All-EBAL football


Sumner Houston (De La Salle) Sr.

First team offense

QB — Cameron Owen (Cal) Sr.; TE — Aran Roberts (San Ramon Valley) Sr.; RB — John Velasco (DLS) Sr., Marcus de la Pena (SRV) Sr.; WR — J.J. Koski (SRV) Jr., Ryan Anderson (F) Sr.; OL — Larry Allen (DLS) Sr., Brian Joyce (DLS) Sr., Brendan Landman (Monte Vista) Sr., Dru Samia (SRV) Jr., Mario Diaz (Cal) Sr.; K — Dan Rodriguiz (Foot) Jr.; Specialist — Casey Soltis (Granada) Sr.

First team defense

DL — Larry Ross (DLS) Sr., Kahlil McKenzie (DLS) Jr., Boss Tagaloa (DLS) So., Perry Cheney (Foot) Sr.; LB — Simba Short (DLS) Jr., Mitchell Allan (SRV) Jr., Dominix Kovacs (Granada) Sr., Johann Bolt (Foot) Sr.; DB — Kevin Griffin (DLS) Sr., Dasmond Tautalatasi (DLS) Sr., Isaiah Langley (Foot) Jr.

Second team offense

QB — Matt Winaker (SRV) Sr.; TE — Matt Snyder (Cal) Jr.; RB — Michael White (Amador Valley) Sr., Blake Bierwith (Cal) Sr.; WR — Marquis Morris (DLS) Sr., Marco Zamora (MV) Sr., Collin Miller (AV) Jr.; OL — Drew Sullivan (DLS) Jr., Dominique Arotzarena (SRV) Sr., Tyler Whisenhunt (Cal) Jr., Jeffrey Huettenhain (Cal) Sr., Dean Heinz (Cal) Sr.; K — Spencer Thompson-Meyer (Cal) Sr.; Specialist — CJ Cornwell (Cal) Sr.

Second team defense

DL — Artemio Fennoy (Gran) Sr., Aaron Andrews (Gran) So., Sam Ogee (Livermore) Sr., Mario Diaz (Cal) Sr.; LB — David Ortega (DLS) Sr., Joe Burkhart (SRV) Sr., Colton Paynter (Gran) Sr., Kyle Walsworth (Foot) Sr., Cash Connolly (Foot) So., Riley Draa (Gran) Sr., Peter Tagliaferri (SRV) Sr.; DB — Zac Guardino (Cal) Jr., Jamirr Holland (Foot) Sr., Carter Nichols (SRV) Jr.

Honorable mention

QB — Chris Williams (DLS) Sr., Kyle Kearns (Foot) Jr.; TE — Eric Mensendick (MV) Sr.; RB — Matt Rood (MV) Sr., Casey Soltis (Gran) Sr., Jacob Shinnick (Gran) Sr., James Silva (Liv) Jr., Antoine Custer (DLS) So.; WR — Andrei Kasten (Liv) Sr., Parker Newman (AV) Sr., Eric Dobberpuhl (MV) Jr.; OL — Kaelib Thomas (MV) Sr., Reece Backman (Gran) Sr., Kevin Amaral (Liv) Sr., James Moore (AV) Jr., Kurt Olson (Cal) Sr., Willie Theofanopoulos (Foot) Sr., Caipo Brodanini (Gran) Sr.; K — Tyler Duncan (DLS) Sr., Jake DeMaio (MV) Sr., Mitchell Allan (SRV) Jr.; DL — Richard Martinez (MV) Sr., Armando Roca (SRV) Sr., Devin McPherson (SRV) Sr., Victor Mitchell (Gran) So., Everett Powell (Liv) Sr., Corbin Cofer (Liv) Sr., Taylor Disbrow (Liv) Sr., Alex Jader (AV) Sr., James Moore (AV) Jr.; Lorenzo Richardson (Cal) Jr., Alex Jenzon (Foot) Sr., Matt Lucey (Foot) Sr.; LB — Patrick Pipitone (AV) Jr., Taylor Disbrow (Liv) Sr.; DB — Ben Wensley (MV) Sr., Collin Miller (AV) Jr., Kevan Knaggs (AV) Sr., Blake Brown (Cal) Sr.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Devon Fortuna

    Why would QB Owen get the nod over QB Winaker – when Winaker leads in every category in stats?

  • Prep Fan 1

    A better question would be: How in the world did SRV (who Cal beat twice) get 5 players on 1st team all EBAL, and Foothill (who Cal destroyed) get 4 players on 1st team, while league champ Cal only got 2 first team selections?

  • EBAL fan

    Devon, it’s called horse-trading and has been in the EBAL for years as Prep Fan notes this years disparities. It only makes the recognition levels more suspect and watered down…not quite the same level as BVAL though. Prep, there is a subtle message in Cals “non” recognition and it seems to beg the question of how do the coaches interact at the table when the votes go down. FWIW, Foothill usually does not publish stats on Max Preps and you’d have to tally the BANG paper version box scores to get them. Mannion’s TE (really a WR in their spread) had 40+ catches to the DLS TE’s 15 and still was second team. Winaker is an excellent athlete and has certainly gained huge respect in the fact he’s playing two sports at very high levels. Stanford knows a little bit about taking fb players to play at Sunken Diamond.

  • FB Guru

    ..and why does DLS get to be in the EBAL All-League selections when they aren’t in the EBAL for FB?

  • DLS Hater

    How can DLS have it both ways? They have chosen not to be in the EBAL for football. Who knows what they gain from that move. How can they now get All Leauge EBAL appointments? Make your choice DLS in or out. You guys can be in the Freelance Football All Leauge selections along with Logan and Livermore Valley Prep, the only other two teams in your leauge. The fact that the EBAL board goes along with this is sad come on board grow a pair.

  • Mark Souza

    DLS is a part of the EBAL, they just can not be the league champs. I could be wrong tho

  • juniorjohnson

    The EBAL schools voted to have DLS removed from the EBAL for football. They could vote to remove them from all league consideration too I would imagine. Take it up with your AD and quit crying about it.

  • Sarparto

    You’re right, DLS Hater. The fact that the EBAL board goes along with a decision the EBAL board made is sad. The EBAL board should grow a pair and stand up to the EBAL board.

  • Sarparto

    Good question. I wonder if it was part of the agreement for removing them from the EBAL for football purposes. They qualify for league awards, but the league doesn’t have to play them.

  • Joe Mama

    Only two first team selections for Cal High tells me Billeci didn’t fight hard enough for his guys.

  • Joe Mama

    In the past 6 or 7 years only one non DLS player has been chosen league MVP, Lockie from Monte Vista in 2010. Houston is a great player but a lousy MVP choice. Look at it this way, does DLS go 10-0 if he gets hurt early and is out the rest of the season? Absolutely.

  • Joe Mama

    Out of 92 spots 15 are DLS players, 16%. It certainly makes it prestigious to make this list as a non DLS player.

  • Joe Mama

    Joyce, Landman and Samia first team offensive linemen? I don’t think so Tim. Billeci clearly traded quality for quantity in regard to the offensive line.

  • juniorjohnson

    more likely: the EBAL coaches dont have the same opinion of Cal players that you do.

  • juniorjohnson

    look at it this way: why did the EBAL coaches vote Houston MVP?

  • Joe Mama

    Whatever you say, I can think of at least two other Grizzlies that deserved first team honors.

  • Joe Mama

    MVP means most valuable. I think there were several really good players throughout the league that were more valuable to their team, like Langley from Foothill or Owen from Cal for starters.

  • juniorjohnson

    and the voters, the actual guys who coached against the players, thought Houston was MVP. Y waste angst on post season awards?

  • juniorjohnson

    again, the coaches disagree with you. Who in their right mind complains about the coaches votes?

  • Joe Mama

    Wow JJ, that’s quite a debating style you have there. By your logic since we the people elected the president, anything he says or does is correct? We should never question?

  • juniorjohnson

    huh? My point was the coaches know alot better than any of us. They play against the kids. They watch film. They know more about football. They are the experts. Their opinion should speak volumes.

  • Joe Mama

    Word on the street is that Sweeney from Foothill and Kessler from SRV will not vote for any player that’s competing with one of their players. It’s politics. You know, life isn’t always fair.

  • Joe Mama

    Probably the best example of horse trading is Brendan Landman. Last year as a junior he was first team DE. This year he’s not even HM DL. However, he’s first team offensive line. Off the top of my head I can tell you Sam Ogee from Livermore and Tyler Whisenhunt from Cal are better offensive linemen than Landman. Someone found it necessary for Ross from DLS to be first team DL and in order to honor Landman they gave it to him on offense, Most will agree that Landman is a much better defensive lineman than offense.

  • Katherine Thomas

    Kaelib Thomas MVHs Senior is 2nd team oline. Someone needs to correct it