Boys Soccer: Pre-Season Rankings

The regular season is only a few weeks away. So why not release the rankings?

1. De La Salle
2. Campolindo
3. San Ramon Valley
4. Monte Vista
5. Ygnacio Valley
6. Amador Valley
7. Pittsburg
8. Acalanes
9. Hayward
10. Berkeley
11. Richmond
12. California
13. Bishop O’Dowd
14. Concord
15. Newark Memorial

Others considered: St. Mary’s, Foothill, College Park, San Lorenzo, Freedom, Logan, Northgate, Kennedy-Fremont, Alhambra, Castro Valley

Matt Smith

  • Matt Smith

    Here’s the TVC schedule:

    Dec. 2
    Monte Vista v. Dougherty Valley, 4:00 at Monte Vista

    Dec. 4
    College Park v. Monte Vista, 4:00 at Berkeley
    Berkeley v. Liberty, 6:00 at Berkeley
    Dougherty Valley v. Amador Valley, 4:00 at San Ramon Valley
    San Ramon Valley v. Pittsburg, 6:00 at San Ramon Valley

    Dec. 7
    Pittsburg v. Amador Valley, 1:00 at Monte Vista
    Liberty v. Monte Vista, 3:00 at Monte Vista
    Berkeley v. College Park, 1:00 at Berkeley
    Dougherty Valley v. San Ramon Valley, 3:00 at Berkeley

    Dec. 11
    College Park v. Pittsburg, 4:00 at San Ramon Valley
    San Ramon Valley v. Berkeley, 6:00 at San Ramon Valley
    Amador Valley v. Liberty, 4:00 at Monte Vista

    Dec. 14- all games at Monte Vista
    Pittsburg v. Dougherty Valley, 11:00
    Amador Valley v. College Park, 1:00
    Liberty v. San Ramon Valley, 3:00
    Monte Vista v. Berkeley, 5:00

  • LL Dad

    11/23/13 – Las Lomas 3, Kennedy-Fremont 2, LL played shorthanded with 5 NPL players having to sit out. New to link.

  • Strykerboy

    Thanks Matt. You picking a winner??

  • Matt Smith

    I have a feeling about Amador. Pitt could very well do it, but also my gut wants to say MV wins it again.

  • Strykerboy

    Agree MV is the top bet to finish on top, great club area, great coaching…but also agree AVHS is interesting. They have a lot of talent returning plus a couple of surprise kids at tryouts from Academy. Since this is only Berglin’s second year, the question is, can he bring it all together? Be worth keeping an eye on how they start.

  • MVAL_SoccerFan

    De Anza beat Irvington last night 2-1. Good even game with a terrible penalty call to give De Anza the win.

    For MVAL fans out there, Irvington looked a bit weaker than last year. Coach mentioned they had a very young squad this year and were missing a very key player due to injury. Stephen Hanna first team all league last year will miss his senior year due to an ACL tear. Very unfortunate.

    De Anza looked like a pretty solid squad. A lot of speed up front and out wide. Irvington will probably struggle quite a bit this season but we will see.

    Coach told me he was looking forward to seeing if MVAL gets any love on this thread or not and if you (Matt) would be able to make it to any of the games this season.

  • Matt Smith

    I also saw De Anza beat Alhambra 3-0.

    The only score I can’t find is El Cerrito v. Mount Diablo. Anyone?

  • 45 minutes

    Mount beat El Cerrito