All-BVAL football selections

Deer Valley QB Nsimba Webster was named Bay Valley Athletic League MVP and his twin brother, WR/DB Nzuzi Webster, was one of just two players to earn first-team accolades on both sides of the ball. Pittsburg lineman Larry Serna-Cruz is the other. Below is the complete list. We’ll post other leagues as they are released.

Nsimba Webster (Deer Valley) Sr.

First team offense

QB — Nsimba Webster* (DV) Sr.; RB — Harris Ross* (Pittsburg) Sr., Joe Mixon* (Freedom) Sr., Kyle McDonald (DV) Sr., Jaylyn Morgan (Pitt) Jr.; WR — Nick Garcia* (Free) Sr., Mike Hamilton* (DV) Sr., Nzuzi Webster (DV) Sr.; TE — Marcus Franks* (Pitt) Sr.; OL — Larry Serna-Cruz* (Pitt) Sr., Cranberry Gato* (Antioch) Sr., Mesake Afu* (DV) Sr., Jacob Smith* (Heritage) Sr., Shane Goodwin (Liberty) Jr., Rene Cardona (Pitt) Sr.; UT — Ivan Oseguera* (Liberty) Sr.

First team defense

DL — Patrick Choudja* (Free) Sr., Chibueze Onyeukwu (DV) Sr., David Letuligasenoa (Her) So., Larry Serna-Cruz (Pitt) Sr., David Lui (Pitt) Jr.; LB — Malik Hutchings* (DV) Sr., Cole Caligari* (Her) Sr., Noah Palega* (Pitt) Jr.; Kobie Beltram (Ant) So., Steven Costello (Free) Jr.; DB — Shurod Thompson* (Pitt) So., Daniel Sheppard* (Pitt) Sr., Kyle Trego (Lib) Jr., Nzuzi Webster (DV) Sr.; K — Anthony Martinez* (Lib) Sr.

Second team offense

QB — Joe Sweeney (Free) So.; RB — Nick Perry (Ant) So., Noah Thompson (Free) Jr., Jeff Robinson (DV) Sr.; WR — Alex Hull (Lib) Jr., Scotty Sanders (Free) Jr.; TE — Brian Taatalale (DV) Sr.; OL — Antonio Baldazo (Pitt) Sr., Leonard Grillo (Ant) Sr., Dylan Goodwin (Free) Sr., Dominic Fredrickson (Free) Jr., De’Angelo Powell (Pitt) Sr., Fernando Nunez (Pitt) Sr.; UT — Sam Hinn (Her) Jr.

Second team defense

DL — Erin Austin (Her) Sr., Shane Goodwin (Lib) Jr., Tyler Bergen (Free) Sr., Cranberry Gato (Ant) Sr., John Woodruff (Her) Sr.; LB — Alex Espinoza (Lib) Jr., Matt Gavello (DV) Sr., Isaiah Lopez (Pitt) Jr., Leonard Grillo (Ant) Sr., Kristian Simmons (Free) Sr., Tyell Bell (DV) Sr.; DB — Robert Taylor (DV) Sr., Aaron Mullins (Free) Sr., Jimmie Smith (Lib) Sr., Deante Fortenberry (Pitt) Jr.; K — Christian Quintanilla (DV) Sr.

Honorable mention

DL — Dylan Gilfoy (Lib) Jr., Addison Hughes (Her) Sr., Manny Lopez (Lib) Sr.; DB — Coltin Selin (Her) Sr., Kenya Edner (Pitt) Sr.

*indicates unanimous selection

Stephanie Hammon

  • Ray Perkins

    I know a lot of you are going to say “come on it’s about the kids…”, but come on, four 1st Team running backs and three 2nd Team running backs, all while there’s only defense guys as honorable Mention? I wonder if the coaches did the soccer mom tunnel for the players when they announced the team!

  • EB Prep Fan

    Pound for pound Palega might be the baddest guy on that Defense!

  • Pez

    That was my reaction exactly, seven 1st & 2nd team RBs and only 6 teams, not that many great backs in BVAL!

  • David Sparkle

    People. the coaches sit around eating pizza drinking beer when they decide players. seen it done right in front of me for another sport. Its HOLDS ZERO Credibility. Enjoy the game and your kids, cause for 99% its the last time you see em play

  • AlanJobb

    For what it is worth in the past 10 years I have been in the BVAL football all-league meeting. I love the idea of pizza and beer and that was probably true back in the day. But in my time, considering we are in a class room, I haven’t even seen so much as a bottled water.

    The amount of awards by position is driven by a couple of things. To start there is a total number of 1st teams, this number changes from year to year depending on how many certificates and medals we are given from the league. Coaches nominate players (# of nominations is based upon league wins) and then the amount per position is decided on by group consensus, with an attempt to balance it out. For example some years – we have a ton of RBs so we award more at RB and some years the WR pos is higher. It is different every year and we balance these between Off and Def. When we have a tie for the last spot of a position (which happens often) we attempt to vote that tie off. Sometimes the tie breaking vote is still a tie. When that happens we usually assign an “extra” 1st at that pos. The feeling in the room is since we made every effort to break the tie and it is still a tie we don’t want to simply flip a coin, but would rather honor both players.

    It is also worth noting players who make honorable mention is driven entirely by a large group of players nominated at a certain position. (for example this year we had 13 DL nominated.) An HM award It is not at all indicative of their play. It is simply the luck of how many players are nominated at their position. For example the reason their are more def HM players this year is the positions are divided equally but more players were nominated on defense, thus more HM. It is different every year. Often the difference between 1st2ndHM is a single vote. By no means should an honorable mention be considered a lesser award.

    Every team has an equal vote and votes by their own criteria. No one is allowed to vote for their own players. I repeat you can NOT vote for your own guys. Of course every coach is also biased by what they have seen with their own eyes. If a certain kid stands out on film and plays well against our team we are more likely to vote for him then the coach that played him the week he was hurt.

    Bottom line, the process is VERY inexact and we do not get it 100% right. In fact every coach, every year leaves complaining of injustices. (and often don’t even agree with the 1st2ndHM ranking of their own players) But we do spend three hours working on it and we are very diligent about the process, following the rules as defined by the BVAL. In the end it is a very imperfect process, but one that is fair and is done with integrity and the best intentions.

    30 years ago in high school I was lucky enough as a senior to be named to the All-League football team and that is still a source of tremendous pride for me to this day. I hope all the players feel that way, it is a great honor to be on this list at all, and something that all players nominated should be proud of. Every coach spends a few minutes talking about each one of their nominees and without fail every coach heaps enormous praise on their guys. The most common thing heard is “he is a joy to coach” and “If I had 10 more like him.”

    I hope this provides some clarity to the situation and we can move the focus back to recognizing these fine young men and this tremendous honor and achievement.

    PS – I hate soccer tunnels too.