Sites for NCS championship football games

The North Coast Section Division I championship football game is set for 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7 at Dublin High, but locations and dates for the other divisions will depend on the outcomes of this weekend’s semifinals.

The Division II final will likely be played at Rancho Cotate High in Rohnert Park if top-seeded Casa Grande-Petaluma wins its semifinal. If the Gauchos lose, the game will be at Diablo Valley College.

The Division III championship could also be at DVC, but only if Campolindo beats El Cerrito and Analy knocks off top-seeded Marin Catholic.
If either Marin Catholic or El Cerrito advance, the final will be at San Leandro’s Burrell Field on Friday, Dec. 6.

Stephanie Hammon

  • FB Guru

    Stephanie, what is the date and time for Div II?

  • Ray Perkins

    I don’t know the ins and outs of the NCS, but I doknow they have more teams each year in the playoffs(most undeserving based on records) so that should equal more reveune then usual due to the gate money. Not to mention that gate money includes $10 per ticket. That being said, why are the kids subjected to mediocre high school stadiums for championship sites? Dublin High?! Rancho Cotate?! DVC?! If I am not mistaken Cal is yearning for extra money to pay for the renovated Memorial Stadium and I’m sure would love to host especially considering recruiting. Not to mention the Raiders are on the road for the next two weeks for Colisseum use. Maybe since the NCS won’t give up their cash cow DLS, they should at least treat the teams that DLS throttles every year to a nice experience and get these games at a major venue. There is plenty of parking garages, and BART access for Cal to host at least the Div. 1 and Div. 2 championships. People will figure it out. I’m sure the player’s parents, family and friends would deal with it and would much rather watch them play at Memorial or the Colisseum then have plenty of parking and play at…DVC!

  • Ray Perkins

    And when I say the NCS will never give up DLS, I mean let them join the WCAL because that would mean leaving the NCS.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    That’s still undecided. It sounds like they want to have two championship games on Friday night and two on Saturday.

  • FB Guru

    Speaking of inadequate facilities, why does NCS post a minimum standard and then not enforce it? Tennyson, BOD, Clayton Valley, etc.. there are a lot of schools that are currently hosting or have hosted in the past that don’t meet the NCS minimum standards. Makes you wonder what other minimum standards NCS turns a blind eye too (i.e. transfers, grades, age, etc.)?

  • barononionfb

    FB Guru or anyone else;
    I would like to know what the NCS facility standards are for FB playoff games. Or, do they actually have any? I’ve tried to look them up in the past on the NCS website and not been able to find anything about that.

  • StephanieHammon

    Here’s NCS’ hosting criteria. It’s about halfway down the first page.