East Bay football poll — 11/5

Here’s our last East Bay football poll of the regular season. New teams in the fold — Northgate, Liberty and Granada.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 9-0 75 1
2. Pittsburg 7-2 70 2
3. California 8-1 65 3
4. Campolindo 9-0 60 6
5. Deer Valley 8-1 52 4
6. Clayton Valley 8-1 49 5
7. James Logan 7-2 48 7
8. El Cerrito 7-2 40 9
9. San Ramon Valley 5-4 36 10
10. Foothill 7-2 30 8
11. Miramonte 7-2 25 11
12. Northgate 8-1 20 NR
13. McClymonds 6-2 12 15
14. Granada 5-4 9 NR
15. Liberty 5-4 4 NR

Also receiving votes:  Washington (5-4, 2 votes), Concord (6-3, 2), San Leandro (5-4, 1).  The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Pez

    OK, I’ll be the first to say that Pitt deserves the #2 spot this week! Who was that team that showed up in Sebastopol on Week 0?

    But I was clearly right about Northgate vs Concord vs College Park; this week they got it right.

    And where is Encinal? Seriously, it was premature to put them in the Top 15 last week. They’ve had an amazing season, but many of their wins have come at the expense of offense-impaired teams.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Pez, Real Talk, Why do you always have the Jets In your Crosshairs? We have not generated a lot of Offense which means our defense has stepped up. Come on man, If we Beat The Patriots you’d say it was because they had a off day. I’d say were doing pretty good at 7-2 and The kids go hard, We didn’t finish the SL game and we lost. It’s Football. Jeez, Find a new target! Lastly, We play who is on the schedule. If they can’t score then i’d say it’s because we stopped them. Jet Pride!

  • Perkin

    Yeah I agree always a lot hate from Mira on Encinal. You should get Miramonte to play Encinal talk to Schram get that game going get the bad taste of losing the last time you played them out of your mouth. Especially if you think its so easy. Ask Schram he knows about playing the same teams but he use to get blown out by them. Usually pretty bad. Late 90’s early 2000’s I use to leave a lot of Encinal games at half time.

  • EB Prep Fan

    He’s bitter because of the last embarrassment! Miramonte was so scared of Encinal, EC, Campo and the rest that they ran and hid in D2! Good luck with that!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Mira, The Wax On, Wax Off worked For Tenario-San. The Student has surpassed the Master! Jet Pride!

  • Pez

    My comment was about the above rankings and I stand by my comment. It was premature to throw College Park and Encinal into the Top 15 ranking. Like I predicted last week, they both lost and they are both back out. San Leandro, the team that beat Encinal comfortably, isn’t even in the Top 15.

    In terms of Miramonte vs Encinal, you guys should quit living in the past. Both teams have a strong history, both teams are well coached and both are having good seasons. But the talent at Miramonte is head-and-shoulders above that at Encinal this year. Frankly, a game with Encinal isn’t even of interest to me. Miramonte would blow you guys out!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    My Caldicott Friend Pez, You have a right to your opinion, and I will say the I have enjoyed a lot of what you have to say But You don’t know what would happen in a match up between the two teams. But I will say I have much respect for Coach Schram and what he’s doing out there But you have to play the game to know the outcome. And To be honest, I think San Leandro Would beat you guys if you played them that day. We let them hang in too long and it was our undoing. But again it is Opinion. Hopefully Miramonte will return to D3 (One day?) And we’ll see if your boys get another chance to even the score. Jet Pride!

  • EB Prep Fan

    Pretty sure you were barking the same crap a couple years ago at Encinal! I would have loved to have been sitting next to you when you went up 14-0! Blow Encinal out? Kinda like MC and Campos blowouts vs you this year? Oh….but don’t worry, you don’t have to play them in NCS this year because Miramonte decided to play “up” to play tougher and different teams……spin doctor!!!

  • Perkin

    What about next year? You have to be tired of getting embarassed by Marin Catholic.

  • Sam Eggroll Stringer

    Does anyone know when the San Leandro vs. Odowd game is ?? is it November 7th ?

  • Pez

    I wanted to clarify a couple of things in your comment. First, a couple of years ago I wanted Mira to play Encinal because Encinal was a premier team and I wanted us to prove ourselves. Encinal’s talent and size was to great and they won the game handily. Now, I don’t care to play Encinal because WE are a premier team and Encinal is a team coming out of down year looking for respect. You have a good record but, like the Mira team of 2011, its based on wins over suspect opponents. You should want to play us to prove yourselves. We are on to bigger and better things. Shoe is on the other foot!

    Second, you sound ill-informed when speaking about D2. In D3, Encinal is likely the 7th best team behind Campo, MC, EC, CN, Analy, Acalanes. In D2 you would be about the 12th best team behind Casa, CVC, Monty, Mira, NG, Concord, College Park, Rancho, LL, Windsor and Washington. In D3 playoffs, you get a creampuff in the first round while in D2 you’d likely be one-and-done! I wouldn’t be to quick to put down D2 if I were you.

  • Perkin

    Yeah right you aren’t selling parents here. You got embarrassed twice this year by the top 2 seeds and saw a tough 2nd round and said I’m out of here I need to get to the 3rd round. D2 play offs you see a likely 2nd round with a LL or whoever D3 you see maybe an Encinal, Cardinal Newman and said forget this I am sick of two rounds and out.

  • Pez

    I agree that winners are proven on the field and Encinal is always a tough win. So who knows.

    But with the Las Lomas win, Mira put together an impressive three-game winning streak that has me convinced this is the best team since I’ve been watching them, period. Well balanced on offense, best linebackers around, solid in every phase of the game.

    Here’s the link to the Las Lomas game. You should check it out. Great game and Mira is hitting its stride going into the playoffs.


    I always call it like I see it with Encinal, but I’m not down on them. If they get a good draw in the playoffs they should win round one and could shock someone in the second round (Analy, Acalanes, El Cerrito, maybe) and make it to the semis…beyond that, I’m skeptical but who knows!

  • EB Prep Fan

    Not quick to put down D2. But my only question would be WHY? What’s wrong with staying in your own bracket? If you’re a premiere team, then why run to D2? Looking for better competition? No more spinning….just admit the facts and that will be that. Over and done with. I’m sure your jump to D2 doesn’t have much if anything to do with Encinal, but don’t try to bull crap us and say that you’re going up for NEW competition. Schram isn’t stupid…..he’s gonna go to the path of least resistance. At least he would probably admit it! Like I said before, Tenorio could have at least 1 more NCS title if he chose the easier route.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Pez,The key line you wrote was, Like YOU see it. The Only thing I can say is Good luck to the Faithful In Orinda. I wish them luck in the Playoffs. And I look forward to my guys proving you wrong. Lastly, I’d be more concerned on how Far the Matadors Get. We’ll be here waiting when you guys are ready for us… Jet Pride

  • Perkin

    I seriously doubt Encinal can beat EC. But good example, I seriously doubt with the history EC has had playing Encinal that they want to play them 2nd round. Other then the top 2 seeds I believe they would rather play anybody else.

  • redandblue2

    With regard to Miramonte, what a brilliant move by Schram to petition into D2. Miramonte would have been the #4 seed in D3, behind Campo, Marin Catholic and El Cerrito. They will likely be the #3 seed behind Casa Grande (assuming they beat Cardinal Newman) and the winner of the Clayton Valley Charter vs Northgate game this Friday.
    More to the point, Schram saw the top 3 teams in D2 as clearly lower in quality than the top 3 teams in D3 and rightfully saw that Miramonte has a far better opportunity to win NCS in D2 than D3, nothing more. Taking it one step further, Miramonte has a better than average shot to play in the norcal regional game against a team like Enterprise or Inderkum, two teams Miramonte could very well beat, to play in the D2 State Championship Game.
    Most years it stands to reason D2 will have better teams at the top than D3, but for 2013 Miramonte just may be able to punch their ticket to Carson; I only hope Campo will be able to join them.

  • watchman

    Subtract DE LA salle , from D1

    you can make an case that D3 is as good as D1

    Atleast in the past years no doubt.

    This year i am going to say D1 is a little deeper no question

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    7Pm Chabot College. From Cal prep Schedule. 11-7

  • Pez

    I’m with you that I see no downside, but some of the posters seem to think there is something unholy about it.

    For my part, I see it as mostly positive, but no cakewalk. To me the top is somewhat lighter, giving Miramonte a better seed than perhaps D3, but the first game will likely be tougher with teams like Washington and possibly Windsor making it in but not having particularly good records. Even teams like Alameda and American are more potent that Drake, Sonoma Valley, etc.

    The biggest thing to me is that most of the top D2 teams have more trouble with spread than the top D3 teams. I admit, Campo and MC are great at defending the spread, while CVC had all kinds of trouble with Concord. I kept thinking while watching the replay of that game that if they have trouble with Concord they could be in real trouble with Miramonte. The Miramonte O-line, passing and the running have all gotten better since Campo. Hopefully, Miramonte is peaking at the right time.

  • Wacky WACC

    Where’s the Island Chief? Lots of talk about Alameda early in the season, what happened?!

  • Perkin

    After two season this A & B league realignment for I think the perception of the Foothill is so bad that they should just go back to how the leagues were. So if we were to put foothill teams back into their old leagues and kept their first 2-4 non league games think of how they would be perceived right now and ranked.
    SL- 9-1 HAAL champs top 5-6 eastbay ranking
    B-high 7-3 2nd in the ACCAL to EC probably ranked top 13
    Castro Valley probably 8-2 top 7-9 east bay
    Encinal 9-1 BSAL champs top 7-8 use to be
    BOD 6-4 always ranked
    Hercules not 9-1 never ranked
    Tennyson .500 never ranked
    EC probably higher top 5
    Campo top 3 due to playing EC.

    Now instead of these leagues and these records we have these dream match-ups all the foothill teams play tough non-leagues the league gets no respect for it. I say go back to how things were 8-2/9-1 is 8-2/9-1.

  • Phil Jensen

    7 p.m. tonight at O’Dowd

  • eb football

    Agreed. Folks buying inflated products based on inflation ruined this economy. Too many inflated records and too many teams with inflated records who beat teams with inflated records claiming to be good. B-leagues/teams that duck good teams=sub-prime loan debacle. If a team is in the b-league or a team claims a b-league win for division record qualification they should automatically be in the bottom 8.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    O’Dowd 3, San Leandro 46, Final

  • Jfree

    Wow. Odowd just looked awful last night. Here’s hoping that they wake up and get a coach in there to revitalize the program. Hardy has straight up quit on the kids, and the players seemed to be going through the motions. There is too much talent in that program for them to put together a season like this.

  • ManDown

    O’Dowd asked for this. They got rid of Peranon and expected Nickerson to revamp that program and it has only become worse. Lol.

  • watchman

    O dowd coulda been like DE LA SALLE in the early 2000’s now look at them… smh

  • Jfree

    I am not a Hardy hater. He has done some very good things for the program. He just is not a very good high school coach (a tough job), and he does not respond to adversity well. Coaches and kids are quitting the program, and his response, once the team lost some games, seems to be giving up. In his four years at Odowd, his records have been: 10-2, 9-3, 7-5, and 3-7. The talent was down this year, but not that far down. This is a team with 15 seniors, so it wasn’t that young, either. Sad for a proud East Bay program.

  • SL pirate

    last nite felt real good as a SL alum keep up the good work fellas

  • David Sparkle

    Way to step up Cal high. Man teams just lay down for DLS

  • juniorjohnson

    Usually Cal does step up vs DLS. Regardless, Cal hardly laid down. They were beaten down is a better statement. Nothing to be ashamed of, it has happened to many Spartan opponents- ask the socal boyzz.

  • David Sparkle

    Yeah, I guess I can say that for every team. Cept Pitt. They may have a problem with Folsom if they meet. QB is off charts

  • Sarparto

    They might, but Folsom was blowing teams out last year too. DLS still handled business. Will definitely be an interesting rematch.

  • BigJim

    Who gets #1 seed in Division 2? Casa Grande?

  • Formerdragon2006

    I went to alumni game versus Hayward and could not believe what I saw. I no longer see two retired jerseys on the fence from two outstanding former players, they have been replaced by pictures of kids that have gone to college in the last three 3 years. Not very impressive list except it shows a giant photo of his son. I went to the locker room where as a former player I worked hard and wanted to take a photo with my little brother in there. Here comes the coach’s wife who told me I was not allowed in there. I have been apart of the program since for the last 17 years (the last 3 don’t count because I do not associate myself with Nickerson). Nickerson and he admin have tried to erase everything coach perenon did. They did such a great job that odowd has its worst record in over 25 years. I saw the kids in the hallway congratulating them and none of them even said thank you. These kids are not the dragons I am used too. This school has change so much in 7 years it hurts.

  • juniorjohnson

    Folsom is still too soft. They might score a bit more this year- but they are not near physical enough to hang with DLS

  • David Sparkle

    Odowd known for basketball. That is all.

  • Coach

    IC has coward and disappeared since the guaranteed win against Encinal never materialized. He can’t stand up like a man and take his medicine…pathetic!

  • Prep Fan 1

    Cal was beaten down by a much better team, no doubt. The zero on the board is a bit misleading, as Cal nearly scored twice in the first half, but came away empty handed.

    Cal took the opening possession with a nice return and then moved the ball inside the 20 and appeared to have gotten a 1st down inside the 10 on a 3rd down play, but it was ruled an incomplete pass, and then they missed the chip shot that should have put them up 3-0. To come away with nothing there was demoralizing, to say the least.

    Later in the first half, Cal appeared to have scored a TD on a 30-35 yard pass play, but was overturned and ruled that the receiver had stepped out of bounds on the way downfield, and instead it was a 5 yard penalty. They still got the ball to the red zone only to miss another FG. That’s not to say Cal looked good on offense, but they did move the ball well on some possessions and should have come away with something to show for it.

    The defense on the other hand, if that is what you want to call it, was non-existent. DLS moved the ball at will and 40 to 59 yard plays were the rule, as the Grizz missed early tackles and then were just watching the Spartan numbers get smaller as they sprinted to the end zone time & again. That was total domination.

    The only bright side for both teams is that the senior reserves got to play early and often in their final regular season games. Both teams had major substitutions going in the 2nd quarter.

    Pitt did not schedule DLS this year, so they haven’t experienced that type of beat down yet. Cal normally plays DLS much closer and was just a conversion away from tying Pitt on the road earlier this year in their only other loss.

  • Coach

    Dreaming or on drugs! Miramonte wouldn’t even win! Your comment about offensively impaired teams is comical! Encinal has problems scoring but they certainly don’t have a problem keeping teams from scoring! The got it good from Serra but what other team didn’t except De La Salle, they’re a powerhouse! If you even watched the SL game you would know they shut their offense down in the 1st half but the game changed on special teams which lead to 2 TD’s. So before you spout off at the mouth preach the truth and better yet tell it! As you were!

  • Coach

    They ran to D2 for all the reasons everybody else in the world knows…they can’t hang in D3…plain and simple.

  • David Sparkle

    uhhh ok…

  • Tri-City Dude

    Congrats to Washington for winning the outright MVAL championship last night against Irvington. Irvington certainly did not make it easy, as they had the lead at one point and forced Washington into early mistakes. In the end, Washington was able to re-take the lead and kept their distance from Irvingon for the rest of the game. I’m pretty confident QB Tylan Vinson will be MVP of the league.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Island Chief didn’t represent the Hornets or Hornet fans obviously!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach


  • EB Prep Fan

    I need to apologize to Pez. At least they guaranteed that they will move to the 2nd or 3rd round by moving outta D3. Because it wouldn’t have been a “for sure” in D3! They will have their hands full with Northgate and better score a ton vs CVC because they might give up 600 on the ground in that one. Actually only 400, because they have the best LBs in the section.

  • Prince Smalls

    Well actually CVC only got around 300 yards total offense and needed trick plays and a special teams TD to keep it close with Miramonte.