Girls Volleyball: NorCals/NCS finals, Rankings, Standings

The North Coast Section playoff brackets come out today. Here our predictions of how the brackets could look. This post has been updated with the actual brackets.

Division I

A great Division I final saw San Ramon Valley finish off a storybook season, topping what was also a great story in Heritage reaching the finals. Now these two teams will focus on the NorCal bracket, where there are some very good teams.

San Ramon Valley earned the No. 5 seed and will travel to Palo Alto, for a rematch of a very good match at the Deer Valley Tournament. Heritage is No. 6 and will travel to face Homestead-Cupertino.

Division II

Carondelet ran into a very good team in Redwood, but gave the Giants some trouble in the finals. The Cougars would love to get another chance at them. However, doing so means getting past top-seeded Archbishop Mitty. The Cougars are the No. 5 seed and will travel to Rocklin, and a win means a date with Mitty.

Division III

Bishop O’Dowd reversed the script from last year’s final, taking the first two and needing a fifth game to top the Cougars. Campolindo did the same thing to the Dragons last year.
These two teams are used to expecting to make a run for a state title, and it will be a tough road with a lot of good teams in this bracket.

O’Dowd earns the No. 4 seed and will host No. 5 Vista Del Lago, and a win means a date with top-seeded Valley Christian. Campolindo is the No. 6 seed and will travel to Sacramento to play Christian Brothers.

Division IV

A great run for St. Pat’s as they were my darkhorse going into this bracket, but an even darker horse, Justin-Siena, made an incredible run as the No. 7 seed. The Bruins are the No. 7 seed and will play Sonora.

Division V

St. Joe’s made a strong showing against Branson in the Division V finals, and should feel confident about getting to the NorCal finals and getting another shot. The Pilots earned the No. 2 seed and are favored on their side of the bracket to get another chance at Branson.


Heritage climbs to No. 3 after a great run that they should be proud of as the Patriots hold a ranking that is the highest in school history. St. Joe’s moves up as well after playing tough against Branson in the Division V finals.

1. San Ramon Valley (33-3)
2. Bishop O’Dowd (26-9)
3. Heritage (27-9)
4. Campolindo (25-10)
5. Monte Vista (29-7)
6. Albany (23-4)
7. California (23-10)
8. Carondelet (28-12)
9. Berkeley (20-12)
10. Foothill (17-19)
11. Las Lomas (26-14)
12. Newark Memorial (26-5)
15. St. Joseph Notre Dame (30-9)
13. Miramonte (15-12)
14. Amador Valley (15-13)


Team Record GB

Head Royce (21-8, 11-1) –
College Prep (16-11, 11-1) –
Athenian (9-19, 6-6) 5
Valley Chr. (9-15, 5-7) 6
Redwood Chr. (10-17, 5-7) 6
Holy Names (5-12, 4-8) 7
Bentley (5-16, 0-12) 11

Team Record GB

Heritage (27-9, 10-0) –
Deer Valley (14-21, 8-2) 2
Liberty (17-21, 6-4) 4
Freedom (10-28, 3-7) 7
Pittsburg (2-19, 2-8) 8
Antioch (6-24, 1-9) 9

Team Record GB

Campolindo (25-10, 12-0) –
Miramonte (15-12, 8-4) 4
Acalanes (16-14, 7-5) 5
Las Lomas (26-14, 7-5) 5
Dougherty Valley (19-16, 4-8) 8
Dublin (14-13, 4-8) 8
Alhambra (6-23, 0-12) 12

Team Record GB

Northgate (23-12, 12-0) –
Concord (23-12, 10-2) 2
Clayton Valley (20-14, 7-5) 5
College Park (18-17, 6-6) 6
Berean Chr. (9-21, 5-7) 7
Ygnacio Valley (2-18, 2-10) 10
Mt. Diablo (0-18, 0-12) 12

Team Record GB

San Ramon Valley (33-3, 14-0) –
Monte Vista (29-7, 10-4) 4
California (23-10, 8-6) 6
Carondelet (28-12, 7-7) 7
Foothill (17-19, 7-7) 7
Amador Valley (15-13, 6-8) 8
Granada (10-19, 4-10) 10
Livermore (4-20, 0-14) 14

Team Record GB

Newark Memorial (26-5, 13-1) –
Moreau Catholic (25-6, 13-1) –
Logan (17-11, 9-5) 4
Washington (14-13, 8-6) 5
Irvington (16-14, 5-9) 8
Mission San Jose (13-17, 4-10) 9
American (9-16, 3-11) 10
Kennedy-Fremont (6-22, 0-14) 13

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (23-4, 10-0) –
St. Joseph Notre Dame (30-9, 7-3) 3
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (25-13, 7-3) 3
Salesian (12-13, 4-6) 6
St. Mary’s (7-17, 2-8) 8
El Cerrito (4-11, 0-10) 10

Stone Division
Team Record GB

Hercules (8-10, 8-2) –
Swett (8-2, 8-2) –
Pinole Valley (10-7, 8-2) –
De Anza (4-7, 4-6) 4
Kennedy-Richmond (2-9, 2-8) 6
Richmond (0-11, 0-10) 8

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Bishop O’Dowd (26-9, 16-0) –
Berkeley (20-12, 14-2) 2
Castro Valley (15-17, 11-5) 5
Piedmont (19-11, 11-5) 5
San Leandro (12-13, 7-9) 9
Alameda (4-23, 2-14) 12

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Encinal (11-13, 9-7) –
Arroyo (10-19, 8-8) 1
Mt. Eden (11-14, 8-8) 1
San Lorenzo (10-19, 6-10) 3
Tennyson (2-15, 2-14) 7
Hayward (0-18, 0-16) 9

Matt Smith

  • vintage62

    Would be interesting to see a game between San Ramon Valley and Bishop O’Dowd for the bragging rights in the East Bay. Based on common opponents, I would think Bishop O’Dowd would be the hypothetcal favorite since two of the three losses incurred by San Ramon Valley were against Berkeley and Campolindo while O’Dowd handled Berkeley twice and just beat Campolindo in a five game thriller.Unfortunately we will never know.

  • Dragon Pride

    I agree — it would be fun to watch the top two East Bay teams battle it out. Lots of former and current club volleyball teammates dispersed on those two squads, so I think the girls would enjoy it as well.

  • Hoopsforever

    Matt has been pretty darn accurate with his rankings all year long, and it was borne out in the NCS championship results. Another great season of volleyball, with some new names on the scene. Time to start talking about East Bay POY. A lot of
    really good players this year, but not sure there was a truly great one as we’ve seen in some years past. Have to admit I saw a lot of setters or liberos that can play, Carlson from O’Dowd clearly being the best, but not quite at the level we’ve seen in years past (e.g. Mar, Seiberth last year). So my list goes big in 2013. As Letterman would do it, in
    reverse order, the top five:

    5. Karsseboom, O’Dowd – Hits a heavy ball and can really
    thump it for her size. The five-set NCS final against Campo as some of the best volleyball all season, and she was a force at the net in the first four games. But didn’t live up to the early hype. Disappears for long stretches, and even for a portion of the season this year. Will be interesting to see how she comes back next year as a senior.

    4. Lindberg, Monte Vista – Came from off the radar to become one of top players in East Bay. Tall, rangy and spirited. Hits all angles and can play all three front row positions. Power really improved over the course of the season. Great blocker, and beginning to also show some game in the back row too.

    3. Claybaugh, SRV – Along with Lindberg, most improved
    player in the East Bay. Aggressive hitter and they go to her a lot. Love the way she keeps swinging. Blocking not so strong, and back row play still developing. Undersized, but makes up for it in competitiveness. Was the heart of the D1 championship team. Credibility not helped by SRV’s statistic
    keeping – kept track at three separate games this year and they report roughly 2x the actual number of kills. Great players don’t need that.

    2. Erhahon, Albany – Wow. She’s been one of the best for three years now, and as only senior on list is right near the top. Quickest jumper in East Bay, and maybe the highest as well. Fast arm. Devastating on the quick set – virtually impossible to block. Took Albany a long way without a lot of other front row help. Doesn’t play full back row rotation, which is the only slight downside. Will be fun to see four more years of her at Santa Clara.

    1. Wirth, Campolindo – A true six-rotation outside hitter,
    she’s able to score from anywhere on the court. Moved from middle last season to become a devastating attacker from
    outside, still a great blocker, and the passing, digs and back row attacks differentiate her from the others on the list.
    A college coach’s dream to have the size, agility and versatility all in one package – and several of them have told me they see even more upside. Outplayed the others on the list in head-to-head match-ups.

    With four of these five returning next season, we’re in for some high level volleyball in 2014. Will be fascinating to watch all of them develop, and see who among the rest of the field emerges to challenge. Good luck to SRV, Heritage, Carondelet, O’Dowd, Campo, and St Joe’s in Nor Cal playoffs. Let’s hope we see one or more in the state championship game!

  • Vballfan

    Hoopsforever I have to agree with most of what you said but think you and me saw a different O’Dowd vs Campo game. Bryanna Davis was a key part to O’Dowds win against Campo. She is also a 6 rotation player but given the depth O’Dowd has in the backrow you won’t see either of the Brianna’s back there as opposed to some of the other teams. Plus the kills are spread out on O’Dowd given they have more than one key player on their team, their stat taking is inconsistent, and I don’t think they embellish like other teams.

  • Hoopsforever

    Vballfan – Fair enough. In D3 championship game Bryanna D was very impressive, and the most impactful player for BOD, (along with Carlson). Bri K had a few moments, but Bry D was always there. I based my comments below on what I saw over a full season – but a very good argument can also be made for Bry D. She was a great pick-up for BOD this year. Good luck to the Dragons tonight!

  • vintage62

    Would be interested in your opinion as to the best teams in the East Bay? In my opinion, both Bishop O’Dowd and Campolindo would have won Division I in the NCS and would have given Redwood a tussle in Division II. I would go as far as to say that Albany would also have done very well in Divison I. My fial rankings would have been :
    1. Bishop O’Dowd
    2. Campolindo
    3. San Ramon Valley
    4. Albany
    5. Heritage
    6. Monte Vista

  • vintage62

    And then there were 2 – St. Joe’s and O’Dowd.

  • Jeff Kole

    I’ve watched a lot of volleyball this year, and many others. I believe the top three in D3 were the best in the East Bay, all stronger then the D1 schools. But its been that way for awhile.

    I also agree that this year is characterized by a strong showing from the underclassmen. Having said that, I’d pu Kyle Carlson and Bryanna Davis up in the top 5 over Karsseboom – they showed up every game and were consistently good. After that, I’d agree on next four in order. Some excellent front-row players, but still a little one-dimensional at this point in their development. Club season will benefit them if they get enough back-row time. Only a soph, if Kat Claybaugh can grow another couple of inches she’s going to really insert herself into the debate.

    Kelley Wirth is the only one who truly does it all and separates from pack with the full suite of skills at the highest level. She is the best blocker of the group, they all hit well, and she can pass, dig, set and serve with the best back row players.

  • vintage62

    Reviewed your opinion of the Top 5 and agree with only three of your choices : Bryanna Karsseboom didn’t even make the recently posted All-League team in the league in which she played and Hailey Lindberg only made the second team all-league . My top five would be:
    5. Kyle Carlson -Bishop O’Dowd
    4. Catherine Claybaugh – San Ramon Valley
    3. Bryanna Davis – Bishop O’Dowd
    2. Amber Erhahon – Albany
    1. Kelley Wirth – Campolindo

  • VBIQ

    Mr Kole, one player that was overlooked is Albany’s Amber Erahon. She was named league MVP and will play D1 at Santa Clara.