NCS football playoff picture

Who’s in, who’s out, who needs to win on Friday to become eligible? Here’s a quick look at the North Coast Section playoff picture in Divisions I-IV.


Qualified: Amador Valley, Cal High, De La Salle, Deer Valley, Dougherty Valley, Foothill, Granada, Irvington, James Logan, Liberty, Pittsburg, San Leandro, San Ramon Valley, Santa Rosa

Need to win this weekend: Castro Valley, Freedom, Mission San Jose

Definitely out: Antioch, Berkeley, Heritage, Monte Vista

Notes: The NCS committee has put out some head-scratching Division I seedings the last two years, but I think this year’s bracket should be pretty straightforward, at least for the top eight or so seeds. Unless it fails to take care of business in the Big Little Game this week, Pittsburg should absolutely get the No. 2 seed, followed by No. 3 Cal High, No. 4 Deer Valley and No. 5 James Logan. If SRV and Foothill win their rivalry games, I see them at No. 6 and No. 7, respectively… Santa Rosa qualifies based on its win over the lone D1 team it played, Antioch, but is 2-7 overall and may not apply.


Qualified: Alameda, American, Casa Grande, Clayton Valley Charter, College Park, Concord, Las Lomas, Livermore, Miramonte, Montgomery, Newark Memorial, Northgate, Rancho Cotate, Redwood, San Lorenzo, Tennyson, Washington.

Need to win this weekend: Mt. Eden, Pinole Valley, Windsor

Definitely out: Arroyo, Dublin, Hayward, Maria Carrillo, Richmond, Ukiah

Notes: Seventeen teams already meet the qualifying criteria with three more on the bubble. My best guess is Redwood or Livermore gets left out. Mt. Eden and Pinole Valley could have a tough time being selected even if they do win and become eligible. I do think Windsor will be in the field if it can beat 8-1 Montgomery… It’ll be interesting to see if the committee goes with Casa Grande or Clayton Valley Charter for the No. 1 seed if both teams win this Friday.


Qualified: Acalanes, Albany, Analy, Campolindo, Cardinal Newman, El Cerrito, Encinal, Eureka, Hercules, Marin Catholic, Mt. Diablo, Novato, Drake, Sonoma Valley, Tamalpais

Need to win this weekend: Bishop O’Dowd, Kennedy-Fremont, Petaluma

Definitely out: Alhambra, DeAnza, Elsie Allen, Terra Linda, Ygnacio Valley

Notes: There’s a chance Division III will be able to field a full 16-team bracket even though Miramonte, San Lorenzo and Tennyson (D3 teams by enrollment) petitioned up to Division II. However, none of the three teams on the bubble for qualifying have a sure win coming this weekend — actually all three are underdogs, according to Calpreps… I’m also not so sure a team like Mt. Diablo (which qualified based on its win over the lone D3 team it played, Ygnacio Valley) will apply. The Red Devils had to forfeit a game a few weeks ago because they didn’t have enough healthy bodies to compete.


Qualified: Del Norte, Fort Bragg, Fortuna, Healdsburg, Kennedy-Richmond, Justin-Siena, Kelseyville, Moreau Catholic, Piedmont, Piner, San Marin, St. Helena, St. Mary’s, St. Patrick-St. Vincent

Need to win this weekend: El Molino

Definitely out: Arcata, Lower Lake, McKinleyville, San Rafael, Willits

Stephanie Hammon

  • EBAL fan

    In D1 there will be no debacle like `11 when SL got the #3. Pitt at 2 gets 3 Cal on one side. Who wins the rematch with Pitts RB out and Cals QB done? Deer Valley gets the dreaded 4 slot with no chance against the machine. Should some good games first two rounds though. Foothill and SRV will give fits to someone. There could be an upset of 2-4 early.

  • chalk talk

    SLZ made the play-off CONGRATULATIONS !!!

    WHAT U manage to do is get the player 2 believe its ok to be average, which is fine if u are indeed average. How many above average athlete’s do u need to win a football game.

    Better question how do u beat teams that are better than you. IS IT BETTER TO BE LUCKY OR GOOD!!!

  • chalk talk


    elite teams come to gather

    or the best of the best


  • FB Guru

    Stephanie, what has CVC done to deserve a higher ranking that Casa Grande, Miramonte, or Montgomery? You certain can’t site strength of schedule? Should CVC be rewarded for scheduling a couple of the weakest teams in the East Bay for their non-league schedule? Is that the message that the NCS committee should be sending to all other East Bay Coaches? 0-9 Hayward, 0-7 Castlemont, 1-7 Skyline.

  • BigJim


  • BigJim

    Stop saying Charter, say the Poor Mans De La Salle, or wannabe private school. Either one works.

  • Barefoot

    What happened to Cal’s QB?

  • Tj

    when SL got #3 it was actually kind of funny to be honest. It just epitomized the joke that these playoffs are now.

  • chalk talk


  • Matt

    Big Jim you are being a little rough on CVC…A lot of people have done a lot of work creating the Charter so we wouldn’t be tied to the District

  • Matt

    No Need For The Insults,,,
    What ever you think about Football is your deal..But don’t degrade the school.

  • Matt

    Its not a Poor Mans Charter or a wannabe De La Salle. That sounds Terrible. It is Clayton Valley Charter High School. What school are you tied too?

  • StephanieHammon

    Hey FB Guru, I certainly won’t be arguing with you about which team has a better SOS. I just have a hunch that if CVC finishes 9-1 with a league championship (and was relatively competitive with one of the top teams in the country in its lone loss), it will at least be discussed by the committee as a potential top seed. That said, there’s no guarantee either team will win this weekend. CVC plays Northgate and Casa has Cardinal Newman. If both CVC and Casa lose, then the committee will have quite the mess to sort out.

  • Perkin

    I’m curious are the people who dislike Clayton Valley private school advocates that are mad they a public school has the same drawing power (and I guess resources) as a private school? Or are they public school advocates that are mad they now have all these resources which they currently didn’t?

  • Ray Perkins

    CVC= the residents of Clayton separating themselves from the lower middle class and poor in the Mt. Diablo SD. But hey Congrats Clayton on all the inner citty families and students you have (1.8 GPA and gun toatng expelled kids from Pitt) and will continue to get at your school. God Bless America!

    Go ahead and throw your waiting list in the trash and call it athlete will call. Only thing you’re making people wait on that waiting list for is to wait and see what athlete transfer pops up next.

  • juniorjohnson

    What resources does CVC have that other publics dont? CVC has good leadership and a staff that is rejuvenated because they have more say in their classroom. They should be modeled, not hated.

  • Prep Fan 1

    Barefoot, Owen broke his pelvis in last week’s game at Livermore. It’s too bad, as he was the top signal caller in the EBAL this year. Matt Lorenz is a good athlete, but hasn’t started a game for 2 years and will have to lead the Grizz in the playoffs.

  • chalk talk

    ” at the Quantum level ethics dont exist….”

    SOME ONE HAD TO SIT ME DOWN AND EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT BEING DUMB REALLY MEANS. ( NO reference point no discipline no discipline no structure no structure no integrity no integrity no foundation no foundation nothing to build on nothing to build on NO VALUE !!!!!

  • chalk talk

    Again the ducks are overrated, to much hype over the uniform and tights. (Bad call THOMAS was knocked out monetarily, when his head hit the ground. So he was down by contact, the fact that in a unconscious state he lost the ball underneath himself should be of no consequence!!!

  • barononionfb

    Dunno if it’s such a good idea having full brackets in D1. Having DLS play a 16th seed from that bunch is kinda asking for injuries. Certainly a lot of humiliation.

  • chalk talk

    #SchoolOverallLeagueRatingStrength1Casa Grande (Petaluma, CA)9-06-037.713.12Miramonte (Orinda, CA)7-24-13119.83Northgate (Walnut Creek, CA)8-13-1294.34Clayton Valley Charter (Concord, CA)8-14-028.71.65Montgomery (Santa Rosa, CA)8-15-127.65.66Las Lomas (Walnut Creek, CA)5-43-219.916.57Washington (Fremont, CA)5-45-017.812.28Rancho Cotate (Rohnert Park, CA)5-43-317169Concord (CA)6-32-215.811.410Windsor (CA)4-52-415.517.311Maria Carrillo (Santa Rosa, CA)3-62-412.619.612College Park (Pleasant Hill, CA)5-3-12-212.210.713Livermore (CA)2-70-58.418.614Alameda (CA)5-42-26.54.115American (Fremont, CA)6-33-25.8-2.516Dublin (CA)3-61-4411.1

  • Prep Fan 1

    D1 Seeding predictions. Well, Castro Valley and Freedom both won last night, so there are 16 teams that have qualified for the NCS D1 playoffs. If all 16 teams apply, then there will be no byes. But I have a hard time thinking that 2-8 Santa Rosa will be putting their name in the hat for a sure 1st round meeting with DLS. So I am going to assume it is a 15 team field with DLS getting a well deserved 1st round bye.

    This is my prediction for the D1 bracket. I had a hard time for the #4 seed between Logan and DV, and could easily see them switched. #6 through #13 should be true to form due to all the head to heads between them. SRV beat Foothill, who beat Granada, who beat AV, who beat Freedom, who beat SL & Liberty, who both beat CV. I could see SL & Liberty switched if they don’t want to penalize Liberty too much for the forfeits. DV & Irvington had 2 common opponents, Newark & American. Both beat Newark, but DV also beat American.
    DLS 10-0. No brainer
    Pitt 8-2. BVAL champs, beat Cal.
    Cal 8-2. EBAL champs, only losses to #1 & #2.
    Logan 8-2. Beat SRV, only losses to #1 and Del Oro.
    Deer Valley 9-1. BVAL #2, beat Vacaville.
    SRV 6-4. EBAL #2, Losses to #1, #3 & #4.
    Foothill 8-2. EBAL #3, but weak schedule.
    Granada 6-4. Beat AV.
    AV 5-5. Beat Freedom.
    Freedom 5-5. Beat SL, Liberty & CV.
    SL 6-4. WAC-Foothill champs, beat CV.
    Liberty 5-5 (2 forfeits). Beat CV.
    CV 4-6.
    Dougherty 4-6. Beat American.
    Irvington 5-5. Lost to American.
    If that holds true, it sets up these possible 1st round matchups. Cal would play their 1st ever game with cross town “rival” Dougherty. Deer Valley-Liberty, Foothill-Freedom & Granada-AV would all be replays of earlier games. Pitt would host Irvington, Logan hosts CV and SRV would have to travel to play league champ SL.

  • EBAL fan

    That leaves SRV-Foothill-Cal on the bottom bracket and puts Pitt on a collision course with the 1, 2 or 3 EBAL school. That’ll be a good game. If it’s Cal, after their first half showing versus deLa, Pitt should be favored. SRV or Foothill could prove a spoiler.

  • Perkin

    My D1 Predictions (a lot of head to head match ups handle the rankings commitee is big on it):
    1) DLS
    8)Amador Valley
    10) San Leandro
    12) Liberty
    15)Dougherty Valley
    16)Santa Rosa

  • Perkin

    DIII Predictions:
    4)Analy(I almost put them 3)
    11)Sonoma Valley
    15)Terra Linda

  • Perkin

    1)Casa Grande
    8)Rancho COtate
    9)Las Lomas
    10) College Park
    12)Newark Memorial

  • BigJim

    For some reason, the committee loves CV… I don’t know why

  • Tj

    SLZ beat Alameda.. I think Alameda gets left out.

  • redandblue2

    Well, Campolindo got screwed out of the #1 seed in Division 3 behind Marin Catholic. Apparently playing a tougher preseason counts for nothing and weekly rankings count for everything. Should Campo get by the winner of Acalanes & Sonoma Valley, they will have a date with El Cerrito again in the semi-finals.

  • EB FB Coach

    You really have a hardon for CV, don’t you?

  • Prep Fan 1

    I nailed it. The D1 seedlings went exactly as predicted, with just Logan and DV reversed, but those 2 could have gone either way. And sure enough, Santa Rosa wanted no part of DLS and didn’t apply. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but good job by the committee.
    Of course Pitt would be favored over Cal if they get to play again, but it would have nothing to do with how Cal did vs DLS. It’s not like Pitt dominated Antioch either. Pitt beat Cal by 2 in the preseason and would be the home team again if the rematch takes place. Both have key players out, but that would be a good game. A lot of good playoff football to be played before looking forward to the Semis though. On to the second season.

  • S R

    Slim Jim, What’s up with the “starting to get creepy”, someone’s obviously butt hurt, online stalking of CV? You’re starting to creep the rest of us out who come here for true FB talk….

  • renegades10

    He and some others have done this all year with CVC. It’s gotten old, so I’ve stopped replying. Their schedule sucked for the most part, but at this point it’s time for the playoffs so all that goes out the window. I’m looking forward to a potential CVC-Miramonte matchup and then of course a potential CVC-CG matchup. Those could be real entertaining.

  • Prince Smalls

    Well CVC could not get pass Miramonte.