Or even a qb. But he is a great ILB always around the ball. Huge part of the defense.

    Now the I have caught the end of four JV games this year and on the JV level this qb #5 was a man among boys. I don’t know why or for what reason he wasn’t already on Var playing one of the skill positions. I thought the age limit was dismissed in NCS. I haven’t seen any kind of the things this kid could do at qb since Jon Brown in 2008. But that was the JV level so we’ll see how he adapts to Varsity.

    Hard to watch Encinal this year a 7-2 team that still hasn’t found its stride offensively. They got a week to get it together then its win or go home. But it was a hell of a game against SL for three quarters.

  • Thewatchman

    number 7 can run the veer offense, number 11 can’t. Encinal throws probably 8-10 times a game..

    the option would benefit with 7 in, vs 11.
    11 is slow

    and the stud at qb is going to be one to watch in the near future

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    You called it Guy! The Kid’s Got a pretty Good arm. Left him down to season a bit. Yeah, We made too many mistakes and let it get away. Can’t do that against a team that keeps Pluging away. Jet Pride!

  • EB Prep Fan

    #11 ran the offense well enough to get to 7-1. Now they’re 7-2 and you choose to call a 16 yr old kid “horrible” and “sucks”. That’s pretty disgusting if you are a grown man. It’s ok to question coaching decisions sometimes, schedules or rankings on here, but to come on here and rag on a kid that’s playing his heart out for his team and school is crossing the line. Unless you have rings and titles as a coach I think it’s ok to trust Tenorio’s decision making. He’s been to 3 NCS Finals and has a ring from one of them. His credentials pretty much speak for themselves and I’m pretty sure he’s at practice everyday. So why don’t you go criticize someone that gets paid at least

  • Tj

    Kids are going to get roughed up in life eventually.. babying them doesnt do anything for them. I disagree with watchman though.